Diary of a Woman’s Fantasies Ch. 05


I was cold all of a sudden. I moved my body over to seek the warmth of Savannah’s body but she wasn’t there. I reached out on the bed with my hands but nothing. I opened my eyes and wondered if it was really just a dream. I noticed a piece of paper on the nightstand and moved over to read it ‘Think of me when you use this’.

I looked at the paper but wondering what I was supposed to use. I tried pulling it off the night stand but it didn’t come away easily, something was weighing it down. I lifted it up and there it was…The vibrator I bought. Where was Savannah? Was she coming back later?

Saturday, September 22nd

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning thinking I had the most amazing dream but it wasn’t a dream. It really happened. Savannah was here doing things to me that I never thought would happen. She wants me to use a vibrator and think of her. Who else would I be thinking of when I used it? My only thoughts are of her. I’m so giddy right now that I feel like I’m cloud 9.


I took a shower but didn’t take the vibrator with me. Now that I am thinking about it, I’m wondering if I should have used it first then taken a shower. I made some coffee and thought about Savannah as I ate a bagel for breakfast.

I smiled as I thought about what she said to me and wanting to taste me. I wanted to taste her too. I was suddenly getting wet at the thought of her licking me last night. I went up to my bedroom and got the vibrator. I looked at it a moment and it looked a little longer and wider than any man’s penis I slept with. I was suddenly nervous. What if it hurt? Would I really enjoy this sex toy over the real thing?

I took my underwear off and lied on my bed. I sighed heavily. I didn’t want to do this without Savannah here using it on me. I don’t know how long I lied there trying to convince myself to use it. Every time I thought about using it, I chickened out.

Dear Diary,

I couldn’t do it. I lied here for I don’t know how long wanting to but couldn’t. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I even tried thinking about some hot man on top of me but still nothing. I took a couple of pills for the pain in my head and did some cleaning to get my mind off things. Savannah hasn’t called or came over to tell me why she left without waking me up. Does she regret last night? I don’t think she does. I know she wants more but how can I do that if she always leaves me?

Is she teasing me? If she is, she’s doing a hell of a good job. I want her more and more. Why does she do this to me?

When I was done cleaning and stuff, I came back up here to get some more pills because my head was just pounding. The vibrator was lying on the bed. I took my underwear off again. I thought about Savannah between my legs the night before and I rubbed the tip of it on my clit. It was so amazing. I didn’t even have it on yet and I was already so wet.

I moved it up and down between my lips before sliding it in and out slowly. I slid it in further each time and I don’t know how many times I came on it. I now know why there are many sizes, shapes and speeds of these things! After I used it, I went downstairs to the website I ordered from just days ago. I think I am going to buy stock in the company now because I bought over several hundred dollars worth of different toys.

I figured I could afford it now with the promotion I got. I still can’t believe I ordered so many different things. But I am so excited about using them! I wonder if Savannah will be as excited about it as me.


Sunday, September 23rd

I have nothing to write about today, sorry Diary.

Monday, September 24th

I started my new job today. I am shadowing Yvonne all day at work. The day flew by for me at work. I am working later than I was before. I got home, ate and now I just want to sleep. I didn’t see Savannah at all though. I sent her an email but no reply.

Thursday, September 267th

I don’t even know the day or date any more. I am so exhausted. bursa yabancı escort I am starting to wonder if I made the wrong choice. I don’t have a life anymore. I have dinner plans with Rose tomorrow. She told me Dave was coming over and if I didn’t go there, she’d read my diary and tell everyone. I have no choice but to go. She knows where I keep it. I am going to have to find a new hiding place for you instead of under the mattress.


Friday started out the same as it always does. I had meetings practically all day. I didn’t even know when or if I’d actually be able to get to lunch. I hadn’t heard a word from Savannah all week either. I’m hurt and so upset at myself for actually thinking I could be something to her.

It makes me wonder how many other women she led on and then crushed them. I spent over three hours in one meeting, came back to my desk to prepare for the next one. I looked at the time and stopped at the vending machine to get something to eat for my lunch. I didn’t want my stomach rumbling when I was about to give a presentation. I was going to have to go shopping tomorrow to get new clothes since I was lost several pounds this week alone.

My presentation went over well, thankfully! I went back to my desk for a moment and looked at the time and my calendar. I almost forgot about dinner tonight with Rose. I had to leave work by five tonight or I’d never make it there on time. I heard someone raising their voice outside my door. It was Marie “You can’t just go in there.”

I got up to see what was going on. The door opened and there stood Savannah with a box. Marie, my receptionist, tried to get in front of Savannah “I’m sorry Victoria. I told her she couldn’t just come right in.”

“No, it’s ok Marie.” I said.

Marie gave Savannah a dirty look before she walked back to her desk.

Savannah shut the door and came in my office looking around. “Nice office.” She set the box down on my desk “It would have been really nice if someone grabbed all of their things before moving into another office. I have spent hours trying to clean it out before I moved in.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? I cleaned my office on Monday.” I said as I looked at the box wondering what I had forgotten. I opened the box and my eyes bulged out of their sockets. Inside was a butterfly toy. I shook my head “I didn’t forget this.” I looked up at Savannah.

She was smiling from ear to ear. She whispered “Put it on for me.”

I shook my head adamantly “No, there is no way I am going to do that here.”

She came around my desk and I fell into the chair. She put her hands on the arms and leaned down into me so she was only inches from my lips. “No one is going to know. I want you nice and wet for later, anticipating my tongue between your legs.” Her hand was suddenly moving up my skirt, between my legs. She whispered in my ear “I know you’re nice and wet already just thinking about it.”

I bit my lip because I could feel the cry trying to escape my lips as her hand slid up further. Her touch sent chills down my spine but I had to shake thoughts away. I was at work! I couldn’t do this! She kissed my earlobe, her breath blowing softly in my ear. Her hand touched my underwear and I bit my lip harder. My mind was telling my legs to close but they had a mind of their own as they opened further for her.

“Yes, spread them for me Vic.” Her fingers teased the sides of my underwear, running along the outside of them. “Put it on for me Vic or I won’t come over later.”

“Yes.” I said breathlessly. “I will.” I wanted her to come over. I wanted to feel her silky touch inside me, fingering and tasting me again and again until I couldn’t take any more.

She bent down between my legs and pushed my skirt up. “You’re going to have to stand up for me Vic so I can put this on.” I looked at the door and she smiled “Tell her not to bother you. You’re talking to me about something private and can’t be disturbed.”

I nodded. I didn’t bursa sınırsız escort think the words would come out of my mouth as I started dialing Marie’s number. But I did. I told her I didn’t wish to be disturbed that Savannah had a private matter to discuss with me. I stood up and leaned against my desk.

She knelt in front of me, pulling my underwear down slowly then pulled my skirt up around my hips. She kissed my lips softly and I started shaking. Her fingers spread my lips wide and her tongue slid between my lips. “You taste so good.”

I was so nervous that someone was going to barge in here. Thankfully the only windows in my office overlooked the city so no one could see inside my office. Unless they had binoculars but I didn’t think anyone would be spying on my office.

“Give me the butterfly Vic.” I reached behind me and grabbed it out of the box. She took it in her hands and slid her finger inside me. I grabbed the desk harder, holding on to it for dear life afraid I was going to fall.

She moved my legs further apart and it felt so cold against the heat between my legs. She moved it a bit and I felt what looked like a beak, push into my clit. The small tail touched my asshole gently, just barely touching it but I wanted it to go in further. It was so arousing to feel it against me there. I leaned forward at the pleasure and pressed my lips together so I didn’t cry out.

She smiled as she put the straps around my legs, adjusting them so it was tight against me. She pulled my underwear back up and skirt back down. She pressed the butterfly into me and I reached for her breast. She pulled away and smiled “Later. When we’re in your bed alone, you can touch me.”

I just stood there gaping at her. How could she do this? She was making me so wet and horny by touching me but I couldn’t touch her?! She started walking away and I tried to adjust myself. The thing felt a bit odd between my legs and I wondered if I’d be able to walk with it. I took a few steps with it in, following Savannah. “I’m walking funny with this in.”

She laughed “You’re not. You’re fine.”

I quickly sat down, afraid the thing would fall out of my underwear. She opened the door and I saw Marie looking at us. I suddenly panicked. Did she hear us? What if she knew? Savannah smiled “Thanks for the talk” and shut my door.

I had to adjust my body so it wasn’t uncomfortable with that thing latched on me. I looked at the clock and realized I had only forty five minutes left before I had to leave. I quickly looked through my work to see what I could get done before I left. As I was signing my name on a document, the thing started vibrating between my legs. I jumped and the pen made a huge line across the paper.

I closed my eyes as it massaged me. It felt so good. I moved my hips back and forth against the chair. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as the vibrations increased. After a few moments, I had to I grab my desk, holding on to it for dear life as the pleasure rode my body. I think I was going to scream from the pleasure as I slowly slid out of my chair.

Then it stopped. I was breathless as I tried to move back up my chair, trying to regain my composure. I heard a ping on my computer that I received an email. I opened it. It was from Savannah. It said ‘Did you know there’s an app for that? More to come later’.

What?! There’s an app for that thing to go on?! Oh yes…Oh no…Tonight? Not tonight! What do I do? I quickly send a reply back ‘After 10? I have to go to my sister’s for dinner after work.’

I waited and waited for a reply but nothing. My heart deflated. I waited until I had to leave but still no reply. Why was she punishing me like this? Why couldn’t she understand that I had plans? It was alright for her to just up and leave whenever she felt like it but I couldn’t? I went to the bathroom and took the thing out. I didn’t want any unexpected surprises during dinner.

Friday, September 28th

Dear Diary,

I left görükle escort work with no sign of Savannah. I could only hope she will show up after 10 ten tonight. I drove down to my sister’s and actually hit it off with Dave more than I anticipated. When Rose and I were cleaning up, she teased about making plans to go to a movie on Sunday with him. When I looked at the clock it was after 9:30. I told Rose I wasn’t feeling well and scurried out of there. It’s now 11.

I don’t know if she showed up and I wasn’t home and left. Do I give her a key to my place to come in if I’m not home? This is my private sanctuary though. What if she found you? What if she read this? I don’t think I could live with myself knowing my private thoughts were exposed to another.


When I woke up in the morning, I looked at the clock. It was already after 9. I couldn’t believe I slept that late. It felt exhilarating to actually sleep that late though. I think my mind and body have been working overtime and just needed the rest.

I made some coffee and sat down on the couch. When the doorbell rang, I looked at the door a moment wondering who it was. I didn’t want to get my hopes up that it was Savannah. I had to end whatever we had between us. I couldn’t keep hoping I would see her, she would come over and we could do naughty things together.

When I opened the door, the UPS man was standing there with a huge box on the ground. “I have a package that needs to be signed for.” He held a little box out for me to sign my name. I looked at the box and refuse it ‘Send it back’ but then Savannah’s car pulled in my driveway.

My heart was suddenly beating in my ears. There’s no doubt she saw the package. I quickly signed for it as she walked up to my door. The UPS man smiled “Thank you. Have a great day.” I smiled and tried to look at him but my eyes were only for Savannah.

She was smiling as she walked up to me. “Another package? What’s inside? I know I’m early but I just couldn’t wait any longer.”

I was red as she picked it up with both hands and came inside. I shut the door and she was already sitting on the couch waiting for me. “Savannah…Can we talk?” I asked as I sat down next to her.

She was suddenly on me, kissing my lips. Her hand moved down between my legs. She broke the kiss and whispered “You took it out.”

She drove all the thoughts from my mind that I just couldn’t keep doing this, whatever it was. When she stopped though, I just wanted to her to continue. I didn’t want it to end. How could I end it?! I longed for her touch every moment, desired more when she was with me.

She said my name, startling me from my thoughts. “Sorry, what did you say?”

She laughed and whispered as she moved her hand to my face “Did you miss me?”

I looked her in the eye. I had to tell her the truth right then or I never would. I whispered “Yes.”

Savannah smiled. That smile was so wicked looking. I knew she was up to something and I was going to truly enjoy whatever it was. “Good.” She looked at the box “What’s in here?”

“Uhh…” I was suddenly embarrassed and I didn’t know why. She saw the other toys but this box was a lot bigger and many other things. I didn’t know if she would like them or even use them on me.

She pulled out her keys “Do you want to open it or should I?”

I nodded. I was shaking and I didn’t know if I’d actually be able to open the box or not. Knowing my luck I’d cut myself. She opened the box and looked at me shocked by what was inside. She pulled out one of the toys. It was an anal plug that said it was for beginners.

“I think you need to get some scissors so we can open some of these.” I nodded and got off the couch. I could hear her rummaging in the box as I got the scissors. I came back to find some toys on the couch and the lube on the table with the anal plug.

I handed her the scissors and sat down. “I think it’s going to be a long day. It’s a good thing Steve knows I’ll be home later…Much later so nothing can interrupt us this time.”

I swallowed hard as she started cutting the packages open. When she was done, she looked at me “Go up to your bed and close your eyes until I tell you to open them.”

I didn’t know what she was going to do to me as I walked up to my bedroom to wait, wait and see.

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