Did It For The Team Ch. 03


I still could taste Kent as I unlocked my dorm room door. My brain was still trying to grasp what had just transpired in the past two hours. I entered my single room and stripped down to get some much needed rest. I remember originally thinking how happy I was when I found out I was assigned to a single room. I would have great privacy and I could have girls over whenever I wanted! But those plans seemed a bit convoluted now that I was “officially” orally servicing a guy on my swim team. I still needed to sort that out. Exhaustion took over and I drifted into a much needed slumber.

When I attended classes on Monday, I found that strange thoughts stirred in my head. I had a hard time focusing on the lectures. My attention turned to the other guys in the class. I checked out their builds, and wondered how they would look in a speedo. I even found myself wondering what their cocks looked like, if they were hung like Kent, or if they were big shooters like him.

I arrived at practice early that afternoon. I only saw the coach and a few other guys there. The coach, Mr. Holmes, was in his late 30’s and had been one of the best swimmers in the college’s history, having won national titles and competed internationally. He also was very hands on in his approach – he had no issue getting in the water to work out with the team or with individuals on technique. He also had a physique better than most of the guys on the team. His six foot frame carried probably 180 pounds, but with his lean, muscular build and well-defined chest and shoulders, he wore it well.” He had been in sweats, t-shirts and shorts for the first two weeks of team practice and orientation, but today he wore a red speedo which stood out well against his tanned skin. I had not taken notice of him before, but since the weekend, I found myself checking him out and realized that he was sporting quite a package and a killer ass to boot.

What the hell was I doing? I inwardly reprimanded myself for checking out my coach. After all, this guy was almost my dad’s age! But you couldn’t deny it and I sure wasn’t: Coach Holmes could rival Kent and Jason in the looks and body department. Even though I shouldn’t have, I started imagining how he would look with that speedo around his ankles.

Coach Holmes clearly took keeping in shape as a priority and modeled that for his athletes. He always made the workouts, both in the water and in the weight room, comprehensive and challenging. He also wasn’t one of those authoritarian coaches, but it was very clear that everyone respected him, no one questioned him and everyone tried his hardest for him. The environment was supportive and professional. There wasn’t any of that joking or disrespecting of each other like I had seen on the high school team. This was more serious and structured. He was clear in his expectations and stressed that everyone had to put in 110% effort for the good of the team. This was a point that Kent drove home as well; putting it on the line for the team. Or more like down the throat. I had learned that over the weekend.

I had doing some land drills to stretch my shoulders and was about to go into the pool when the coach called me over. He had two, five pound dumbbells with him.

“Mike, I want you to add these to your warm up, you’re one of our top breaststrokers and I want those back and shoulder muscles to be stable. Those supraspinatus muscles are not big muscles, but they support many tendons. It’s important you do these isolation exercises as I don’t want any shoulder injuries. Lie your towel down and go face down”

I did as he said. He was kneeling about a foot from my head with his full red speedo right by my face. It was completely full. The guy was hung. You would have to be blind not to notice.

“Extend both arms ahead of you and take the dumbbells. Now raise them three inches off the ground. Do a set of ten for me.”

Five pounds doesn’t sound like a lot but in that extended position it is very hard to raise them. I did the first five and began to struggle. My head and hips came off the ground. He immediately zoned in on this.

“No, you’re cheating and won’t get the full effect. Keep your head down and your hips on the ground. Here, I’ll stabilize you.”

He reached şişli bayan escort out and put his hand on my neck and held my head down. His other hand was on my lower back. One of his fingers was touching my speedo right on the upper hip. I immediately had a flashback of the weekend’s activities, but the idea of my coach holding my head down had me springing some major wood. I prayed he didn’t ask me to turn over. Crazy!

“There you go, now you’re doing it right, just like that. See? You’ve got the technique down perfectly, a natural if I ever saw one,” he said with a smile. “That’s what I like about you Mike, you respond well to instruction and you get things right the first time. It really is a pleasure to coach you. I knew you would work out.”

Some of these words sounded eerily familiar as I did the sets with the coach holding me down. I panicked a little and I wondered if he knew about the weekend activities. I dismissed it as being paranoid, and concentrated on the four sets of ten repetitions with the weights. Thankfully my boner subsided. By the time I stood up to do a few more exercises with the dumbbells under his instruction, I was focused and under control. For the time being.

He moved me into the water for some aquatic dumbbell exercises which I did while he instructed me from the pool deck. Looking up, I had the perfect glimpse of this incredible body. The man really was attractive- dark hair in a crew cut, dark brown eyes that almost sparkled when he motivated us, a trimmed goatee, and from what I had already seen, a great ass and package. I had never been so keen on studying the male physique so closely but this was right in front of my face so you couldn’t help but notice. Luckily, the cold water kept my hard on at bay so my reaction wasn’t so obvious.

From there, I swam my laps and did my hour and a half work out, and did all of the sets the coach told me to do. He timed some of my laps and wrote them down in his log book. He called me over and told me my splits were good but we would need to work on my starts next time as he felt I could get more power on the blocks and the wall push offs. He put his hand on my shoulder and assured me that he knew I would score well in the upcoming meets and that he was really glad to have a dedicated athlete like me on the team. I felt a surge of electricity when he touched me. I thanked him for his help and told him, as I had already been taught by Kent, that it’s all about the team. I hit the showers. I was exhausted but happy with the work out and even happier with the coach’s comments.

About four hours later, I realized I had left my suit and goggles in the shower room. As any swimmer knows, suits and goggles are expensive, and leaving them around the pool means they will disappear. I headed back to the pool area, which was probably locked, but as it was on the way home from the library, I figured I would see if it was open. The athlete’s entrance was open for some reason and I walked towards the pool area. I found my goggles but not my suit. I figured it might be by the shower so I walked through the locker room which was dark, except for a light coming from the coach’s office. It was almost 11:30. It was awfully late for the coach to still be there, but I figured I would see if he was there to ask him about the upcoming meet.

I heard some “ahs” and “yeah baby” coming from his office. I knew those sounds. Even as a novice sucker, I recognized them. Someone was getting blown. I peeked around the corner and saw Coach Holmes in his chair at his desk, turned to the window that faced the pool with his back to the door. His head was tossed back he was moaning. I inched closer to outside glass of his office and watched the scene before me.

At first I couldn’t recognize who was doing the sucking, although from their efforts it was obvious they were driving the coach wild. I saw the coach’s large set of hands guiding the sucker up and down and the sucker absorbed what appeared to be a huge eight inch dick into his throat. The coach held the sucker’s head down and then brought them all the way up to the tip of his prick. It was then when I recognized the sucker. Kent! I gasped in shock. His lips were completely stretched by the girth of the coach’s monster şişli escort penis. He gagged and gulped, but seemed totally in his comfort zone. This guy who had transformed me into a loyal sucker was himself a cocksucker servicing the coach with inhuman abandon. No wonder he knew how to train me so well, he was a pro sucker himself!

I watched from behind the curtain as the coach brought Kent up from his knees, kissed him on the lips, and then immediately put him back to work on his raging hard on. Kent maintained complete eye contact with the coach as his stretched out throat absorbed the entire cock to the base and reached the coach’s big balls. He would also move his mouth to his balls and take those monster eggs one at a time into his mouth. The coach was babbling a string of unintelligible words. It was obvious that Kent was doing everything in his power to please the much older stud in front of him.

I watched in shock and with a full erection as Kent continued his masterful sucking. The coach now held Kent on both sides of his head and stood up from his chair and began slowly fucking Kent’s mouth. Kent was holding onto the coach’s perfect ass for balance, but eventually his hands dropped to his side like a doll as the coach really starting drilling into his mouth. Coach Holmes’ glutes contracted with each trust forward. Both men let out low guttural groans. I was amazed at how good Kent was doing. He seemed to be the complete expert at this, taking the large dick all the way down to the base each time. In a way, I almost felt a little jealous and a tinge of resentment towards Kent.

A few seconds later, the coach tossed his head back, yelled out and shot one wad of warm sperm after another into Kent’s waiting mouth. I heard Kent moan as he nursed what seemed to be huge load out of the coach. It appeared to be an even bigger load than Kent himself had emptied into my mouth the first time. He swallowed it all as it warmed the insides of his tight body. Coach Holmes leaned forward and gave Kent another kiss, and then told him, “Go home, it’s late.” Kent got up to leave.

Panicking, I made a quick getaway because if I was discovered it would be the end of my life or at the very least, my tenure on the team. The past 48 hours had been one crazy suck fest. I wondered if the swim team was more of a fellatio team suck team because the guys seemed to be doing more sucking than swimming.

I got back to my room around midnight and could not get that scene out of my mind. I dropped my shorts and jerked off thinking about the coach drilling Kent’s mouth. I greased up my pole with some lotion and shot one the most massive loads ever. Wiped, I feel asleep right afterwards.

A few hours later, I was suddenly shaken awake by a hand. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I felt a hand on my forehead and I recognized Kent’s face.

“You left your keys in your door. You really shouldn’t do that.”

In my haste to jerk off I must have forgotten to take them out.

“What are you doing here?” I glanced at the clock. It was almost one am.

“You left your suit in the showers. You know, the one you look so good in and the one you’ve done some of your finest work in. I didn’t want it to get lost so I figure I’d bring it to you.”

“Thanks Kent, I appreciate it.”

Kent threw the suit at my face and climbed on my bed and straddled my chest.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I need to get off.”

“Are you nuts? Get off of me.”

Kent’s legs pinned my arms down under the sheet and he lowered his shorts and speedo. A full blown, almost angry hard on appeared before my face.

I suddenly felt betrayed that Kent had just done the coach. I didn’t feel such a need to please him.

“Open,” he hissed as he pushed his hard on towards my lips.

I tried to push my head further down into the pillow to avoid his pulsating member. Kent simply moved forward.

“No!” I insisted as I tried to push him off with my legs as I turned my head to the side to avoid his dick. Kent simply used both hands to straighten my head out and painted his dick all over my lips, glossing them with his precum. Tempting as it was, I was still a bit peeved at him.

“What’s with all the resistance? You know mecidiyeköy escort you dig my cock, and my load. We’re teammates, we help each other out.”

Unable to withhold my anger with him, I began to say, “Yeah, well that was befo-“

I was cut off in mid-sentence as Kent thrust his hips forward and his cock slid between my lips. He pushed in a good four inches as his cockhead punched into my throat entrance. I looked up at him and he seemed like a man possessed. I looked back to his cock and saw that there were about another four inches left to take. He withdrew until just his cockhead was in my mouth and he leaked some precum on my tongue. I involuntarily moaned.

Kent then pushed even further into my throat. This was a new position, but to be honest, it was not the most comfortable. He thrusted in again. I was really starting to panic because I felt like I was going to choke. I pushed forward with my legs and torso and used every bit of strength to try to topple Kent off the bed, but it was no use. He continued his assault on my throat as he held both sides of my head.

I scraped my teeth against his head a few times, and Kent seemed annoyed and pinched one of my nipples hard.

“Wrap your mouth around your teeth cocksucker, you know better than that.”

I made my mouth into a more O shape and Kent simply let out a satisfied moan as he resumed his face fucking. Although I gagged and coughed the entire time, Kent simply ignored it and continued his assault. Again, I tried to push him off with my legs but he simply pinched my nipples hard.

After about a minute of his thrusting and withdrawing, his pubic hairs were flush with my lips and nose. It smelled of a combination of chlorine and soap. His huge balls rested on my chin. I had taken all eight inches of his cock. I was exhausted from the choking and fighting him off that I let my body relax completely. Kent had won again, and there was really no reason to resist the man who always gets what he wants. I looked up at Kent with my mouth and throat completely filled.

Kent noticed this change and smiled. “See? It’s so much easier and more enjoyable for both of us when you just give in. You just relax and keep my big cock down your throat and let me do the work.”

I didn’t seem like I had any other option. Kent had conquered my throat, again, and there was nothing I could do about it. In fact, I had no desire to stop him now- denying Kent had already proved futile. Kent began a slow and deliberate pace where he pushed in and out of my mouth, alternating between deep and shallow thrusts. I simply did the best I could to keep his prick lubed up and my throat relaxed. I looked up at Kent, and even in the dim light I could see what a stud he was. You couldn’t say no to him. His brow showed some beats of sweat as he began jackrabbit thrusts into my mouth. From his grunting, shallow breathing and cursing I knew he was getting close. One again the precum began flowing and I moaned on his invading cock. He held my head steady and moaned that he was cumming. He pulled back, leaving the head in my mouth as he came. It was an immense load.

“Don’t swallow it. Hold it in your mouth.”

I did my best to contain this immense load in my mouth. I had never received Kent’s load all at once, but rather had to deal with his large spurts of cum. I was determined not to let any spill out.

“Look at me, he hissed.” I obeyed.

“Now swallow it.” I swallowed what seemed like a mouthful of oatmeal and got it all down in two gulps.

His serious face broke into a huge smile. “Now that’s how you do it, cocksucker. Well done.”

Without another word, Kent dismounted my chest, rolled of my bed, pulled up his shorts, and left.

Even though Kent had just all but raped my face, I was also hard as a rock. As I slowly stroked myself to yet another orgasm, my thoughts were all over the board…from extreme horniness to looking forward to that self-pleasured afterglow; to mild anger at Kent, to my jealousy over his servicing the coach, to wanting to feel him kiss me like Coach had done with him, to the need to have someone service my throbbing dick. Images of all the men- Kent, Jason, Dave and Coach Holmes- all went through my mind as I shot a hot sticky load all over my bare chest and abs.


Once again, a grateful thank you to Ken for his editing, guidance and invaluable perspective. And thanks to all the readers for all the comments and feedback, I truly value it!

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