didn’t believe


didn’t believeLisa didn’t believe I had a big dick, and even laughed out loud the first time we meet. But after a few drinks, him and I took a picture side by side in the bathroom and showed it to her, she still didn’t believe it, that or she was playing. She kept looking at the picture on the phone, then to me smiling. She looked at her boyfriend and he agreed saying “it’s just what you’re looking for”.We went to the room and I took over, He sat and watched as I tossed her on the bed and stripped her naked, “you want big dick” I said as I took my pants off. “Hell yes” she said with a lustful smile.I was half hard and laid down, she got between my legs and had her way with it, Like a new k** with a toy, “Squeeze it as hard as you can” I told her “Won’t that hurt” she asked “Just do it” adiosbet yeni giriş She did “Is that all you have?” I teased her. “Now release let it breath” and when she did my cock doubled in size and started throbbing in her hands, “now lick the head like a lollypop and use two hands on the shaft” It was so sweet watching her have a field day on my dick, trying to get it all in her mouth.I pulled her ass on to my face and started licking her already dripping pussy, “oh god” was all I heard when I found her clit with my tongue and licked it hard, she gripped my cock tight and orgasm fiercely all over my face. I could feel it come out of her in my mouth. I held on tightly and loved it all.When she stopped I didn’t, I started, flipping her over spreading her legs wide adiosbet giriş and put my dick in her, “lets see how tight you are” The head slipped in and she went wild, and she was tight, I used a vibrator on her clit as I worked it in slowly, going at a steady pace not to rush it, prolong the pleasure when she had other things in mind.“Fuck me” she said in such a lustful way I paused “Fuck me now hard and deep … show no mercy” she then grabbed my hips and tried to make me go deeper into her. “ok if that’s what you want” I put the vibe aside and spanked her clit with my hard cock, She was so wet, I forced it in gently and firm, at first to see how much I could get in and I went about half way before I felt real resistance form the inside. She was going nuts her body all flush adiosbet güvenilirmi eyes glazed over in exotic lust filled pleasure. “Im not all the way in” I say she looks at me and grits her teeth and says “I want it all” I grab her hips and say “Lets do this” and I shove my rock hard dick as deep as I can in her pussy, her body opens up inside for me as she climax uncontrollably, we both feel my cock head tickling her cervix deep inside, a feeling she never had before.Her cum is dripping off my balls as I grinded her deep and hard for a good while, in the heat of the moment she tells me to cum in her, where I ask she looks up with the look of your right, In my mouth then I pulled my dripping cock out of her pussy and it went pop it was so tight she dove and her mouth gripped on the head of my dick as it exploded, she held on and gulped as my hot cum shot down her throat. She forced it all the way in down her throat for a brief moment. I looked down and her knees were shaking, huge puddle under her, and she looked freshly fucked.The end for now

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