Dill speared


Dill spearedby williacjI was in Rockefeller plaza when I spotted Dillon Dreyer of the today show. she’s wearing a purple and white blush floral dress on and beige open toed heels.the way this woman’s tight white ass sways side to side when she walks! the camera zoomed in on her backside. She looks over her shoulder at the cameraman and gives him a little wiggle of her hips!deleted Dillon’s a fine ass blonde,she’s married but I still wanna give her hubby some real competition. I went up to her and introduced myself. I flat out told her I wanted to make out with her. She smiles”well you know what you only live once right?” she says. She gets up walks over to me and Dillon wraps her arms around my neck and starts kissing me on a chair I’ve got my hands on that tight ass saying to myself I can’t wait to get this chick out of this dress.eventually Dillon gets up out my lap and reaches under her dress and pulls her panties down and steps out of them. “unzip sweetie” she demanded I took off my pants and my underwear”you’re already excited I see” she says. how can a black guy not see that ass of hers wiggle in those dresses and not get hard? she put her hands on her hips.”do you want me to take this dress off too?”She asked.“you can leave it on” I said” I can fuck you with your clothes on” Dillon laughed.”I’ll believe it when I see it” she says II looked down lifted her long dress up and gave her ass a smack.”no, uh-uh” she demanded.”take my illegal bahis damn dress off!” I unzipped her dress and and pulled her panties down to her ankles.Dillon stepped out of her dress kicking it aside.I unzipped my jeans took them off. she reached down took a hold of my prick”right here” she urged getting up against the wall.she lifted her leg up slightly as I pressed my knob against her slippery pussy lips and slid in slowly.”bet you like taking the twat from behind” she says she turned around and bent over in front of me I plunged my cock into her slowly .I grabbed her firmly by the waist and started pumping myself into her from behind.”oooooh” she winced as she looked back at me”mmm give me all of your dick damn it!” The moment I’ve been waiting for came, dillon’s round white derriere started slapping loudly against my legs. I almost blew off a nut watching her apple bottom butt cheeks ripple as I rammed her from behind,”uhhhhhh..uhhhh dilly dally”i whispered”that ass is-” It felt ridiculous and Dillon was bent over covering her mouth she put her head down as I continued barreling away in her from the back. I closed my eyes and held on to her waist”oh my god oh my goodness my hubby’s never-” she stammered.“switch” I demanded as I pulled out of her she turned around sat back in a chair and I inserted myself back into her.“you fuck me with that dick!” she mumbled as she looked up at me with her legs up in the air.”take it illegal bahis siteleri damn it take it all of that fucking pussy” she mumbled.She pointed at her wedding ring”I’m taken” she mumbles”by you!” I was taking her alright, taking up disk space on her tiny hard drive”keep fucking me like that” she demanded. “i wanna ride it” she demanded”over there!” I sat in a wooden chair She sat in my lap facing me then reached back grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy.”your boss is gonna kill us both” I whispered she didn’t respond she just threw her head back and started rocking back and forth on my dick”ooh ooh ohhh yes like that pussy slidin up and down on your dick hon?”She asked.I didn’t respond I closed my eyes. dillon tapped me on the shoulder”nope, no sleepin while I’m ridin’ your dick honey” she says”i want you to see everything, feel all of this feel this pussy grippin your dick.” she began bouncing up and down on my dick.I felt something sticky on my dick dillon reached back and scooped some of the cream off my dick”i cream you cream” she says smiling. dillon dreyer owned my dick you should have heard the blop blop blop her ass made when she bounced that tush on my dick. I picked her up off that chair and carried her over to a couch and started rammin that dick up in that today show pussy. “what a difference today makes” I muttered. Dillon just lay there looking me in the eye holding on to me tightly as I pumped canlı bahis siteleri my dick relentlessly in her pussy”gimme that damn pussy dillon” I demanded.“it’s your motherfucker take it take that fucking …shhhhhit!” she gasped .”god you can fuck a white chick’s brains out!” we started tongue kissing and I grabbed her tight apple bottom and gave It a firm squeeze. I turned around and sat her down in the chair on her back I put her legs up on my shoulders and started planting my dick up in that pussy.”uhhhhhhh” she mumbled”you fucking..piece of ..shit!” she mumbled” god you fuck me damn it! I leaned down and kissed her as I plunged my dick deep into her Dillon grabbed her wedding ring and pulled it off”do you take this white man’s lawfully wedded wife to fuck? she gasped.”i do” I replied”actually I do you” dillon was getting the shit fucked out of her, my nuts slapped against her pussy lips. I asked her what the weather’s gonna be like ”chance of dick” she says “that’s the national weather now here’s a quick look out your window” quick look It wasn’t, more like a long stare outside.”take it dill!”I growled as I taggin her relentlessly. “umpfffff” she groaned”that fucking dick is diggin’ in my-” “there you go sweetie gonna get that pussy off!”I told her “oh yes coming home baby “I groan before jerking forward. I pulled out and spurted a thick load of cum all over her tits”uhhhhh-uhhhh!” I mumbled. she looked up at me before grabbed my dick and flicked her tongue several times across my cock head.“dilly ohhhhh” I exclaimed trying to catch my breath.”ummm hmmm” she says as a stream of cum dribbles down her chin”nothin like a little challenge for the hubby.”she says with a smile.

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