Dinah Pets The Kitty

Double Penetration

I’d gotten more bold, more comfortable with myself and from a couple of the girls at the strip club I learned about an underground sex establishment that catered to more of an upscale clientele. The girls said if you had what they were looking for you could make a lot of money every night. These were primarily fetish or swingers clubs that had the most beautiful women and the handsomest surroundings that money could buy.

I looked into The Kitty, a place that worked only on referral and reservation only. You also had to supply monthly proof that you were medically ‘clean’. They wanted the sex to be uninhibited so to do that everyone needed to have a safety net. If, as a patron, you were lucky enough to get in, you were treated like royalty and anything you wanted or needed was taken care of. The women were beyond compare and if there was one thing I was confident of at this point it was that I was prime sexual real estate.

I made contact with the management, told them that I was interested in a position and they agreed to see me at a day and time preceding my dance shift at the strip club. I met ‘Brian’ there and he immediately looked me up and down like I was a sculpture and after about 2 or 3 minutes he asked me to disrobe completely. I did so and he began the inspection once again, up and down, apparently looking for flaws that he’d never find. I was a blazing piece of ass and I absolutely loved the attention so The Kitty and I were made for each other. Brian reached around and put his hand on my rear, presumably as a first step towards a private sampling of the wares. I promptly said, “You’d better be ready to spend a whole lot of cash if you want to touch this ass.”

I got the job but it wouldn’t be the last time Brian tried to get a free sample.

I wasn’t oblivious to the fact that sex acts were consuming me. My up time, down time, dream time we’re all spent coming up with more elaborate ideas for getting off. I loved the feeling in any way, shape or form and if it wasn’t so risky I’d sell myself on the street corner to fill the in between times. And I wasn’t even sure that was off the table. I wanted a man to do anything, be desperate to get inside me…all the time. I know you’re thinking there must be a 12 step program for this but if there was I wasn’t interested.

I’d be working three or four days a week at the strip club and having fetish sex all evening at The Kitty. I wondered if I’d have the stamina for a day like that but initially I kept it at once a week so I had plenty of room for my escort business. I was a busy girl.

My first night at The Kitty was somewhat of a revelation because the clientele was clearly younger than the demographic at the strip club. The difference in the two was that in the strip club men were coming from more conventional relationships and seeking a fantasy to fill a hole in their marriages or simple loneliness. But in the underground sex scene people were looking to fill deep seated desires that didn’t often conform to convention and at a place like The Kitty they not only got the fantasy but they got the actual sex too.

To get me familiar with the layout and what might possibly happen there they put me in one of the four cages hanging from the high ceiling in the main room and bar. There, while I was principally ambiance, I put on my own dance performance and on occasion a patron might look up and have enough interest in me to spark a meeting, whereby he or she could request that the girl be brought to their table and from there they might go to one of the many areas and participate in whatever was the patron’s taste. It might be something as innocuous as a foot fetish or it might be a bondage scenario or voyeurism or whatever.

Note about the design of The Kitty: the large main room with the bar and dance cages was where the girls mingled with potential clientele. Drinks were downed and desires were negotiated. Once the girl and client came to an agreement they left the main room to the numerous individual rooms, choosing one that suited the client’s taste. Interestingly, all the rooms had one wall of glass so that voyeurs could enjoy walking around to watch the action, often masturbating to the scenery.

I was up in the cage until about 9pm when I saw a man call over one of the servers and gesture in my direction. When my cage was lowered I thought, ‘this is on’, I was going to give this man, within reason of the rules, a chance to create a fantasy with me. My future at the club depended on my performance and I wasn’t going to hold back anything.

“Hello, my name is Brandon,” he said with a slight accent that I couldn’t quite decipher. He was wearing an obviously expensive suit with the tie still snug and in power ankara bayan escortlar mode even though it was way past business hours. Trying to impress me?

“Hi, I’m Dinah.”

“You looked like a beautiful caged bird up there and I wanted to set you free.”

“Thank you, this is my first night here and apparently the cages are where you start. So now that you’ve freed your little bird how can I pleasure you?”

“Well, actually you’ll be pleasuring my friend as soon as he gets here. I’ll be involved but he will be the principal partner. And me? I shall secure you and then enjoy watching what he does with you. There will be some bondage involved and also some oral, anal and vaginal sex. Do you consent to that?”

Since I’d already experienced those things in other settings I said, “Yes, I guess so.”

I can’t say I was entirely comfortable with this setup but, then again, he wasn’t making it totally clear as to what was about to happen. I was nervous. ‘Secure me?’, and who was this mystery person? About 2 minutes passed and walking towards our table was an absolute giant of a person, at least six foot six, well dressed and built like a steamroller.

“This is my friend, Peter. He doesn’t speak any English but he has an insatiable thirst for beautiful young girls like yourself and, most important of all, he has the most enormous cock I’ve ever seen. So, shall we?,” he asked, getting up from the table and extending a hand to me. We made our way through one of the back areas, Peter in tow, and me wondering what I might have gotten myself into. Quickly I could see we were in the bondage room and in the middle was a waist high padded table, similar to the one at the fetish club I had gone to.

“Now, Dinah, if you would be so kind as to remove all your clothing we can get started.”

I said nothing because I didn’t know what to say. I just took everything off and waited for the next direction. “Now climb up on the table and lie face down,” he said. Getting on the table I looked over at Peter who was now taking his clothes off as well, carefully folding and stacking each item on a chair. And when he lastly took off his underwear, out came a freakishly large cock, even in its flaccid state. Then, watching me intently, he started to stroke it until it was the most monstrous erection I’d ever seen.

In the meantime, Brandon had gotten some rope and set about tying me up, more specifically, hog tying me, with both arms in back of me and my wrists tied to my ankles and my thighs pulled apart. He was good at this. I couldn’t move an inch but only lie there on my stomach with my head over the edge. I looked up and Brandon had pulled up a chair and sat down a few feet from the table, Peter behind him still jerking it.

Then Peter walked up to me and ran his hand over my ass and up my back as he circled around to my face and pushed his cock into my mouth, easing it back and forth while I lie there helpless to do much except to occasionally run my tongue around the shaft. At first he was fairly gentle but as he got more stimulated his energy level increased and he pushed my head down on this huge thing. Saliva spontaneously fell from my mouth when he withdrew and I could get a breath.

Peter moved to behind me and when he did I looked up to see Brandon with his dick in hand as he watched Peter work me over. He went after my pussy with his tongue like it was dinner time and it drove me to orgasm twice. That part I enjoyed. But then I felt Peter’s cock fill me up so completely I thought I would burst but so far my vagina was handling his oversized member. It was a hard fuck that shook the table like there was an earthquake. He kept up the alternating choice to fuck me in the mouth or fuck me in the pussy for about a half hour at what point Brandon announced: “Peter will now be fucking you in the ass” and when his giant cock penetrated me I screamed. Brandon shot up from his chair, hard-on dangling, and strapped a ball gag to my mouth while Peter kept pounding away. Brandon sat back down and continued jerking off to the sight of my punishment. On and on Peter continued with an unrelenting fuck, driving it hard. Finally, with a roar, he ejaculated in my ass.

Then he walked away and I just laid there trying to catch my breath, semen dripping out of my hole. I looked at Brandon, just zipping up his pants, and he rushed over to untie me and help me off the table. I was definitely sore and probably would be for a day or so which started me thinking of whether I wanted to do this at the Kitty. While I handled it and a small part of me even liked it, the punishment in this particular case didn’t seem worth it even though I was compensated and tipped well for the act. Later elvankent seksi escortlar that evening, several of the other girls who knew this guy sat me down and let me know that he tends to go after new hires that haven’t been privy to what he was going to do. They told me that everybody stays away from him because it’s far too punishing and most of the other clientele are more civil in their fancies.

So, I had learned a lesson and I’d steer clear of Brandon in the future and I’d give The Kitty another look taking this aberration into consideration. When asking why nobody warned me, the girls told me they’re told not to say anything so he has fresh fodder for his Cockenstein. They didn’t wish to lose wealthy customers to other clubs. One girl, Jaimie, offered to share notes in an effort to make me aware of the pitfalls. Thanks, Jaimie.

Consider me no longer a newbie.


I came back the following week hoping things would go smoother. Dancing in the ceiling suspended cages went on a rotational basis (unless you were new) and this week I got to work the floor. You could approach me if you wanted or I might approach you if the feeling was right.

Lots of couples came to these clubs looking for any number of ways to spice up their sex lives so these were good bets for three-ways or voyeur scenarios. I had my eyes on a couple sitting in the corner, almost invisible, like they were too shy to do anything. I was just about to go over to them when the woman got up and came over to me. By the way, club girls were identifiable by short red skin tight sequin dresses and a cute set of black cat ears.

“Excuse me,” she said, “but are you available? My husband and I have never been here before but we’ve been looking at you for awhile and want to know if you’d join us for drinks.” Obviously, they weren’t shy but carefully sizing up the floor girls.

She was about 40, very striking with dark red hair and he was good looking and around the same age or slightly older. This seemed like a reasonable bet so I said, “Of course” and followed her over to the table where we introduced ourselves and ordered a bottle of champagne.

Her name was Dani and his was Steven. “So, Dinah,” said Dani, “I’ll just cut to the chase. I have kind of an odd fetish but it’s one that my husband absolutely loves. I get off watching my husband have sex with other women and, of course, Steven is in fuck heaven. I never have to worry about him cheating on me because I keep his horny little cock satisfied. We started out picking up girls at bars but that had a limited success rate so we decided to go to the professionals. I know it sounds weird but I like it, he likes it and most times the girls like it.”

“Sounds like something I’d enjoy,” I said.

“Great, because Steven has done nothing but talk about you since we walked in. He begged me to ask you before losing you to someone else. We don’t know the particulars but we figured you’d take care of that. Also, we know there’s an extra charge for your services but we don’t care how much it is.”

“We can take care of that later,” I said. “So what kinds of things do you like, Steven? What would you like to see on the menu?”

“For me, anything goes,” he said, “but the one thing I need is constant dirty talk. I love the dirty talk and lots of it.”

“Okay,” I said, “and how about you, Dani, any specifics that you’d like to put in the mix?”

“Just one small thing…when you’re finished servicing him I’d like you to eat my pussy to climax. I’ll be masturbating while you two are doing it but I like to look forward to my own happy ending.”

“I would love to,” I said, “I just want to make sure that both of you are happy when you leave here. If you’re ready, let’s go find an unoccupied space.”

The back rooms were laid out like a labyrinth, no two spaces alike although there were some special activity rooms if certain apparatuses were needed. Also, there were either open doorways or windows to allow other patrons to roam. People would sometimes wander around watching others just to get themselves aroused. After scanning the options I saw the perfect spot, a bed with an overstuffed leather chair adjacent to it.

Dani sat in the chair and added, “Oh, and he likes to take your clothes off himself if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” and this was for Steven, “If he’s going to get a fuck-me gift he should be able to open the present himself.”

Steven sat on the edge of the bed facing Dani and I stood in front of him as he reached up to unzip my outfit. Not wanting to miss a moment he did everything very deliberately, stopping periodically to appreciate my attributes. As my costume slipped down to reveal bayan etimesgut escort my nipples he paused to lick them and run his fingers across them. Standing in front of him now in my panties and fuck-me pumps he just looked up at me and smiled as I smiled back and said, “Do you like what you see?” Nodding was all that he could come up with. Then he took my panties down to the floor and on the way stopped to put his tongue to my clit. I gently sighed and stepped out of them. He didn’t remove my shoes so I assumed he wanted them left on. And why not? They were very sexy 7 inch heels with a wide strap at the ankle.

I caught out of my peripheral Dani lifting up her dress and fingering herself as I unbuttoned Steven’s shirt and unzipped his trousers. Eventually he was sitting naked on the bed and I knelt down to suck his cock. I massaged it softly and sensually as his head went back and I heard a little moan from Dani. At intervals I took him as deeply as I could go and other times just flicked my tongue on the tip. “That is a delicious cock, Steven, I can’t wait until you bury it in my lovely snatch.” He was so turned on by my dirty talk that when I didn’t have my mouth full of something I kept it coming.

“Satisfy me, Steven,” I urged him as we traded places and he put his tongue to work. He was so good I came in record time and said, “God, Steven, I felt that run through my entire body. Do you want to fuck me with that sweet cock of yours?”


“My pussy is yours for the taking. Do you really want it?”


Then I held his stiff cock with one hand and said, “Fuck my brains out with this thing and fuck me hard until you can’t hold back any longer and then I want you to release your cum into my mouth. Until then do whatever you want with me.” And I spread my legs wide open and ran my hands down my thighs, making a straight path to my wet kitty.

He was crazy excited by this time and virtually jumped into my vagina, took hold of my thighs and began banging away as I kept the dirty talk rolling.

“How does that feel, Steven? Do you love fucking me? I’m your little fuck doll and you can do it to me any way your cock wants.”

“I love fucking you, Dinah.”

Glancing over at Dani, she was getting off big time. She had completely taken off her panties and jiggled her clit over and over as she watched her husband take me. In addition, there were more than a few faces in the window enjoying the sight. One guy was clearly masturbating. I was having an amazing time being the ultimate fantasy for all these people.

Steven stopped, pulled me up off the bed while he laid on his back and motioned for me to mount up. I rode him while he fondled and sucked my tits. “Have a nice mouthful. It feels so good.” After that we switched positions again and he put me on all fours and went back at it harder. “Pump me, Steven, make me scream”, and when I said that he took up the intensity another notch. Outside the room I heard the guy jerking off cum to an audible climax.

“I’m coming,” he said, and I turned around with my mouth open and my tongue out waiting for his ejaculate. I didn’t have to wait long as he released a steady stream of cum in my mouth. I intentionally let some of it drip down from my chin. When I did that it drove Steven nuts and some of the window voyeurs let it be known as well. I remember thinking at the time, fuck, you’re really good at this. You love the tease, you love the act and you love the control that accompanies being the hottie everybody wants to fuck. I loved it.

There was one more detail at hand and that was Dani. I swallowed the remainder of the cum, Steven backed away and I got down on my knees and attacked Dani’s pussy with a vengeance, working my tongue like a clit surgeon to take her to that blissful place. She’d had several orgasms to this point but I wanted this one to be the most explosive of all and when she came she let out a sound that likely only animals make. Her whole body vibrated.

After settling up financially, the three of us walked out to the lounge area and everybody kissed everybody and said our goodbyes. On the way to the door, Dani said, “I didn’t know it could be this good but you were unbelievable and we want to come here again and again to see you. Can we call ahead and make a reservation with just you?”

“Yes”, I said, even though I didn’t know the actual answer to that (turns out you could). Another interesting offshoot of that episode was that nearly all the voyeurs who watched our fuck fest went to the hostess asking to reserve time with me. As you might imagine my stock went soaring after that and it was pretty clear I wouldn’t be dancing in the cages anytime soon.

“One more thing”, said Dani, “Next time we come I want to do a three-way because there were times I wanted to get in there and touch you. You are very talented, beyond gorgeous and I want to do you as much as my husband does.” She pulled me towards her and deep kissed me.

Apparently I made an impression.

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