Dinner and a…

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Dinner and a…”Will there be anything else, sir?” the maitre d’ asked politely as he returned the small leather folder with the dinner receipt in it.With the bill paid and the last of the espresso consumed David replied. “No, everything was excellent as usual.””Well then if you will follow me I will let you into the service elevator so that you can be on your way to the parking garage without a stop. Sixty four stories can be a long way if you have to stop at any number of them.” The maitre d’ made a small bow and gestured toward the kitchen.”That is really nice of you,” Donna said. “You all have really gone out of your way to make this a special birthday.””You don’t turn 35 all that often,” the maitre d’ complimented the woman.”Except that I’m 52 today,” Donna laughed. “And you know it, Raul.””But you could pass for 35,” David said. He was right, Donna was tall and tanned, with an excellent figure, taut and toned for a woman of any age, let alone 52. Her firm, high breasts and round ass belied her age. Just last week, a waiter had asked David in the men’s room of another posh restaurant if his daughter was married.The couple rose from the dinner table and followed Raul through the kitchen to the service elevator. The steam and the heat of the service and dishwashing area broke small beads of sweat on Donna’s skin. Raul produced a small silver key and slipped it into a lock on the elevator panel. The doors opened and the couple stepped inside. Raul reached in and placed the key in a lock on the inside of the elevator. He pressed the button for the parking garage and turned the key. As the doors started to close he told the couple “When you get out, send the elevator back up here so I can retrieve my key.” They waved their acknowledgement and the doors closed on them.”Dinner was excellent and that walk through the kitchen was interesting…..very hot. So where is the birthday surprise you promised me?” Donna asked.”Closer than you think and hotter than the kitchen,” was David’s cryptic reply.The elevator went only two floors and stopped. “I thought this was the express,” Donna said quizzically. David just shrugged. As the doors opened, Donna saw three young men, all wearing greasy, blue coveralls with a patch on the left breast that read “Maintenance”. Maintenance must have a key that even overrides the kitchen, she thought. The men got on and the leader of the group removed the restaurant key from the lock in the elevator and handed it to David. He placed his own key in the lock and turned it. As the doors closed he pushed the button for the subbasement. “Maintenance emergency,” he mumbled. Donna and David stepped back against the wall of the elevator. “Could you stop at the parking garage?” Donna asked to the back of the leader. As the words came out, the other two men moved to the back of the elevator as well. The leader never turned around. The men took up positions, one on either side of her. David moved away to the side wall of the elevator, placing one of the men between him and Donna. She was annoyed and surprised that David had let the man come between them, even more so when the men grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the back wall of the elevator. She looked at David and he smiled. “Surprise,” he mouthed without making a sound. The terror left her only to be replaced by excitement and a small bit of fear. She turned her head back to the front of the elevator and found the leader had turned and was facing her. He deftly opened the largest pocketknife she had ever seen. Wordlessly he slipped the knife into the cleavage between her breasts, into the top front of her low cut dress. He pulled roughly and slit the dress in half right down the front. It fell away, exposing her bare breasts and the slowly moistening thong she was wearing. The leader flipped the knife closed and put it back into the pocket of his coveralls. That seemed to be the cue to the other men who began to maul her bare breasts with their free hands. They squeezed the large masses of flesh and pinched and pulled her nipples. The pain and pleasure surged through her body and manifested itself in more wetness to her cunt. The leader stepped up to her face and she felt his hand cover her pussy through her thong. He began to massage the 1xbet yeni giriş whole area and she released even more juice. The tit mauling continued and after what seemed like a lifetime, he slipped his finger easily into her sloppy slit. It was joined quickly by a second finger, then the tip of a third. Donna felt like she was stretched to the limit, if not it wasn’t far off. She pushed her hips forward to meet his probing, hoping he would continue, maybe even stroke her clit so she could cum. No such luck as the elevator bounced to a stop in the subbasement. He pulled his fingers from her with a loud sucking noise and wiped them on her cheek. She was taken back by the randy scent of her own pussy there on her face. There wasn’t a lot of time to dwell in the moment as the leader turned and walked out of the elevator. The other two men held her wrists and led her into the hot, steamy machinery guts of the skysc****r. Overhead ran a maze of pipes and electrical conduits, this was the mechanical heart of the building. The leader took the restaurant elevator key from David, slipped it into the lock inside the elevator and sent it back to the top floor. After the elevator left, he took his key and locked off the subbasement so that they would not be interrupted. David left the group and sat down in a small glassed in cubicle off to one side of the elevator. Donna was led across the floor to a small area where four sturdy chains hung from winches in the low ceiling. The leader spoke to David, “Toss me that bag on the floor next to you?” he asked. David tossed a canvas gym bag to the leader, surprised by its weight. When the bag clanged to the floor at his feet, the leader opened the bag and removed four leather cuffs. His men took one each and fastened them around Donna’s wrists. While they were busily removing her severed dress, the leader placed a cuff around each ankle. The men used key clips to hook the cuffs to two of the chains. The winches began to whine, taking Donna’s arms up towards the ceiling. She looked for David and realized he was working the winch controls. He would control her position for the whole process. When she was just about to have to rise to her tiptoes, the winches stopped. The leader produced the knife again and deftly sliced the strings of her thong. He used the brutally sharp tip of the knife to push the thong away from where it was stuck to her pussy. She was completely naked now and beginning to sweat again from the heat of the room. The leader made the same connections for her ankles as her wrists to the other two chains. Once again she heard the winches whine and felt herself being lifted off the floor. The sensation was of flying as her feet went into the air and her hands began to drop. She realized that she was being placed parallel to the floor, just higher than the level of the men’s cocks. She was in position and felt the motion stop. Then she heard the winches whining again. This time they were moving away from each other in four different directions. She was not only parallel to the floor, suspended in mid-air, she was being spread open at both ends, hands and feet. David seemed to have a second sense about exactly how far she could be spread to maximize the effect without causing any damage. Donna dangled there alone for a few seconds until she felt the hands returning. She thought she could count six, but they were all over her, mangling her tits and probing her wet cunt. She could tell when the men switched off by the size and number of fingers they were jamming into her. And just as suddenly as they had started, all of the hands disappeared. She raised her head to see what was next. The leader had produced a long leather flogger, many strands, and two round black leather covered paddles. Each one of the men took a paddle while the leader would wield the flogger. The men positioned themselves on either side of Donna, right at her hips. She waited with anticipation for what was coming, but when it did it took her completely by surprise. The leader was walking slowly in a circle around the outstretched captive, whistling the flogger in the air. Suddenly he struck, from the right side, over her shoulder, with the ends of the flogger reaching across her right breast. 1xbet giriş The strands burned into her skin and bit into her nipple, causing her to scream out loud. As he dragged the flogger back across her skin, she was surprised at her other end. Each man swung a paddle against her ass, one on each cheek. The shock drove her hips into the air and she continued to scream.”Go ahead, with all this machinery and as far down as we are, nobody can hear you,” the leader taunted her. She let her head fall back and closed her eyes, which only served to heighten the experience. In that position, she could not tell where the next stroke would come from. The anticipation was almost unbearable until, like lightning, the next stroke came. This time from the left, at her waist, across her hip and snaking down over her pussy. She drew a loud sharp breath, then another as the paddles attacked her ass again. Every time the cat came down it was followed immediately by one stroke on her ass. He worked slowly, left, right, breasts, stomach, stopping several times between her legs for a direct strike on her cunt. And the spanking after each stroke. The time seemed to drag on, stroke after stroke, spank after spank, her body twitching and her cunt spasming with each time she was touched. She was unaware that her juices were actually running onto the cement floor, that the sweat was spilling off her body making small splashes at the feet of the men. Then came the time when the strokes stopped. She could hear the tools being put back in the bag, but a new sound came to her ears. She raised her head again and opened her glazed over eyes. The lust in her face was palpable, she wanted to beg for release but know that would be the end of the episode. The next diabolical step was well underway when she looked. She watched as the leader, using her stomach as a table, laid two heavy C-clamps on her and a couple of tongue depressors. Working quickly he snapped one of the tongue depressors in half. He began to pinch and pull at her nipples, teasing them into their fullness. When the first one was stiff and high he placed half of the stick on either side and clamped them in place with one of the C-clamps. The clamp tightened until it held the sticks in place then tightened some more. The pressure was building, the pain of having a nipple squeezed growing by the second. She was determined to take all that she could, to raise her excitement level by enjoying more than the usual amount of pain. Eventually though, the pressure was too great for her to contain herself. She yelped out in pain, just the sign the leader was looking for. He gave the screw another half twist, pushing Donna beyond her boundaries. She screamed and shook violently in her restraints and he released the clamp by a whole twist. “That’s one,” he said with a smirk and repeated the process on the other nipple. Again, she squealed at what she thought was the edge of her tolerance and again he pushed her over it, screaming into a brief second. Her whole body was crying out for release, and she was about to get it.The winches began to whine again and she felt herself being lowered in the direction of the floor. It was only for a few inches though, just the right height to be fucked mercilessly. There was a pause for a few seconds, unbeknownst to her all of the men were ditching the coveralls they had worn the entire time. Strong hands grabbed her abused ass cheeks, kneading the punished flesh. Then a face on her cunt, hot breath first, followed by a tongue, teasing her clit roughly. She was being eaten skillfully, the tongue switching from her clit to the inside of her cunt. She would nearly climax and it would stop. Relax and it would start again. Several long minutes passed with her being teased like this. She longed for release, for something inside her to help her get off. And just as suddenly as it had started, it ended – without the release she so desperately needed. No time to dwell on her pussy. She felt a hand entangle itself in the hair on the back of her head and lift her face up a bit. Now there was a cock on each of her cheeks and then her head was turned to the right. She instinctively opened her mouth and found it filled with dick. She began to suck vigorously 1xbet güvenilirmi while the hand in her hair moved her head so her face was being fucked in essence. After a few moments the cock was rudely pulled from her lips and her head was forced to the left. Another cock appeared at her lips and she took it in greedily. The face fucking went back and forth for a while.She was so engrossed in giving head that she had forgotten about the leader. He stood up between her legs and placed the tip of his cock against the outer lips of her cunt. He had slid it up and down on the outside of her pussy to make sure it was wet and ready. “OK, boys,” he said and they stopped feeding her cock and raised her head to face him. Just as her eyes were focusing on his naked muscular frame, he thrust his hips forward violently, driving his cock into her as deep as it could go. She moaned loudly at the attack and began to try to swing her body in a fucking motion. She wanted his dick and she wanted the motion and she wanted it now. Her head was pulled back down and the cocks began fucking her face again. The leader roughly pulled and pushed, back and forth, without regard for gentility or couth. That was alright with Donna, there was no pretense now. She was hot, drenched and ready to be fucked into cumming. And it didn’t take long. The clincher was that as he pounded her pussy, the leader reached across her stomach and removed the C-clamps from her nipples. Deftly, he did both at once and tossed them onto the floor. Before they could clatter across the concrete, the blood rushed back into her swollen nubs and the pain was intense and sharp. That pushed her over the edge completely. She began to scream into the cocks stuffed down her throat, cumming violently, shaking frenetically, rattling the chains like a ghost in a haunted house. The demonstrative nature of her climax caught all three men by surprise and drew them in as well. The cock she was sucking was rudely pulled from her mouth, but her head wasn’t turned. Instead she felt the hot shot of semen on her face, from her forehead to her chin. It lasted for a seeming eternity until her head was turned. The same treatment awaited the other side of her face, coating it completely. “NOW,” came the command from the leader and her sticky head was raised again. She forced her eyes open just in time to see the leader pull his cock from her cunt and shoot a huge load across her stomach and down the outer lips of her cunt. Everyone was starting to relax but the men had not dropped Donna’s head. She was shocked to see a fourth cock come up from the side. It was David with his dick in his hand and he walked over and shot his jizz across her tits. She was complete now, covered from head to crotch in semen. David left her side and disappeared again into the darkness. She knew where he had gone when the winches began to purr one last time. They converged on each other and lowered her to the floor all at once. The concrete was cold and wet in spots and she knew that the dampness was from her. The men worked quickly to remove the cuffs and pack them in the bag. David emerged from the cubicle and tossed a pair of coveralls like the men had been wearing on top of her. She struggled to her feet and put the coveralls on. The leader slipped his key into the lock on the elevator and turned it. After a few seconds, the elevator doors opened. David and Donna got in and the leader pushed the button for the parking garage.”One of my guys took the stairs up and retrieved your car,” he told Donna. “It should be right outside the elevator door. Happy Birthday!””Thanks,” she mumbled. Donna was almost incoherent after the episode in the basement. She did not remember the ride home, she did remember that David had helped her into the house and put her in a hot bubble bath. She was coherent enough not to drown, but blissful enough to take a long, long time.After the bath, she walked naked to the bedroom and found David standing naked next to the bed, his cock in his hand. “Surprised?” he queried. “Pleased and almost satisfied,” she answered. She climbed into the bed and got up on her hands and knees. “Just how you like it,” she smiled back at David. Never one to argue he slipped in behind her and pushed his rock hard cock into her freshly scrubbed pussy. They were both pretty quick on the trigger, cumming almost simultaneously. When the sex was over they collapsed, not bothering about the covers and slept, satisfied and happy until it was well past light.

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