Dirty Old Man


Today I turned 50. I am officially half a century old, I’ve been a widow for nearly twenty years widow, owner of the largest product custom making corporation in the United States as a high ranking competitor in the world, a father of twin boys, grandfather to a set of triplets and another set of twins. Me being a widow is the only downer I suppose.

Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Duke Crain. Again, I am 50 years old, with the body of a 30 year old athletic fighter. I am 6’3″, weighing at 225 pounds, big hands and feet, big lips, packing width more than length in my pants, which mirrors my way of business. My sons are throwing me this birthday party because they said I’m 50.

So inside this hotel banquet hall I’m sitting and being congratulated by people I don’t know, people I never met, some family members whom I haven’t talked to in years, and business associates. I told my sons not to do this. That I wanted to spend the day with them playing dominoes, shooting the breeze, visit their mother’s grave, and to have a few words from each other said for her. But no, they want to be good sons and throw a party. I feel stressed out here.

“Dad, come and mingle. It’s your party after all.” One of my sons nags.

“I’m coming Count.” So you can imagine what my other son is called.

“I see you got him out of his chair.” My other son jokes.

“Funny Don.” It was my late wife’s idea to name them this way. Duke and Duchess with their sons Count and Don. I’m proud of my boys because they carved out their lives the way they should. Hard-work and brains is the motto of our family.

“Dad, I’d like you to meet Ms. Romble. She is a writer and journalist.” Count introduces

“Pleased to meet you Ms. Romble.” He shakes her hand. Strong grip she has. “Been enjoying the party my sons are throwing?” I ask.

“Pleased to meet you too Mr. Cain. And yes, I am enjoying the party.” Ms. Romble answers.

Duke takes in Ms. Romble’s figure. She comes up to just above his abs, her body is defining with curves. He calculates that her weight has to be within the 200 range. It’s been a while since he has laid eyes upon such heavily beauty.

“What is your current project?” I ask with lustful intrigue.

“As of now I’ve been trying my hand at autobiographies.” She answers.

“Dip into everything eh?”

“Something like that.” She gives a small giggle and I make a note of the dimple in her cheek and the cute double chin. Her deep, ebony skin is exquisite.

Duke and Ms. Romble continue their conversation until Count has to interrupt and have his father meet and greet the other guests. The ceremony goes on and mostly Duke spends his time with his boys and grandchildren while taking peeks and glances at Ms. Romble. For a man at age 50 his penis is nowhere near flaccid for a man at his milestone. Already he has several scenarios involving the young, pretty, and hefty writer. She has to be at most half his age, but he believes more along the lines of 30 to 33.

Yes, Duke is ready to make his presence well known into Ms. Romble. The party didn’t wind down until about three hours in. There was dancing, and of course he couldn’t turn down his granddaughters’ invitations to dance. Family comes first to Duke and his late wife did much to instill that into him. That, and her unbelievable sexcapades.

Duke and Duchess first met around the tender age of 10. Duke was always a boy more bigly than the average, but he kept to himself. Duchess was and remained the chubby girl everyone saw as nice and easy to use. Duke met Duchess in a park where she was being bullied. He ran over to help and had to fight off two older boys. He lost, but he did the right thing and walked her home. Duchess kissed him on the lips without reserve, his first. Since then he was hooked. They never officially dated until high-school. Before that, Duchess would use him to experiment things she heard from the other girls. Duke just agreed, but at the same time a ciplak izle different Duke was awakening.

Duke realized just how much he enjoyed the carnality of attraction and attaining. When he entered junior high he dedicated himself to shaping his body. He didn’t care so much for strength rather than functionality, flexibility, and fitness. He played sports only to help with keeping his focus on working out. Duchess still had her practice dummy, so to speak, but she knew Duke would be hers regardless how many girls he went out with.

Duke and Duchess became an item freshman year and were practically inseparable from then on. Same for college and everything in-between. Their parents tried to break them up and Duke and Duchess did so to appease them, still, no matter who they tried giving a chance Duchess ended up in Duke’s bed, sometimes with his penis in her mouth, or vice verse.

When Duchess died, due to cancer, Duke spent his days with his boys more rather than at his company. Many a times the board wanted to fire him due to neglecting of duties; but their threats, whether real or not, didn’t faze him. Duke is still human and a man nonetheless. Every once in a while he had to get rid of the built up tension because the thoughts of his late wife were not dissipating. He doesn’t pay for sex because he works his body and mind, and for far too long and too much for that.

Chasing women has never been his thing either, but he puts himself on display in order for the female to come to him. Yes, he whores himself out, but in a classy way. Through the years he had maybe three serious relationships, one leading to him becoming engaged. That didn’t end well because the woman didn’t want to sign a pre-nup.

“Mr. Cain, how would you describe yourself?” Ms. Romble asks breaking into his thoughts.

“A man with needs and wants.” I answer.

“Isn’t that everyone?” Ms. Romble rebuts.

“I wouldn’t know. Basically if you aren’t my grandchildren I don’t too much want to hear about your complaints. This for an article Ms. Romble?” I ask suspiciously.

“Maybe. My job allows me to meet interesting people. I try to get words and quotes from them because it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.” She admits.

“And I’m your current target eh?” I say with slight joy.

“Something like that. So tell me, what are your needs and wants?”

“My needs are peace. My wants are sixty seconds.”

“Sixty seconds?”

“Yes, sixty seconds.”

“What is sixty seconds, besides a minute?”

“Ms. Romble…”

“Edith.” She corrects.

“Edith, I want to cum for sixty seconds straight.” Edith can’t believe what Duke said. She had to lean back a bit because the air between them seemed to have been halved with that statement. Duke stares into Edith’s eyes without flinching. He dares her to make the first move. Edith wants to, but there is such a thing as decorum.

“Ms. Edith, today I turned 50. I’m set in my ways and just starting my golden years. You still have youthful exuberance within you while mine is gone, and replaced with an experience that keeps me to stay aware of my age and to remain vigilant of my health. I am blessed that I have the insight to remain sharp to keep what body I have and a mind that is still willing to learn new things. So, on that note, here is my number. I have grandkids to attend to tonight and sons to show up once again. Call if you have the need to do so.” I proposition.

Edith truly saw Duke for what he is: strong and perverse. She couldn’t believe that his wife was able to keep him in check. He keeps all that he is within himself and unleashes it unto the unsuspecting woman who dares to cross his path. It’s not anger, or despair, just lust. He was reined in way too early, and Edith wonders if that was a good thing.

After the party, Duke said his goodbyes and wished his grand kids good night. His sons hug him at the same time and drive off to take their children home with commander fort izle their wives. Duke didn’t really get along with his sons’ wives because he saw the man-trap they set for them. His sons fell for it on purpose, but they are protected just in case they try to pull something. His sons are nice men and can trust people. Duke raised them to be because he didn’t want them being him.

Duke arrives at his home and breathes in deeply. The same house he shared with Duchess. Memories never cease in this humble abode and he likes it that way. The thoughts of her using him as a lab rat, when she discovered denial torture, were some of the most fun days he had. Her techniques and skills were exemplary and he didn’t complain until she finally made him cum. She worked her experiment so well she knew how to make him release certain ways. Depending on her mood she would make it runoff or shoot in the air.

“She tried so hard to please us at the same time. Oh my Duchess, never forgotten you will be.” At that moment his cell phone rings. “Hello?” I answer.

“I have a need to be met.” A voice says with craving.

“Edith? Oh, hey, how you doing?” I play.

“Don’t play games. I have a…”

“A need to be met. I know. Well, is there a particular way, or should I go by instinct on how it should be done?” I list.

“I want to be challenged.” Edith decrees.

“You will lose. Not being cocky or arrogant, it just the way things are to going to happen. Are you prepared to lose?” I warn.

“Shall see if that aged body of yours can keep up.” Edith disputes.

“963 Kings Corner. I’m pretty sure you can figure out the rest.” Duke hangs up and goes take a shower. Afterwards he checks himself in a full length mirror. He looks at the scratches, scrapes, and scars he received from those many times he disobeyed Duchess on purpose to make her angry with him. Even now, he feels her sexy, chunky presence behind him; looking him over and touching him with a softness of paws. His penis rises, all six inches long and seven around. Women could barely deep throat him.

“Duchess, what would you have me do?” Duke says out loud. He goes and puts on some elastic boxer underwear and a t-shirt. He walks down stairs and fixes a smoothie made of orange, strawberry, and banana. He drinks it down slowly enjoying its taste. Duchess made him into a healthy husband for her own benefit really, but Duke didn’t complain. He knew how to push her buttons and make her his begging kitty cat. The door bell rings and he walks with his drink in hand. He opens the door and sees Edith in a night gown. It’s black and silky.

“Came ready it seems. Please enter.” Duke extends his arm showing her the way in. Edith steps through the threshold and looks at the quaint homestead. She expected more; considering the time that has gone by since his wife’s death. She can tell he carries, even now, a strong, burning torch for his passed away wife.

Duke comes up from behind and gropes her ass. Edith jumps a little at his inhuman, strong grip. He looks down at her and has only a slight smile on his face as if approving her shape, and size, for this ordeal. Duke feels her grasp on his shaft. He can practically taste her need to worship his member. He pulls away, and turns her around.

“What’s the first challenge?” She asks with confidence.

“Cute. The challenge has already begun. Sit down.” Edith sits on his couch. Duke spreads her legs with his own still standing. He takes a gulp from his smoothie without taking his eyes off hers. Edith’s lower regions quiver. Duke reaches down and finds her button with ease. He twirls his index fingertip over her clit. Edith breathes sharply. She tries not to laugh.

Duke goes to one knee and jams his thick thumb inside her wet pussy. She raises herself a little on her hands and throws her head back. Her lower body shakes violently. Duke takes another small sip of his smoothie.

Edith takes her breasts copenhagen cowboy izle out and begins pinching her nipples. Duke watches the reactive motions of pleasure pushing Edith into delirium. He pours some smoothie on her right titty and slurps up the thick liquid and taking care to give attention to her areola. He still hasn’t relinquished his fingers and his pace slowly increases speed. Edith finally cums and tries to settle into the orgasm but Duke grabs her right leg and turns her over. Still holding his glass of smoothie he takes another sip.

Edith props herself on her hands but Duke slaps her bottom in disagreement.

“What’s wrong?” She asks with lewd fear.

“Ass up, face down.” He takes another sip without looking away. Edith does as she is told. Duke pours the liquid on the crack of her butt. The cold shock makes her whimper in excitement. Duke watches the substance make its way to her pussy. Watching the smoothie mesmerizes him on how it finds its way to Edith’s juice box.

Duke starts by only using his tongue and washes her anus. He tastes the fruit and her sex secretions all molded into one. He swallows the combination without regard and moves to her vagina. The liquid has dripped onto his couch, but there’s still remnants on her wet hole. He laps it up out and inside.

Edith bucks back into his face. “Yes, that feels good. I’m almost there!” Duke doesn’t deal in almost. He pinches her clitoris and sends Edith over her steep edge. Edith convulses but in mid-orgasm Duke shoves his grown-manhood inside.

“Oh My Fucking God!” Edith enunciates loudly.

“Take it well, because I plan to.” Duke grabs and pulls her hair. He doesn’t allow a reprieve in between his strokes. He searches for her spot as he digs deep within her regions. “Where is it? Don’t make go deeper. I will find it; one way or another.” Duke mandates. He continues his assault.

Edith with her neck pulled back to its limit and still receiving the fucking of her life. She chokes on her screams and grunts. She whimpers on the verge of crying, inwardly pleading to make this experience last forever. Edith has had her share of young to older lovers, but Duke shows them up with ease. A monster she realizes.

Duke increases his speed by bending his upper-body downward and rotates his hips with more grinding action. He finds the elusive g-spot and tags it with each entry. Edith manages deep, resonant moans which each thrust.

“Oh god, I’m creaming!” And cream she does. Duke looks at his dick and sees the thick, vanilla coating all over his penis. He takes his weapon out and watches droplets fall off his tip.

“Come and see what you have done.” Duke commands. Edith turns around and eyeballs her mess. She is hungry for a taste. Duke adds some smoothie and Edith immediately tastes her treat. She uses no hands and Duke guides her throat to his hilt. Edith gags slightly and comes off. She practically cleaned him in one full motion. The remainder lingers waiting to be devoured.

She looks up to Duke and he takes another gulp without looking away. She grabs his stick and begins her sucking. Back and forth she goes and Duke breathes through the pleasure. Soon, very soon, he will shoot in her mouth.

With a gritted teeth grunt he releases. Edith is surprised by the sheer volume of his sperm. His member flexes with a wave like motion. Edith finally takes her mouth off and she breathes. Partly she swallowed, some just happened to fall down her throat, and all the rest came out the sides of her mouth. Duke is still drinking his smoothie and finally finishes it off. He licks his lips and exhales with satisfaction.

“You lose.” I say with barely any emotion.

“What?” She asks dumbfounded.

“Look at my penis.” I direct.

Edith sees his dick. It’s still at attention without any signs of flaccidity. Duke bounces it up and down, taunting her because of her futile effort.

“What are you going to do now? The guy is still ready. Needs have not been met.” I declare.

“I’ll show you, old fool.” Edith says with faulty brashness.

“That’s Mr. Dirty Old Fool to you.” I appreciate. Duke takes her in missionary, and Edith not knowing the long haul and burden she must bare in order to satisfy whom only his late wife could.

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