DIRTY TALKING WITH SARAHWhen I first began “fooling around” with my then girl friend Sarah she was quite a prude and Didn,t like having her breasts called tits or her vagina a pussy and would het quite awkward about it, but deep down though she was prudish she was one passionate person when in the mood, it just took me a while to discover her triggers. I,ve always loved my partners to talk dirty to me as it,s a great turn on and was determined to get Sarah to do the same. Her name for her pussy was “Kitty”. “She,s cute, very hairy and if you stroke her nicely I,ll purr for you.” she explained. She also had pet names for each tit, nipple and even her ample lovely backside. But Insoon discovered that once my fingers or tongue was working their magic on her body all that silliness disappeared and of course familiarity would eventually melt her inhibitions so I had patience in that respect. She wouldn,t fuck me then, insisted I ask her to marry her before even thinking about full intercourse, but she had no qualms about sucking my cock and loved the taste of my semen so I was fairly happy I,d eventually penetrate her hairy twat! I thought that when I first ate her pussy she,d be onlyntoo happy to let illegal bahis me stick my cock up her slit, but somehow she held back. I recall that first night I decided to see how far she,d go if I took the initiative. We were both in only our underwear as we made out in her parent,s lounge with her mother, father and grandmother in the next room and as I snogged her and unclipped her bra so I could fondle those magnificent 40D tits of hers she was really turned on, her knickers fairly soaked with her juices so much she joked “Just call me Juicy Susie!” With her nipples like rocks I peeled off her knickers and began to finger her honey pot till she was softly moaning with pleasure, then moved my lips to kiss and suck her navel which she loved. Of course Imthen kissed down to her clitoris, but stopped just short of her cunt licking her delicious skin. Then without warning I kissed her sensitive clitoris and then took it in my mouth tonsuck on. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING JOE?” she gasped in amazement. “Kissing and sucking your clitoris Dear Sarah.” I replied. “Oh. I Didn,t think she tastes all that good.” “Have you not tasted your own vagina then.” I replied. “Well no.” I dipped two fingers deep to coat illegal bahis siteleri them in her juices and lifted them toward her face. “Taste yourself then.” I challenged. “I can,t do that!” she sniffed. “Why not? You swallow my cum and you know that tastes good. Your pussy tastes even nicer.” “How do you know?” I,ve eaten other pussies, but I bet yours tastes even nicer because so much juice floods out of yours.” Well if you want to do it then go ahead.” she sighed. “You can always stop me if you don,t like what I,m doing.” I promised her. “Okay. So what do I do now?” “Lie back and enjoy the trip!” I laughed. And What a Trip! I began by licking round her outer labial lips, then gradually moved inside using two fingers to open her up a bit. My pace gradually increased till eventually my tongue was probing deep. “Do you like it?” I gasped for breath. “Yes carry on.” Sarah gasped so I did and now her pelvis began to move against my thrusting tongue and she began to moan softly though not loud enough for the others to hear her, her juices now flooding out and into my mouth, but I found the musky taste quite agreeable so licked faster till her body stiffened, her legs began to tremble and canlı bahis siteleri she grabbed the back of my neck as she pressed her cunt against my face and groaned “I,m Cumming!” And she did! I continued to lick and suck till she pushed me away. “Stop. Do,you want to give me a heart attack!” she gasped, trying to get her breath back still panting from her climax. “I have something ver Hard you can have instead!” I chuckled as I showed her my massive erection. “No way you put that thing in me! I loved what you just did, but if you want to put your penis in my vagina you,ll have to marry me!” Sticking to her guns despite being very tempted Sarah actually confessed to me after we married there were times she would have let me take her virginity if I,d only tried a bit harder, but I Didn,t want to put her off so let her suck me off to relieve my stiffie! It was actually the very night I “popped the question” to her and she said yes that she let me “pop her cherry” and in a way it worked out better than leaving it to,our wedding night as she was unbelievably tight and we both ended up raw and sore despite loads of Vaseline and getting very worked up. So our wedding night ended up a very memorable one where Sarah Didn,t mind me talking dirty to her. In fact this time she talked a bit of it to me herself and actually called my penis a “cock” for the first time and actually asked me to”suckle her titties like a baby” and to Fuck her cunt good! TBC

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