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Our little 13 year old Italian American friend got initiated in sex the previous night with a motel guest called Mike. His parents set him up though, presuming for years their beloved son to be gay. After sharing his secret with Rosie, the mother of his best friend Danny, he went all out this morning on a black dildo he found cleaning one of the motel rooms.


Discoveries on Saturday Part 3


I called Ms. Dubcek, leaving a message on her answering machine I wouldn”t attend her ballet classes this week. I promised her that I would keep doing my daily exercises.


From the gym association I had received a message that I was admitted in the Junior division for levels 9-10, which meant I was entering another group with older gymnasts and other leaders.

I had to decide whether to change into my white sleeveless leotard at home, as was usual for all younger boys, or change clothes at the gym as my new group of gymnasts expected me to do. I opted for the latter, as I was now old enough to join them in their locker room.

I packed my shorts and leotard, a towel, shampoo and extra pair of underwear. I took the shopping list and the money from the kitchenette and went on my way to the gym.

I”d heard stories of the juvenile dicks on display in the boy”s locker room and that took my interest of course. And maybe it was time I had my candy out for others to enjoy as well.


The other teenage gymnasts welcomed me and acted quite normal. I already knew some of them.

The moment I stripped down my undies I heard someone say ” Hm, no tan line, Nino? How”s that? ”


” Cool! ” I heard someone else say.


” We have a sauna and a sunbed at home. I hate having a tan line, don”t you? ” I answered looking over my shoulder.


” Looking hot, man! ” one said.

” Nice ass too, Nino! ” another.


Having all their eyes focused on me, the attention got my dick swelling.


The door opened and Jesse, the sporty coach assistant in his early forties, who was known for his predilection of younger boys, came in the locker room and asked me to come to the coaches office. He just couldn”t take his eyes off of me. I noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger in a matter of seconds, and little pearls of sweat appear on his receiving hairline.

Now that I entered the Junior division I had to wear the official competition leotard of the gymnastics association, he told me. He had a couple of them over in his office for me to try on.


The other boys started to leave the locker room.


“We”ll see you guys in the gym, when you”re done. Don”t drain him Jesse, Nino will need his energy the next hour out there on the floor! ” they said laughing, leaving us two behind in the locker room.


Jesse told me to get my shorts back on and walk along with him. I did and followed Jesse through the hallway to his office up the stairs all the way to the back. I”d not been to this part of the building karabük escort and it seemed like he was luring me into his den like a predator. But I wasn”t worried at all.

I remembered the words my father spoke to me this morning. I knew what was going to happen and I felt safe.

And yes, in wanted it!


When he opened the door, the entire office turned out brightly lit by the sun and it was hot as a sauna in there. The wall looking out on mainstreet was mirrored glass, from floor to ceiling. There was a desk and chair but also a cabinet and a massage table.


” Hop on the massage table, Nino. I”ll look for the leotards. ” Jesse said and he walked over to the cabinet.


Anticipating I had to take off my shorts anyway I took them of and hopped on the massage table. I felt totally comfortable in this warm environment. Sitting on the massage table I leaned back, my hands on the opposite edge of the table as to where my legs were. My dick was pumped up but not hard enough to stand upright. I spread my legs wide doing the straddle, my heels on either side of the table, my balls hanging just over the edge.


The moment he turned around and looked at me Jesse”s eyes almost popped out of his head. He dropped all the suits right in front of him.

With a gaze as if he were hypnotized, he stumbled towards me.

He kicked off his shoes, took off his trousers and his shirt and by the time he was standing in front of me, all he was wearing were his watch, a pair of white socks and a horny dumb look on his face.

Jesse was drooling both out of his mouth and his dick pretty soon.


” Oh my god Nino, you”re beautiful! I”m wanna touch you all over your small beautiful body. I”m gonna please you, I”m gonna drain you. ” he said scanning my body with his eyes. I felt his fingertips stroking from my knees up to my groin and back to my knees again. My legs being spread wide he brushed in and out, in and out.


” I”ll give you a special treatment with my tongue. That”s my specialty. “


” You”ve got nice soft hands, Jesse. ” I said, my 4.5 inch dick now standing to full attention.


I looked down on him and saw he got hard as well. His 5 inch uncut dick was bend like a banana, the small drooling head directed at the floor. I wanted to ask him about it but he started talking about it before I could open my mouth.


” Yep, it looks weird, doesn”t it? It”s a mild form of Peyronie”s disease. Nothing contagious or painful. And trust me, it works just fine. When I”m gonna fuck that gorgeous little bum of yours, you”ll find out it”s the perfect curve to brush your Italian prostate, Nino. ” Jesse told me straightforward, trying to sound with some authority.

He lowered the massage table almost to ground level and got down on his knees.



I smiled down at him. Jesse had always looked at me as if he wanted me badly. I”d already expected he longed for my dick, but he wanted to own my ass as well. Which actually was not a big surprise to me.

” I guess that curve will make it a lot easier to go down my throat as well, won”t it? ” I responded.


His eyes widened. He couldn”t believe his ears.

I got the feeling I mentally got more on top of him now, so baldly I went on.


” But today”s not the day for fucking, Jesse. karaman escort Some other time, perhaps. That tongue `s got quite a reputation, so maybe it”s time you get down and give me that special treatment you were talking about. ” I said setting my bare feet on his shoulders. That way he had full access to my package.


Jesse wanted to say something but I leaned over, lay my hand on his head and gently pushed him towards my milk-leaking head.


” The time for talking is over, Jesse, time to perform. They”re waiting for me in the gym. My plumbing is leaking as you can see, and there”s only one way to fix it. Don”t let any of it go to waste, please.”


Jesse took a moment to examine my leaking pipe. Without any hesitation he grabbed my member with his right hand upside down and raised it upwards till his cold knuckles touched the bare skin right below my navel. He bend forward, stuck out his huge tongue and I felt its wet tip touching just behind my hairless pouch. Then he gently enclosed his big wet tongue all around the pouch, and started to roll my eggs with it. Damn, what a technique!

Very gently he handled my dick, squeezing upwards and releasing pressure going down.

I closed my eyes, leaned back against massage table and gave in to this pampering feeling. The combination of these two well executed techniques performed simultaneously was driving me crazy.

He continued pumping my tube until my pre-cum covered his fingers. All the while the tip of his tongue was gently rocking my eggs left to right. This was really a great technique! I wanted this to last forever.

Moving upwards from underneath my dick, his warm tongue clasped all around it a tight wet grip. It started sanding up and down using his hot breath, saliva and pre-cum as it”s natural lubricants.

Being masturbated by Jesse”s big wet tongue was mind-blowing!

Concluding his performance-in-three-acts, having my dickhead in front of his eager mouth, he engulfed my member in its entirety, pressing his nose in my pubic region. He cupped his hands around my thighs and tried to push my dick in even deeper.

The subtle suction he applied, send me into orbit.


In a groaning voice, I screamed ” OH MY GOD, here it comes!! “


Jesse tilted his head slightly backwards and started milking my dick with his slippery warm mouth tool. I felt one of his fingers stroke from my bum-hole to my pouch. I closed my legs and locked his head like a vice, curling my toes, tensioning all the muscles in my cramped up body.

Several shots of my rich and nutritious boy-double-milk exited my hard-on for a second time that day.

His eyes were closed as he savored every drop I offered him. I held on to his head during the high he inflicted upon me. When I was drained he continued massaging my dick with his tongue until it deflated. I finally relaxed my legs so he could move his head again. Then he released my dick and looked up.


Jesse rose to his feet and grabbed me by my shoulders.


” That was delicious, buddy. Anytime you need your plumbing fixed, you let me know, ok? You have a very nice dick, Nino, you can wake me up in the middle of the night for it. Now it”s your turn to return the favour. Have you ever given a blowjob before? Cause you have to be very careful with your teeth, you know? “


I smiled a warm kars escort smile up at Jesse. His bend cock was already at mouth level for me.

I tried to remember what I”d read in the blowjob manual. I started with his member balancing over my nose, sticking out my tongue and licking his balls.


” Any special requests? ” I asked. ” I don”t have your tongue-technique yet but maybe I can accommodate you in another way, Jesse? “


” What are you up to, Nino? Just try to get as much in as possible, ok? And be careful with your teeth, please! ” Jesse answered, thinking I would gag and choke before I got it halfway in.


I turned my head sideways and enclosed his bend cock with my tight pink lips taking long hauls with my mouth along the curved rod. I made sure my teeth didn”t touch his flesh, keeping them covered by my wet tongue and firm lips.


Jesse started to pant, groaning ” Yeah buddy, that”s a nice start! ”


I kept my dark eyes focused on his, looking up, trying to express my joy, blinking with my long black eyelashes every now and then.

My left hand stroking up from his knee to his groin and back down, my right hand pushing into his perinium near his anus. I started with light strokes, then increased pressure into a firmer perinium-massage. I motioned Jesse to put his right foot on my knee. In that position I had better access to his anus.

I slid in a finger and started to massage his prostate both from the inside and the outside.


That was all it took for him to grab my head in both hands and guide my mouth to the tip of his leaking cock. I flicked his piss-slit a couple of times with my tongue to have my first taste of his man-milk.

I knew I was in for a treat.

I took his throbbing head in my warm mouth and applied maximum suction with my lungs, as Mike had told me to do. In the meantime I pumped harder and harder on his prostate, welcoming glorious sip after glorious sip of Jesse”s prostate juice into my mouth. His eyes almost popped out of its sockets, not knowing what was happening to him with this small Italian toy-boy at his feet.

My left hand now moved over to his hamstrings of his right leg and I engulfed his entire cock directly in my throat. The curve made it perfect for deep throating, just like I thought it would.

As I could feel his milk oozing in the back of my throat, I moved my chin rolling over his large balls, looking up with my diamond black eyes and flashing my eyelashes at him again like a horny little schoolboy.


Jesse froze up, got on his toes, and I felt his ejaculate shoot down my gullet with great force. His cumming resulted in a deep grunting sound.

I stopped the prostate-massage and started using both hands to jerk him off and get all his cum out. I backed off to take a deep breath and went back on his cock to get every last little drop.

When Jesse was done and drained, his legs gave up on him and he sat on the floor.


” Jesus Nino, who taught you how to do that? ” He asked, gasping for air, totally out of breath.


” Well, I try to excel in everything I do. Not just gymnastics or ballet, that goes for cocksucking too. ” I said and I smiled at him.


I got up, tried on several of the leotards and choose the one that Jesse told me made my butt look the best.

I left Jesse wasted, sitting naked on the floor, staring into the emptiness of his own mind.


Time to put strain on some other muscles.



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