Double Penetration

DiscoveryIt was a fine warm summer’s morning and my mate Donny and I made our way to the beach to lay in the sun at watch the parade of beautiful bodies before is., boys and girls and I must admit I had been spending more time looking at the boys these days and checking the the bulges in those oh so brief speedos and wondering how they were able to hold those magnificet cocks in place.Flashed a look over to Donny laying there and noticed how hard it had grown. Then a very pretty boy came asked if he could lay his towel down next to mine. “of course” I answered” plenty of room here” . I watched him as he layed down his towel and then himself. My next thought was he was more than pretty He was beautiful and I felt desire for another boy for the first time. At a distance he could have been mistaken for a girl a cute pixey cut hairdo (blonde) slim build and such a pretty face. When he slid off his short his swimsuit pendik escort was so brief I thought looked more like a girls bikini bottom (which in fact it was) and when turned around I saw the most delicious little bottom I had ever seen out lined perfectly by the thong of his swimsuit.By this time Donny had turned around and was watching him too . I felt like taking my cock out and masturbating there and then.He introduced him self a Mickey he was new to the area and had just moved to the area with his family and lived in the street next to mine. He then wandered down for a swim.While he was away Dony turned to me and said ” Wow he is gorgeous are you sure he’s not a girl ?”” Its a boy all right look at the bulge between his legs”Then Donny’s phone rang it was his mum and he had to go home. family businees. Off he rushed as Mickey returned.i had him all to my self and kartal escort the day was going to be the bestAt this point I had never so much as kissed a boy let alone made love to one this was all going to change .I jhad fantasies of being with other boys and had a large collection of pictures and videos of boys having sex i looked at while masturbated.Like any other boy , as soon as i got my comp I went looking for porn, gay porn . Typed naked boys into my browser and got all I wanted. Are you over 18 …. yes . i wasn’t of course but I think every boy has done that’Mickey returned and lay down beside me and i rolled on my side to face him and give me a hand free. I told him Donny had to go home so there was just us twoI looked at him and said “You are so beautiful””Thank you I glad you think so” He went quiet for a minute’then ” i know we are both boys but would you maltepe escort like to kiss me””I’ve never kissed another boy before”” I haven’t either but I want to now”And then our lips met laying side by side kissing passionately our tongues entwining my hand caressing him not caring if anyone watched. It was heaven and I wanted more..” Lets go to my place .. mums gone out for the day and we have it to ourselves.”We dressed and hurriedly made our way to my home .As soon as we got in the front door we began tgo kiss again.we then headed for the shower and moments later we were naked together.I began to soap his naked body his back to me …letting out soft moans as I worked my way down to his hard cock and started stroking it.At last I had another boys cock in my hand, my own pressed against his beautifull ass. He then turned around and we began to kiss again. Taking my cock in his hand we were stroking each other ,enjoying another boys touch.We were in heaven our cocks throbbing in our hands we soon both cum,shooting on each other.. It was so intense ,so good to feel another boys hand bringing me to climax.We then rinsed ourselves off dried then headed to the bedroom to continue our love making

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