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DISCREETOFFICESERVICES.COM… Chapter 5While waiting for Danny I ran upstairs to put on a different shirt. deleted I didn’t feel right keeping the other rather revealing one on to ask Danny for the favor. Especially since he was on to my ploy. I changed quickly and then returned to the street to wait. Calling Mom I told her I would be late and not to wait dinner.”I’m going to eat at a restaurant here before coming home.””Alone?””No. I’m treating someone I met to a meal. He’s in college…””So, it’s a boy.” Trust my mom to jump on that detail.”Yes, he’s a boy, Mom. He’s in college and money’s a little tight for him right now. Final exams are next week and he’s going to be studying all weekend. I just thought he might like a decent meal.””What’s this boy you want to be sure has a good meal studying?””He’s pre-med.””A doctor. That’s nice.””I think he wants to be a microbiologist or something. And, Mom, stop the thought right there, ok? We’ve never even been on a date. He works part-time as much as possible but with all the tests and studying here at the end of the semester he hasn’t been able to work many hours. I’m just buying him a decent meal. Nothing else.” A few lies mixed with truth works best from my experience.”Ok, ok. Far be it for me to interfere in your life…” Oh, no. Here it comes. I knew it almost word for word by now… “…and I’d welcome grandc***dren while I’m still young enough to enjoy them.””Mom!” I interrupted her when she paused to take a breath. “You’re barely into your forties. I don’t think you need to worry about becoming old and decrepit for a few more years. I’m going to hang up now. But FYI, I’m coming back to the city tomorrow and Danny’s showing me the campus on the way to the library.”I saw Danny coming maltepe escort out of the building. Waving, I spoke quickly, “Mom, I gotta go. See to you tonight.”*************************Hanging up and walking into the den where her husband was watching the news, she said, “I heard it but I don’t believe it.””What?””Olivia is going into the city tomorrow so a boy can take her to the library.””Olivia? In a library!?” He shook his head. “She’s either gone crazy or she’s serious about this boy. Tell her to bring him home. I want to meet the guy who can get Olivia to give up a Saturday for a trip to the library.”*************************We left the restaurant with Danny patting his full stomach. “That was good. Viv, you’ve wined me and dined me, are you ready to tell me what I have to do as repayment? Remember, I may be easy but I’m not cheap.”I laughed. Dinner had gone well with good food and conversation. It had been far too long since I’d been with a guy just for the normal back-and-forth banter between a man and a woman. Now it was time for more truths mixed with lies.”A regular employer learned that I studied German as a foreign language in high school and has asked me to translate some legal documents. I’ve tried but there are too many legal term I don’t know. I need a comprehensive German/English dictionary that has legal terms to help me translate it and maybe some law books. So, my request is an easy one, Danny. I’d like you to take me with you to the university library in the morning.”Danny looked confused. “Why not just use one of the translation services on the internet?””He wants it kept confidential. Put something on the internet and it’s there forever.””But, you can go to the library alone. It’s on maps of the campus…””I escort maltepe don’t need a guide to the library, I need a guide inside the library. You know, show me where the books I need are.””Let me guess, you never learned the Dewey Decimal System.””Far as I know, Huey, Louis and Dewey are Donald Duck’s nephews. I didn’t spend much time in a library while in school and a university library must be bigger than a high school’s.””You had a nerd to do your library work in school and now you want me to be your nerd.””Yes, but in return you get my protection,” I replied with a grin. More soberly I told Danny, “You don’t need to do my homework for me, though. I just need a guide to point me in the right direction to the books.””That’s easy enough. Subway leaves at 8am so don’t blame me if you miss it.”I mentally reviewed the train schedule for a weekend morning and said, “Meet me at the coffee house next to the subway at 7:30 and I’ll treat us to coffee and sticky buns.”Dropped off in front of our apartment building and learning that I was going to the train stop instead of my apartment, Danny insisted on walking with me since it was now beginning to turn dark. At the stop, we sat and I stretched my legs out. I was tired. My afternoon client had wanted to meet at a hotel for the entire two hours. A client in the morning and then two hours of hard sex in the afternoon along with a very long day since waking up had worn me out.Looking down my legs I waggled my feet in their three inch platforms. Danny was five-eight or nine. In my platforms I was at least five inches taller. I thought he wouldn’t like me towering over him but he just laughed when I said I’d wear my flats tomorrow.”I can’t grow and you can’t shrink, Viv. I’m always maltepe escort bayan going to be shorter than you. I don’t care, do you? Haven’t you ever dated a guy shorter than you? Of, course you haven’t,” Danny answered himself with a grin.”Besides,” Danny continued to grin. “I’d like it if you’d wear high heels tomorrow, if you wouldn’t mind.””Why?” “I’m meeting three guys in my study group at the library. If they see me with a tall, beautiful blonde…”I started laughing. “You want them to think I’m your girlfriend. Ok, I can do that for my nerd.”Danny waited until I was on the train before leaving. Once I was home and had endured the gentle questioning by Mom I finally got to shower and hit the sheets. I thought I’d have no trouble going to sleep. The hard fucking this afternoon should have satisfied me, but I hadn’t orgasmed. I don’t often masturbate but before long my fingers were under my panties probing the wetness between my legs.deletedAs my fingers pushed me closer and closer to orgasm, my thoughts were of going on a date with a guy I actually cared about. Kissing him as he began to touch my boobs. Undressing me. I’d just reached the imaginary time where his cock was just penetrating me when I clapped my legs together and my muscles clenched as I came in a long, hard orgasm.  I hadn’t come this hard in a very long time and I had to bite my other hand to keep my cries from echoing through the house. I was left panting. My pussy lips and fingers were wet, my underwear’s crotch soaked and from my hole more of my cum was flowing.deleted     My parent’s bedroom was on the first floor so I had the second floor to myself. Rising, panties in my hand, I padded down the hall to the second floor bathroom and cleaned between my legs. Rinsing out my panties I took them to my room and hung them over a bedpost to dry. Feeling the bedsheet I was glad to find it dry. My cum soaked panties had kept my sheets dry and unstained.With clean underwear on, I fell asleep quickly.

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