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DISCREETOFFICESERVICES.COM… Chapter 7deletedThe client above me had a look of intense concentration on his face as he pressed his groin hard against my pussy lips. With practised ease, Yes, yes! Oh, I love it when you come in me!, rolled off my tongue as he gasped and groaned in time to his short, hard thrusts between my legs.This was his second time coming in me. There wasn’t a clock on the hotel room’s walls, but as he collapsed on top of me, I was able to raise my wrist behind his head and take a quick look at my watch. Damn, he still has forty-five more minutes if he wants to try for three times…I wrapped my arms around him and ran my fingers through his hair as he rested to catch his breath. Oh, God. I love how good your cock feels in me, I breathed next to his ear. For several minutes I held him close to kiss and tongue his neck. Forty minutes, on my watch when he’d rested and caught his breath enough to raise his head to kiss me. Just as his tongue entered my mouth, his cock had softened enough to slip from my hole.This guy was easily the oldest client I’d ever taken. He wasn’t a regular but a businessman visiting the city. A guy who used one of Marla’s other girls had paid for someone to show him a good time. Because it was such short notice Marla had asked for a larger fee. I’d already seen my two regular clients and was tempted to turn down the job, but the money offered was just so good! Double what I would have recieved for a normal client.I’d just left my afternoon regular with a smile on his face when Marla had texted (((One Double Now))) One guy, double the money, now… It was already 3:30pm and my date with Danny would start in four-and-a-half hours. If I accepted it might be after five or even six before I’d be finished. But for double the fee…With the hundred thousand I had hidden in my apartment I shouldn’t have been greedy for more. But the car I’d seen on the internet site when I’d gone looking, and now wanted, cost more than a hundred grand. Not by much… A double fee would bring me closer to buying it. I texted back (((Yes Address))) It must have been because of my location that Marla had offered the job to me. It was a hotel barely two blocks away. I could easily walk there in less than ten minutes. (((On the way Ten minutes))) (((OK)))Looking at the guy who’d answered when I’d knocked on the hotel room’s door, my first thought was I hoped he wouldn’t have a damned heart attack on top of me. He was at least sixty pounds overweight and the room smelled as if he’d smoked a pack of cigarettes while waiting for me to show. No wonder it’s taking so long for him to catch his breath, I thought as he moved off me. I shivered as the sweat he’d left on my skin was exposed to the air. Gathering some blanket I rolled onto my side to warm my tits. As I moved, we both started laughing when air was expelled from my vagina to make cum bubble from my hole with pussy farts.deleted     Holding more of the bedsheet, I wiped his sweat and a few left behind chest hairs from my tits and stomach. Reaching further, I lifted and bent one leg to clean the cum that had run down my ass crack as the poor guy moved to lean against the head of the bed to light another cigarette. bursa escort Again I shook my head to decline an offered smoke. Hell, there was enough second hand smoke in the room for me! Spreading my legs wider, I pressed the wadded up handful of linen harder between my pussy lips and contracted gut muscles to push more cum out.Running the sheet one last time up my pussy slit, I rolled over and crawled up to take his limp cock between my finger and thumb to raise it up from the matted hair of his crotch. I was able to suck his entire length up past my lips without getting a mouthful of hair.deleted     The smell of our sex was thick as my nose was pressed into the wet hair around his cock. I cradled his ball sack in my hand as I finished cleaning his cock with my mouth. Releasing him from my lips, I ran my finger over the limp cock. It didn’t even twitch. Thank, God! No third time!I didn’t hurry, but I also took it for granted I could leave and he didn’t try to stop me as I began to dress. Thigh high hose and heels were put on first before I went to the bathroom to run a wet cloth between my legs. I’d gotten the Brazilian Wax my first client had requested and it still felt strange cleaning a hairless pussy. Slipping in a tampon to keep the cum in me from dripping out, I left the bathroom. Putting on my panties, I sat on the side of the bed we hadn’t used to straighten my hose again and put on my bra. For some reason men love watching a woman adjust her bra to make her tits rest comfortably in the cups. I held the front straps and bounced on the bed to make my tits move and settle into the cups.deletedTen minutes later I’d slipped my dress on, given my client one last smokey kiss and was exiting the hotel with a very nice tip resting in one of my bra cups. I never counted money in front of clients but the thickness of the wad pressing into my tit said it was a nice tip. In the taxi I checked my watch. I had just over two hours to get ready for my date with Danny. I un-did enough buttons to reach inside the front of my dress to retrieve the tip from my bra cup. Cutting my eyes up, I met the eyes of the cabbie in the mirror and told him to keep his eyes on the road. I didn’t want an accident to slow me down on my way home. I needed to shower and do my hair before my date. Counting it, I cursed the cheap bastard who had, in fact, managed to screw me for a third time. Most of the bills hidden behind the hundred were one dollar bills!Fuck it! I shrugged and put the money in my purse and buttoned up my dress again. Sure wasn’t the first time I’d been screwed over on the tip. Not the first time, but I’d given up keeping count of all things job related. Number of men, number of times I’d been with men counting my regulars, number of… I closed my eyes and rested my head back into the seat. Hell, I’ve lost track of the number of everything… One thing I did know, I knew the exact date I’d stopped trying to keep track of the number of men who’d fucked me…********************************I’d been working for Marla less than three weeks. Most days I still had only one client as my regular client base was being built. Thursday morning I’d just finished with the man Marla had sent me to. Texting bursa escort bayan her, (((Done More?))), a few minutes later I recieved (((No Office now?))). (((OK)))Arriving in Marla’s office she wasted little time in making her offer. “A very rich client is throwing his buddy a bachelor party at his house. Saturday from noon to whenever Sunday morning it wraps up. He wants three or four girls to attend and we agreed on a set price for each girl.” Marla wrote down a number and slid it across the desk for me to see. SHIT, YEA!!! “If you agree you’ll be the third of my girls to accept. Not sure if there will be a fourth.” I’m sure my greed must have been evident because Marla grinned like a fisherman who’d just landed a big fish.Thinking quickly I knew I could tell my parents I had a Girl’s-Day-Out planned with a girl I’d met at one of my temp jobs for shopping in the city with a sleepover at her apartment. I could come to the city Saturday morning and catch a Sunday train for home…”I’ll do it,” I eagerly accepted.With the good news out of the way Marla told me the bad, asking if I’d ever tried anal sex. When I admitted I hadn’t, she said it wasn’t that bad as long as a woman prepared first. Marla spent a few minutes telling me to give myself two or three enemas as close to 11am Saturday morning as I could manage. Using lubricant and relaxing during the act itself would make it much easier for me, too. I nodded my head. I’d known the day would come when I’d have to do anal. For the money I was being paid, this job would make my first time worthwhile.Telling me there would be a car outside her office at noon Saturday, Marla got up from her desk to see me out. At the door, I turned and asked a question that hadn’t been covered, “How many men do you think there will be at the party?””I was told between fifty and sixty.”Holy, fuck. Holy, fuck. Holy, fuck. Holy, fuck… The litany kept running through my brain the entire train ride home. Sixty men! What the fuck did I volunteer for? Well, of course, I knew… I’d just volunteered to be part of a gangbang! That night and Friday I spent time on my laptop watching porn. Specifically, porn of one woman with many men. Women with one, two and even three men using her body at the same time. Porn where a woman was surrounded by men waiting their turn between her legs. I felt like calling Marla and backing out many times, but I didn’t. I wanted money for the security deposit plus first and last months rent on an apartment in the city. I needed my own place for the growing wardrobe I was accumulating. Marla had been great letting me put clothes and shoes in her storeroom that I couldn’t take home without my mom asking where I was getting the money to buy so much. I’d also been using her office bathroom to change clothes and put on makeup. Marla had been great, but she’d also been hinting more and more often that I needed to get my own place.Saturday, I was outside Marla’s office with two other women I’d never met. The car that picked us up took us to a huge house in a very exclusive gated community. There were already twenty or thirty men eating and drinking around the large backyard swimming pool to cheer our arrival. In no time I had a drink escort bursa pressed into my hand and I downed it to more cheers. It had been made strong and I nursed the second.deletedWe ladies met in the kitchen and agreed this might be an Ok party after all. I suppose it surprises no one that I was the tallest by a wide margin. For about an hour we ate BBQ, drank and socialized around the pool circulating among the men. I was getting less nervous and thinking this wasn’t going to be so bad when the host started speaking.”Gentlemen. Gentlemen! You’ve seen our beautiful entertainment. Aren’t they lovely?” Cheers… “Now, I’ve decided that a couple of contests will liven things up even more!” More cheers… “And to keep the ladies interested in the contests, I’m going to award an amount equal to what they are already being paid to the winner of each contest!” There were more cheers and yells as he held up a thick wad of money and waved it in the air. I joined in as well with the prospect of doubling, maybe even tripling, the money I’d already been promised. I’d be moving into the apartment I’d seen advertised near my train stop by Tuesday!When the cheers died down, the host put the money in his pocket and pointed to a table that I’d been wondering about. Or, rather, I’d been wondering about what was lined up on top of the table. Three volumetric pyrex flasks. The type you see in laboratories. The long necks looked about six inches long and an inch in diameter with a stopper on top.deleted”Gentlemen! Ladies! I know there’s no lack of enthusiasm and, the men at least!, will leave behind proof of their enthusiasm! More cheers and jeers… “One of these flasks will be given to each lady. After each of you have left behind proof of your enthusiasm, you can watch them collect and save that proof!”Picking one up he held it above his head for all to see. Pointing to a spot on the neck the host continued. “Each is measured to 250 milliliters. Which ever lady fills her flask first, wins the first contest!”Oh, shit, I thought as what he meant sank in. I had a mouthwash bottle that held 250 ml. That’s a lot of cum! From my experience I thought about how much each man left inside me… Shit! That’s a lot of men!!! I began to really appreciate how many men would have me once the party began in earnest. Easily more than all the men I’d been with my entire life!”Second and third place winners will recieve lesser awards,” our host continued once the cheers had died down a little. “Our second contest will be during our official toast for our grooms coming marital bliss. Each of our ladies will toast our groom with the contents of their flask!” Cheers and lewd comments… “I, of course, will be the judge and the lady who drinks their flask empty first, wins the second contest!”deleted     Damn! I’ve swallowed cum since becoming a whore, of course. Hell, one client I met in his office had me sucking his cock so fast I hadn’t had a chance to undress. He didn’t even want pussy, just a blow job. Ten minutes later I was walking out of his office with the taste of his cum on my tongue and the money that I would have recieved for a full two hours of fucking in my bank account just for giving a quick blow job. I wasn’t thrilled at the taste of cum but it wasn’t near as bad as I’d feared. But, that’s a lot of cum, I repeated to myself. Our host handed each of us girls a flask and announced that it was time for the party to begin!

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