Distant Memories of a Brief Affair


Almost forty years have passed since that fateful dayWhen in a moment of anguish our affair died,Discovered in the tender bliss of recent sex,Nakedly entwined in each other’s loving arms.We had grown careless under the beguiling spellOf overwhelming desire, blinded by passion,And reaped the just harvest of our duplicity.For several weeks I thought my life was threatenedAnd I cannot imagine the daily horrorOf your domestic life, but somehow over timeYou blunted the keen edge of his murderous güvenilir bahis rageAnd my life reverted to a semblance of calmAs I began to rebuild my broken marriage. My feelings of emotional devastationLasted for much longer and like a lonely childI felt shut out from all the warmth and light of loveStanding in the rain and peering through misted panesAt happy people unaware of my distress.Distant memories are the only legacyOf our brief and tender autumnal love affair,But these fleeting visions güvenilir bahis siteleri are sometimes so intenseThat it seems that only a few seconds have passedSince we were caressing each other’s naked fleshCaught up in the intensity of hot desire,Exchanging passionate kisses, tongues entwiningAs you drew me deep into your inner treasureEnveloping me in the exquisite softnessAnd delicious warmth of your freely given love. Wherever you may be, I hope there may be timesWhen you iddaa siteleri recall the shared pleasure of our lovingAnd the forbidden joy of mutual rapture;The almost childlike way we explored with wonderEvery inch of each other’s intoxicated fleshAs we worshipped with boldly tender caressesThose secret places where such sweet delight resides,And live again the sharp sweetness of our union,Mounting to the enchanted heavenly summitsWhere our minds and bodies wondrously became oneTranscending mere mortality in carnal bliss.Although our union was so brutally sunderedAnd would have attracted the harsh opprobriumOf a conventionally moral society,For those enchanted months we shared a miracleWhere carnal love became the route to paradise.

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