divorced daddy


divorced daddyI coudnt wished to be found out by a better secret loveri was walking out to smoke a cigarette my friend in the pubi was drunk and felt good breathing fresh air”isnt it a nice night he boi”turning around to see a black tall gray hair daddy smilling smoking his cigarette”it sure is””you know my friend are about to leave can i challenge you at the babufoot ””yeah sure i dont own the table will play ”i went back insideand soon enought he came to play literally destroying me and my friendshe was way too quicker and knew to play this game alot betterhe paid me drinks saying he was happy to have met me , he was having more fun tham with his boring mates who went home too soonit was last call we were all going outi smoked one last cigarette feeling so drunk gaziemir escort and dizzy the fresh air helping me my knew buddy Harold smoking with me before giving me a lift”you drunk boi? you are ok ?””yeah its ok i drank too much ill be fine i guess”i jump inside his big pickup truck Soon on the highway falling asleep i woke up geing help out of the truck to my door i saw the pitch black lobby and my door closed into total darknessturned around and kissed my jean invaded his hand groping my smooth boy butthis tongue twirling around mine my jeans pull down my arm lift up to remove my tshirtall naked getting gropped in the darkmy hands on his pant trying to unbukle himsoon getting em down his boxer bulge hitting as it got realease . making me gaziemir escort bayan nervous at the feeling of such a big cock touching it around the boxer my knees feeling so heavy at the simple touch of my shoulder soon in the dark kissing up the cock over the tussubefore he help it outone hand on it helping it up , his other hand taking place on my neckpulling me mouth open lipse over his big hard cock ”oh yes , suck me boy, suck daddy black cock”helping me suck him deep then out, gently letting me savour his bbc like a good boisliding betwen my lipse asking me to drool all over my body making sure i gag and drool over my naked body slurping in the dark naked, on a hot black daddy big cockthrobing in my mouth , so hard and sexualhis hand escort gaziemir rubbing my hair calling me a good lil cock suckereach time i gag and drool on myselfi got lift up and brought to my room , in his arm drop on my bed legs spread his weight pushing me down on my matresslegs lift his fat head poking my hole openkissing me as i moan under himfuck up my little white ass slowly making it stay in me before getting deeper”your lil hole so good boi, relax and take daddy in you , youll beg me to come back ”pumping in me my legs up swinging down in my matress each thrust hitting deep in me”oh you like that? here feel my cock hitting that spot , yeah moan boi , daddy making your ass into a pussy now”legs up trying not to but i tremble and sounded like a pet cuming on my belly ass fuck deep hitting it over and overletting my squirt on me ass stretch into a pussy he repeated kissing me his cock slamming down in me ”oh here it is take daddy load boi””ahhh ahhhh ahhh yesss deep boi stay there legs up on his shoulder deep fucking my hole into his wet boy pussy

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