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Subject: DNA Please donate to Nifty at fty/donate.html. Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. DNA Edgar Grant was twenty-four years old and had recently received his MA degree from New York University. The handsome young man had moved down to Florida a mere two weeks ago from New York City. He had lived in New York all his life until now, so he was very apprehensive. Ed had accepted a teaching position in a Ft. Lauderdale high school, and when he walked into his first class, English Composition, the girls virtually swooned. He stood six feet one inch tall. He had straight black hair which he kept trimmed above his ears. His eyes were a deep brown. His nose was a little small for his face, but the slight cleft in his chin gave him a strong, manly appearance. If that were not enough, his aftershave lotion wafted through the room and acted like an aphrodisiac. At least one young man in the class did more than swoon. He got an erection. Sixteen-year-old Derek Jefferson had admitted to himself that he was gay, and had come out to his friends and family on his fourteenth birthday. His mother was disappointed but accepting. He never knew his father, and his mother never spoke of him. Derek was strong and athletic, and he never had trouble in school. In fact, he was very popular, and he had plenty of friends. Some of his friends secretly hoped that he would make a move on them because they were too frightened to disclose their sexual orientation. Derek never betrayed the trust of any of his `straight’ friends. Instead, he learned about a group of gay youths who met weekly at a gay church. He joined the group, attended services every Sunday, and socialized with his gay friends. The truth is that when Derek and Ed’s eyes met the first day of class, not only did Derek erect, but Ed felt a swelling in his groin. He wondered why he felt he had seen or known his young student before. Then it occurred to him that the boy strongly resembled him when he was that age. ********** Ed entered the gay church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the first time. It was a Metropolitan Community Church, and Ed didn’t know what to expect. He hadn’t had an opportunity to make friends yet, and he hoped to meet some people here. He didn’t drink, and he wasn’t one for the bars. He knew that there would be a social hour immediately after the service, and he was determined to attend. He sat five rows from the rear on the aisle. He reasoned that if he was to become uncomfortable, he could get up and leave. His Catholic upbringing was giving him second thoughts about attending a gay church. He was barely settled in his seat, and had just started to read the church bulletin when he heard a voice call his name. “Mr. Grant it’s great to see you here.” Ed looked up and right into the smiling face of Derek Jefferson. Ed was speechless so Derek said, “Please meet me in the social hall after the service. I’d really like to talk to you.” Ed just nodded and smiled at Derek. The church was a safe haven for gays and lesbians, but a number of straight people attended as well. The majority of the congregation was Protestant, but there were many Catholics in attendance, as well as at least a half-dozen Jews and one Muslim. The minister stressed the inclusiveness of the church, and Ed never felt uncomfortable for one moment. On the way out of the sanctuary, he shook the pastor’s hand and told him how much he enjoyed the homily. He caught up to gaziantep travesti Derek in the social hall. When Derek spotted his teacher, he ran over and hugged him. Ed was shocked and pleasantly surprised. He hugged back; hard! Derek was really excited. “Let me introduce you to some of my friends,” he said. He introduced Ed as “My teacher, Mr. Grant.” After the introductions were made, Ed asked Derek what he wanted to talk to him about. Derek looked frightened. “Not here,” he said. “It’s very private. Do you think we could meet one day after school?” “Do you have any plans for this afternoon?” Ed asked (hopefully).” “Not really.” “Well, how did you get here? Did you drive?” “A neighbor drove me. I don’t have a car.” Derek grinned at Ed. He had a suspicion about what was going on in Ed’s mind. “Well then, why don’t you tell your neighbor that your teacher is driving you home? I’ll make us lunch at my apartment, and we can talk as privately as you would like.” “Terrific! I’d like that a lot,” Derek winked at Ed. Neither of them had a doubt about what was going to happen when they were alone. Derek followed Ed to his car. After they both got in and put on seat belts, Ed said, “One thing I have to warn you about, Derek, I’m not fully unpacked yet. There are boxes all over the place.” “As if that would bother me,” the young student said. What each of them expected to happen, happened immediately. After they entered Ed’s apartment, they began to strip rapidly. When they were naked they just stood staring at each other, trying to soak up their bodies for future remembrances. They were both uncut. Derek was about four inches flaccid and six inches hard. Ed was bigger than Derek, but the boy still had some growing to do. When Ed got hard, he was just about seven inches. He was hard now, and Derek was gawking in obvious pleasure and lust. Finally, they fell into each other’s arms and began a kissing marathon. They spent the next hour or so performing fellatio on each other. Derek wanted to fuck as soon as possible, but Ed vetoed it. “It will take some hard work to prepare you. It isn’t easy the first time.” That satisfied Derek. Ed had just promised him another time. When their lust was satisfied, Ed made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. While they were eating, he had the conversation he should have had before the lovemaking. “You’re jailbait,” he stated the obvious. “You will be discreet and keep our secret, won’t you?” he asked. “Of course,” Derek said. “Don’t you know that I love you?” Ed was shocked. He hadn’t expected that, so he wanted to change the subject as soon as possible. “Tell me about yourself,” he ordered Derek. Derek was more than candid. “There’s not much to tell. I was raised by a single mom. She told me that she had been seeing this handsome guy for about two weeks, when she finally had sex with him. He didn’t use protection and I was the result. He disappeared the day my mom told him that she was pregnant. She chose not to have an abortion, so here I am, able to make love to you. What about you?” Ed sighed deeply. “My story isn’t much different than yours, except my folks were married. As soon as my mom told my dad that she was pregnant, he disappeared, and I was raised by a single mom also. When I was about three years old, a friend of my dad’s told my mom that he had heard through the grapevine that he had moved from New York down to gaziantep masaj salonları Florida somewhere.” Derek sniggered. “I guess both our fathers were bums, but at least you’re legitimate. Did you ever try to locate him?” “No. It might be fun for us both to try, just so we can tell them what we think of them,” Ed said. “It would be easier for me. His name was Edgar Grant same as mine.” “My mom told me once that my father’s name was Ed also, but she couldn’t even remember his last name. She registered my birth under her name, Jefferson.” Derek said. “I wonder if your dad was Edward, Edwin, or even Edgar. It would be another coincidence if they were both Edgars,” Ed laughed. They started to make love again, and the conversation was forgotten. Ed and Derek continued their illicit affair until Derek graduated from high school. When he graduated he was two weeks past his eighteenth birthday. He had no fear of introducing Ed to his mother, Virginia, at the graduation ceremony.” As she was shaking Ed’s hand, she kept staring at him, and Ed was very uncomfortable. “Is anything wrong?” he asked. “No,” she said, “but you resemble someone I once knew. I can’t recall who.” Everyone grew quiet for a moment, and the atmosphere was awkward to say the least. In order to relieve the tension, Ed said, “Looking at you, it’s easy to see where Derek gets his good looks.” “You’re quite the charmer,” Virginia said. ********** Derek went to The University of Central Florida. He was only about four hours from home. With a little help from Ed, he was able to buy a used car, and he came home for weekends as often as possible. By now his mother knew that they were a couple, and didn’t mind that her son spent the weekend with his lover. The men made sure to see her as often as possible, and take her out to dinner. They didn’t want her to feel neglected. Derek was monogamous at school, and he and his roommate, Will, considered themselves to be good friends even though Derek was gay. One day, Will came bounding into the room, all excited. `What’s up with you?” Derek asked. “I don’t think I ever told you, but my dad was adopted. I decided to do one of those ancestry tests to see what we could find out about him. I was totally unaware, but they have access to the DNA of everyone who ever tested with them, and they have access to every DNA source in the country, FBI, service men and women, etc. They provide you with a list of other people who have similar DNA to yours, and who might be related to you. They don’t give you any private information, just the person’s name.” “Wow, man. What did you find out?” “Well, my Dad is mostly Scotch-Irish, but he has some Scandinavian blood also.” “No, Dufus. Did you find any relatives, or your Dad’s birth parents?” “Yes. Be patient, dude. I want to lead up to it with a big ta-da. They listed someone named Charlotte Ross, who had similar DNA to my dad’s. I googled her, and found two Charlotte’s in my hometown. One was in her late eighties, and the other was just about the right age to be my grandmother. I freaked. What if she was my grandmother? “I called her two weeks ago after dinner. The poor woman started to bawl. She told me that her sister died in childbirth. Her husband was only nineteen at the time. He was in no position to raise a child, so he put his little boy out for adoption. I’m going gaziantep escort bayan to go home this weekend and my father, mother, and I are going to meet her. Her ex-brother-in-law, who is possibly my grandfather, moved to Atlanta, and has a whole other family. She’s kept in touch with him, and she’s going to call him to see if he wants to meet us. She promised to let me know before the weekend.” The next day Charlotte called. Her ex-brother-in-law and his wife, daughter, son, and some grandchildren will all be in her house when Will and his dad and mom come over. Will broke down and started to cry. Derek comforted him as best he could. “Stop crying,” Derek said. “It’s your dad who’ll need all the strength you can give him.” ********** When Derek got home that weekend, he told Ed all about the DNA test his roommate, Will, had taken. He told Ed that he wanted them to take the same test, and possibly find their dead beat fathers, and tell them a thing or two. Ed was dubious, but he finally consented. Derek had all his mail sent home to his legal address rather than to his address at school. The results of both DNA tests arrived on the same day. Ed ripped open his envelope. He was mostly Western European, which he knew, but the most shocking part he learned was that he shared similar DNA to an Edgar Grant and a Derek Jefferson. Immediately, he Googled Edgar Grant in Florida. Only one of several Edgar Grants was the right age. He lived alone in West Palm Beach, and had a police record. Ed was not surprised. Then he used Google Earth to view his dad’s home. The picture he got was that of a single-wide, run down trailer, obviously located in a trailer park. He knew immediately that he would never try to meet this man. He was ashamed of him without knowing him. Ed Sr. might even try to hit Ed up for some money (probably to buy drugs), and Ed was not about to help the man who had abandoned him and his mother. That didn’t concern him at the moment. Someone named Derek Jefferson was related to him. He was tempted to open Derek’s results, but he decided that it was a private matter, and Derek could do that when he got home that weekend. Boy, he sure did. He couldn’t wait to see the results, and he literally ripped open the envelope. He started with a big grin on his face and then his face froze. He looked confused and couldn’t talk. “What?” Ed asked. “Do they mention possible relatives, like mine did?” “Oh God,” was all Derek could manage to say. Once again Ed asked in concern, “What?” Derek thrust the letter at him, and Ed began to read. Derek was mostly Western European just as he was. There was only one listing for a person with a high percentage of being a relative, and his name was Edgar Grant. “We knew that the bastard went to Florida when he ran out on us,” Ed said. “My God, Derek. I think we’re brothers.” “No wonder we fell in love so fast. If you think I’m going to stop making love to you forget about it. We won’t be the first set of brothers to become lovers, and besides, nobody has to know. I’m not upset at all. I’m filled with wonder and with happiness.” “You may grow tired of me someday, Derek, and want to kick me out, but we’ll always be brothers. We’ll never break that bond. Now let’s talk about this.” Ed showed Derek what he had learned about their jailbird father, and the trailer he lived in. They agreed that neither wanted ever to look him up, and they would never tell their mothers what they had learned. That night while they were making love, Derek started to laugh. “What?” Ed asked again and again. “Now that I know that we are committing incest, I’m so hot, I won’t be able to be gentle.” “Who wants gentle?” Ed asked. “Fuck me as hard as you can. You can never hurt me. We’re brothers.”

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