Do Onto Your Neighbor…

Female Ejaculation

I had noticed my new neighbors a few weeks ago, but didn’t have the time to introduce myself. Seems work always had me by the neck each time I thought I would be able to relax at home for a day. I usually would get home late and wake up early to head out to work or to do errands.

So it came to a surprise when my job called me yesterday and told me that due to company expenses, they were cutting over time for awhile and not to show up for work. To say I was excited about having the day to my self was an understatement, but I was also very confused as to what to do. I had caught up on all my errands for the week and didn’t have a clue as how to spend my day.

Sighing to myself, I got up out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a nice long shower, hoping an idea would come to me as to what to do.

As I got undressed I noticed in the full length mirror my body for the first time in months. It seems I had gotten a little thinner from my days of over working myself. I turned this way and that to notice the changes and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

Although I was only about 5’2 in height, I was able to keep myself in firm shape. My breast being a C-cup making me look more curved. I smiled and then thought how silly it was admiring my self in the mirror. I looked back at my face and noticed there were no signs of strain which was good, seeing as how I always felt stressed out about my job and my schedule. My brown hair was long but held a nice shine to it.

I was glad to see that my lifestyle wasn’t taking a toll on my body.

I headed for the shower and let my mind wonder as I felt the first sprays of water hit my body. Sighing to myself I felt a rush of release of tension. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed the simple pleasure of washing myself.

Soaping up my body, I thought I heard the distinct sound of knocking. I stopped what I was doing to lift my ear up to see if the sound came again.

Sure enough, I heard knocking at my front door and sighed with frustration at being interrupted.

Quickly rinsing off, I moved around then reached out for a towel on the rack to cover me as I stepped out of the shower.

“So much for a relaxing shower “I thought to myself as I hurried, dripping and hardly covered through the house in hopes to get to the door before the person left.

Finally reaching the door I unlocked it and opened it slightly to peek out. Conscious of my attire or lack of it as water dripped all over my front rug. The irritation was on my face as I looked for the intruder.

Standing off a little to the side I finally saw who it was. The neighbor’s daughter or at least that is whom I assumed it to be.

She was a young girl of eighteen or nineteen with an angel like face surrounded by blond long hair and a cute figure.

Although I wasn’t much older then her , being only twenty-four, I felt years older then any teen now days with how much I dealt with , with supporting myself and dealing with the daily strains of life. So seeing her as a little girl made me for a second feel older then I really was.

“Hi… I am sorry to interrupt you, but it seems I have been locked out of my house and my parents are away for the weekend visiting friends” She rushed to tell me obviously noticing the irritation too.

“I was just wondering if it wasn’t too much trouble if I could use your phone to call a lock smith to come over and get my door unlock.” She continued “I promise I won’t be long, but I didn’t have any where else to go.”

Feeling like an ass for showing my irritation I quickly smiled to make the girl feel at ease. After all it wasn’t her fault she didn’t know I was relaxing for the first time in awhile at home.

I opened up the door to allow her in before I spoke. Holding onto my towel for dear life,

“No its no problem come on in. I was just in a middle of a shower and didn’t know who it was, was all. You’re more then welcomed to use the phone” I told her as I took a step back to allow her the invitation, smiling big in hopes to reassure her.

She looked a little uncomfortable at first hesitating before making the step in the door. I could tell she felt awful at her interrupting me, but knew she had no other choice.

I stepped back again to show her silently I was fine with the interruption as I clung to my towel.

She moved quickly to get in the house as she noticed I was barely covered. I smiled my thanks at her consideration as I moved to close the door, hoping no one else had seen me standing half naked at my front door.

“I am really sorry” she apologized again, looking around, trying not to stare at my wet body.

“Its okay “I quickly assured her as I headed toward the inside of the house to show her the phone.

She followed quietly as we went into the living room. I was a little conscious of her watching me from behind then thought how silly it was to worry. She was a female like me and didn’t care I was half dressed. She was probably only thinking şişli bayan escort of using the phone and getting the hell out of here as quickly as possible.

I pointed to the phone on the table next to my couch as I turned toward her to speak.

“There it is on the table. If you need a phone book, there is one hidden in the drawer under it.” I explained noticing the towel was slipping a little as I held it with one hand.

“I am going to go put something on to give you some privacy; I won’t be but a minute, so take your time and compare prices with a few locksmiths. They will try to rob you as much as possible knowing you need help to get in your house.” I continued giving her some friendly advice.

“Thank You” she said smiling as she walked over from behind to me to get to the phone” I really appreciate this “

“No Problem” I smiled back as I hurried to grab my loosening towel with my other hand” I will be right back.”

She nodded and then reached for the drawer holding the phone book. I turned and headed out of the room to go to my bedroom.

Quickly I finished drying off and reached into my dresser drawers for cloths. The whole time thinking to my self how awful and embarrassed she must have felt showing up on some ones doorstep she didn’t know to ask a favor. She seemed sweet and innocent and truly sorry for having to interrupt me.

I was going to be extra sweet to put her at ease. We all needed some help once in awhile to get us by and I didn’t want her to feel she couldn’t come by and ask for something if she needed.

Finally throwing on some sweats and a tee-shirt, I headed out of my room back into the living room.

I heard her talking softly to someone as she asked questions about the time they could show up and also the cost. She had seated herself on the end of my sofa, close to the phone to make herself a little more comfortable. I smiled to myself as I moved in more to let her know I was with her again.

She looked up and smiled as she listened to the persons answers.

I sat myself on the other end of the couch moving my wet hair out of my face. I noticed her eyes watched me as I did this making me conscious of how awful I must look. Then I mentally shrugged it off as I thought how silly for a brief moment I was worried about how I looked to this girl.

She looked back down at the floor as she concentrated on her phone call. Making a few more comments then hanging up the phone. I watched her as I thought again how angelic and innocent she looked, wondering if I myself had ever looked that way. Shaking my head a little at my weird thoughts I moved to seat myself more comfortably on the sofa as she moved to return the phone book to its home.

I watched as she finished the job, and then noticed she looked back at me silently.

“So what’s your name?” I asked to help her relax.

“Terry” She stated, still looking at me with eyes showing such innocence I immediately felt protectiveness toward her.

“I’m Karla” I told her.

A silence filled the room for a second as my mind raced to think of something to say.

“Are you all from here or moved here from somewhere else?” I asked

“Well we are originally from Florida, but my dad found a better job here so we came here. I was hoping to start College next semester after we settled down” She replied giving me something to work with to help with the conversation.

“Oh yea… What are you majoring in?”

“Computers hopefully.” She stated

She still seemed a little uncomfortable, so it wasn’t a surprised as I sat there thinking of another thing to ask her that she looked around quickly, then stood up. I looked up at her as she moved little past me to head for the door.

“I don’t want to intrude any more then I had to on you Karla, so I am going to head on out.” She stated as she moved. After she passed I also stood to head for the front door.

I watched her and smiled, knowing that this girl is probably shy and needed to escape as soon as possible.

“Okay then “I responded as I moved out of her way totally so she could get by.

She quickly moved passed and headed out of the room toward the front door. Almost as if she was running. I followed behind her quickly but never made up to her before she reached for the door and opened it.

“Thanks again Karla” she threw over her shoulder as she headed out.

I responded quickly so she could hear me “Again no problem” before she quickly closed the door.

I stared at the closed door and slowly started to smile as I realized just how nervous and uncomfortable she was when she had no reason to be. I again felt bad for her as I slowly turned toward the living room and quickly changed my way of thinking on what I wanted to do for the day.

Later the day after a long time talk with an old friend on the phone I headed out to the movie rental place and grabbed a movie. It had been so long since I had had time to watch anything that I was looking forward to it şişli escort tremendously.

My friend Sue had asked if I wanted to go out with her but I had turned her down wanting a day of relaxation. Although I would have to take her up on it another day as I realized just how long it had been since I had been out.

I sat later that evening watching my movie, drinking a beer that I had picked up earlier at the store. I was so wrapped up in the movie that I didn’t hear the knock on the door at first. The movie has gotten to a part that would explain most of what the movie was about and being so interested it must have been about three to four minutes that it hit me someone was at the door. Sighing with frustration at being disturbed again when I was really into something I made my way up off the sofa, picking up the remote at the same time and pausing the movie so as not to miss anything.

I headed toward the front door and quickly wiped the frustrated look off my face remembering this morning. Right before I got my hand on the handle another knock sounded as I quickly replied “Hold on a sec”. The knocking stopped automatically.

Opening the door I was surprised it was Terry. It must have showed on my face because she rushed quickly to answer the silent question in my head as to why she was here twice in one day.

“Sorry Karla to bug you again but I was bored out of my mind and wondered if you wanted some company?” She said with a small blush.

I smiled as I knew what it was like to be alone and nothing to do so I stepped back silently to give her a quiet invitation to come in.

She smiled her thanks and walked passed me to come inside.

For some reason as she walked by I felt goose-bumps come over my body. I was surprised by this reaction and quickly turned away to close the door. The confusion I had in my head as I thought about this physical reaction to her made me forget for a moment she was there as I stared at the closed door.

“Karla” she asked in question to get my attention.

I jumped a little in surprise as I turned toward her and quickly tried to gather my thoughts.

“Oh sorry Terry” I quickly replied stuttering a little to get my breath back. “I was in a daze” I finished saying laughing a little out loud at myself.

“Is this a bad time?” She asked suddenly.

“No, No… “ I quickly reassured her as I mentally shook my head to clear my thoughts

“Come on in the living room, I got a movie playing.” I told her as I beckoned for her to follow me while I moved toward the living room myself.

“Okay” she said in her innocent little voice that was so sweet.

I turned and headed to my destination hearing her follow me.

As I reached the couch I reached for the remote and hit rewind. I figured I could wait and see what I had seen again while she caught up with the movie herself.

“Your not rewinding it are you” Terry asked

I shrugged and smiled at her

“It’s okay, it’s a really interesting movie and if you don’t watch it from the beginning you will lose so much of the story.” I explained to her

“I think you will enjoy it” I told her as I seated myself comfortably on the sofa, still holding the remote.

“Well okay…” she replied also seating herself on the other end.

Just as I sat down I thought to myself on how rude I was being in not offering her a drink. I jumped back up suddenly making her jump in surprise.

I started giggling a little as I saw the surprise on her face.

“ I am sorry” I said between giggles” But I was wondering if you wanted a soda or something to drink and I didn’t want to get to comfortable till I knew.”

Terry was silent for moment looking at me with those big blue eyes till she started to see the humor in it herself. Which she started giggling also.

“Sure a coke sounds good if you have it” She said with a sweet little giggle

“Yep as a matter of fact I do” I told her then started moving toward the kitchen

While I got Terry’s drink I thought to myself how nice she was and so totally innocent. I felt an almost sisterly protection over her which I had never felt before. I hoped in my mind as I headed out of the kitchen with her soda that we could become closer friends. It would be nice to have a close friend nearby to talk to sometimes when I got off work.

“Here you go Terry “I said as I handed her the Coke and then sat down back in my original spot when she took it. I reached over grabbed my beer and the remote seeing that the rewinding was over with. I clicked play and settled back noticing she had also done the same thing

“Thanks Karla for letting me hang out over here tonight. It was so quiet over at my house I thought I was going to go nuts” She told me as the music started on the TV letting us know the movie was about to start.

“Hey No problem” I told her in between sips of my beer.” I like the company” I finished as I looked over at her and smiled.

She smiled back at me then looked over at mecidiyeköy escort the TV with all the intentions of getting wrapped up in the movie. I looked at her side profile for a second longer, thinking to myself about how pretty she was and then also looked back toward the television to get back involved in the movie.

I don’t know when it quite happened but at some point in the movie I had fallen asleep. I guess it could have been from the beer or just the relaxation of being at home with no stress but whatever it was it had put me right to sleep.

All I know is that what I woke up to was the shock of my life, and also the most pleasurable.

I was having this intense dream of being totally caressed all over my body. What was touching me I don’t know but it was so erotic it was turning my body hot with my breathing coming fast. In my dream I could feel myself getting wet as my nipples grew hard under my shirt. Then at some point in my dream I felt the cool air hitting my breast as I dreamed something was unbuttoning my shirt. My nipples seemed to grow even harder as my body reacted by lifting my back some to give whatever that was touching me more access toward my body. It was rewarded as something warm and moist took my nipple surrounding it as it sucked. I sighed with pleasure as my body relaxed feeling my nipple being pulled on making pleasure shoot up my body. Soon not to be ignored, the other nipple was also taken by this wonderful thing and sucked on with intensity that had me withering.

How my legs got spread I don’t know but in my dream I felt a little tugging on my cloths as something pulled at me. I could tell in my dream I was being exposed but by then I didn’t care I wanted whatever had a hold of me to take pleasure of me as I went limp giving control.

Soon I felt the cool air again but this time I felt it between my legs. I knew in my dream I was glistening wet and I was enjoying it totally. I could feel my legs being spread open as I sighed again with pleasure hoping in my dream that something would happen.

Soon it did. I felt the feel of a tongue touching the top of my pussy lips. I groaned. Now at what point I started to wake up I don’t know. All I know was that I didn’t want to wake up and lose this wonderful dream, but for some reason I guess I knew it wasn’t a dream either cause I soon started feeling the haziness you get when you’re half asleep and half a wake.

I was groaning loudly as I felt this tongue go up and down the lips teasing me before parting them to lick the secrets inside. I was in heaven as the tongue skimmed over my clit causing bolts of electric to shoot up my body.

“Oh God” I screamed softly out loud as I felt it move over my clit some more before dipping lower to the opening of my vagina. My body jerked softly a couple of time till the tongue shot up inside me making me jerk awake.

I looked around confused trying to see where I was, realizing that I was at my house on my sofa. Just as I was starting to feel a little disappointment at losing this wonderful dream I felt this tongue wiggle inside my pussy. What I saw as I looked down shocked me speechless. Terry was laying between my legs her face half hidden as she steady licked me. I groaned from pleasure as I felt her hot tongue suck up the juices I had to give her, I couldn’t stop myself even though I was in total shock. The way she was sucking on me was better then I have ever had it done. I didn’t know what to do as I laid there getting my pussy ate, feeling such intense pleasure yet knowing I shouldn’t be letting this happen.

Her hands came from no where to all of a sudden she open up my lips to lick as deep as she could causing me to wiggle my pussy down on to her face. Groaning out loud as she licked and sucked on me intensely I fought within myself of either stopping this or let it go on. I knew I should stop but she was so good and she was making me feel things that had me wanting more and more.

Terry kept going, not knowing I was awake and struggling inside with this dilemma. Her fingers moved as I felt her tongue move out of me to go to my clit and her fingers, two I think, slipped up into me as her mouth took the tip of my clit in her mouth. My body jerked as she sucked and nibbled on it. Her fingers working their magic inside me finding my G-Spot and moving over it slowly making the build up of the orgasm I had coming intense.

It was then that all morals went out of my head as I laid there acting asleep, letting this girl suck on me.

God she was good and it had been so long since I had been ate out, I had a hard time not moving too much to alert her of me being awake.

Her mouth moved more over my clit as she buried her head deeper in my pussy. How she didn’t think this would wake me up I don’t know but I knew I wasn’t about to let her know I was. Her tongue worked over my clit as her fingers added pressure on my G-Spot making me squirm and moan softly.

All of a sudden she moved her face back just bit.

“Oh my doesn’t she have the best tasting pussy.” She moaned as she licked her lips” I have wanted this pussy since I saw her this morning” She said softly before moving her head back and continue sucking on me with more intensity then before.

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