DO YOU DREAM OF ME Part 2Just outside Edwards Air. Base in California my master Captain Nelson was provided by the Air Force with a modern house and I loved it. Carl had a spacious bed room, but when we weren,t making passionate love I preferred it in the bottle. Carl asked me to make him small so he could see the inside himself and was rather surprised how comfortable it was with bath room, toilet and most facilities needed. Of course with modern technology I,d installed a Music Center and television plus had an assortment of vibrators and dildos yet no phoney prick could quite do sensations to my cunt that Carl could do with his lovely manhood. Carl’s, best friend Harvey Thomas(Captain Roger Healey in the series) was an old friend of Carl’s, who,d gone to UCLA with my master though he,d chosen the Army for a career. Harvey was a good man who listed after me like most males who saw me and had a great sexy time with my master and I, but I,ll reveal that bit later. At first when my master told canlı bahis him about me I was still in my bottle and Harvey found it hard to believe Carl,s Story So Carl picked up my bottle and showed how he,d rubbed the sides and of course I made my appearance. To say Harvey was shocked and amazed was a total understatement, but I could tell he loved my appearance by the way his slacks were tented by his hardening prick! “Harvey this is Jeannie the Genie. Genie meet Harvey Thomas my best friend.” Carl introduced us. “Pleased to meet you Harvey. I can clearly see you,re very pleased to see me!” I gave him my most sexy smile. “Hi Jeannie. You,re gorgeous! Trust Carl to find a knock out!” Harvey gasped. “Thank You. Best friend if my master. How may I serve you? A friend of my master is a friend of mine of course!” “Well if Carl and I weren,t due to report to training in an hour I,d love to do things in bed with you.” “That,s no problem sir. I can freeze time while we get to know each other better bahis siteleri if you wish.” “Wouldn’t,t that be using one of my three wishes though?” “Of Course not! By releasing me from my bottle Carl is not subject to just three wishes nor are you. I can grant you both unlimited wishes as long as they are not evil or unreasonable.” “WOW! No money or women the?” “Money is irrelevant with my powers and I can certainly provide you with as many females or males you can handle.” I revealed to him. “How about the three of us having some sexy fun for now then?” He suggested. “What a great idea! Do you not agree dear Master?” I looked at an amused Carl. “Why not Jeannie as long as you can handle Both of us!” “No problem Master and I don,t need magic for that either.” I held my arms at the elbows and nodded my head and all three of us were in Carls, spacious king sized bed now completely sans clothing. Harvey,s body was just as fit as my masters thanks to the astronaut training and his cock was bahis şirketleri long and thick as I grasped it and started to work my delicate fingers up and down his shaft as Carl kissed and fondled my breasts. Soon Carl was straddling my face so he could ease his cock head between my red lips as Harvey pleasured my love slit with two fingers and his tongue causing my lubricating juices to flow. I was in heaven loving it as Carl forced his thick meat deep into my sucking mouth and Harvey eased the tip of his cock in my quim and started fucking me. So in effect Carl fucked my mouth while Harvey did the same with my pussy and my sense we’re reeling no as they woke feelings I,d not experienced in many many years and my orgasms began to course through my body like electric pulses till eventually Carl fed me his thick semen to feast on happily as Harvey filled my hungry womb with his. Now covered in sweat we took a break to recover our breaths, all of us panting loudly waiting for the beating in our hearts to calm down. “That was amazing Jeannie!” My master complimented me. “The best pussy I,ve ever fucked!” Harvey sighed. “We,re just getting started Master and Harvey! Shall we proceed?” “Yes Please?” They echoed. TBC

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