DO YOU WANT MEDo you want me?? I think you do. You are looking at me with those eyes of yours and I can feel that you’re undressing me. I do you say I also have a surprise for you, but first I want to make love to you. You gently push me on the bed and start kissing me with those lips of yours. Those lips that make me quiver. The way you kiss me and use them when you are eating me out. Yes, I moan You start to kiss me all over my body. You slowly now start to take off my clothes, I want to help but you say no. I want to undress you. Off comes the shirt and then bra to reveal my hard nipples. You kiss them and I moan but you stop to take my pants and panties off. I am now naked. I want you baby. I want you very much. Oh baby, I want you as well, I am aching for you. He then takes me and I moan in ecstasy.. How I love to feel his cock in me. He pumps his cock inside just enough to get me really wet. He takes it out so he can eat me.. Oh god I love how he teases me there and then he will eat me out. Ohhhh god yesss baby yes. Don’t stop, don’t stop. istanbul escort Oh yeah baby fuck me with that tongue of yours. He reaches up to caress my breasts. Ohh yeah pinch them, rub the nipple. I going to cum, don’t stop baby don’t stop. I am cumming yesssss baby yessss..ohhhhhh…. As soon as I came he shove his hard cock inside of me. OMG!! How I love that. He pumps faster and faster. Honey I am going to cum… oh yeah oh yeah…. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh… “Honey that was great” but he shushes me with his finger on my lips. Now for your surprise. I want you to wear this blindfold so you can experienced all the wonderful feelings I have in store for you. I hesitate, “do you trust me?” he asks me. Yes baby you know that I do. He kisses me so gently on the lips and then he puts the blindfold on me. Lay on the bed and just wait. No matter what happens remember I know you and I know your desires and your fantasies. I love you honey. He then walks out of the room. I lay there, not knowing avcılar escort what is going to happen. My body is quivering with excitement and nervousness. What does he have in store for me. My mind is racing with the fact of not knowing what is going to come. I do trust him, so I know he won’t do anything that will hurt me. The door opens, and my heart is just pounding. I am back darling. Just lay there and enjoy. As he kisses me, I feel hands on my body that aren’t his. My body jumps but I remember to trust him. These hands slide down to my very wet pussy and caresses my mound. Next, these hands now turn into a cock slowly inserting me.. Oh god, who is this.. I know it is not him. He is slightly smaller in size, but damn he feels good. As this stranger is pumping me, I feel someone’s else lips on my breasts. They are much softer lips, they don’t feel like a man’s lips. Damn it is a woman. She smells so good and my body is even more aching and full of arousal. She kisses me and I kiss back. Next şirinevler escort she stops and she puts her pussy on my lips and I am now having to eat this strange woman out. I haven’t had the pleasure of another woman’s pussy in some time. She tastes so good!! As I am eating her out I am getting fucked by this man I don’t know. Who are these people, I wonder. At this moment I am in full ecstasy, and I don’t care what happens next. This guy is moaning with the fact that he is about to cum, so he pulls out and he cums all on my tits. At this time the woman I am eating out cums in my mouth. She tasted so good. I want to cum so bad that my body is quivering. They know I want to cum, because they see my hand sliding down to my pussy. I want to rub it so bad. She takes my hand and moves it so she can eat me out.. Oh yes, yes .. Please do that.. Eat me, suck me, make me cum. I am quieted now by my man’s cock…ohhhh yes yes.. He is pumping my mouth and I feel his cock throbbing. Yes he says, do that. I going to explode soon. At the same time this stranger is now caresses my breasts and sucking on them…. My god all these sensations are driving me mad… I am about to explode… don’t stop, don’t stop.. Yes yes yes ooohhhh yes, I am cummming !! No sooner did I came, so did he. We were so exhausted. He kissed me and ask if I enjoyed my surprise, I did baby, I did.. Thank you for that. That was awesome!!!

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