Doctor Hardwick, Intern

Big Tits

Joe had sustained an injury to his kidney from being wounded by shrapnel from an exploding Humvee that was attacked while he was riding in it with some other guys from his unit. The shrapnel punctured his kidney, which in turn caused nephrotic syndrome, just like a kidney disease would. The doctors weren’t sure if it would heal completely or not. In the meantime, they gave him medicines and physical therapy. The worst part was having to endure the frequent trips to the VA hospital.

‘Damn interns! Every time I come up here, it seems that I have to see a new intern and tell them my whole story all over again.’ Joe thought to himself as he entered the renal clinic at the VA. ‘I hope I don’t get a dumb one today.’

“Good morning Mr. Blount. Be seated and a nurse will be right with you to take your vital signs.” The clerk stated.

‘Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait. It’s the military way.’ Joe thought as he sat down, searching for a magazine to read. ‘This is a military hospital. Why the hell do they only have ‘Ladies Home Journal’ to read?’

They took his vitals and, after the traditional long wait, a doctor finally called him.

“Hello, Mr. Blount. I’m Dr. Hardwick. Please follow me.” Said the doctor.

‘Well, things are looking up.’ The doctor was a young female who looked much younger than the age she must be to be working here. She gave him a big sincere smile as she shook his hand and turned to lead him to the room. He admired her tight round butt in those snug-fitting white pants as she walked in front of him.

“Have a seat and let’s go over your lab results.”

It was a small room, with a desk, computer and a compact exam table. He sat by the desk while she reviewed his test results, then turned to talk to him. Their knees touched. She let hers stay there as she addressed him.

“Your lab results all look pretty good. It looks like the medicines are working all right for you, Mr. Blount. How are feeling?”

“Well, I’d feel better if I didn’t have to take them at all. Do you have any idea when my kidneys will heal up so I can stop the meds?” He inquired.

“You are very fortunate not to have lost your kidney. The alternative is dialysis or kidney replacement. So as long as you don’t have any problems taking the medicines, we can only wait and hope for now. Are you having any side effects from them that we should know about?” The doctor asked.

“Well, there is one little problem that I was afraid to bring up.” Joe said as he looked into Dr. Hardwick’s lovely green eyes. She was staring intently into his at the same time. He could also see that her front was every bit as inviting as her rear had been. Her lab jacket was open in the front, showing very full and perky breasts heaving on her young chest, above a small, firm waistline showing through her snug white doctor’s blouse. He fought the urge to stare where he shouldn’t.

“So, tell me. We can’t help you if we don’t know what the problem is.” She asked.

Joe was embarrassed to tell her. It would be like telling a teenage stranger your most intimate secrets.

“Well, I’m embarrassed to tell you, quite frankly. You’re so young and all.”

“Please don’t be. I am a doctor. I know I look young, but I’m a professional and you can trust me. So, what is it?”

“OK. You see, I seem to have trouble having sex now. I don’t have a steady girlfriend but I have been seeing this one lady lately, and we have had a couple of problems.” He admitted.

“What kind of problems? You shouldn’t have to live with a sexual issues ever.”

“Well, I seem to have trouble getting anadolu yakası escort real hard, especially during oral sex. And when I do get hard, I have some pain in my kidneys when we have full sex.” Joe answered.

“Hmm, I see. You mean fellatio and PIV sex, I assume? I believe you might have anxiety issues. You are worried about the pain, and worried about hurting something by having sex, so your penis withdraws to protect you.” She diagnosed.

“I think I know something that will help. Be right back.” She said.

The doctor returned shortly and closed and locked the door behind her.

“Here, take this pill with some water and we’ll see if it works. We’ll give it a few minutes, but it shouldn’t take long. This gets into your system very quickly.” She said, giving him the pill.

“What kind of stuff turns you on, Mr. Blount? I mean, visual, talking, touching, what?”

“What? I guess all that, of course. I’m a pretty regular guy that way. Why do you ask?”

“We have to measure your responses to sexual stimuli to ensure that the treatment is working before I give you a prescription for more. So if you don’t mind, I’ll try something here.” She said, standing up in front of Joe.

She was a real natural beauty with shoulder-length brunette hair, big green eyes, the nice figure he had already noticed, and a very friendly down-home mid-western personality to boot. As she removed her lab jacket, he read her nametag: Amelie Hardwick from Kansas. Nice name.

She reached up to her top button on her blouse and released it, then the next one down, and the next, pulling the tail out of her pants to remove the last ones. Her chest and bra came into view. She wore a light blue demi bra that showed a hint of white skin peeking out where her overflowing breasts fought to get out of the confining material. She was only lightly tanned, as expected since he knew interns wouldn’t have much time to go to the beach. She removed the blouse and tossed it aside.

Standing only a couple of feet in front of him, her shoulders back and her head upright, she glanced at his crotch, then into his eyes again as she spoke, “Does this do anything for you? I mean, does it arouse you in any way?”

“Yes, I mean, I believe so. I certainly like what I see.”

“I can’t really tell if it’s working or not. Here, remove your pants and get up on the exam table for me so I can examine you closer.” She smiled, motioning to the table. “Don’t be afraid. I’m a professional and we have to do this to be sure the treatment is working.”

He lost no time following her orders and hopped up onto the table, still wearing his boxers.

“Lie back and relax while I examine you.” The doctor said, pushing him back in his chest and helping swing his legs up until he was lying prone on his back. She reached around his waist and slid his boxers down over his hips, over his shoes, and removed them. He was lying nude from the waist to his ankles. She smiled again. Now, Joe wasn’t a bad looking guy. He was 27, brown hair, 6′ tall, 185 lbs and pretty fit. Girls had taken his underwear off before, but this was the first time a DOCTOR had taken them off!

She looked at his penis and felt it, seeing that it was indeed, not hard. But it did twitch when she laid it in her hand and rubbed it.

“Hmm, have you had your prostate checked recently?” She asked, slipping on gloves and reaching for the tube of lube. “We have to rule that out as a problem. It’s standard procedure, you know. Bend your legs up and I’ll just check it out for you.”

Now ataşehir escort every guy has had his prostate checked, but not by a beautiful young doctor standing there only in her bra and pants! He bent his legs up as instructed. She squirted a generous amount of lube jelly onto her fingers and placed it at his anus, rubbing the lube all over it and trying to relax him. Slowly but deliberately, she eased the tip of her finger into his ass, past his sphincter and as far in as it would go. She waited to be sure he was ok.

“Are you OK?” She inquired. “My boyfriend likes it when I do this to him, but not everybody likes it, so you let me know if I should stop and I will.”

“No, it’s OK. It doesn’t hurt. Your fingers are smaller that most doctors’ are. You’ve got a boyfriend? Does he mind you doing this?”

“He doesn’t mind. This is my job, my profession. I like helping people, in any way I can.” She answered, moving her finger around until she felt his prostate gland, where she proceeded to rub it.

She grasped his penis with her other hand, fondling and stroking it, seeing if it was responding to her “treatment”.

“Do you feel anything here, Mr. Blount?”

“I think I do, Doctor. It’s tingling down there, and your fingers feel good too.”

“Please call me Amelie, since I’m standing here with a finger in your ass and a hand on your cock. Is that OK with you, Joe? It’s OK if I call you Joe while I finger your ass and penis, isn’t it? Do you like me talking that way, Joe?” She asked while fingering his ass and playing with his cock. She knew he did like it. She could feel him responding when she said the naughty words and fingered him.

“Oh, yes, Amelie. Talk dirty to me all you want.” Joe responded, panting a little now at the new feelings in his butt and penis.

“That’s good. Now, relax and let me help you. Did you say you had trouble getting blow jobs? Let’s check that out now.” She said, lowering her head to plant kisses on his stomach, upper legs, and inner legs. Licking his balls while holding up his penis, she felt even more response as his penis twitched up in her hand. She licked his head and engulfed the upper 2″ with her mouth, sucking while stroking him. He didn’t know what to look at first: Her finger in his butt, her mouth and hand on his penis, or those pretty bra-clad breasts that occasionally touched his leg now.

“Do you want to touch me, Joe? It’s OK if you want to. I’m a professional, so I won’t mind.”

Immediately, his right hand went to her shoulder and caressed her smooth back, down to her waist, over her pants to her tight butt, over her leg and back up her side. This time, she moved against it, letting him know it was good for her too. He went up her side and around and under the bra to cup her full breast in his strong hand. It wasn’t padded, as he expected, but all her, and all real. This time, she moaned and swallowed up more of his penis, which was definitely growing and getting longer.

Taking her mouth off for a second. She noted, “It’s growing. Do you feel it? I can feel your cock growing in my mouth and getting bigger. It’s working! Do you want to play with my nipples? You may, if you want. Your hand feels good.”

He wasted no time unhooking her clasp with one hand, freeing her pendulous breasts. In a second, her warm, full breast was in his hand as he squeezed and caressed it. He felt her nipple pointing out and getting hard. He copied the movements on the other one, which also enlarged to his finger’s touch. She had more that a handful and it was pleasing to play ümraniye escort with them.

“Look at this.” She said, holding up his cock in her hand to show him. “I thought you said you couldn’t get it up. This is more ‘up’ that any guy I’ve ever been with. I would love to have that in my pussy. Oh, yes, you like to think of that too, don’t you? I can feel it growing again as I stroke it up and down. I have a good pussy. You’d like it, so young and soft, and … shaved. Yes, you twitched again. But I don’t think I could take all of you. Would that bother you? Maybe you could just fuck my breasts. Would you like that instead? My boyfriend does that and sometimes cums all over them. I like it when he cums on me, or IN me. Do you think you can cum for me?

“I think I can, especially if you keep talking dirty like that.” He moaned.

She smiled and lowered her hand to hold his penis around the base with her thumb and forefinger, while playing with his hard balls with her other fingers, all the while slowly massaging his prostate and fingering his ass. She returned her head to his cock, taking all of it she could, and opening up her throat to swallow it all.

“Damn! Oh, God, that’s good. Oh, wow.” Joe shouted out, but not too loudly. They WERE in a hospital!

Amelie sucked him harder, deeper, moaning on his cock so he could feel it even more. Up and down she pounded her head over his cock, taking it deep into her throat over and over. She worked a second finger up his ass. It went in with ease as he was welcoming the new feel by now. She clinched her butt checks together, trying to squelch the itching feeling between them. As she struggled to bring him off, She was getting very turned on herself. This guy tasted great and his hands on her body made her yearn for more.

She tasted some precum in her mouth and backed off his cock until it was only fucking her mouth and not her throat, and stroked it with her hand vigorously, knowing he would have to cum soon.

“Cum in my mouth, Joe. Come on, baby, shoot it into me. I want to taste it.” She said while removing her mouth for only a couple of seconds.

The first spurt hit the back of her throat with a hot thud, startling her into swallowing it. She backed off a little and the second blast hit her square in the mouth and she licked it up with her tongue. She massaged his gland one more time and pulled her fingers out of his ass. This time he shot a big load square on her mouth, nose, and all over her face. He came again and again as she stroked his hard cock until it stopped squirting.

“You taste good. How do you feel?” The doctor inquired.

“Wiped out. Damn, I’ve never came so much or so hard. But no one’s ever done anything quite like that to me before either. Thank you Amelie.” Joe replied after catching his breath.

“Oh, I’m just doing my job, Mr. Blount. It’s all part of my intern training, you know? I’m happy that we could get past phase I of our diagnostic treatment with good results.”

“Phase I? What do you mean? Aren’t you going to give me a prescription for that stuff? I thought it worked pretty well.” Joe asked confusedly.

“Well, we only tested it on the first part of your problem. There’s still the bigger problem of having pain with PIV sex, isn’t there?” The doctor replied seriously.

“And, we don’t know if there may be side effects to the treatment, like this:” She said, holding up his still-hard cock in her hand.

“We’re going to have to deal with this now, don’t you think?” She smiled at him, pushing out her big proud chest at him while stroking his ever-hard cock slowly with her hand. “It’s OK. I have everything entered into your file in the computer.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this story. I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know if I should continue it. I want to, for sure, and I think I know what is going to happen next. So, please vote and leave a comment or a PM. Thanks, MF.

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