Doctor Top is on Vacation


Doctor Top is on vacation is an update to the classic story, Doctor Top.

In this short story about a fifteen to twenty minute visit to my doctor, I share what happened when I went in for my yearly exam, and found that Dr. Top was on vacation.


I’ve got to say I was disappointed when I found out Doctor Top wouldn’t be doing my upcoming physical examination. It may sound odd to hear that someone is happily looking forward to visiting their doctor, but I was.

Before I tell you what happened during my exam this year, I think I should tell you about my history.

My annual visits to the Doctor started when I was 40 years old. Like most men I was nervous about getting my first prostate exam, but my fear turned to horror, when my doctor put his middle finger in my asshole, and I got an erection.

My doctor at the time, Doctor Versatile noticed immediately and assured me that it was normal. “Many men respond that way to prostate massage,” he said. But it wasn’t only the prostate massage that I was responding to; it was also the feeling of being penetrated anally that had aroused me.

The sexualizing of my yearly prostate exams continued to escalate until the year when things went to another level. I had bent over the exam table without being asked to do so. My cock was as hard as diamonds, my balls were swollen from arousal and my asshole was sensitive with anticipation. Doctor Versatile seemed to be ignoring the obvious, and said to me, “Mr. Dover I’m going to check you for a hernia now and then I will check your prostate.”

When he cupped my balls and fondled them, I spread my legs wider. He then inserted a finger into my asshole and massaged my prostate until cum started to flow out of my cock. When I had my happy ending, neither of us acknowledged anything out of the ordinary had happened.

The following year proved to be the culmination of our affair. That was the year he had me completely undress before the physical began, and by the time it was over, he’d massaged my prostate, finger-fucked my asshole and pumped my cock, until I blew my load on the floor.

That was the last time I saw him as a patient, before he passed me to Doctor Top.


Doctor Top is a big man, with broad shoulders, a square jaw and a deep voice. He is a true Dominant, who immediately clocked me as a submissive. Per his instructions, I have always been naked when he’s examined me. For isveçbahis eight years he has given me the best fucking of my life with his fingers, and he has never touched my cock or balls.

As time approached for my annual physical, I had the same wish that I have every year before I go to see him. I was hoping this would finally be the year he’d examine my prostate with his cock.

When I arrived at his office at the scheduled time, I was told he was on vacation. Apparently I had overlooked a message from his office, telling me he was taking a few days off. I could re-schedule, or go ahead and have the exam done by Doctor Ample Bottom, who is a very attractive young female doctor, who’d seen me before in place of Doctor Top.

To say I was disappointed would be the understatement of the year, but I was already there, and besides I thought Doctor Bottom was hot.


After a nurse asked me to verify my name and date of birth, I responded saying, “Ben Dover, five, eleven, fifty seven. Next she checked my vital signs, including my height, weight, and blood pressure. Once she was done, she left the room. After a moment or two of setting there feeling disappointed and sorry for myself, there was a knock on the door before Doctor Bottom opened it and walked in. She had the same warm smile on her face that I remembered from the last time I saw her. She greeted me with a handshake, and said, “Hello Mr. Dover, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

I responded to her just as warmly, and told her that it was good to see her again. As my session with her continued, I was chattier with her before and during the exam, mainly because she’s a woman. But I was also trying to keep my mind off the tingles I was feeling as she laid hands on me. All the while she was poking and prodding me, she was asking me how this or that was feeling.

She got my attention when it was time to check me for a hernia, she said, “Doctor Top tells me you’re one of his favorite patients.” As she gestured for me to lay on the table.

She was telling me this while her hand was on my upper inner thigh, very near my balls. My body stiffened when she pressed a finger on her right hand into my groin, to the right of my nut. I was determined to act like everything was normal, and so I responded to her saying, “Doctor Top said that, did he? OK, I’ll have to thank him later.” By the time I finished talking she was on the left side isveçbahis giriş of my groin, but this time her hand was touching my left nut.

She repeated something else he’d said to her, saying, “He says you’re very healthy for a man your age, and so far I agree with him.”

At that point her fingers were touching my balls again, and my dick was getting chubby. She didn’t even flinch when she saw it, she casually said, “Would you feel more comfortable if I ask my nurse to come in with us?”

I smiled a one sided smile before I said, “Nah, I’m OK, if you are.”

She responded in a very professional demeanor and said, “I’m fine.”

By now my dick had gone from chubby to hard and it was throbbing. Doctor Bottom looked at it and raised an eyebrow, before she said, “Doctor Top was right, you sure are healthy.” Then she paused before saying, “For a man your age.”

It was then that I wondered what all Doctor Top had told her about me, and about us. I was deep in thought for a second, and I’m not sure if it was the second or third time she’d said my name before I heard her. She said, “Mr. Dover, there’s no sign of a hernia, but you have a bad case of vasocongestion, I’ll have to do something about that.” She held her gaze for a long moment, before she asked me to turn onto my side.

When she saw the question in my eyes she said, “Vasocongestion means your sac is full. I’m going to do something about that when I examine your prostate.”

I was still asking a question with my eyes, and then she said, “This is the lady way to examine you. When I penetrate you anally while you’re lying on your side, it will feel more comfortable for you.

I’ll be honest, I had my doubts, but I decided to roll with it. As I was shifting my body so I could lie down like she’d suggested, I was wondering if this is her favorite position for getting fucked in her ass.


Once I was on my side, I looked out of the corner of my eye at her as she put on a glove, and squirted lube on her fingers. A moment later her hand was on my hips and she was talking to me again, she said, “How’s Mr. man down there? Has he calmed down?” And then I felt her fingers wrap around my dick before she said; “I’m going to give it a little tug and a squeeze, when I start to push my fingers inside of you. There we are, they’re in.”

“Fingers?” I said, but before she answer they were already in and I hadn’t felt a thing.

A isveçbahis yeni giriş second later her soft, smooth hand was gently moving back and forth over my dick, as I felt at least two fingers moving inside of me. While slowly stroking my dick, and massaging my prostate she said, “This is how you like your exam done isn’t it? And isn’t it more comfortable this way?” I don’t think she was asking questions, as much as she was letting me know that she knew what I liked and how to give it to me good.

She had an ideal bedside manner, as she administered her treatment to me. She was being both informative and encouraging at the same time. She was stroking my cock and fondling my balls, and saying, “Oh my yes, they are extremely full aren’t they? You had to be feeling some discomfort carrying such a big load of sperm? They are going to feel so much better once we get all of that goo out of them.”

At this point I was incapable of speaking, and I’d started breathing extra loud and softly grunting. When she saw my reaction she picked up the pace a bit and said, “Mr. Dover you appear to be closer, I think we’re almost there. I recommend putting a third finger inside of you. Do you think you can handle it?”

But her next comment made me wonder if she was speaking from experience, when she said, “I’m sure you can take my slender fingers, if you can handle those monsters of Doctor Top.” And then I could swear I heard a soft grunt from her.

Now that I was being impaled with three of her fingers and she was jacking my dick harder and faster, I lasted less than a minute longer, before shooting the load I’d been saving for Doctor Top, all over my gown.

After a few more pumps to make sure my dick and balls were drained, she cupped my nuts in her hand before she said, “Ah yes, they feel like they’re empty now. I’m sure you must feel better. You were carrying quite a load there.”

As I moved to a sitting position, she finished washing her hands, and then passed a container of wet-wipes to me. Then she looked at me with a serious expression, and said, “Mr. Dover, men’s health is one of my areas of expertise. Regular expulsion of seminal fluid is critical to a healthy prostate, so I’m going to recommend that you come back to see me in six months for a follow-up procedure.”

Then she shook my hand before heading for the door. Just before she closed it behind her she turned around and said, “I’ll tell Doctor Top you were the perfect patient, just like he said you would be.”

“Thank you Doctor,” I said.

She responded with a smile.

So I guess moving forward, Doctor Top, and Doctor Bottom are going to be sharing me.

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