Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY “I am your father.” “What? Who are you?” “Your father.” “My real mother and father…?” “Are not. I am your father. Your mother…” “Why are you here now?” “You were about to die in your sleep.” “Oh.” “My memory cells are passed onto you. My mind to you. My soul…” “To me?” “Yes. I am the last Doctor there can be. After this, I shall move on.” “To the afterlife.” “Yes.” “This I leave you.” “Oh how nice. A big blue box.” “TARDIS.” “What’s it…” He reached out his hand to me and a wave of greenish purplish light flew from it to me and engulfed me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. It also spread to take in the TARDIS. I tilted to fall backward but the light held me up from falling. “You are inexperienced. You have my knowledge but not my actual experience. You will need companions, chosen by myself and the TARDIS based on your likes… Farewell, my son…” In a haze of yellow I found the doors opening to the blue box and passed through into some kind of strange dimensional breezeway of blackness and hot summer wind. A strange illusionary bridge into the main control room. I fell to the console and then to the floor. The wheezing groaning sound. The jerking of the control room and the TARDIS itself. I rolled. And rolled. “Okay let’s take it from the top…” Jesse said with a mike in his hand, “One…two…” Someone stopped him. “Jesse, Jesse, we’ve ahh,” his guitarist came up behind him and put an arm around the blond boy’s shoulders, “We’ve ahh been at this from midnight. It’s like 7 am now.” “I know. I’m not tired but…” Jesse laughed, “Okay I gotcha. You can all go home now. I’m sorry. I just lost track of time.” “And still as energetic as ever…” The guitarist laughed. The others started packing up their gear and the manager came forward. Suddenly a large blue box half appeared behind Jesse and sorta pushed him out of the way. It appeared more solidly and the door opened. I fell out. “A brontosaurus is where it spins. I think that was Hannibal.” Jesse saw my face at his feet, “Who…who are you?” “That’s right. Barbara Wright. She’s my main squeeze.” Jesse was rushed to by his band members, manager and others from the sound system. They tried to get him away from me, the stranger at his feet, on my back. “No, no, let me. He needs help.” “Inside the TARDIS. Inside TARDIS. That box will help me. I’m generating. Not regenerating but generating. Inside the ship, I’m at the edge of destruction but I can be rescue…” I passed out. Jesse heaved me up. Younger than I, he was taller and looked stronger if a bit fey. He was nicely built. He tugged under my arms and my front was facing to the TARDIS as I awoke again at his gentle, yet macho touch. We were in darkness and as his mates tried to follow him, the doors slammed shut. They read the outside door plate. “Public Call Box, phone free for public use, help on the way.” The Tardis vanished slowly. The mates were astounded and feared for Jesse’s life. Too bad. He was gone and wouldn’t be back for a long, long time. If ever. I don’t know. Oh yeah, he was wearing at the time, a short cut black and purple and pink short cut ripped cotton shirt hanging rips over a smooth delicious belly and a poked in but somewhat outtie innie navel and his denim pants were low, low low and from that I think I could tell he was not wearing any underwear. Anyway I felt his skin against my back as my Oak Beach Inn Tee Shirt rode up, rubbing on his fine belly. “Play it like Peter would.” “I am!” “Look he’s getting older. This is not like the other picture where Peter Pan was ageless. In this one, he’s aging…” “Gee, I didn’t know that!” Jeremy said as he looked up from a vine in a tree. “Listen, I …I don’t think this is working.” Jeremy, wearing the outfit of Peter Pan, jumped from the tree set down. He put on his sneakers, “And I feel really foolish wearing this outfit again.” But he looked great. His hairless smooth tummy only got more muscled over the years between Peter Pan One and this sequel’s start to filming. He took off the top vines and was now totally shirtless. He stood up and started to argue with the director but as he strode toward him, the blue box appeared, door open and Jeremy walked right inside it. The doors shut. “What the faaaa?” He turned around to see blackness. The doors appeared to him and he could see the handles. The wheezing groaning sound came and tilted the floor he assumed he was standing on. He fell backward and then as he turned to face the inner TARDIS, forward. He fell into the control room at Jesse’s feet. Hot guys are always doing that. Jesse could hardly believe his eyes, “What the? Who? Who are you?” “No, no,” I jumped up from the floor, “That’s me! I’m he and he’s Jeremy…and you are Jesse and that all rhymes.” Jeremy jerked up and yelled, “What the fuck are you two doing? I was on a set making a movie! And…where the hell is this?” Jeremy looked into my eyes. “Hello,” I smiled. “I’m the son of the Doctor. My name was Chase…” Jeremy put a hand out to shake mine, “Sorry I’m so angry. It’s just things were not going…” I shut my eyes and spun. I passed out and with my back to Jeremy. He reached out and with Jesse caught me from behind. They both lifted me between them. I opened one eye. I liked this. But I really felt ill. My body was tingling. Was it from the Doctor or this Time Lord that said he was my father. Was he really? I loved the people who raised me. Who were my real biological parents and what was this all…Time Lords, Daleks, Sontarans, UNIT, Susan, Gallifrey, Skaro, Jamie, Adric, Sarah Jane, Leela…Adric…hot guy. A redhead named Turlough. Hot guy. Adric’s hotter. Yeti, Cybermen, Omega, the Master, the Monk, the Rani, Sil, Godzilla, King Kong. What’s happening to my mind. I can’t think. Tomorrow People. Mentiads. Pirates. Eveylyn. Who’s thoughts were these? Bessie, Liz, Jo, Silurians, Sea Devils, Daemons, Ben, Polly, Tegan, Adric. Wirnn. I felt myself lowered to a bed in a giant lush bedroom with overhead canopy. The two boys knelt near me and looked on. They looked at each other. The room went slightly darker thanks to the TARDIS. “What’s going bursa evi olan escort on?” Jesse asked, hand on his stomach. Wish it were mine. Hand or stomach. “I don’t know, I wish there was someone or something to explain this to us.” Jeremy looked around, “This room looks so ancient like Victorian or Edwardian or something…” “I can explain it, Young Masters.” A mechanical sound. A flying robot dog came into the room! It had red eyes that turned blue, an antenna between two ears that also looked like satellite antennas. A tail of metal and a mouth as well as a nose that looked like it housed a laser. It was streamlined and top of the line. Jeremy gulped, “Who…who are you?” “I’m K9. Robotic canine to the Doctor’s son.” “Is he an alien?” Jesse laughed, “I mean I know it’s odd and wacky but it’s the only thing that makes sense.” “He is part alien, part human. Part Time Lord, Part Tomorrow Person. Having the powers of both.” “Look, start at the beginning and don’t leave anything out….alright?” Jesse asked. “Canya do that?” “Affirmative.” And thus began a series of adventures in time and space, on Earth, in other universes and times….in parallel dimensions and alternate universes and dimensions, changing time bands and other weirdness…. EPISODE TWO On my big canopy bed I stirred. The two blond studs that were in my TARDIS were sitting on the foot of the bed. I groaned. The floating K9 looked me over with his bio ray. “He needs…” Jeremy looked at me, staring and then crawled over my body, “He’s burning up.” “What?” Jesse asked, “What does he need?” “He needs love…transfer of bio data causing cold burn out.” Jesse cocked his head, “What does that mean? It doesn’t make any sense.” “In order for him to survive, he will need…the human touch.” Jeremy over my body, my dick rose from limp nothingness to slow hardness. Jeremy instinctively pulled off his shirt, then my Oak Beach Inn top and began to caress my sides with warm sensitive hands. While he did this, he lowered his mouth to mine. I could feel his nine inch cock straining to get harder and bigger as it wet itself up his outfit and poked out. He pulled them off and my pants too. My cock bounced out and hit his smooth hairless right leg. Jesse turned to us, “What the…?” “Action affirmative.” “It’s firm alright,” Jeremy murmured as he took a moment to breath in air between our tongues. Jesse smiled and nodded a mischievous glance, sparkles in his eyes, and he stripped off his own shirt and clothes. “Wait for me…” “No waitin'” Jeremy was already licking the inside of my mouth and then kissing my chin and rubbing my side. Jesse came to my other side and said, “Make me room, blondie…” Jeremy giggled and kissed my neck and rubbed as he straddled my entire right side of my body and began to kiss and caress my entire side. His mouth found my pec and then my nipple. Which grew hard. Jesse giggled and began to work on my left side, which tingled under his gentle touch but he kept alternating between just barely touching and roughly touching…it was very hot. I sweated the sweat of sex and it felt better than the sweat I was undergoing due to my mind fuck. Of course having two blond boys caress and minister to my body was just the right, just what the K9 ordered so to speak. Jeremy’s tongue was circumventing my nipple and hardening it. Jesse was biting my lower lip with his lip and breathing onto my mouth, which was very sexy and smelled like flowers. He is so hot! So is Jeremy! My body began to tingle all over and I shook a bit and moaned. “Is that good?” Jeremy asked. “That’s good!” I gasped, “Don’t stop!” “Yeah,” K9 said, “Don’t stop!” Jesse smiled, “I’m not stopping!” He began to rub my side and kiss along my pectoral’s side and moved to my nipple as Jeremy, his head start–and I do mean head—began to lower on my ribs and lick. Oh man! My hips rose from the bed and boy smell was just great! Jeremy’s dick against my leg and my dick against his leg stiffened harder and harder until I bounced between the two boy ribs on either side and my dick was wet with pre cum as it strode into the air. I wrapped my arms around each of the boy’s smooth hairless backs and felt their boy sweat as I slapped on them. They pressed into me, almost as one and I could feel dick from both sides, jutting into my hips, wetting my bones with hot male pre cum. It was like sex in stereo as wet tongue on either side went down my hips from my nips. Erogenous zones hit, I was turned on beyond being turned on. Jeremy moaned, Jesse groaned. I gasped as they both sought out my balls and finally the base of my dick and two hands stroked both sides, one from each teen! My goodness! Fingers tingled my legs along the knee and up it and down it. Almost simultaneously with hands that rubbed my back. I began to feel a huge giant squirt cumming out and squeezed my balls to hold it in as long as possible. Burning! HOT! I could tell by his faster movements that Jeremy was the hyper active one and Jesse was the more calm of the two blond hunks. Jeremy was licking my thigh and all around my hip where hip bone meets leg and up toward my dick area. Hitting every hot spot in the world on my body or something. Jesse was taking his time but it was just as hot for that. Tingling along his tongue near my other side and licking vertically as well as horizontally at the same time. His hands were all over my chest now as he held himself from tipping over and the bed rocked as his own hips swayed, his dick on my knee, smacking it with thick wetness. I looked down in my hot burning rage of sexiness and saw Jeremy’s eyebrows raise up and he smiled, with my dick in his mouth, his teeth slightly and beautifully somewhat crooked but not detracting from his handsomeness at all. In fact, that seemed to add to his unique beauty. I didn’t realize my hands were gripping now at each boy’s butt cheeks and finding their way between…soon I found each boy’s clean pure hole and rubbed and teased them there. Without realizing it my middle finger on both hands soon found entrance into the fucking tight holes and pushed. The boys moaned in pain and delight. EPISODE THREE: altıparmak escort EVERYTHING YOU HEARD WAS WRONG Doctor’s 9000 Year Diary: “Well I managed with sex with my two companions, Jesse, gymnast, the dancer, singer, celebrity and Jeremy, the actor, dancer, karate boy, fencer, surfer, to break the spell the Master put over me. It’s apparent he’s escaped again, escaped death again, like me. I don’t know a lot about myself yet. I know I’m a Time Lord, I am the Doctor, not his son. I know that my lives were up but I’ve apparently regenerated again. My father was a Time Lord, my mother was human but somehow something made me more than half a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Master’s plan involved invading my dreams and making me think I was the Doctor’s son. I’m not. I AM The Doctor. Gallifrey may or may not be destroyed, time wiped. Jesse and Jeremy were picked up the way I experienced in my so called dream however some of the events were different. I know I was dying and they both saved me. Now I must try to find out what happened to my planet, my people, my former companions, and my other selves. I must also try to keep these two very hot teenage boys under control. They are, like me, so full of energy…and they want to see everything everywhere everytime. Geepers, maybe I should just bring them back home to their rightful time and place…” “Well,” the Doctor said as he walked into the Console Room, “That’s fun.” Jeremy was there, “Yeah sure was, but where to now?” “I have no idea,” The Doctor said, “This body of mine is full of energy and so young this time…” “So you’ve regenerated,” Jesse said, coming around the console corner in a red robe and wearing nothing underneath. “Yes,” the Doctor said, “That’s what you and Jeremy here, helped me through. It was the Master who tried to stop it.” “Did he?” “Yes, Jeremy, but he failed as always,” the Doctor said. “So where we cumming to now?” Jeremy asked sheepishly. “Pull on that and let’s find out! Not that! That!” Jeremy turned a bit red and had that mishievious twinkle in his eye that won him the part of PETER PAN. He moved the console down. Everyone tilted to one side as the room shook with the shifting of the time vortexes outside. Jeremy fell, in his boxers, into the opening robe of Jesse, both boy bellies abb-ing into each other. The Doctor, more fully dressed, landed in between both, his dick hardening again. “Oh no, not again!” “Suits me fine!” Jesse hugged both Jeremy and the Doctor, him being quite taller than the Doctor but just a bit taller than the solid Jeremy. “Hang on!” The Doctor yelled, “I think we’re cumming in for a landing!” “I’ll say!” Jeremy had Jesse’s ample, uncut cock between his legs as the TARDIS rotated and swung them all around the console. Jeremy jutted out one hand behind the Doctor and held onto a switch on the hexagonal device, which was held on a pedestal. His dick caught in between Jeremy’s thick well worked on legs, released sperm, thick and ropey at the same time over and over. “Watch my console!” The Doctor gasped, side by side with Jeremy, but yelling at Jesse. “You worry too much, Doctor!” Jesse gave him a full open mouth kiss as they swung to the other side. All three went toward the double doors, landing on the roundel covered exits. Hitting the wall with his muscular back, Jesse merely laughed and slid down as the Doctor opened his stuffy Victorian pants and let his HUGE cock flop out, stiffen and unload all over Jesse’s bare hairless, smooth but somehow also manly stomach. Next to him, Jeremy was letting out the loudest of moans and grunts, sexual sounds even the Doctor hadn’t heard through time and space. A twizzle of five ropes of cum shot across Jesse’s bulging chest and one even managed to reach up to the natural blonde hair on the right side. His right nipple was completely covered in cum. Jeremy was putting his head down on Jesse’s shoulder to relax, just as the Doctor jumped up. “That did it! Time to go see what’s outside!” “Oh, you’re all go, aren’t you?” Jeremy said. He sounded disappointed. “Yes!” “I like that!” Jeremy popped up, in more ways than one and said, “What year are we in?” The Doctor looked over the console’s smaller TV-like monitor, “1967! A year of love!” “Are you sure?” Jesse asked. He was up and cleaning himself off using his robe and was now completely naked, holding it. Jeremy scrunched a “that’s gross ” face at him but then he moved over to Jesse, took his forearm and made him clean his own boyish, wantable chest off of cum too. He had shot more and more and was even now dripping. The Doctor grew irritable, “Well, yes of course I’m sure. For your first trip …” He seemed to calm down now. He was hot. He had light brown hair, light brown eyes, and a body to die for but he was short at 5’5. “I thought you could both use some love. You both seem to be in the mood for it. October, the 10th I believe, just before the benefit for the Haight Ashbury Hospital and just after the blockade to celebrate the death of…” as he spoke, the Doctor put his hand on Jeremy’s bony hip, “Hip…” but moved it up toward Jeremy belly button. “Doctor…” Jesse inquired, “Have you been here before?” “Yes, well, it does pay to keep an air of mystery about oneself, doesn’t it?” “We know almost all of you inside and out.” Jeremy kissed the Doctor’s hand, taking it out of his stomach area, the Doctor’s finger smelling of Jeremy navel. They were all hard again. “Dress for the heat, it’s very hot, California, you know, I have someone to look up, catch up with me, just ask anyone where the fellow with the cape…” The Doctor explained as he went to the hat stand in the spacious, Victorian/time hypered console room. “Can’t you wait…” Jesse asked, turning as the Doctor opened the doors and ran out. “Guess not.” Jeremy came closer to Jesse, “Wanna…?” “Yeah of course,” Jesse answered, “But then…we have to find him, he tends to seem to get himself…involved…” “Yeah and I only want him involved with us, dig that cape though, I wonder if there are any more in that wardrobe room.” Jesse jerked a bit on Jeremy’s pud and the other blonde boy jumped bursa merkez escort a bit, stirring some more, “Let’s find out, shall we?” He let it go and it stood up in a life of its own. A tent. Inside, it was barely lit by an old lantern. The Doctor was inside and talking to George Washington. He was talking from a table, one that he met mouth first thanks to guards and a Lieutenant, who still stood over him, hand on his back, ready to pounce. “You must do it, General!” “It’s not the right time,” Washington said in anguish, “Have you seen my troops?” “Yes, I have,” the Doctor stood up but was pushed down again. “It’s all right, Lt,” Washington smiled, “He means me no harm, anyone can see that.” “Anyone can see that he means something.” “Indeed. And what do you know of history, Lt?” “And what do YOU know of it, Doctor?” Washington asked, “And why won’t you tell us your name? Doctor who?” The Doctor raised a knowing eyebrow. The Major answered instead, “Because he’ s a spy, that’s why!” “I am not!” The Doctor yelled and turned to the Lt. The man shook his head and put his pistol over the Doctor’s chest, “Like guns, do you?” “Doctor, the matter at hand.” “Aye?” The Doctor looked at his hand, not so long ago filled with the manhood liveliness of two blond hot boy studs. “Oh yes, the crossing…you must do it.” “In the dark?” The Major asked, less hostile now. The Doctor looked at him, “Yes, of course, in the dark. They won’t be expecting that, will they? And with the fog the way it is and your forces, well, quite, in low spirits…” “It would take a madman to do that now in this cold,” the Major added. “Yes,” the Doctor turned to say this to George, “It would.” He smiled. The General smiled. “And that’s what they aren’t expecting.” “A madman,” Washington stood for the first time since the Doctor arrived. ” There will be danger of freezing to death.” “Two may die,” the Doctor said, meeting him face to face, “And some feet might get frozen…but it can succeed in the dead of night!” “Let’s prepare, Major Wilkerson!” “Do these belong to you?” A black man, a solider who was seen in the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware, dragged in two blond boys, followed by two soldiers who were pointing the bayonets of their rifles into the backs of Jesse and Jeremy. The boys wore thongs and blue capes only. “What? Me? Never seen them before in my life!” “Doctor! You said it was 1976 not 1796!” “We found them shagging up against a tree!” “Well it is true I sometimes get my sums wrong, Jesse. Ahh, I’m not as good at maths as Adric was…” PART FOUR-Parting of the Gays The black man handed the boys over to the soldiers. “Doctor, you obviously know these, these boys.” “Yes Mister Washington.” “And do I take it they were having …uhm, relations?” “Yes.” “Hang them. All three.” “What?” Jeremy said and pulled loose from his holder and elbowed him in the face, “I don’t think. I’ve had enough.” Jesse also pulled loose, “Yeah, Doctor, you said no rough stuff on the locales in case we hurt them and change time some how but this…” The man that had been Jeremy pulled a pistol on him and shoved it in the area just between his eyes. Jeremy crossed his eyes. “No,” the black man said, “You can’t risk a shot. It’ll be heard.” Jeremy smiled. “Stab him.” Jeremy lost his smile. “Now, now, now,” the hot Doctor put his hands up and got between Jeremy and the gun and now the knife that was upheld, “I’m sure, sirs, being Englishmen, we can all get along here. I’m sure, it was someone important who said, can’t we all just get along? Besides, I’ve given you, Sir, General Washington, the idea that will get you over on the British.” The Doctor turned to Jesse and Jeremy as the solider pulled back and Washington thought on this, and whispered, “Speaking of getting over on each other…” Jeremy pulled a face, “Well, it was cold.” Jesse whispered closer to Jeremy’s face, “Yeah Doctor, you told us that it was summer. Don’t you know how to control that thing of yours?” The Doctor put his left hand over Jesse’s crotch, “Don’t you?” “Men, do your duty. General Washington gave you an order.” The black man said, “Hang them.” Jeremy turned to the black man, and grabbed his crotch, while the Doctor still had his hand over Jesse’s, “Hang this, homeboy.” “Belay the hanging.” Washington had his hand on his chin. The Doctor smiled at everyone. “Time to go, me thinks.” “The sooner the better,” Jesse said and he rubbed the Doctor’s hand up and down on his crotch but the Doctor took it away, leaving Jesse’s uncut dick to flop and then stick straight up in his blue thong. “Yes yes all in good time,” the Doctor said, “Sir?” “They may go,” Washington said, thinking absently to the air. The Doctor ushered the boys past the embarrassed soldiers. Jeremy told the one that held him earlier, “Keep your hands off me.” Jesse added, “Yeah no one messes with him unless he wants to be messed…” They stared at him. “with.” “Come along boy,” The Doctor pushed them both out. “Good day.” The men in the tent shook their heads. “Sir, are we going to just let them…?” “No. Yes, Major Wilkerson is correct. Follow them and see to it that…” “One more thing…” The Doctor popped back in. He whispered something in Washington’s right ear, unheeding to the guns drawn. He came away from a stunned Washington and pushed the guns away to leave, “Don’t you men listen to the greatest President that ever…well, guns will make too much noise.” He left and ran outside to Jesse and Jeremy who put their arms around his back from either side. “What did you tell him, Doctor?” “Just that he’d be President some day.” “Do you think, he believed you?” “Well, Jeremy, my boy, I can be very persuasive.” “I’ll say.” Jeremy said. As they walked, Jesse said, “Maybe you can persuade that hunk of junk time machine of yours to get us to the right place…” Jeremy complained, “Yeah, we…you…why’d you have to park it so far away anyway?” “You a champion athlete complaining?” “No, it’s just that I’m hungry.” “Again,” Jesse laughed, “Me too, come to think of it. Hot sex does that to me.” He rubbed his boy belly. “I have something to eat.” The Doctor nodded. “You mean something in those overlong and over deep coat pockets of yours?” “Not exactly in my pockets, no.” To be continued… DOCTOR WHO, THE TARDIS and other items from the BBC series are owned by the BBC, not me! No copyright infringement is meant. Thanks.

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