Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY 103 MATES ON DISPLAY The TARDIS stood in the center of the Panopticon…Zoom in on Jesse, Zoom in on Jeremy…. “…to be forever on display in the Museum of Gallifrey….” “Jeremy,” Jesse gasped… In the console room, K9 watched the boys’ faces on the scanner screen…both were wide eyed… They both watched as the TARDIS was wheeled around the center and then out the main doors! Several Chancellery guards, all red uniforms, white capes, and white shoulder pads, took the TARDIS out. Jeremy pulled Jesse’s arm, “We have to…shit…” he said as his helmet almost fell off. “I don’t have to. I did that in the desert just before…” Jeremy held his helmet on and then decided to dump it altogether, “Here, old man, will you hold this for me?” “Oh, my, yes,” an old man took it. The two boys followed the guards outside. Jesse gasped, “These Time Lords, they’re all repressed gays, I think.” Jeremy lead the way out, “Leave them alone…” “I don’t know. They’re naked under those robes I think and you’d think they’d have more…” he stuck his hand under Jeremy’s robe, “Uhm, more fun…” Jeremy smiled and slapped his hand away from under. “Not now, we have to stay with the TARDIS…It’s that way.” He shook his head and his hips to try to simmer down the semi-boner that Jesse began by doing that. The two found themselves moving along a darker corridor. “Let’s not get too close,” Jesse said, “From what the Doctor told me, they shoot to kill.” “Yeah, but if we stay close, they might not notice us,” Jeremy said. The two were shoulder to shoulder and moved along with the guard. “And just why are the Chancellery guards moving it? You’d think just the regular guards would do?” “I guess cause it’s the Doctor’s TARDIS, even though it’s a TARDIS, which to them is as common, I’m thinking, as sperm in a gay porno…” “Jesse, cut the comedy,” Jeremy smiled, “This is serious…hey look.” As they backed to a corner to hide, they spied a large horizontal corridor that had a huge transparent plate. Behind it the Time Lord guards had placed the TARDIS by walking right through the plate. The boys looked at each other. Jesse shrugged. When the TARDIS was placed in the corner of what looked like a set up bed room on Earth, the guards walked right out of the transparent plate as if it were thin air. Then one tall guard moved over to the wall and opened a square plate. He turned some dials and some loud humming rose and then lowered. It never completely went away. Then he shut the plate and turned a few locks on it. “He looks familiar.” “Commander Maxil,” one of the guards said, “Is it safe in there?” “Yes, yes, this ancient vessel, can do no harm now,” Maxil smiled proudly, “It’s very, very old. The universes will be safe from it in there.” Jesse looked around the corner under Jeremy’s chin. “What’s he mean?” “I don’t know,” Jeremy shrugged now. They waited until all the Time Lords left. “Maybe,” he came out of hiding, “…maybe they just think the TARDIS is so old now that it can’t be of any use to them and of no harm if it’s put on ice so to speak.” Jesse moved to the square control box, “But what kind of museum is that?” “A Time Lord one, I’m guessing,” Jeremy joined him. “Be careful,” he put his hand over Jesse’s as his lover tried to open the box. “It might be booby trapped.” “So how do we get to it?” Jeremy shrugged again. He held his his hand over the box, hesitated and despite Jesse’s muffled warning, just shrugged and put his hand on the box. “I don’t think it is…but it might have been.” Jesse nodded, “And you stopped me from…that was stupid.” “What? Stopping you or doing it myself?” Jeremy asked. “Both, bastard,” he laughed. “It IS locked, though,” Jeremy frowned, “Can you pick it?” “What did I have a misspent youth?” Jesse’s tone sounded offended. “Well, originally, you’re from New York.” “I’m offended,” Jesse said, looked sideways, shrugged, and said, “Yeah, I can pick it. Do you have a hair pin?” Jeremy checks his pockets, then stops, “Do I look like I might have a hair pin on me?” “Well, yeah, you look…flaming.” “I do not.” “Toothpick?” Jesse asked. “Come to think of it, stupidly, I didn’t check these pockets, too busy worrying and hiding, I guess. I don’t…” Jeremy found a small metal rod in his pocket. He held it up. “I guess the medics keep these things to open up things…” “I guess they have to have some fun during their breaks,” Jesse sighed and took it from him, “I thought you were just glad to see me…” he touches the rod to the box and suddenly the pair of them are suddenly whisked sideways. Their bodies quickly seemed to de-shape. Colors melded as if they were some kind of mixture of ice cream colors and styles. The outlines of their bodies started to lose their dimensions. Standing to Jeremy’s left, Jesse felt his dimension challenged body moved toward his lover. Jesse gasped as he felt himself being flung sideways, his body shape not what it used to be, “What’s happening?!!!” “I don’t know!!!” Jeremy gasped. He felt Jesse hit his new strange body and the outlines curved and dove at the glass plate. The air around them seemed to go all unreal and swishy. The two of them were swirled into each other and a whirlwind formed around them, swirling like a funnel and funneling them into a jigsaw type shape as it wheeled around and whipped directly through the huge transparent plate. When it stopped, the two of them found themselves on the other side of the plate in the Earth type bedroom. “All right?” Jeremy asked. Jesse felt his own chest and nipples. “Yeah, I think so.” He then moved to Jeremy and felt up his shirt to touch bare nipples. Jeremy just stared down at him, “Will you….” He sighed and looked around as Jesse removed his hands. “You’re really horny today?” “Today, tomorrow, yesterday,” Jesse said, “Time’s all relative on this planet.” “The Time Lords must be crazy. I mean what kind of a booby trap is that?” Jeremy looked around the room, “Try to get inside and the thing just…whisks you into it where you want to go?” Jesse felt the plate window, “Not quite glass. But maybe…we can’t get out. So we have to stay in here like prisoners. It’s kind of like the old …when crooks were captured by police, the police could lock them inside…” He nodded to the TARDIS. “Maybe we can get in,” Jeremy moved to it and held out his hand. “There is a force field over it.” He moved closer, “I can feel the heat and hear that…” “That hum?” Jesse nodded, “Sounds lethal.” “This time we’re not taking the chance,” Jeremy nodded, “K9! If you’re in there, can you open the doors like a good boy? K9?” “Maybe he’s re-powering,” Jesse said, unsure. “Or maybe he’s in another room or maybe…someone took him out?” “And not for a walk, I’d bet,” Jeremy put his hands on his hips, “Well, we have to find out about where we are. I guess…you try that door, I’ll try these two.” Jeremy found a bathroom on one side. Jesse exited through the door on the left side of the bed and of the room. Jeremy moved to the third door. He found other rooms that opened up and connected to other rooms, none of them with entirely complete walls, overhangs, or ceilings. Jeremy found a huge ice cream parlor and the one thing he noticed that he would have to tell Jesse about was that on one side of each wall was a huge transparent window that lined the entire wall. The ice cream parlor opened up to a facsimile street and he noticed that it looked familiar. He ran to a sidewalk and knew it before stopping and stooping to the famous names in the street. He felt Marilyn Monroe’s name. He saw the Walk of Fame. “Shit,” Jeremy whispered. “Hollywood. And Vine. That’s where all this started.” “Who’s he talking to?” “Himself. Earth beings did that all the time. Made believe they didn’t.” Jeremy stood up at the intersection and looked at the huge wall window. He saw five old Time Lord men there staring in at him. They all looked the same, except one was very skinny and old and one was very fat and old. One of them said, “Thought it made them crazy.” “THAT is not what made them crazy.” “I know, I know. Nearly blowing themselves up in wars. That is what made them crazy.” “Hey, you, you guys, help a dude out, will ya?” Jeremy waved. “Let me out of here, come on.” “It wants to get out. As if we had any authority to let a museum piece out.” He watched as the men moved past the window. “Museum piece, huh, I’ll show them.” He shook his head and made his way back to the first bed room where he and Jesse had entered. About twenty minutes later, Jesse returned. “Like it?” Jesse almost fake curtsied. He wore a light tan shirt, so light it looked almost white. On it were artist designs of three clusters. Each cluster, one on the chest, two on either pec and linking their designs into the shoulder areas on both sides, were an artist’s rendition of linked chains. Jesse had rolled up the sleeves to just his elbows. The shirt was slightly too short for him and some skin was evident between it and the low hanging skinny blue jeans. A light colored brown belt completed the ensemble with a decorative belt buckle that looked like a diamond logo vortex (get it?). The diamond changed colors akin to the Tom Baker opening credits. The neckline was exaggerated around the entire circumference. “Hey, yeah,” Jeremy poked at the shoulders of his lover. “Just your style. bursa escort bayan Almost like they left it out for you. As if they knew…you were coming.” “Yeah,” Jesse said. “I still will be if you keep admiring…looking at me the way you are…” “I can’t help it, you’re fucking sexy.” “I know but what’d you say we compare notes on what we found?” Jeremy smiled, “Okay, but it’s gonna make it hard…” “So I see.” They compared notes on what they found. Jesse added, “Yeah, goes on forever. I mean it’s not like the TARDIS big but it’s big. And I don’t think it’s dimensionally transcendental or anything like that but it is pretty fucking huge. And all sorts of rooms, most of them look like Earth: an Earth gym, an elementary school, junior high, middle school, a carnival, a car park, a mall, those kinds of things. I didn’t want to go in too much further, I was afraid I’d get lost.” “You? You have a very good sense of direction,” Jeremy said and sat down in one of the high backed chairs of the bed room which faced the right wall where a flat screen TV was. “Still just the same…” “I also felt the walls up a bit,” Jesse started. Jeremy frowned, “Oh, Jesse…” His tone was intolerant. “Not for that reason,” he added, “I think there are other museums attached to the Earth one. I don’t think the walls are very…” to demonstrate he jumped off the bed he sat on and moved to the wall and knocked on it, “…they’re very solid. I think we could break into another section.” “That’s a plan…” “Could stir up some trouble…” “When did that ever stop us?” Jeremy asked. “I’d like to stir them up,” Jesse nodded to the enlarging crowds outside the window. Most were men but now there were some women, too. “Notice something?” “Yeah, some of them don’t seem ….I don’t know, fully there, you know what I mean?” Jesse bit his lip, “I didn’t mean their mental state.” “I didn’t either. I think…and look at their clothes, Jesse, too.” “Fashion victims?” Jesse nodded. “Well, they’re Time Lords, being a fashion victim is like fangs on a vampire…” Jeremy smiled, “…but the clothes seem to be…not at all the same…as if…” “What?” “Naw, it’s stupid. They’re time travelers so their clothes would come from times that were separated by billions of years.” Jesse sat back on the bed and showed off his bare hips as his shirt rode up, “Naw, the Doc’s always going on about how most of his people were NOT time travelers—most of em stayed home and never took off anywhere. Their clothes should all look the same.” “Good thinking. I’d like to know how they reproduce if they’re all males?” “These two look like very fine specimens but if they are not going to have children then what good are they?” “Did you hear that?” Jesse asked. He was angry. “Ahh, ignore them, we have to find a way out of here,” Jeremy gave an absent thought look to the wall. “I’ve heard their women were only around for reproducing.” “Did you hear that?” Jesse almost screamed. “I said ignore them.” Jeremy pondered their problem, “Besides, they could be really just talking about their own race.” “I saw a few children and a few women but mostly these old men and they’re really pissing me off.” “Not me, we have to think of some plan…besides kicking in the walls but that might be a start. It might get security to come in here….but what do we do then? I’m not sure we can fight them with those weapons of their’s. And they do seem to want to shoot first and ask questions later….they have no real sense of linear time that way.” “I have heard it on reliable authority that all the men that were like these two, were called limp wrists and were put on farms to give milk.” “They couldn’t fight either or make their reproductive systems work at all.” Jesse fumed and gave them the middle finger, “DID YOU HEAR THAT?” “I did!” Jeremy stood up from the bed. “How about we show em what sex is really for?” “Gotcha,” Jesse whispered. He crawled along the bed until he was at the foot of the bed. “What are they saying?” One of the old men asked. A younger one put his ear to the plexiglass, “I don’t know but it sounds….reproductive-ual.” “Is that a new word?” An ancient asked. Jeremy bent down toward Jesse, who put his mouth to Jeremy’s ear, “They say…” he whispered, “…the soft skin by the ear is…very…” he nudged his nose against Jeremy’s left ear and then his lips barely touched it and he darted his tongue out to do the same, “…sensual…” Jeremy slightly moved his head backward. Jesse stood up on the bed, making Jeremy’s head come to his belt buckle. Jeremy lifted Jesse’s shirt more than it already was and he saw a large expanse of tanned belly, smooth, creamy, almost hairless peach skin. From above, Jesse reached hands down and started rubbing Jeremy’s shoulders as Jeremy’s head started moving at Jesse’s belt. Jesse took his left hand and rubbed Jeremy’s hair and moved fingers lightly to the right ear’s upper ridge. He repeated the same with the other hand, gripping the shoulder with the opposite hand as he changed. Jesse felt Jeremy’s head moving at his crotch and it turned him on. Jeremy’s teeth undid the belt from the buckle and soon the pants button. Jeremy’s mouth and teeth finally had the pants open and dropping. There was no underwear beneath. Jesse huge uncut cock flopped out but was half hard. Soon, it was all hard as Jeremy toyed with it, lopped his mouth near it, lips first. Jeremy took both fists and put them on Jesse’s shaft. He twisted in opposite directions. As wide eyed Gallfreans and Time Lords watched from the windows, Jesse gasped and groaned. He swallowed. He gripped Jeremy’s shoulders some more now. Jeremy twisted in opposite directions. The dick grew in his fists and felt good. He felt vein and tube. Wetness dotted the outer sides of his hands. The head emerged from the fists. Then Jeremy let go in one sweeping motion. His dick sticking straight out, Jesse closed his eyes and threw his head back, then jumped off the bed in front of Jesse, rubbing all along his body quickly as he did this. The on lookers all gasped. An old female Time Lord covered a slightly younger but still old one’s eyes and led him away. Others stayed and watched. Most of them were men, some young but many old. Eyes wide open. Some were not blinking. “ohh…ohhh….that….” Jesse moved to Jeremy’s right ear and gummed the lobe, lips over teeth, then moved into the ear, sticking tongue in. Jeremy’s head swayed but Jesse stayed with it. His pants sides open, flopped down to his knees. Jeremy moved back, gripped Jesse’s shirt and removed it as Jesse lifted his arms up, then with shirt discarded, kicked shoes off. In on time at all, Jesse was naked but Jesse noted that Jeremy still wore his outlandish outfit. He put his hands under that short cut shirt with its dark red and traditional marine blue stripes. The 3-D effect rippled through the air as hands moved over nipples, then Jesse stuck his whole head under the shirt and licked and bit at nipples. This made Jeremy laugh and tumble backwards toward a huge red cushion chair. Jesse followed, his head still in the shirt but as he followed, he undid his head from the shirt and kissed Jeremy’s laughing mouth as they both hit the chair, Jeremy under Jesse. He had his hands now on Jeremy’s ribs and rubbed them there and then down to his hips and up again, side stepping ribs to rub hot tight abs. He then moved both hands to the sleeved vest and rubbed bulging biceps before taking the vest off and throwing it at the observers. One laughed as another ducked his head from the vest nearly hitting him but of course, the glass stopped that. The tight leather pants were really shorts that ended just above Jeremy’s knee and proved harder to remove than Jesse thought. The pants waist line sagged far below Jeremy’s hips were a series cut outs of Hour Glass shapes so that skin was on display all around, including the top of his butt crack in back. Jesse stuck his hands down the front, his palms down, his fingers down, both hands, rubbing past navel and abs, pinkie sticking in navel first. Then out. Then down. There was no room for so much skin between leather and Jesse had to force them down, being stopped at times. The upper legs also had larger Hour Glass/Sand Glass shapes which showed off his a bit of Jeremy’s tanned upper legs but now with competition from Jesse’s fingers as they lay on the chair, Jeremy’s dick was moving past these cut out shapes and wiggling in and out of them, the head slick and wet and throbbing at all this friction. Jesse’s hips thrust onto Jeremy’s as well, all the shaking making them both harder and hotter. Jeremy had already kicked off the slip ons. Jesse poked a finger through one of the cut out shapes and looked up at the viewing public, “Thought that was his dick? Huh? Guess about eight inches more, boys!” He continued his ministrations as Jeremy’s body rocked back in the chair. Soon, the leather was stretched off the area that it hung on and Jeremy’s entire torso was void of clothes. Jesse licked the dick that stood up and straight at him. He pulled the legs of the shorts off and soon he came down the chair bottom to release them, puffing. He moved back up to the chair and it toppled over with him and Jeremy. Jeremy laughed as the chair landed on its back, a tangle of legs and arms and penis. Jesse made sure they were on the floor and more steady as he moved nilüfer escort mouth to large head and took it all inside his mouth. He then took it out, nibbled the sides of the penis gently, “I want to taste you…” Jeremy was holding Jesse’s shoulders and rubbing them as his lover teased his cock. Jesse’s tongue darted out and flicked the penis head, the under mushroom ridge, and the middle tube on the dick’s underbelly! Jeremy squirmed in delight. “Get over here!” He pulled Jesse up and turned him over, so that Jesse’s legs were hanging over the chair seat, which was now sticking straight up…and it wasn’t the only thing. Jesse’s butt was now hovering over Jeremy’s cock so Jeremy just had to thrust upward to enter it. He could hold Jesse up only so far and when he wanted to he could lower him and raise him while Jesse’s arms were down and holding Jeremy’s hips when he could and the chair when he could. He was effectively dangled over the chair and his lover in it. Jeremy’s dick entered the hole neatly and slid in with wet abandon. Jeremy’s hair slid over his own face as he shoved in and then made it slow… “Slow….” “Ohaugngh!” “…fast…” Jeremy jerked in and out. The juices dripped around the circumference of the hole as the dick, tight, moved into hairless asshole. “OAHNNGGNGGNHNAAAR!” “slow…” “fast…” “slow…” “…” “down” “up” “Down” “up” “Slow” “Up.” “Fast” “down.” “Slow” “down” “Down” “fast” “Up.” “Up” “up!” “GAAAAUPAAWEP!” “DOWNFasthooeUP! “AHhhaha! You’re killin me!” An old watcher asked, “Should we stop them? He’s killing him?” “Fuck off old man!” Someone said it. Jesse was sure it was himself but it could have been Jeremy or another bystander. Jesse’s upper legs were perched on the back of the seat, his butt dangling as Jeremy thrust upward. Soon, it was over and Jeremy cam inside Jesse, bursting with wild energy. Jesse felt the blast inside him and gasped. “Oh fuck that was…” Jeremy took his dick out of Jesse’s anus and lowered him some more. Jesse held his own cum in as Jeremy turned him around and he fell at him, moving his feet up to cross legs so that his entire body would fall into the chair now. Jeremy put his finger in Jesse’s ass now. Jesse joined a finger in there with Jeremy’s and as Jeremy half sat up, Jesse face to face with him both sitting up half way, they mingled their fingers inside Jesse! Jesse jerked up and back. Jeremy held him in place with his free hand on Jesse’s lower back, hitting erogenous zones and moved up and down the crack when he could, passing his other arm and avoiding it and Jesse’s. While doing this, when Jeremy noticed Jesse’s mouth opening and closing, Jeremy stuck his tongue into it and wiggled his mouth side to side with Jesse’s. He also kissed his lips when he could, creating moisture. Just as Jeremy thought Jesse would explode, Jesse gasped, “I’m holding it in! Canya make me let loose? Betcha can’t!” “Bet on!” Jeremy took his free hand, while wiggling his finger around Jesse’s inside Jesse’s ass as Jesse moaned. With the free hand, Jeremy reached down and the swath of skin between testicles and anus and PRESSES. Then one second every press, he lets go and then one second every press…and Jesse screamed with pleasure. The feeling was of having his lover pressing his prostrate from outside AND inside with his finger wrapping and poking along side his own finger! It was like having a lover inside and outside and just being you. Jesse could not hold back any longer. He felt things move that he wasn’t sure should move. His penis tube flexed! He felt something solid rise up inside it! Thick, creamy, strong, energy filled….firing! “SHEEEEETTTTTTAHHHHHH!” A fountain of white exploded between them. Their faces, hair, chins, neck, chest…a huge blast of cum bombs exploded like an M-80 on Fourth of July. They laughed as the white rain covered them. Their jerking didn’t cease with the blast either. Jeremy had to removed his finger and this caused Jesse some new joy. He shook even as he removed his own finger. Shivering with cum spasms, they continued for some time after that. Small sub quakes cummed up from both their dicks…for Jeremy cam again. Jesse shot a huge second load after Jeremy’s second. “AFFWADFFF UCK! What’s happening!!!! SHIT MORE!” “OHHHH YOU’RE FUCKIN’ AMAZIN!!!! Fuck shit!” They sat crosslegged for a bit and let the cum spasms subside slowly. Just as each thought they were done, another jerk wracked their mutual bodies, as one. They held their arms around each other to fend off the blows of the cum quakes. Finally….it was over…somewhat…Jesse then collapsed against Jeremy and the back of the chair, which was on the floor. Their bare, hot boy bodies laid on one another pressing, mingling, wet, soaked, slick, dripping, the cum dripping passing even more erogenous zones. Involuntarily, some areas of their bodies spasmed. Jeremy had his hands around Jesse’s sides and back. Jesse held Jeremy, too. Their moans subsided eventually and they closed their eyes. They could not close their dick slits as liquid continued to slide out of them, oozing. Tired, neither cared. The crowds watching them didn’t move…for a long time. Some of them seemed hypnotized by the sex they just saw. Some were revolted. Others were turned on and seemed to want to try it themselves. Some were breathing heavily. Others were not breathing until they almost passed out. Some swallowed hard. Some were just hard. Others were trying to make themselves hard. They began to dream of the Doctor. They shared the same dream. In the dream, the Doctor was on the ground. Possibly in a UNIT headquarters lab. His face was to the sky. His eyes were open but it looked like he was dying. Their Doctor changed to other faces, some of them they recognized as the other Doctors they encounters: the Patrick Steward Doctor, the Adam Rickett Doctor…and even a fat Doctor. Eventually they saw the beaming, spitting Matt Smith Doctor’s face, the David Tennant Doctor’s face loaded with sadness, the ear wiggling Chris Eccleston Doctor giving way to the long hair of the Paul McGann Doctor…morphing into the Slyvester McCoy Doctor’s smirking face until that became the sardonic Colin Baker Doctor. It, too, changed into the lighter Peter Davison Doctor. Hair curled and each change was like a sexual burst again. The two boys were cumming in their sleep, watched by the Time Lord observers, who were shocked and amazed. Many had never seen anything like this. Bam! The Tom Baker Doctor. A white out of cum orgasmic and the white hair of the Jon Pertwee Doctor emerged. The nose face up. Spinning and flying. The Patrick Troughton Doctor falling in darkness. The long white hair having emerged as the body of the Troughton Doctor hit the floor of the TARDIS. His body seemed broken and his legs impossibly bent the wrong ways. “NOOOO!” “I’m all right!” Jeremy and Jesse heard him say this. They looked down at him. He was sleeping. “Of course you are. You are a man.” “Yes, of course I am.” “He’s just a man but oh….what a man…” Before he knew it, the Doctor was another body. It was even more strained in the denim shorts. He felt his dick ready to burst out of the shorts, even though the zipper was open and the button unbuttoned, as always. He patted his head and pulled some of it down, red hair. “I bet I look like Damian Lewis, don’t I? Freakin Yassen Gregorovich. Well, at least this time I’m ginger.” He walked on, “I’ll find you both, soon.” When he awoke, groggy, Jeremy looked at Jesse’s face and almost willed his lover to wake up. Jesse’s eyes opened. “Hi.” “Hello.” He smiled, “Did you have the same dream?” “The Doctors?” “The Doctor.” “Yeah, suppose so.” Jesse pulled himself up. Jeremy stood and picked the chair up right. Jesse felt his own sides, “Well, he was all these other faces and bodies…” “Yeah, and then this redheaded one…” Jeremy said, “I think it’s…it’s him telling us he’s on the way.” “But how did we get here before him?” Jeremy shrugged, “I think somebody’s manipulating our progress.” “The Master I’d bet,” Jesse said, “Well, if he is watching us…I wanna take a shower so I can wank up at him.” “Let me know if the showers actually work,” Jeremy said. Jesse moved past the kitchen area toward the shower. “Look at that,” Jesse said, “Someone’s left us food.” “We might as well eat it,” Jeremy shrugged. “I doubt it’s poison. They could kill us any time they wanted.” The showers did work. Jesse took his shower first and finished dressing. He had to wait another half hour for Jeremy to finish. When Jeremy came out of his room area, Jesse pulled his arm, “Took you long enough. Swear you take longer than a girl. Ya old queen.” “I am not,” Jeremy laughed. “I wanna show you what I found.” Jesse took him to another room. It looked like a 1940s kitchen (and labeled as such over the doorway in) and Jeremy told Jesse that. “But look. A phone.” “I doubt it works,” Jeremy said. “I mean the room looks like the 1940s typical city apartment kitchen but…that phone is wooden. And hand cranked and looks like, the early 1900s…if we’re lucky. Even so, I doubt the Time Lords would…” Jesse put a finger to Jeremy’s lips, “Shhhh. Conserve your voice box for crank calls.” Leaving Jeremy blinking innocently, Jesse sat on a chair near the table that held the phone. Jesse smiled and took up the old fashioned türbanlı escort telephone handle. It looked something like this but on a table rather than a dia/wikipedia/commons/2/26/Old_double_phone6.jpg “Wadda ya mean?” “I’ve already tried it,” Jesse cranked the phone and on the other end, they heard a ring. Jesse held the ear receiver out, “It works. For whatever reason of their own those stupid dumb Time Lords hooked it up to their communication systems.” He turned up his nose, “I guess they think it’s funny.” “So what are we…?” “It works. Hey, ever crank call a Time Lord?” “Jesse…” Jeremy sounded like he was going to scold Jesse. Jesse held up his hand for silence as an old Time Lord answered. “Hey,” he said to the Time Lord, “Is MyAssamacallitallpurplezitsthere?” In his cubicle at the monitoring station, the Old Man held the high tech curved red communicator out but then put it back to his mouth, “Hang on I’ll check for Myass…” Jesse and Jeremy both heard that and both laughed. “Is My Ass here?” “Excuse me?” Another worker asked. “Who?” “No, not Who, he’s someone else. My Ass…” “What about it?” They crank called a few others. The Heliport. “Can you say if Iamawrinklykoldass is there?” “I’m not I am a wrinkly old ass…” “Are you sure? It sounds to me like you might be.” “I’m sure I’ve heard that before…” “So am I.” “If it is not me maybe it’s someone else that works here?” “Ask.” “Is there a I am a wrinkly old ass here?” “I’ve said that about you just yesterday.” The boys laughed again. The TARDIS repair station. “Do you have a VAGINANEVERWANT there?” “Vagina never want?” “I bet you don’t.” “Do you have a Vagina there?” “Vagina? Never want?” “I figured you were one of us.” “One of who?” “No, he’s on his way.” “Who’s vagina never want here?” The man called out to his fellow mechanic scientists who were busy growing AND building TARDISes. “We do not have no vagina here.” “I think there are more vaginas there if you look.” Jesse said. “I’ll look for you but I’m sure I don’t know what this vagina looks like.” Jesse tried to keep from laughing, “I know you don’t but you might be able to find one…him.” “I can’t put my finger on this vagina…” And a call to the Registry Office for new Time Lords just made from Gallefreans… A studious, officious stuffy Time Lord man was punching tickets, “Old Gallefrean you are now a New Time Lord… not all have these privledges, use them according to your worth…which may not be…” the communicator rang… Jeremy had wanted to try the crank calling and so commandeered the phone, “Let me, let me,” he said like a child. “Douchebag says what?” A studious, officious stuffy Time Lord man was on the other end, “What?” “Douchebag says what.” “What? The boys were laughing so hard they could not speak. Jeremy managed, after a time, “Funny hat wearing prick says what?” “What?” More laughter. Suddenly they heard a loud crash on the other side of the wall. Jeremy jumped and hung up, “What the hell was that?” “Maybe they punish crank callers by bombing the point of origin?” “No way,” Jeremy jumped up as they heard another loud crash. “I’m going to go out that way and see if I can work my way around to find out…” “So I stay here,” Jesse nodded, “Ohhh kay…” Jeremy smiled and left the room. Jesse jumped up as another loud crash came from the wall. A figure burst through and tumbled and sprang up. Jesse tried to run for the same door Jeremy snuck out of but a figure blocked him. A figure holding up a very sharp, very glinting, shiny knife. “Are you a Time Lord?” “Do I look like a Time Lord?” The woman, long brown hair, older than Jesse, looked around frantically. “I am not sure what has happened. I have just settled on this planet…” “Are you an ape girl?” “Do I look like an ape, girl?” “I’m not a girl.” Jesse frowned. “I am sorry. I am Leela of the Sevateem Tribe,” she held her knife up. Jesse pushed the knife hand away from him. “Put that thing away before you hurt someone…” “That’s just what the Doctor…” “Namely hurt me…” Jesse said and then turned to look out the door, “Jeremy, you can come back…” He turned back to the leather clad girl. He then noticed she had long hair and big breasts. “I know you.” “You do?” “I’ve seen you in the TARDIS files…Leela…you’re that cave girl…” “I am not a cave…” “I mean you lived in caves…” “No, I have not,” she held the knife up again. Then, she put it away, exasperated with herself. “I found myself here from my time. I have just settled here with my husband…” “The Doctor?” “No, do not be silly. The Doctor and I are just …how do you know the Doctor?” Jesse started, “This might come as a shock to you but the Doctor and I are…on your tribe’s planet…did you like, well, let’s see. How do I say this so that a savage can understand…” “Savage?” Leela asked, “The Doctor and I are mates.” “As in friends, right?” “No, as in mates. The Doctor is my mate…for life.” “I am the Doctor’s mate.” “Friend?” “Uh, no, yeah, mate. The Doctor and I are mates.” “Oh, I understand.” “You do?” Jesse’s eyebrow went up, unsure. “That was too easy.” “Well, the Doctor told me that where we were staying when I met the Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago…that mate was not what I used to believe it was. It meant friend…” “So you and the Doctor were mate…” “We mated…” “WHAT?” “Yes, he and I were made to be friends. Mates.” “I…I’m the Doctor’s mate.” Jesse held out this hands to gesture as if this would help get his point across. “His friend?” “No, more than friends. The Doctor is my mate.” “Yes, his friend.” “No, let me put it to you this way…in your tribe, did you and another male mate…you know…” he made a fake vagina with his index finger and thumb on one hand and he put his other hand’s index finger through it. “Oh, that. I did not do that yet with a mate.” “YOU haven’t had sex…?” “Not with a mate. Not with a friend.” “A mate can be a friend or a lover…” “Then I am mates with the Doctor and with Tomas.” Jeremy was in the doorway. Jesse turned to him, “Thanks for helping.” “You were doing so splendidly…” Jeremy put his hand out, “I am Jeremy.” “Why aren’t you using contractions? Is it something our captors have put in the air? In the ventilation system?” Jesse asked, sarcastically. Leela shook Jeremy’s arm. “Who are you to him?” “We’re mates,” Jeremy smiled. “Friend type or…?” “Pair bond type.” “Oh, now I see,” Leela said, “We had those at the tribe, too.” “See. Easy.” Jeremy smiled. “Like you, easy.” “Nice to meet you, Leela.” “How do you know my name?” “Ohh, to the Doctor you’re more than just…a mate…” Jeremy smiled, “He talked about you all the time.” “He did?” Jesse was behind them now. Jeremy elbowed him in the ribs but not too hard. “So you were brought here, too?” Jeremy asked. “I felt this odd sensation from my time. I was on Gallifrey…but this time seems past or future to my time. I am not sure which.” Leela looked around and put her hand through her hair. “I do not know how I am to get out of this…this place. I feel like I am in a zoo.” “Museum,” Jeremy corrected, “An alien one to them.” Suddenly, they heard hissing. “Gas!” Jesse gasped. “From the vents! All of them!” “They’re trying to kill us!” Leela gasped. “Maybe!” Jeremy covered his mouth, “Let’s get out of here!” The trio ran and the boys were not shocked to find that Leela could out run them. She had her knife out. Every hallway they ran down had mist forming. “The whole place!” Jesse gasped, “They’re gassing us to death! The entire museum!” “It doesn’t make sense!” Jeremy gasped. “The window!” They were in a smaller display room. It was the room of a fire watch tower on Earth. It was decorated as if it were outside. Jeremy leaned on the glass window and banged. Leela tried to get the knife to work on the glass but to no avail. Jesse banged on the glass, too. “Let us out!” “Hey, cut the gas off,” Jeremy coughed. All three of them coughed. The boys started to fall, one on either side of her. Time Lord observers laughed outside. Leela leaned on the glass, looked panicked. The boys passed out on either side of her and slid down her sides to the floor. She coughed. She put both hands on the glass and pushed. Nothing gave. Her lungs felt heavy. Leela slid down the glass, losing consciousness. The gas overcame the entire room so that no one could see anything. The gas filled the room so that the three bodies were hardly seen. END THEME of Tom Baker’s Leela era or alternately… END CREDITS to end theme music of the Chris Eccleston era…. NEXT TIME: Well there may be no next time on this story. NO ONE has given me any inspiration for so long. I know people are reading it because the meter on one of the sites is up past almost 11,000 hits. One chapter has almost 1000 hits. No comments. No letters of encouragement, nothing. I know people want this story but no one writes at all. No review. Nothing. I have major plans for this story but to get them back to the place where I can write free adventures is taking some time and some effort and energy. I can just skip around but I hate that. It would help if I had SOME encouragement from someone. I had, some time ago, some great letters about this story. Are you still out there? I need some encouragement again. Also: I wrote the “mate” thing months before Doctor Who season three (and a full year or two before season four where it appeared with Donna so please don’t think I stole it from there; I didn’t; I thought it up in the car driving and listening to the DW year one CD music). Sigh.

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