Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 9 DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY EPISODE NINE THE GETTING TO KNOW YOU PHASE “Cum on, let’s go get Jesse! Then I want to show you Men Fucking…” “Doctor?” “It’s the name of a planet with continents shaped like …” K9 finished, “Men fucking…” Jeremy gasped as the sound of the Doctor saying this made him erupt and a solid geyser of white boy juice shot up between him and the now shirtless Doctor. He subsided. “Docto…rrrr. Let me get this straight….” “Well, I should hope not!” The Doctor put his red shirt in one hand and wiped himself clean, for boy juice was all over his chest and stomach. He held out the shirt, “K9, put this in the cleaner will you?” “Affirmative.” K9 floated over it and put out a tractor beam and took it in the air. As the metallic dog zipped away with it, Jeremy laughed, “Don’t wanna touch it hah K9?” The Doctor put his leather coat over his bare upper body, “You were saying, lad?” “Doctor,” Jeremy put his hands together over a warmer on the console and it cleaned the cum off. “Let me see this…you hypnotized us.” “Yes!” The Doctor moved around the console, away from him and this conversation. “…Jesse and myself…put us back in our time zones just moments after you met us…and we saved your lives…” “Yes, yes,” The Doctor looked at the controls on the console and hit a few buttons and pulled a lever or two, making his way around the hexagonal shape. “Oh watch it,” he said as he purposely but his ass to Jeremy’s front, and bumped back, feeling the boy’s deflated penis, which rapidly rose up again. ” YES!” Jeremy rubbed his dick, through his pants, along the Doctor’s cheeks and let himself, grind up so that it stood in between the tight sphincter. Jeremy shut his eyes, “Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Do it to me again! Watta way!” “Cum on let’s go!” The Doctor threw the last lever, his hand gripping it hard and pulling, not letting go, “Harder!” Jeremy pumped and quickly took his hands from under the Doctor’s leather jacket where he had been holding on again and undid his pants again as the Doctor opened his pants and dropped them. The wheezing groaning sound came from the TARDIS and from Jeremy as he moaned along with it in time. “Take that for your bad behavior, Doctor!” The Doctor was fucked up against the console, “OHHHHHHH! It may not be a cliffhanger but it’s hung!” “Shut up Time Lord! I’m the one’s that’s hung!” Jeremy pushed again and harder, “Harder you want it, aye, Brit boy?” “Oh yeah, only half Brit though!” Jeremy smiled, “Just joking you know that right?” “Jeremy, you’ve just ruined the moment…” Jeremy smashed his hard smooth body into the Doctor again, “Did I say to speak?” He cam inside the Doctor’s crack and kept pumping again and again until there was no more cum to cum out. “He’s never going to forgive you for this…” “Oh yeah he will, you’ll see,” The Doctor said, pulling up his pants. “I have to go get cleaned up though.” “I”ll cum with you,” Jeremy smiled and left with the Doctor, his clothes completely off by now. The TARDIS appeared in Jesse’s room. He bursa evi olan escort was standing there in the spacious room, looking at it. Staring. Then he moved back, afraid. Afraid to call his mom. Afraid not to call his mom. He wondered what was happening. He moved to the Police Box shape, read the signs on it and touched it. “Alive?” He moved back again, sat on his bed, stared at it. He should know it. He shook his head, touched the bridge of his pert cute nose and licked his lips. He nodded, put a hand on his forehead to see if he were feverish. Then he recalled. Monsters. Aliens. Planets. History., no dinosaurs yet, damn that. Cavemen. Wholly mammoths. Komodo dragons. “That fucking bastard.” Then he recalled the sound. The doors opening. The Doctor stood at the doorway, a sheepish grin on his face as though he were an old grandfather seeing his grandson that he hadn’t seen in a long time. Beyond him, in side the TARDIS, Jeremy was working the door controls. The hum of the interior overtook the room. Jesse walked toward the Doctor, angry. The Doctor opened his arms wide, “Jesse, my boy!” “Hey, Doc!” Jesse drew back his right fist and Jeremy, knowing this would be Jesse’s reaction and having no real desire to stop him, flinched, shut his eyes again and waited. Jesse punched the Doctor right on the chin and the Doctor flew back. “You fucking bastard! Don’t ever do that to me …” “US, did it to me too,” Jeremy said, now in a sailor’s striped shirt and white pants. “Get up, you fucker!” Jesse said and lurched into the TARDIS doors. He made for the Doctor but Jeremy blocked him. “Get outta my way, Jer.” “NO, Jesse, that’s enough,” Jeremy smiled and put his hands out. “But…” Jesse was thrown off by this. “But….you know what he did? To both of us?” “Yeah,” Jeremy laughed, “But…he meant well.” The Doctor rose and nursed his chin. “First a mother slapped me, now a son. I don’t know what time and space traveling is coming to.” Jesse pointed, “The next time you decide to dump me…” “Listen,” Jeremy said as the Doctor tried to talk. “I did it for your own good. Stay with me, you can both end up dead!” “It’s my choice to end up dead,” Jesse said as Jeremy turned around. ” Now, get outta my way…” Jeremy turned back to him, “No. I won’t let you harm the Doctor any more. The first one he deserved but…why so violent?” Jesse calmed a bit, “I know you can stop me if you want to. All those fucking karate and wing chun moves and whatnot…but just let me get one more in, you know for both of us.” Jeremy chuckled, “Well…” “Jeremy…” The Doctor gasped, upset. “Aw, I’m only kidding,” Jeremy smiled and hugged Jesse, “Welcome back, Jesse!” Jesse was hugged and looked over Jeremy’s shoulder. He eyed the Doctor, who didn’t want to keep eye contact. The Doctor came up to them both and separated them. “Doctor,” Jesse said, seriously. “No wait, you wanna come with me? I mean you both didn’t get the chance to think it over.” “We needed to save your life and we were well, drawn to it and to you.” “Jeremy, altıparmak escort that could have been the TARDIS, it could have been my own pheromones, Time Lord sexuality allows for the lure of others to try to help us in times of crisis…” Jesse put a hand on his own chin, “And…and you think that that’s what made us come on board?” “No,” Jeremy said, “I may have but I didn’t stay on board for that reason. It was one reason, simple and earnest…Doctor, you. You and knowing Jesse. I love you both.” “And I you and you,” The Doctor said, “Chin punching not withstanding…” “I’m not sorry about that,” Jesse said, “Next time you think of trying to get me off here, this is my home…next time, you just ask..I’d gladly chuck it all…boyfriends, girl friends, fans, family, music career…I’d chuck it all in for you and him.” “You really want to come with me? Wanna huh?” The Doctor moved to the other side of the console and started it going again. The hum came up and the grinding groaning sound of the TARDIS gave way to the dematerialization sound of loud energy. Jesse’s mom was knocking on his door, wondering what that sound was. “Are you doing that again? I’ll come back with your cell phone in a moment then, finish up, dear and stop leaving it in the clothes to be washed.” “Then if you want to come with me,” The Doctor looked down, tears in his eyes, “For me…then I should warn ya…you’ll see lots of things…ghosts from the past…aliens from the future….the end of the Earth in a titanic ball of flame …it isn’t safe, it won’t be safe, it won’t be pretty…” Jesse looked at Jeremy, both looking unsure…their eyes wide… “And it won’t be calm and you both may very well die, never to be seen again by loved ones in the present, your present, it won’t be pretty, it won’t be safe and it won’t be calm…but…” Jesse bit his lip. Jeremy blinked and stared. “I can promise you both one thing…” The Doctor smiled, “It’ll be the trip of a lifetime!” The TARDIS zoomed across one time hole and into another, stopping only to pause. It flew away from the Earth’s surface and into outer space. It dipped and the trio fell into each other. A blast hits the TARDIS from outside. The room shakes. A Dalek appears on the time screen. “EXTERMINATE!!!! EXTERMINATE!!!” Jesse picked himself and Jeremy off the floor to hold onto the hand holds on the console. “What the hell are those things?” There were five more Daleks in the ship on the screen. “Old friends!” The Doctor looked almost pleased, “Or I should say fiends. Daleks! Thought they were all gone! Guess I was wrong.” “Did they hit us? With a missile?” Jeremy rubbed his side and threw back his hair, which was getting long. “A time missile but they can’t do much to the outside of the TARDIS…they should know that, now they’ll probably try to board us…next…” “Can we lose them?” Jesse asked. “Let’s find out!!!!” The Doctor hits the levers and switches and the TARDIS rumbles and the room lurches again. Jesse put an arm around Jeremy and they clung to each other and the console. bursa merkez escort “If those are friends…” Jesse said, “I think I want to search the database to find out more about you, Doctor…” “Yeah, me too,” Jeremy said. K9 floated back into the room, “I shall help, young masters.” “Oh K9!” The Doctor said, “Can’t you just let me keep a little bit of mystery.” “Don’t you wanna find out about us?” Jeremy asked, “I mean you know as little about us as we about you…” “April 9, 1987…” the Doctor pointed to Jesse. “What?” “Birthdays. And you. February 5th, 1989.” “Oh.” Jeremy said. “Anyone can know that.” Jesse smiled, “From two seconds on the net.” “Jeremy loved playing shirtless….” The Doctor said, “As a kid…” then he turned to Jesse and whispered, “Still does…and he and his friends played along the cliffs near his home where he was home schooled and in Kentucky…later they moved to California where Jeremy and his dad were nearly swimming every day surfing in shark infested waters…” Jesse looked at Jeremy. Jeremy shrugged and put his hands out, “What can I say? I love danger.” Jeremy frowned, “Besides, one shark was hardly shark infested waters.” “They were infested…with many…” “Oh come on, Doctor, how could you know you weren’t there…” The Doctor stared. “You were?” The Doctor nodded, “Why do you think you and your pa escaped? And so often. YOU didn’t know they were shark infested of course, and when your dad was told by another swimmer, he didn’t take you out there surfing anymore. It should be the same with me.” Jesse nodded, “But why?” “Those things on the screen as just one of my many enemies…many. They could kill you in a split second if they wanted and not you, or me, or you or even K9 here, could do a thing to stop that or change that or even go back in time and change it. It would be a time disaster…” K9 floated to the boys, “He is thinking of Adric…” “Okay, K9 boot us up to the data base, your database of the Doctor…” The Doctor pulled the coat he had on tightly, “Not even K9 knows all my secrets…” “I’ll take just one,” Jesse said, “Just enough that your other friends knew. I know you’re a time lord, an alien from Gallifrey and you have two hearts but that’s about all I Know.” “I know that many girls broke your heart, Jesse,” The Doctor came back to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “I know you vowed never to act on your gay feelings for fear of your fans deserting you.” Jesse moved his shoulder away in anger, “You seem to spy and pry a lot, don’ t you, Doctor.” “I…I am sorry. I guess I do. I’m also somewhat telepathic.” “K9 hook us up,” Jeremy said. He looked at the other two, “Oh, bad choice of words there.” “We’ve landed,” Jesse heard the bell sound of landing and felt the TARDIS touch down both in time and space. “I wonder where we are now? I hope it’s the future. I have yet to see one alien planet, or one future time of Earth…” The TARDIS lights were shining in a dank, wet, shiny cave…the shadow of a boy passed over it… To be continued…. Doctor Who, the Doctor, TARDIS, K9, and Gallifrey are owned by the BBC. The Daleks are owned by the estate of Terry Nation. No copyright infringment is meant. Any real person appearing here is doing so only in a fictional manner and whether or not they are gay is no one’s business…this does not state that they are…

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