Dogging Mistress from out of space !


Dogging Mistress from out of space !I’d never held with all that conspiracy theory; sure I’d watched star trek, sure I could do the Vulcan sign, and if Captain kirk pyjamas make me a geek, then I’m a geek. But I’d never really believed it was true; all the flying saucer and alien a*****ion brigade, screwballs and fruitcakes….. or that’s what I thought, but not now, not after what happened last night, not anymore, now I’m a believer brothers and sisters. Because last night my girlfriend fucked and an alien, and I think I may have sucked its cock.Picture the scene if you will; it’s an overcast muggy, sweaty night at our local dogging venue – the public car park behind our local DIY superstore. My girlfriend; who is a sweet, good natured, kind hearted slut and Jedi level cocksucker; was welcoming a couple of Russian guys to our beautiful island and introducing them to some of the better features of English culture. I had my camera in one hand and, in all fairness, my cock in the other; these two guys were getting their cocks sucked both at the same time, my lovers mouth stretched and looking gorgeous bahis siteleri with her big tits swinging from side to side.Then there’s this ear splitting, whistling, screaming sound tearing at the air and a massive silver ball lands next to our car; like it just fell out of the sky; which is pretty much what happened. And the car jumps about four feet in the air, there’s dust and small bits of rubble landing all over, and this huge ball bearing in a semi crater steaming and smoking around its circumference. Silence rains, stunned silence. And then the two Russians are off, pants half pulled up, rapidly shrinking cocks disappearing with them into the distance – ha, no wonder communism failed. My girlfriend watched them run away made a disappointed groan. I can’t believe it. A fucking flying saucer – ball thing – UFO has just landed next to my car and her reaction is mild annoyance that her cum shot is off the menu, I find that so cool.A small section of the ball starts to turn, like it’s unscrewing, a screeching, grating sound as it keeps turning, it drops to the floor. The balls is about six feet across, canlı bahis siteleri so the opening was about the size of a manhole cover. A hand appears, long slender, lily white fingers, with long nails a deep rich scarlet colour. One of the fingers crooks and starts to make a ‘come here’ type gesture in the air. Such a sultry motion to the fingers, we were entranced, what could we do, the alien hand was summoning us. We both, walked, almost stumbling toward that enticing aperture, the perspective suddenly started to shift; the distance seemed to increase while our rate of movement gathered momentum; and then we are inside, like the inside of a genies bottle, its circular, about 20 feet in diameter, a mixture of sofas and cushions, and blankets. Braziers of incense and others with warm coals added light and warmth, here and there devices and consoles with, bright displays and weird alien symbols scrolling across; and there in the centre of this she lay, she, he, we will never know, I think of her as she. She spoke in deep tones, her voice velvet and bass. She made what seemed to be an annoyed canlı bahis face and made touch screen gestures to her nearest console. And then we could understand her, ‘to get the fucking brakes fixed on this shit heap’, we seemed to be catching the last of her rant.She spoke to us of her home world and all the planets she’s visited and the wonders she has seen. She spoke of love and beauty and sex and all the strange sexual customs of the many species she had met on her travels. And then we all made love, or sex, or pain, pleasure. We partook of mind numbing orgasm after orgasm. She liked my girlfriend, and my girlfriend went back at her in kind, it was glorious. At one point I was going down on our alien mistress, when her clitoris, so hot and inflamed, grew out almost six inches long. I nibbled and licked and sucked until she screamed and howled so deep and long, she blew out the fires in the braziers and all went cold and dark. And then I woke up in my car, the crater still there, small pieces of rubble on the top and bonnet, one of the Russians had left his underpants on the back seat. And I sat there and I laughed and cried and rejoiced in the experience. But if I ever meet that alien again, there will be trouble; the bitch took my girlfriend with her.Watch the skies people, they are out there my friends, they are out there.

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