Subject: Doing the wrong thing 2 Category: Adult Youth/Incest This is a complete work of fiction. It is not based on anyone or any real situation. It is completely fabricated. Never do anything like this in real life. All characters are eighteen and over. You must be eighteen and over to read. If you enjoy this and other stories, please donate to Nifty. This is the second part of what may or may not be a series. It tells the same story, but mostly from CJ’s perspective. “Doing the Wrong Thing 2” CJ was desperate. He had tried to sell his new shoes and nobody wanted them. His brother owed a dealer three hundred bucks and the guy said he would kill him if he didn’t get the money. And the dealer wasn’t even a kid at school. It was a Mexican looking guy with tattoos called Gallo. He scared the hell out of CJ. And Thomas was so fucked up on oxies or bars, all he was doing was laying at home waiting to die. That’s why CJ was at the park. He had overheard some kids in the locker room joking about getting party money from the queers who hung out in the closed part of the park. They said most were dads whose kids went to Xavier and they practically threw money at any teenage boys who let them suck their dicks. Every boy in the locker room said they hadn’t done it, but swore they knew someone who bought new shoes or a skateboard after getting sucked off. He had heard some girls went there and got paid for getting fucked and stuff too, but it was all just a rumor as far as knew. He was here hoping the blowjob rumor was true. CJ wasn’t gay, but he figured he could close his eyes and think of Jenna Hollister. And if he got paid even sixty bucks a time, he’d only have to do it five times. He had nutted twelve times in a day before. And then his brother would be okay. It took CJ two hours to get a hit. There was a guy he kept seeing as he walked around the trails. He was about fifty and had greyish hair. He was 5’10 or so and wasn’t real fat exactly, but you could tell he wasn’t in shape either. CJ knew he must have money because he saw him get out of one of those electric sports cars. His friend, that he borrowed the hoodie he was wearing from, said those cars cost more than CJ’s house. CJ finally gave up on being approached and walked gaziantep escort over to him and just went for it. CJ said, “I could use sixty bucks.” The man replied, “I was looking for a girl, but okay. Let’s go to the tables.” The tables were the picnic area. It was super closed off with signs and everything and behind construction tape even. The man, who had been smoking a cigar, put it out on the table. He gestured for CJ to get closer. CJ was wondering if he should just pull his dick out or how this would work. The idea of this older man on his knees before him was definitely weird. Then the man put his hands on CJ’s shoulder and shoved them down. CJ started to panic. It only got worse when the man unzipped his jeans and let them fall to his knees. In front of CJ was the man’s dick and balls. The man wasn’t hard yet, but it was still about five inches. And it had all this extra skin. And his balls were way bigger than CJ’s and super hairy. The man grabbed him by his hair and tilted his head up. It didn’t hurt, but nobody had done that to him before. Acted like they owned him. The man said, “I’ll give you twenty extra, but I expect any faggot I let suck my dick to swallow.” Then the man actually spit on him and said, “Start sucking kid and if I feel any teeth you’ll regret it.” CJ wanted to get up and run. But then he thought about Thomas. He couldn’t make himself just put the guy’s dick in his mouth so he ran his tongue up and down the guy’s balls. They tasted a little sweaty and salty. His tongue lapped at them for a minute or two. Part of him hoped that would be enough. It wasn’t. The man reached down and grabbed CJ’s right hand. He brought it to his dick. Then he said, “I’m not paying for a balljob, kid. Either stop playing and eat my ass or suck my dick.” CJ took a deep breath and went for it. No licking, no delay. He put the dick to his lips and then sucked it all in. He made it to the balls. The man moaned. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. It tasted kind of gross, but it didn’t feel that strange. He ran his tongue inbetween the normal skin and the extra skin on the guy’s cock. The man actually trembled a little. By now, the man had gotten hard and it was the biggest dick CJ had ever seen. It looked suriyeli escort and felt like at least eight or nine inches. And the man stopped going easy. He grabbed the back of CJ’s head and started treating his throat like pussy. CJ was wretching and choking and it took everything he had not to throw up. He actually lost the war once. The man let him empty his stomach, then put his dick right back in. After a couple more minutes of this, CJ heard a sound. There was someone else there. The man pulled out of his mouth. Then the man said, “How much are you wanting to make tonight, kid?” CJ told him. The man nodded and then said, “Kid is a whore, not a slut. You can have his ass for 150. I’m busy in his mouth.” CJ froze. Maybe he had thought he could wind up sucking dick when this started, but he never imagined helping Thomas meant getting buttfucked. Then he saw the newcomer. It was his ex-girlfriend’s dad, Ted. He had hated CJ dating his daughter. Said he wasn’t good enough. It only got worse when he caught her giving CJ a handy by the pool. Ted smiled. He went through his wallet and then handed the man the cash with no idea how he’d explain the missing money to his wife. Then Ted said, “I want the little queer bent over the table.” The man nodded. He reached down, grasped CJ under the arms, and lifted him up. Then he pushed him towards the table and bent him over. He climbed on it himself and held CJ still. Then he leaned down a little and whispered, “He is about to turn you into a cunt. It’s going to hurt. Don’t bite my dick off.” CJ felt Ted behind him even before anything happened. Then he felt Ted’s fat man hands on the front of his jeans. They unsnapped his pants, unzipped them, and then jerked them down. Then he felt them on his Howard High branded briefs. Ted didn’t pull them down, just tore them off him. And then CJ was naked from the waist down. With a fat man behind him intending to fuck him. Ted spit on his dick and rubbed his cock on CJ’s ass. Ted was hard without even trying. Ted leaned over and told CJ, “You’re a piece of shit faggot whore, boy. Worthless. A dick ditch. And from now on, you’re pussy.” Ted ran his hands all over the teenage boy ass. It was firm and tight rus escort and so young and smooth. The best kind of cunt. He slapped it a few times to see it quiver. Then he fucked the boy. As tight and silky as the boy’s asshole was to his dick, it was the groans and struggle that got him off. He didn’t bullshit around. He punched his six inch dick balls deep on the first thrust. The boy made delicious sounds. The young body bucked under him. CJ’s eyes and mouth scrunched up and tears trickled out of his eyes. But he took it. Because he was a whore. The man on the table put it back in his mouth after the boy calmed down. It didn’t take long for Ted to cum. The feel and sight of the boy used on both ends was enough. He let his load flood the boy’s guts. When he pulled out, the site of the cum leaking out almost got him hard again. Then he saw Calvin. He made an excuse, got dressed, and ran off before Calvin could decide to kick his ass. CJ, meanwhile, was in pain. His ass felt like a broom had been shoved inside and out and his throat was bruised from the mouth fucking he’d been getting. He started to get up so he could finish the blowjob on his knees. Then he felt hands on his ass again. CJ turned his head and saw his dad, naked. It was his dad touching his ass. He hid his face and started thinking of what he could do to not get caught. Then he felt his dad’s finger pushing into his ass. He didn’t know what to do. Then it was too late to do anything. His dad slammed his dick inside his ass. It felt like he was being ripped apart. And his dad had no mercy. He slammed CJ balls deep and then began pounding him so hard his body was rocking back and forth. CJ forget getting caught and fought to get away. He bucked and struggled, but his dad held him down. The hands that used to comfort him as a kid now held him in place to be fucked like a whore. His dad moaned and groaned on top of him. He pounded him hard and fast and then slow and deep. He gently soaked his dick in him and then treated him worse than trash. CJ knew his dad had to be getting close by the grunts he was making and how deep he was going. He leaned over and let his weight rest on CJ. Then his dad said, just loud enough to be heard, “You’re a worthless goddamn whore and I’m going to treat you like one and jizz inside you now.” Then his dad went feral inside him, fucking him harder than before, and flooded his ass with his cum. It was hot and burned CJ’s raw hole. He felt it leaking out as his dad got dressed and walked away.

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