Dominant Facefucker in Atlanta


Dominant Facefucker in AtlantaRecently I had a working trip to Atlanta with a couple of days to fill with „entertainment“I therefore searched various sites to see if I could find some horny men to suck off.On “Craiglist” I stumbled on an ad which rose my interest.Dominant Bi-Top, 54, 6.4, 280, very hairy is looking for slave throats (M/F) to fill with cum and piss.Throats must take a deep fucking. Swallowing is compulsory.Contact me here for further info’s.I wrote a note to him and two days later got the answer for a meeting.The order was that before arriving at his house I had to call him. He than would open the garage door and I had to step inside.Door would close and inside I would find a chair to put my clothes on.Once naked he would approach , handcuff me and would start to work over my throat.With great anticipation the day arrived and I did as ordered.Shortly after I was naked he arrived. canlı bahis Indeed a big intimidating man. He had a square jawed face and was unshaven.He only was dressed in some stained jeans and indeed was covered in hair everywhere.He greeted me with a slap in the face and addressed me as “Faggot”. I was told that I answer to all questions with “Yes Sir”, and a “No” would be ignored. Everything went so fast and I had no time to reconsider and may-be leave.He immediately handcuffed me and put a collar on my neck. Once I stood helpless in front of him, he grabbed my tits hard and forced me on my knees. I was ordered to open my mouth and receive Sir’s welcome drink, his piss. He opened his zip, and produced a big uncut semi hard dick, which he stuffed in my face and held my head in place for me to receive the golden nectar. And it came in gallons.I swallowed and drank for an endless time. He really bahis siteleri must have tanked up before my arrival.Obviously he was pleased with my performance and lifted me up by my tits, than a leash was attached to the collar and he lead me through his house where we ended up in his cellar.The cellar was spacious and he had all kinds of sex-equipment standing around for usage of slaves.I was put on a low chair, my hands got tied behind the chair, my legs spread-eagled and cuffed left and right, exposing by testicles and hard dick for his enjoyment. Once fixed in this helpless position he clamped some heavy weights on my tits and walked away.He came back after a while with a can of beer in his hand and a burning cigar. By that time he was naked. He stood in front of me and ordered to suck his dick. I did and shortly after his dick was fully erect and ready. He put down his beer, informed me güvenilir bahis that “faggot-boy now receives what he deserves”, grabbed my head and started pounding my throat. It didn’t take long and I started to gag, almost throwing up. He ignored everything and fucked my throat regardless. Breathing became difficult and my eyes watered. After en endless time he pulled out and concentrated on his beer again. Meanwhile my chest and belly was covered with throat slime.He finished 3 beer before he decided to continue. This time he shoved his hard dick all the way down my throat and started to piss, the piss literally ran straight to my belly.This pissing and facefucking went on for at least 3 hours. In-between he would pull my tits, hit my balls and face and make him lick his arse. Eventually it was time for him to blow his load and he did. Masses of it, deep down my throat. I have never ever experienced a throatfuck like that, and even the hole set-up was rather scary I finally fulfilled a fantasy. I served a dominant Top for his pleasure.Hopefully I make it back to Atlanta one day and can have a repeat.

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