Dominating and Owning a Punk Ep.1 Breaking Samantha


This is my first venture into this type of writing. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. The intro is a bit lengthy, but this is also the first episode so its important. Enjoy.

Samantha. That bitch. That beautiful blue haired punk bitch.
She is my ex girlfriend and soon to be sex slave, only, she doesn’t know it yet.

Episode 1 Breaking Samantha

Sam is beautiful, smart, tenacious, and a punk. She is only 22 years old, has big brown eyes, soft olive skin, and short messy blue hair. She only stands at 5’ 7’’ and her breasts are a very firm and perky B with nice puffy nipples. Good for biting. Her ass is the selling point however. Big, rounded to perfection, a bubble, smooth, and irresistible. When she wore skirts or tights and moshed, other guys were constantly grabbing and slapping it. Before we broke up she had a pink elephant tattoo put on her right cheek.

A quick overview of me, Adam. I’m 23 years old, fit without being overly athletic, smoke probably too much pot, and get paid decently well to waggle my mouse in photoshop. (I’m a graphic artist) Oh, my penis, it’s a nice 7” but I prize the 7” girth. Thick and heavy. Sam feared it it would tear her pussy or mouth and never took it in too far.

Our relationship was fine. We lived together with three others in an old house on the outskirts of the city. The kind of house drug dealers and college hippies live in. Sam went to school and I worked. We had plenty of fun together but there were plenty of problems too. Sam was an uncontrollable college punk and I was a logical and collected. She constantly accused me of being boring and not pursuing my goals. This was a trivial compared to the biggest problem though.

The sex. Sam looked, played, and talked the the talk when it came to being punk. Even with all the revealing outfits and sexual tension she caused. Her actual intimate side, however, seemed to be that of a timid child. Don’t get me wrong, she was no virgin, but might as well had been. I can count the times we had sex on my fingers, and thats spanning more than a year. Sam never swallowed or let me cum on her face, no shower sex, no public sex, NEVER anal, no toys or bondage, and no spanking. I never even got to push my entire length all the way in. As you might guess, I like my sex rough.

So naturally it came as no surprise when I came home from work early to find Sam on all fours getting fucked by some British Lit student. (His dick was much smaller than mine) I of course beat his ass and threw him out. Sam promptly broke up with me citing that I was too pathetic and useless for her and wanted me out by tomorrow.
Well fuck.
And it just spiraled from there. After struggling to find a place; even having to sleep in my car a few nights, I discovered that the bitch had stollen my remaining drugs and pawned some of my shit. To finish me, she told our mutual friends that I was the bastard in the relationship. In that way I wouldn’t be welcome around anymore. Sam didn’t just burn bridges, she napalmed them.

Sam was done with me. Unfortunately for her, I was not done with Sam. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I meet some guys on the internet and they suggested the best idea. Sam was to be my personal sex slave. Step one was to break her.

It was late and the street was quiet. I had been waiting and watching for the perfect night and here it was. The housemates were all gone for the the weekend and Sam had decided to stay in tonight. From a window I saw she was wearing a pair of patched jeans and a Clash t shirt. I wondered if she was wearing a bra underneath.

I walked down to her house carrying my bag of tricks. Carefully I put the bag down Ankara bayan escort and pulled out the handcuffs and gag I would need first. I walked up to the front door and knocked.
My heart was racing with adrenaline.

The second I heard her beginning to unlock the door, I acted. I threw all my weight at the door, knocking her back into the main room. I quickly rushed in and threw myself on top of her, pinning her down best I could.

Sam screamed trying to push me away. “What the fuck? Adam!? Get the fuck off me asshole!” I slapped her hard in the face. For a moment she was stunned, but it subsided to anger.

“FUCK!” Out of nowhere I felt a searing pain in my leg. Sam had managed to pull her folding knife from her pants and cut my leg. “Fucking bitch!”
I grabbed her face unceremoniously and slammed her head onto the wood floor. Instantly her body went limp. Not the perfect execution but it worked.


I was busy setting up my camera to face the bed when she stirred.
Sam was fully clothed and on her back with her extremities tied so she was in an inverted ‘Y’ position, legs spread. A ball gag in her mouth kept her from making any noise louder than a muffle.
Immediately, she tried to yell and get move. I jumped up on the bed straddling her stomach and smacking her in the face again. She looked at me with such hatred. My dick jumped from the look.

“That little knife stunt fucking hurt Sam.” I said producing her knife and placing it down to her throat. She stopped moving and her eyes followed the knife carefully. “But I guess you enjoy stabbing me. Right in the back or in my heart. Now its my turn to hurt you.” Sam’s eyes started to well up with tears. “Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you. In fact with time you might even enjoy your punishment.” I finished with sliding the knife under her Clash t-shirt and tearing it.

A serial rapist would have been astonished at the viciousness and fury I took to her clothes. Without any compassion I would just tear as hard as I could from her body. Removing her jeans more than likely bruised Sam. Her little red bra and mismatching baby blue panties came off with little snaps.

Sam was crying from fear and started struggling again. This time I punched her square in the face rattling her eyes around in her head. She stopped struggling.

I began molesting her perky tits. Grabbing and tugging hard at them causing her to moan in pain. Her nipples were getting stiff and I laughed as I flicked them.
“Somebody seems to be getting the idea.” Sam swore threw her gag.
I smiled bent over and bit down hard on her left nipple. She screeched and her body arched in fantastic form. I was nearly thrown off and had to stabilize myself. She immediately started struggling again.

This sent me into a wave of ecstasy. My penis was beginning to throb. I moved my hands down across her flat stomach playing with her belly ring for a brief moment before moving on to attacking her hairy cunt.

My first disappointment. She had apparently stopped shaving her pussy.
“What the fuck is this?” I crawled up her nude body squeezing her breasts harshly again. “I don’t like hair, you know I don’t like hair. You are going to have to take care of this for me later. Understand?” Sam was keeping her face turned away from me. I grabbed it and forced her to look at me. “UNDERSTAND.” She sobbed but nodded very slowly. “I don’t think you do. But don’t worry, we have all night for you to.”

I moved back down to her pussy and shoved my tongue in. Her taste and scent was magnificent. I explored every fold and wall. She writhed and squirmed in discomfort. Using my fingers I spread her open and went as Escort bayan Ankara far as I could reach nudging my rose against her clit. Sam was not happy but her pussy told a different story. In no time at all she was soaking and dripping onto the bed. I traced my tongue over her enlarged clit before biting down on the precious button. Sam screamed like a banshie and pulled so hard on the ropes I was sure she was going to break them. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I stripped off my clothes revealing my raging dick. Pre cum oozed from my giant head.
“A little slut like you should have no trouble taking me balls deep.”
Sam’s eyes widened and she began to thrash about. I grabbed her hips and aligned my swollen prick with her opening. Without a second thought I slammed into her only going in about six of my seven inches. Her pussy walls stretched dangerously around my girth.
“God damn! Your pussy is so fucking tight! I am going to tear you apart!”
I pulled out partly before slamming back into her with my full weight. I felt something give, and I slid my full length in resting my balls on her ass. Sam was bawling her eyes out.I bent down and kissed her gently on the cheek tasting her tears.

Soon I was pounding her pussy as inconsiderately as possible, my balls slapping her taint. She was so tight that every time I pulled out I feared I was going to rip her cunt inside out. After pumping for a few I saw some blood start to come out, this helped with lubrication though so I continued. Her body was shaking viciously with the poundings. Every time I rammed in, Sam made a strange grunting noise and cried harder. This violent assault lasted 20 minutes before I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Fucking bitch. You’d better still be on the pill or you’re gonna have some problems soon.” Her puffy exhausted eyes shot open and she thrashed her head back and forth pleadingly. I smiled again before slamming deep and releasing my cum. Wave after wave of it sprayed into her. After a minute I slid out my sore cock with an audible plop. Cum and blood trickled out of her abused slit.

I quickly grabbed my camera (which was still recording all of this) and took some close up footage of her abused cunt. She was still gaping and I could almost see all the way to her cervix. Her walls were plastered with sticky cum and blood.
Sam hadn’t stopped moaning and crying this whole time.
“Jesus, now I know why you never wanted it rough. Definitely tore something in there. Oh well.”

I climbed up to her head laying my dick and balls on her face. Blood, pussy juices and cum dribbled onto her cheek. She tried to turn her head in disgust but I stopped her.
“I need you to clean me up before I continue. Let me be clear, if you bite, you will need a surgeon and a hospital when I’m done with you.” I stared at her with authority. She stared back tired, hurt, and weak. Tears has formed nice little puddles on the bed.

I undid her ball gag and set it aside.
“I…I fucking hate you! You are a fucking piece of shit you know that!” She yelled with her remaining strength and pride.

I said nothing but slid my dick across her lips slowly forcing my way in. She resisted at first so I raised my fist to strike at which she flinched then finally opened her mouth.

Sam cringed at the taste of her own pussy and reluctantly began to suck. She traced her tongue around my dick and sucked amateurishly. It wasn’t a porn star suck, but there would be time to train her.
Her sucking was getting me hard again and I slowly began to slid in and out of her mouth. Time to take charge again.

As I grew her mouth had to go wider. She was choking trying to breath and accept my large member. Bayan escort Ankara
Finally I just weighed down on her, shoving my dick as far down her throat as it would go. Sam’s eyes bulged and she started to making panicked gagging noises. Looking down I could see a small bulge where my dick ended in her throat. This was the sexiest thing and I almost blew there.
I held myself still letting the feeling of her throat wash over me.
Sam began thrashing, her eyes watering and starting to roll back. I pulled out at the last second and she gasped heavily.
“P..please…stop.” No. I plunged down into her again and began face-fucking her.
I thrust rapidly, pulling out only every so often for her to grasp for air. She was gargling and choking the entire time. The vibrations were ecstasy on my dick.
I fucked her face or what seemed forever. Just as felt my climax coming again I pulled out. My dick was raging. But I knew what was next would be worth it.

“Ask me to fuck you in the ass whore!” Sam looked up at me disgusted.
Wrong answer.
I slapped her hard in the face sending her reeling. Then again on the opposite side. Then again. I did this relentlessly until she cried out in agony “PLEASE STOP! I WILL SAY IT! I WILL!”
I waited. Sam writhed pathetically a small trickle of blood coming from her nose.
“…fuck me…fuck me in the ass…”
“Ask politely and call me sir.” Sam only bawled, but after one more slap she continued.
“…Please sir, fuck me in the ass.”

I was ecstatic and quickly cut the ropes on her ankles. Roughly I flipped her over onto her stomach shoving her legs forward raising her sweet ass into the air exposing her tight pink asshole.

I got behind her, slammed her head down on the bed and lined my raging dick with her asshole. She wailed.
Without mercy, I impaled my entire length into her virgin ass. Sam jerked and opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. The pain must have been intense.
She was tighter than a vice and I had to pull out and spit on my dick for more lubrication before I could start pumping.
I stared at her elephant tattoo as I fucked her ass relentlessly. Eventually Sam began screaming and thrashing like a mad person. I just plowed her harder.
As I thrust, I took my free hand and swung down hard slapping the elephant on her round ass. I felt the vibrations on my dick and it was like heaven. I did it over and over.

Blood was beginning to trickle from her ass when her screaming suddenly died out.
“Bitch, you pass out!?” I laughed as I continued to pound her unconscious ass. Grabbing her blue hair I pulled her head back and really started to ram into her. She wouldn’t be able to sit for days after I was done with her.
Sam was so pathetic looking, her body bouncing like a rag doll, her tongue hanging out like an idiot.
After another ten minutes I exploded deep in her ass.

I climbed off and grabbed my camera to take another round of pictures of the lifeless Sam.
Her torn and abused cunt.
Her gaping and destroyed asshole with bright red ass cheeks.
Sam’s sad bleeding and tear stained face.

I cut her loose from all her restraints and poured a bottle of water on her face to wake her. Immediately she began to quietly sob and whimper too sore to do anything else.

I thrust three fingers into her sore cunt causing her to squeal. “This. This belongs to me now. You stay in line and do as your told and I will have some mercy on you. Right now, however…”

With that I went to my bag and grabbed a few viagra pills, smiled, and swallowed them.
I spent the rest of the night abusing and raping all her holes over and over. Eventually, as the sun began to rise, she understood what her new role was now. My slave.

Next up:

Sam’s friend Natalie shows up and watches me humiliate Sam. She has ideas of her own though…

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