DOMINATION DAY – 24 JUNE 1999Ready for Domination, he watched her return across the restaurant. She looked great. Her knee length, black dress suited her and he loved the red, ankle strapped stilettos. She glided around the booth and sat closer to him than previously. She smelt lovely and her eyes sparkled.The waiter approached and he ordered some wine. As he did so she leaned across him and wiped his cheek with a soft cloth. As she wiped his face he caught a smell of something vaguely familiar. He took her hand and moved it away from his face and then he realised what she was holding. It was her knickers. He laughed, loudly… it just burst from him. She had been to the toilet and removed them. OK then if that’s the way we are going to play it. Good!.He took the damp knickers from her, folded them in half and laid them next to his place setting. It was very obvious what they were. He raised his eyebrow and then his glass to her. “Cheers, here’s to a great week end”. The waiter initially looked puzzled and then realised, he shook his head and sniggered.It was her turn to laugh. Her eyes screwed up and they laughed like a couple of teenagers. She loved it.He had picked her up early this evening in the driveway of the cottage she had rented. They had arranged previously that they would go straight out to avoid any awkward silences. That is what they had done… He had booked the restaurant a week ago and here they were.She felt as though she had known him for ages. He was easy to be with and very charming. He gave her lots of compliments and reassuring touches and winks. She was so aroused it was embarrassing. She had felt like this all week. She was afraid she was going to make a fool of herself and was constantly grounding herself as so where she was and what she was doing here.The knickers trick was her making the first move. All the way through he had waited and let her decide on the timing of their relationship, when it was to move forward etc.The knickers had committed her to something more than mates spending the weekend together. They both knew, they were acknowledging it and celebrating it here and now. The meal went well with lots of wit and sexual innuendo. As it neared the end of the meal she started to get nervous. His attitude became more serious but still reassuring and pleasant. He sat holding her hand as they drank their coffee. She slid her hand under the table and stroked his thigh. He looked at her, as if to remind her that by stroking his leg she was making a further commitment. She smiled at him and continued.He relaxed a little and a grin spread across his face, his eyes sparkled and he grew restless to leave.As they were leaving the restaurant she remembered the knickers still on the table. He laughed and prevented her going back for them.“You wont need them, we’ll collect them Monday morning” He sniggered.He held her hand as illegal bahis they walked, kneading her fingers in his.She, despite denigrating herself for it, kept up a constant flow of inane chat. He stopped and turned to her shaking his head slowly and placing both hands on her arse he walked her backwards and pressed her flat against a wall… To shut her up he stared at her for what seemed an age, she understood.. and was silenced. To focus her attention he put his finger against her lips, then his fingers trailed down her neck and across her breast. A fleeting look of anxiety crossed her face which he stopped with his kiss. It was a hard, urgent kiss that probed her mouth and would to allow him access to her, to the part of her that he had exposed and that they were going to explore. That was all it took. She threw her arms around him and returned his kiss even more passionately, pressing her breasts into his chest.He released her mouth and moved his lips to her ear and whispered,“Undo my jeans..”She looked at him for reassurance and found it. She quickly undid his jeans, and was surprised to find him naked beneath them. His hard prick springing outwards as if connected to her by some invisible thread. She then returned her arms to his back as though to deny any complicity. He placed both hands around her bottom and pulled her into himself pressing his prick against her pubic bone beyond the material of her dress.He groaned softly into her ear..“You know what I am going to do to you, don’t you?”She flushed, scarlet. And turning her head to the side she looked deep into his eyes, exploring them.. Her mouth dried and her legs trembled with excitement.“Lift the front of you skirt”She held her breath and tried to wet her lips with her tongue.She dropped her arms from around him and slid one in between them. With trembling fingers, she raised the front of her skirt.“Open your legs and slide down the wall a bit”Again she tried to wet her lips as she did as he had told her.He moved his hips until his prick was at her entrance. He loved it when she gasped in anticipation and tilted her pelvis up to greet him. He spoke to her in a low, measured voice very close to her ear.“Not yet, you have to have patience, you are a fuckslut and must wait” he admonished her.She whimpered.“I am going to fuck you. I am going to ram my prick inside you. Here. With people close by, they will see your skirt around your waist and they will know what you are”.Again he looked into her face to gauge her reaction.“And you, my Angelslut, will want me to fuck you. You will be wet and you will plead with me. You will beg me to let you cum. And I will release you because I can do this for you. And here, against this wall, in this car park, you will cum. But until then you will wait”.She almost fell against him, her breath leaving her body in short gasps.He moved his mouth from her illegal bahis siteleri ear and, again looked deep into her eyes to gauge her reaction…She closed her eyes, she was acutely embarrassed because she knew that what he said was going to happen, domination“Open your eyes and look at me. I shall watch as I fuck you and you will watch your reflection in my eyes.He took both her hands in his and held them to her sides. Then he pushed his prick in between her legs and as he did so he felt her wet thighs surround him.“You are so wet Angelslut, as I knew you would be”.As he spoke he was slowly running his prick back and forward against her wet lips and clit, slowing her with the weight of his body pressing her into the wall.“Kiss me Angelslut, look into my eyes as I fuck you, as I slide my prick into you and make you beg me to let you come”.She kissed him with trembling lips and open eyes, shuddering as she fell into him, her nipples straining against the lining of the dress and her cunt pulsing and aching as he tormented her going so close to entering her and then moving his prick towards her arse.“Please fuck me..” She heard the words and realised she had spoken them. He moved his prick slowly from her arse bringing it all the way to her clit where his fingers joined to torment her further, softly, gently fondling her clit that was screaming out to him.“I didn’t hear you, I need you to tell me exactly what you want me to do, then I can do it for you. What is it you want Angelslut? Tell me now. I demand it!”His fingers and prick continued the slow onslaught on her cunt, the sensations radiating outwards to parts of her that had laid dormant for years and some that she had never known. Her whole body was alive and aware of the tiniest movement of his, his fingers, the slow thrust of his hips into her. Her anxiety raising and lowering as he moved in and out of her lips.He could feel her hot wet lips against his prick, her wetness and the swelling of her clit drawing him ever nearer her entrance, sucking and dragging at him. He was so close and he knew she was but he also knew that she had to ask that he must wait until she did so. It was important for their relationship that from the start she could trust him to do as he said. How he wanted to fuck her as his prick slid inside them. He tried to listen to the music from the surrounding buildings and peoples voices. Then he heard her, she was gasping but her words were very clear and precise.“Tell me Angelslut, what is it you want me to do for you?“I want you to fuck me Sir”, she whispered… “Please put your prick inside me and fuck me, I want to cum. Oh Please Sir may I cum?”.She was desperate, she was sobbing, looking straight into his eyes, they tears tumbling down her cheeks and dripping onto her neck…“You’re ready, my Angelslut, Soon now ssshhhh”His prick travelled slowly from canlı bahis siteleri the top of her swollen lips downwards towards her entrance as he watched her raise herself onto her tiptoes, her exhalations coming in short gasps as she waited.“Open your eyes. Look at me..”“I need you to relax and open yourself, do it now, stay still and I will show you what it feels like to cum for me my Angel”Her tear filled eyes sparkled, her pupils almost filling her face, her lashes heavy with tears. She nodded in acknowledgement of his command, her eyes locked into his.He held her there, on the edge, for what seemed an age, soothing her calming and stilling her, the head of his prick pulsating against her ultra sensitive entrance, she, holding her breath, her orgasm building and rolling over her from all the extremities of her body and beyond. He placed his hands around her arse, looked deep into her eyes and then pulled her onto himself as he plunged his prick deep inside her.“NOW ANGEL, CUM FOR ME NOW!” She covered her mouth with her hand to silence the scream that was escaping her, he roughly pulled her hand away and covered her mouth with his, his groan vibrating around the inside of her mouth as his orgasm rose from his thighs and made his abdomen thrust into her.Her body shivered and trembled against him, Her cunt muscles contracting and releasing his exploding prick as he filled her with his cum, her own wetness surrounding him. Her thighs tensed and then collapsed, her knees buckled and he held her using the wall to keep her upright.He held her, containing, first her anxiety, followed by her arousal, then her cumming and now her embarrassment.“Look at me..” He raised her chin with his fingers and smiled at her.She smiled and then giggled“Tidy yourself up, look at the state of you! Not fit to be seen out with”, he laughed..He fastened his jeans and then smoothed her creased dress over her mound pressing his hand into her.He took her hand and led her across the car park. When they reached the car he turned to her..“Its going to be OK, this weekend, we will make it so”“May I kiss you, Sir?”“Yes, you may..”She placed her hands around his face and kissed him tenderly.A woman passing tutted and muttered something…They both laughed.. she climbed into the car and he stroked her arse and she stopped and he slid his fingers inside her.She looked around questioningly not knowing what it meant, if anything..“It’s because I can..” he said enigmatically.. as he removed his fingers and offered them to her to suck“Oh” she said..Never taking her eyes from his she sucked avidly up and down his fingers, tasting both him and herself.His eyes crinkled and he laughed out loud. She watched him, unsure at first as to what he was laughing at then realised he was laughing at her… She laughed, climbed into the car.They drove back in silence, it wasn’t unpleasant and there was music playing. She stroked him constantly, his thigh, his arm, anywhere she could touch. He reached across several times to touch and stroke her and when he stopped at the traffic lights he turned and kissed her holding her face in his hand…

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