DONNA-mum and her best friend


DONNA-mum and her best friendMum’s best friend, Margaret, lived 100 miles away from us, but she would come and visit us around three times a year, it was really nice to see her as she was my god mother and we got on really well. Mum and she had been friends since infant school.Whenever she came up they would usually go out, cinema, restaurant, pub wherever but this Saturday Night they decided to stay in. “Are you going out Donna” mum had said “Yes” I had answered three bloody times in a half hour.Mum and Margaret were in the ‘best’ room drinking wine as I said my goodbyes and headed off into town. It was an awful night, cold and windy and I really wanted to see more of Auntie Margaret, so after 20 minutes I decided to head back home.I was surprised to find the front was locked, so I made my way round the back, let myself in and made a coffee. As I made my way towards the room door, which was ajar, I heard a strange noise. Moving quietly, I sneaked a look and was flabbergasted. Mum and Margaret were illegal bahis sat snogging on the settee, mum had her hands-on Margaret’s tits and Margaret did the same back. I had a good view and was sure they couldn’t see me. After a minute or so Margaret lifted mums top over her head.And then felt her tits again, as they kissed. Mum unbuttoned Margaret’s blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. Now I was getting strange feelings as my best friend at school, Alison, makes my tummy churn every time I’m with her.Margaret unclasped mum’s bra and pulled it off her shoulders, rubbing her nipples I felt really exited as mum moaned, then she bent down and sucked and licked mum’s nipples. This was amazing for me to see as we had no sex education in those days.I had often wondered about Alison but never knew what to do, we had never heard of ‘Gays’ in those days, and here I were learning again off mum. As Margaret played with mum’s erect nipples, she unbuttoned her bra and pulled it down.The two of them started illegal bahis siteleri kissing again as their hands rubbed each other. A minute went by and mum pushed Auntie back into the sofa, her lips moving down to her nipples as her hand stroked the front of Margaret’s trousers, she moaned.This went on for around another couple of minutes, I’m not sure I wasn’t clock watching, when mum whispered “Stand up” as she did mum unclipped her trousers and they fell to the ground, running her finger over the front of her blue knickers as she nibbled her tits.God I was so turned on, slipping my own finger under my dress I found myself to be soaking, my hole tingling. Then mum stood up and Margaret pulled her skirt down, as they snogged furiously, they each put a hand down the front of the other’s knickers.A few minutes past and Auntie said “Top or bottom”, mum looked at her and then smiled and said “Bottom”. Stepping away from Margaret mum pulled her black knickers down, stepped out of them canlı bahis siteleri and laid on the floor with her thighs open.Auntie Margaret slipped her pants down and then I could see her trimmed bush, she knelt on the floor and straddled mum’s face, positioning her self in the right place she groaned as I watched mum’s fingers prod into Auntie’s wet cunt.Then her tongue flickered over her clitoris, Margaret was doing the same to mum, and I could see it very clearly from my vantage point, slipping my fingers under my skirt then under my knicker elastic I was wet as fuck and desperately needing to masturbate.Not long maybe five minutes elapsed when Auntie half whispered “I’m Coming” as the rocked each other, then it hit her first she cried out like a wounded a****l as her climax tipped her, seconds later mum did the same.Then they got off each and sat up, as they hugged and kissed Margaret said “God I’ve missed you” mum smiled as they got dressed I hurried into the kitchen and then outside for a cigarette, touching under my skirt I was flooding.Geoff, a man that had lived across from us all my life said “You Ok Donna” “Yes thanks” “You want to come over for a chat” I thought why not……………… but that’s a different story to be told later………

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