Don’t Look Away

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“Turn off the light, take a deep breath, and relax . . .”

“Do you watch porn?” She asked, and I imagined her fingers stroking the keys, letters spurting quickly through channels faster than the eye could register to splash onto my retina . . . and coat my mind in a hot sticky miasma of lust.

I hesitated, and then said, “Yes.”

“What kind of porn do you watch?” My own letters spew hot streams of electronic bursts back onto her face, and I imagine lines of light rolling across her face as she licks her lips, tongue rolling over each curve and ripple, relishing the waves of sensation rolling out from her mind to trace the smears of invisible signs sliding down her face . . .

“I like anal—”


“I’m curious . . .”

My burning cock bursts against the barrier of my pants . . . I close my eyes . . . my hard hot cock sits in my hand . . . the diamond hard head sliding up and down the crack of your ass.

Don’t look away . . .
Look in my eyes
As I look in you
And move into you

I open my eyes to blue light rolling in waves up your ass as it sways slowly back and forth, back and forth, your asshole nipping at the head of my cock each time it rolls back towards me.

Don’t look away . . .
Hold pendik escort me in your sighs
Soft breaths into my mouth
Arms wreathe my body . . .

I kneel and ram my tongue into your ass. Tongue fucking you relentlessly, I push four fingers into your pussy, and ravish your body without mercy.

Your body bounces up and down in mid-air—the sex-harness holding you within its grasp—

Don’t look away . . .
Hold me, crush me
Into your body
As I push in deep

springs bouncing, squeaking . . . flesh contrasting with black straps stabbing arms, legs, stomach . . . all control is gone . . .

Face smacking
ass tongue fucking hole
saliva slurping spurting
stabbing tongue fucking
breath holding
eyes closed face buried bum
tonguing hot wet dark
furious fucking asshole
spasming face sucks
deeper dark wet
molten demon depths . . .

Cunt crushing cramps
fingers fucking
hard hot hungry cunt
lava licking lapping loving
my thrusting fingers—“UHHH!!!”

I hear NO SOUND . . . just asshole crushing my tongue
cunt crushing crashing fingers in fast fucking friction—stop.

My face moves back,
cold air smacking molten juices
coating my face,
shocking nerves escort pendik . . .

I take a breath and my nose tastes intermingled flavours, smells roll across my tongue . . .

Dizzy, I stand slowly . . . burning cock oozing molten cum bubbles dripping down . . . .

Don’t look away . . .
Barriers melting
Merging into you
I thrust hard—

“Say it . . .”

“. . .”

“SAY it . . .”

“F. . .”


Don’t look away
Eyes close staring
Pain and Pleasure daring
Do it, do it . . .

“FUCK MY ASS, fuck my ass, fuck me, I’m your slut, make me your slut, I’m your ass slut . . . fuck your ass-slut . . .”

Cock head nudges
asshole muscle ring slow . . .
nudge . . . slow—
“fuck me! CUNT ass cock . . . I . . . coCK! . . .”

Burning big head dripping
hot molten juicy hole
sucks hard big head
pushing pain pleasure
pushing big burning head
into sucking asshole mouth sucking ass—”fuck!
F—uck! F—ck! UH! UH! Uhhhhh . . .”

Big blob hot hard head inside,
in, in ass, pulsing, burning bad needing bad
big fucking cock deep cock push deeper
burning need big cock head deeper in
burning blossoming fucking
need it—”nee—d! uh!
I . .. nee—D, NEED pendik escort bayan IT!
Fucking FUCK IT, deep,
cunt fucking cock fuck my ass, fuck my ass . . .”

Pressure lessens
cock head swells
pushes pushing a little more
a little back, back and forth,
small movements
making insane
sensations on my cock head
needing fuck
deep deeper in fuck deep sucking asshole
slurping loose tight sucking asshole
slurping cock head
deep, deeper, DEEP, DEEPER . . .


Control gone,
mind gone,
body gone—big burning cock head shaft
deep grip sucking asshole
sucking grabbing shaft . . .

Ass grabbing
opening blossoming
big hard cock
burning blessing bursting blasts big cock
fucking asshole open body blooming blossoming
opening begging sucking open sucking begging blood pulsing big cock
pushing pulsing pumping asshole fucking
ASSHOLE fuCKing ASShole FUckING ass fuck
FUCK F . . . F . . . F . . . FUCK!!!!

Asshole spasm spasms spasming
sucking slurping shuddering slobbering
suck sucking ass sucker sucking cock
spurt spurts spurting hot lava jets burning
cum cock cumming
big burning beautiful blasting cock in asshole . . .

Roaring blackness
joyful falling onto
your body on my body
swaying suspended together
cock in ass
pumping pulsing
soothing slipping
sliding sighing . . .

Don’t look away . . .

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