Don’t Underestimate Me! Ch. 06

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The mobster gone, celebrations lead to families and friends being reunited. Lovers reconnect, big time.

Chapter 6 — Rediscovering love.

Joanna woke first. She watched John sleeping like a baby. After seeing him as a hero, she loved he was just her John. Now they had a future. She wanted a baby John. She would have been close to giving birth if all this hadn’t happened.

She rose and showered. She would help Cheryl prepare breakfast for their guests. Guests who would be welcome anytime. Well, maybe not when she and John were making love. She smiled. She thought she had left those marvellous times behind when she left her home. John’s rage was truly astronomical.

Cheryl was already in the kitchen. She looked happier than she had seen her since Ted had been murdered.

Joanna thought she would play with her, “Okay is that smile your I’ve just had ten orgasms and I’m still having little ones?”

Cheryl smiled at the vision, “Joanna, No. I’m just happy. I have never thought about happiness since Ted’s death. I never thought I would ever think again about holding someone close, feeling safe, wanting them. I never thought I would feel aroused again but with Mo I do. He’s lovely, so kind, so caring. A gentle giant.

“I don’t know how to take that next step. He deserves so much more than me, a whore, used and abused for fun.

“How can I offer him me? I’ll take our time together and treasure it. Maybe in the future if I can forgive myself for what I have done, I’ll find someone like him or John. A really good guy, like Ted.

“No one can want me after what I’ve done.”

Joanna hugged Cheryl, “Don’t blow this. Mo knows some of your story. Tell him it all. Your courage helped you to survive. I wouldn’t be here without you. Don’t sell yourself short. Look at all those you prevented from that hell.

“Take your time with him. He’s worth it. You are as well.

“Hell, if we find out who’s single we can round up some challenging women for them for this afternoon.”

Cheryl smiled, “I thought about Jenny for Geoff. She has a similar humour and everyone takes her for being older. When he sees her body in a bikini, he’ll be fighting any others off.”

Joanna looked thoughtful, “Well she is a nurse, maybe his cast needs attention!”

They laughed.

Cheryl looked pensive.

“Cheryl, spit it out.”

“Joanna, I thought about calling my parents and asking them to come this afternoon, bringing my two daughters. I want to show them what they helped achieve. Reuniting families. People will be free to recover friendships.

“I’ll be able to have my children stay with me not worry they will be taken to that whorehouse.”

Joanna hugged her, “Yes, that’s brilliant Cheryl. I’m going to call my sister and have her bring her husband and their daughter Alice. I haven’t been able to play with her since Evans began his games in case he did anything to them.

“You’re right, it will show them all what they did, how their bravery has freed so many people, the impact that will have.

“Let’s prepare the breakfasts and then we’ll make some calls.”

The men started appearing. Mo was amongst the last to appear.

Cheryl said, “You must have needed that. You were sound when I got up. I loved your arms were still around me. I felt so safe. Thank you.”

She gave him a kiss which held the promise of more passion behind.

“I kind of missed not having you there to cuddle me when I woke up. Hopefully, you’ll want to hug and cuddle me later.” Cheryl gave him a very affirmative kiss on that.

Mo didn’t tell her he had been down earlier and heard her talking to Joanna. Cheryl was worth getting to know and they would overcome her fears. He would need to tell her about him.

About 10am Robert and Alice arrived.

Cheryl saw he didn’t have the steaks, “Your butcher not opening for you. We’ll head to the freezers and get some thawing.”

Robert smiled, “No need, they’re coming. The baker is doing fresh rolls, bread and other bits, the greengrocer is bringing the salads.

“Three single women are coming to waitress to make sure everyone is fed and watered. It could have been the whole town.

“I was asked time and again to confirm that the shite were dead. The smiles on peoples’ faces were something to behold.

“I told them you were a hero too and how you protected Joanna and others from them.

“The Cheryl of Cheryl and Ted was one everyone loved. Cheryl you are still that person.”

Cheryl dissolved into tears. Mo held her close to him.

Robert thought he had said something wrong but Alice kissed him and pulled him away so they could be alone.

Mo said, “He’s right. You’re a hero and a fantastic person. Stop beating yourself up. Let’s look forward.”

Cheryl almost burrowed into him. She was so happy.

Robert found Iain and told him the problem Evans had created for the artisan shops and the way they were being foreclosed that week so Johnson would have the buildings and land.

Iain told him he would kill all that and make everything istanbul escort right. It may take a few days but any problems call him.

The doorbell went and Joanna opened it to find her niece Alice with her sister Susan and her husband David.

Joanna almost smothered Alice, “I’ve missed you so much.” Tears were streaming down her face.

Finally she stood and hugged her sister for the first time in months. Susan was taken aback. Joanna had been avoiding her recently. That hurt as they had always been so close. The call had been a very pleasant and welcome surprise.

David received a big hug as well.

At that moment, Robert and Alice appeared. Little Alice ran to them, her screams of delight could be heard throughout the house. It brought a cheer to them all.

Big Alice spoke, “Alice would you go with granddad and your dad to see the big new toy granddad has for a BBQ. He wants us to have a similar one. I think they have ice cream down there. We’ll be a few minutes.”

The three went off. Susan looked at her mum and Joanna. Her parents had been remote as well, what had happened?

“Let’s go and get some coffee and we’ll explain everything Susan. I’m so, so glad we can be together again.”

Over coffee, Alice explained everything. Joanna sat crying; she was so happy to be with her sister again. She noted her mum whitewashed the events at her house.

Susan was stunned.

“You gave yourself so that dad and mum wouldn’t be killed. David, Alice and I wouldn’t be killed. John wouldn’t be killed.

“I called you everything for not being my little, caring sister while you were protecting us. They would have taken me. My god, your courage!

“Mum, I know how it must have hurt you not to spend time with Alice but you were protecting her.

“I doubt you’ve told me half of what happened but you will.

“Joanna, I’m going to do what a big sister has to do when her little sister does something so wonderful for the whole family. I’m going to flaunt myself at the pool so your husband is so randy by the time you get to bed, he’ll make love to you for hours, like you deserve.

“From what he and his friends did, he deserves it as well.”

Alice spoke sadly, “I could do my dance of the seven veils and your dad wouldn’t notice with that outside dining area in his eyes.”

Susan and Joanna both yelled, “He’d notice! You or steaks no contest!”

They headed off to join the others. They were all huddled together. Susan had a lot to tell David in case he became jealous as she flaunted herself at John. He would understand. Both knew John would never touch her.

The outside area was filling up, drinks were flowing. The doorbell rang.

Cheryl and Mo answered it. She was surprised to see so many former friends. She had big hugs from them as they passed boxes for the BBQ. Three woman, Sheila, Monika and Nancy said they were waitressing for her, where should they go.

Some asked if they could say thank you to those who had saved them all.

Cheryl invited them all through. She was crying. She introduced everyone and they were stunned when John asked them all to stay. They would help Robert but this was about friends.

Cheryl stunned him when she gave him a massive kiss.

“Friends,” was all she could say.

Within moments, Joanna made her tears worse. She came in with Cheryl’s parents and her two daughters, now fifteen and seventeen. Cheryl had only fleetingly seen them over the last five years to protect them.

They ran to her and hugged her. Many tears were falling.

People were hugging one another. The feeling of love not fear was intoxicating.

Robert was in his element and everyone complemented him on how great his food was. Everyone took a turn to help him. The three waitresses had changed into small bikinis which attracted the attention of Ron, Junior and Glen, the three single men.

Alice surprised Robert when she appeared in her bikini. Well, it was Alice but that bikini was at most, a third of the size of the ones she wore. Her beautiful breasts stood proud, barely contained in the red slinky material. The cleavage had him hard in seconds. The bottoms looked like they had been sprayed on and allowed her second cleavage to be seen. If he didn’t know better he thought she had lost her pubic hair. His breath was coming in quick bursts.

John saw his mother-in-law and was glad. If Joanna looked as good as that at her age, he would be very happy.

Joanna appeared. Her bikini was white. Her hair caressed her breasts. The small cups allowed an acre of delectable flesh to be displayed. The small tanga style briefs barely covered her pubic mons over which John thought something was missing. The view of her firm rear was breath taking, the little piece of cloth struggling to contain that spectacular bum but it was spoiled by the large bruise which was almost fully visible over the cloth. It covered the whole width of her bum.

John was hard already. She walked seductively towards avcılar escort him. He thought he could be drooling!

Susan appeared in a green bikini that had been sprayed on by a miser. There was very little material. Her large breasts defied gravity her nipples clearly aroused. The bottom seemed to be some micro thong. She oozed sex appeal. David’s jaw was wide open. His shorts were tight already.

Susan hugged John before sitting beside David. She kissed him passionately.

Little Alice was very happy as there was always someone playing with her. Some other small children were there now as well so she had more friends to play with.

Cheryl appeared and Mo stopped breathing. She was wearing a black bikini which showed her large cleavage but couldn’t contain her nipples which were trying to drill out through the material. The bottom looked like it was caressing her as she walked towards him. She liked what she saw in his eyes. She liked even more what she felt when she hugged him.

What Mo didn’t like was the number of bruises on her body. He wanted to play with the Johnson’s again for that.

Jenny had arrived and was wearing a non-regulation nurse’s uniform when she insisted on examining Geoff. She started at the white streak expressing her thought that it had healed well. She told him the white streak made him look distinguished. She made a show of taking her time to work her way down his body ensuring everything worked as normal. She apologised for forgetting her stethoscope but placed her ear over his heart. Her breath on his stomach was highly arousing. When she came to the cast, she explained that she needed to make sure his toes were not being deprived of blood.

He thought they might be as a lot seemed elsewhere.

She tickled his toes and he couldn’t stop laughing. He tried to catch her but she held herself outside his reach. His so-called friends were no help laughing at him.

Finally she stopped. Stood up and slowly lifted her uniform revealing a very tiny bikini which barely covered an astounding body.

She called Monika over to order both Geoff and she a drink.

John couldn’t understand what had gotten into Susan. She seemed to appear wherever he looked. She was as hot as her sister. If he tried to move away, Joanna had him. He was constantly hard.

David just smiled. John knew something was going on, but not what.

Despite so much gaiety, there was an undercurrent as people wanted to know what happened but didn’t want to come out and say it.

Joanna, shouted for quiet, “Thank you all for coming. This will be a short speech. Today is only possible because of John and his friends. I didn’t know his background; I only knew I had married a super man. I didn’t realise he actually is Superman and his friends all come from the planet Krypton.

“John and Andrew broke into here last week and somehow told me I would be safe. They and the others came back on Friday night, through the sewers to rescue me and Cheryl and many others held captive here.

“Mo, Junior and others rescued my parents and my mum will be forever grateful for that especially as they had quite a fight with some bad guys which means mum finally won her battle with dad to have the house decorated.

“As you may have seen, I was held on a torture horse with the Johnson’s about to torture me. They got one use of a strap before Mo, Ron, Junior, Tim came to my rescue, one second before my husband and his merry band of sewer rats.

“The screams you heard that night were the Johnsons’ being shown the error of their ways.

“We are all free because of these wonderful men.

“Now let’s party.”

The afternoon went well. Those women without bikinis just stripped to their lingerie. The pool was busy in the sun.

Geoff and Jenny seemed close. Mo played matchmaker again, knocking Junior into the waitress Sheila, who looked like she was fourteen, a very well developed fourteen. Cheryl told him she was twenty-eight. Junior had been too nervous to approach her. They ended in the pool. As they surfaced she solved that by kissing him passionately.

Ron asked Iain if they should have a science operation here.


“Did you not notice when John couldn’t speak to Joanna, the air around her was about four degrees higher. It seems like it’s a local phenomenon we should explore.”

Iain didn’t answer as Monika took Ron’s hand and dragged him to the pool. Iain was almost sure he saw steam rising as she entered it. Ron looked very happy.

When Ron came back twenty minutes later, he was smiling in a way no one had seen him before.

Answering their gazes Ron said, “She was on her break. We’re meeting tomorrow. If she has another break before this winds up, she’ll come to me. Wow the women here are fantastic.”

Cheryl spent time with her parents and introduced Mo to them and her daughters, Carla and Christine. They all got on well.

Her parents were happy to see their old Cheryl was still there. The appearance of so many friends at the end of şirinevler escort their nightmare was so fantastic. They moved around, reopening old friendships lost as no one wanted to be close to Johnson’s realm.

Cheryl’s daughters peppered Mo about what happened. Cheryl and he promised to tell them on another day when it was quiet but today, they wanted them all to enjoy a normal day.

The men made a few trips to the beer room to bring more boxes up.

Alice was in Robert’s arms, sitting on him. The heat from her fanny toasting his cock. She leaned into him, “If a barbeque like this is what you want, we’ll get one.”

Robert nodded, “But only if you wear a bikini like that there. You’d raise the dead. You’re the most gorgeous woman here today.”

Alice smiled and kissed him passionately, “Do you want to go upstairs to fuck or go home or both?”

“Home. Maybe another time here but it’s too soon.”

Others were also thinking about going. One problem was that most had drank more than they should, never having expected an invitation to stay. They asked Cheryl if they could leave their cars and collect them the next day. They would call taxis.

Iain solved the problem by asking the Fusiliers to drive them all home in their own cars.

As Susan was waiting for David to collect little Alice from Joanna’s room where she was sleeping, Iain approached her.

Robert saw her give her bank card to Iain. Susan looked shocked.

When she came to hug her mum goodbye, she told them, “He’s just put €30 million in our bank account. He said we were part of the abused.”

With large hugs and promises to catch up very soon, Susan and her family left. Joanna and John hugged her parents goodnight.

By the time they returned, they found Geoff, Ron, Junior and Glen had left as well. Glen had been hooked and reeled in by Nancy. He loved redheads! His tongue was sunburned because he was drooling so much over her awesome body.

As they sat around, Joanna said, she wanted to set the record straight because one thing had not been fully disclosed.

“This afternoon has been wonderful because it has brought so many people together who had been separated because of the Johnsons’. I hope you saw what that meant to everyone, how you have changed our little world for the better.

“I love so many made sure to tell you Cheryl how special you are. You do yourself down but your courage got you through this nightmare.”

Cheryl was tearful but had Mo holding her tightly.

“What none of you know is just what Cheryl endured to protect me. You saw her bruised body today. She didn’t want to show herself, we persuaded her to show her badges of honour.

“Evans was the one who wanted me. He was the one who was responsible, the only one. Cheryl told my parents and I exactly what was going to happen to me if I agreed to the contract. I had no choice. If not, I would have no family and be in that whorehouse.

“She prepared me for what was ahead. When I came here, Evans was going to rape me. She persuaded him that he would get a bigger high being the first to mount me at the party. His control of me, his power over me would make him more powerful.

“Evans raped her that night instead of me.

“The two thugs closest to Johnson wanted me. She told them they had a special plan for me and I could not be touched. They abused her instead of me.

“The night you came John, Evans had flogged me with a strap as I wouldn’t give up my anal cherry to anyone but you. He raped Cheryl again.

“Johnson and his brother would use her all night when they were here. Sonia would watch, sometimes join in with her strap-on. She would attach nipple clamps and clit clamps. I could hear Cheryl’s screams.

“Your promise to rescue me John, kept me from killing myself. I trusted you. I knew I couldn’t tell Cheryl for her own safety.

“The days before the party Evans really took it out on her making me watch, he was brutal. This was what I was going to be receiving with interest. Afterwards Evans left, telling me Friday night and I was his. After it, he was going to show the video to John before killing him. The Johnson brothers abused her badly that night as well.

“On the night, Cheryl did everything to prevent me going to the rec. You saw Sonia and how close she was to doing what they planned to do to me to Cheryl.

“Without Cheryl, I would not have survived. Thank you Cheryl.”

Joanna hugged Cheryl as the tears flowed from her. Mo tightened his grip around her. As though he knew what she was thinking he said, “We have tomorrow. The past is over.”

As Joanna came to him, John was looking at Cheryl in a new light. She had truly saved Joanna.

Iain moved the evening on and they began talking about normal things.

Mo had a serious question he needed answered. This was strange, Mo took life as it comes.

Iain nodded go ahead.

“When is Robert coming back to do the next barbeque and will he teach me how it’s done as that was the best barbeque ever, even if I was left with blue balls!”

Everyone laughed.

Cheryl said, “Talking about blue balls. If your wives can come, they are more than welcome to avail themselves of the accommodation. I don’t know what to do about Mo. Jenny’s not here to examine him. I may have a nurse’s uniform that I haven’t worn in years if that would help.

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