DON’T WASTE MY CUMI sit alone in the dark except for th flicker of a TV. My wife (sometimes its my wife and sometimes it my girlfriend when I imagine it) had been out for almost and hour. Her only instructions, “Don’t play with your cock when I leave. I want that cum for myself.” As soon she left. I immediately strip and turn on some porn. I can get off to anything and everything. I guess its a sign that I am either extremely one minded or simply perfectly perverse. I like to think I am date perfectly combination of both.There in the dark I fun my cock and balls. From time to time I lean over and spit down on my own cockhead. I watch it run down the shaft to my hand while I slowly stroke. I am so absorbed in my pleasure I never hear my wife walk in.”I asked you not to do that. My God you’re such a horny bastard. I think I have to teach you a lesson.” I laugh at her comment. She is a formidable person and woman but not physically, but rather mentally. Sharp as a tack, perhaps brilliant in her field but like most women not even remotely close to a match for me in sheer power.She saunters over and runs her hand across my chest. I like the touch and cock springs up in response. I stand. My cock rubs against her jean covered legs and pussy finally resting against her slightly exposed stomach. She walk around me. Dragging her hand across my chest , over my arms and then to my ass. I reach back with both hands to grab her and pull her close and then it happens. CLICK! CLICK My hands are handcuffed behind me. I begin to turn and yell but a ball gag is stuffed into my mouth and quickly strapped shut. A hood is then placed over my head and I am pushed back onto the couch where one of my ankles are shacked and then chain is then connected to something else on the first floor.”Get ready to learn,” is all she says and then the I hear her walk away and the door shuts. I am stunned and angry and excited all at once. I thrash about briefly and then calm down and wait. I fall asleep. I don’t know how long. I wake up panicked. Time is slipping away. How long has she been gone. Hours definitely, but how many?I relax again and then I hear the door open. My wife’s walk is unmistakeable and even before she opens her canlı bahis mouth I know she is there. “Ready?,” she says. I nod yes. She undoes the handcuffs and quickly redoes them in front of my body. “Good. Come on then.” I expect her to help me to my feet but instead I hear other footsteps enter. One pair, two pair, three, four. My mind races. I am terrified that I am shackled and naked in front of God knows who.I strain to speak with the balls gag in my mouth. I feel my wife grab my balls and get close to my ears. “You’ll never do this again I bet.” She retreats and then I am pulled to my feet by my arms by two sets of hands. As soon as I am standing I am slapped hard and fall to the floor. My wife laughs. Just the location makes me understand it was her who hit me. I feel hands all over me turning me over onto all fours. I am fully exposed and being held. I again try to talk and scream but nothing can make it past the ball gag.I soon feel hands stroking my quickly engorged cock. I relax a bit. I strain to hear another voice. Anything to get my bearings. The hands stop and again my wife is in my ear. “Relax it will make this so much easier for you.” She is gone and then classical music is turned on…loud. I can hear nothing but the instruments filling every space of the room.My cock is again being stroked and I start to relax. Almost as soon as I do something cool dribbles down the crack of my ass. It’s quickly stopped with some fingers which run it into my asshole. I begin to shake my head no which is greeted with a hard smack on the ass by a female hand. I can;’t tell if it’s my wife or someone else.The fingers start rubbing and pushing. Soon one then another and then another are in my ass. Rubbing and pushing. Deeper and deeper. My prostate is grazed and I jump but I am being held so films I barely move. I relax and the a fourth finger makes its way in. In and out they go. I feel full and am starting to enjoy myself when the thumb is positioned and slowly worked in. I gasp around the ball gag. Someone has their whole hand in my ass. I am stunned that its there but dreamily from the bliss of the feeling am loving it.In my head I hope its my wife;’s hand but the pleasure is so great I do bahis siteleri not actually care. In and out the hand goes until finally it is pulled free. My ass seems as if its gaping as I feel cool air rush in. Patiently I wait. Then I feel it. The head of a cock. I panic again. My wife has brought home men? I begin to thrash about but am slapped again in the face and whomever has their cock sliding into my ass slaps my backside hard. I straighten up.The fucking becomes faster and then I realize the cock wasn’t warm when it went in. It’s a strap on. I also begin to use my nose. I pick up my wife’s scent. Her pussy I would know anywhere. I have smelled her panties a million times and eater her almost as many. I continue to sniff and catch four distinct scents. My wife has brought home women. Who are they? Who is seeing me like this and using me?After a while the first cock is removed and replaced. After 15 or 20 minutes again a switch is made. I am now sweating and grunting as I am pounded repeatedly. For about an hour and half they use me like this. Every so often I catch the sound of laughter and high fives.Then it stops. I am released. On all fours with my asshole fully used I wait. Then the chain is pulled and I crawl in the direction I am being beckoned from. My nose catches the scent of my wife . I continue to crawl and run right into her pussy. The front of the hood is cut open just enough for my mouth and the ball gag is removed. Someone pushes me with their foot and I am forced right into my wife’s pussy. I begin lapping frantically. I feel her squirm, She is fully enjoying it. I begin to get into it and then without warning another strap on is stuffed into my ass.I am shocked but in not too much time I am fucking back onto the cock and licking my wife’s pussy like it was my last meal. My wife shakes and orgasms and then the chain is yanked. I end up in front of another woman and another strap on pushed in sends me tongue first into licking mode. In 10 minutes or so I get another woman off and the process is repeated until everyone has had an orgasm.I am then returned to the center of the room. The hands again are all over me. Turning me over and putting me on my back. “You want to waste güvenilir bahis my cum?,”I hear my wife say. “Well you’re going to have to earn it. Taking your ass was part one. Now you have to get off infant of us and thank us for whatever we do while you jack off.””OK,” I say. I quickly begin playing with my cock. It grows and grows until I am harder than I have ever been. Other than the music which has been lowered to a respectable volume the room is silent. I keep stroking and then something hits my face. Then something else hits my legs and chest. It won’t stop . It feel like rain…no bird poop…no, they’re spitting on me. Its the only thing it could be. I open my mouth and say “Thank you for spitting on me mistresses.” My wife says, “Louder.” I inhale deeply to yell over the music as the spit keeps raining down on me as I stroke. As soon as I begin to speak the volume is cut and I yell almost as loud as I can, “Thank you for spitting on my while I jerk off for you mistresses.”I am humiliated. The whole world could have heard me. I don’t know who is in the room and I don’t know who heard me yell that. I keep going, stroking faster and faster and I feel my balls begin to tighten.Then I am hit with something else. A liquid. A warm stream hits me. It hit my cock and and splashed up over my chest and face. Then another and then another. I lick my lips and taste the slightly salty piss. I am in bliss and confusion. I am excited and humiliated also I have only one recourse. “Thank you for pissing on my while I jack off mistresses!” As I say it I begin to cum. My cum shots up like a fountain. Some lands on me and some lands God knows where. Finally I stop jerking. My cock falls limp as I lay in the puddle. I hear shuffling and think its over but a pussy lands on my face and I instinctively begin lapping again. This time the natural scent is covered with that of piss. At first I fight it but soon begin to relish the debauchery. I lick hungrily and the woman reposition so I can lick her asshole too. I feel her orgasm and then they each tale a turn riding my face.After the last one all grows quiet. Then after 10 minutes or so the music turns back on and I think I hear the door open. Shortly thereafter the music is turned off and my wife is in my ear. “Overtime you do something like that,,,something like this will happen to you and you will never know who is here or whether they are men or women. Until its too late.”

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