Door To Door Religion


Door To Door ReligionI am a 32 year old woman who is always hot for a new experience and like to be dominant. I also love a challenge. A few weeks ago I was coming home when I saw a group of clean-cut young men at the end of my street. I could tell by their appearance that they were religious door knockers. I drove home and waited for the knock on the door. About 10 minutes later I opened the door to a fairly plain looking young man about 20 years old. “Good afternoon ma’am.” he said smiling with a Southern American drawl, “I am here to tell you about the Lord and your salvation from the sins of this world, cos my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord if ‘n you all just repent and let him come in your heart.” I told him that I was very busy at the moment, but could he come back this evening some time. His face lit up in an even bigger smile. He obviously thought he was in with a chance for a new convert. Little did he know seduction was on my mind. We made a time, and he happily went on his way.That evening just before he was due to arrive, I got undressed and wrapped a towel around myself. It wasn’t long before I heard his knock on the door, I waited until he knocked again and then rushed to open the door. “Oh shit, I didn’t realise it was so late, I was just about to have a shower, I’ll just put something on and have a shower later. Sit down on the lounge I’ll be back in a second.” Quickly I left him and went to my bedroom and slipped into my favorite red satin nightie that only just covered my pussy. I went back to the lounge and ask him if he wanted a drink. “No thanks ma’am, we don’t partake of the devils demon drink, and if you want the Lord to come into your soul you all will have to stop drinking the devils fluid.”Yes, I want something to come in my soul, I wasn’t thinking about the same come as he was, and I was sitting on my soul, which was starting to get wet. ” I’m a bit nervous at the moment so I’ll just have a little drink to steady my nerves.” I said. I got myself a good half class of Johnnie Walker and sat down opposite him. As I sat down I spilled a little on my leg, “Shit I’m so clumsy,” wiping it up. “The Lord doesn’t condone the use of bad language, bayan escort istanbul you do believe there is a Lord, don’t you?” Oh! Yes I said, still wiping the last of the whisky from the inside of my leg, and sucking it off my finger as suggestively as I could. With no panties on he would be able to see my blond pubes. “When I was a little girl, I actually thought my parents went to heaven. It really frightened me because I thought I lost my parents, and would be left on my own.” Tell me how? He said with a look of surprise, clutching his Bible to his chest.He wasn’t looking at my face any more, I was slowly opening my legs and he was getting an eye full. “I woke up one night and I could hear a commotion coming from my parents room, so I got up and went to their bedroom and listened. My mother was moaning very loudly and was calling out, Oh! Yes Oh! Yes, yes, yes it’s so hard, ram it into me. Give it to me harder, HARDER.” While I was telling him this my legs were still coming apart. “I thought my mother was in a lot of pain. Oh! Oooh I’m dying for it.”At this stage I moved to the edge of the lounge chair and sat back, and slowly opened my legs again. His eyes were still looking at my crutch, as I sat back he could now see that the bottom half of my pussy was shaved and he would have been able to see the dividing line between my pussy lips. I have always been a little self-conscious whenever I have been naked with other women around, because the inner lips of my vagina stick out more than other women. I kept on opening my legs as I continued to tell him my terrible story. “It’s so big and hard, let me get on top. Oh Yes! Yes you are FUCK’N killing me.” My mother was yelling. My dad was also making loud grunting noises. “OOH, OOOH I’m going to heaven.” She said, my father started yelling, “I’m coming too, I’m coming.”By this time the preacher was moving uncomfortably in his seat, I continued. “I was very upset by this and thought my parents were gone to heaven, so I rushed into the room and found them still there. My mother was naked and sitting on top of my father. And after explaining things to them they just smiled, and sent me back to my istanbul escort bayan bedroom.” I was now sitting on the edge of my chair with my legs wide apart, giving him an unrestricted view of me. I was fully turned on by this time, and he would’ve seen that my swollen lips were red and glistening with juice in anticipation.”I think you all are not taking this serious, and are making a mockery of the Lord. We should pray for your soul.” He got up and raised both his hands. I got up, and went down on my knees in front of him. He had the beginnings of an erection by the look of the lump in his pants. “Oh Lord forgive this woman for her sinful ways, the demon in her is responsible for her sins.” While he was praying, I was undoing his pants, they fell to the floor I grabbed his white boxer shorts and pulled them down. There in front of me was a respectable size penis, not large, as I had hoped, but not bad all the same. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and gently started to suck.”Cast out the demon Oh Lord,” he continued. I moved my head backwards and forwards on him, each time taking a bit more in my mouth. He was now fully hard, and with one hand I was inserting two fingers in myself and rubbing my clit at the same time. “We should not lust after the pleasure of the flesh, but should seek only goodness,” he continued, and at the same time he was moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I love to talk dirty with my partners, and for a second took him from my mouth and said, “shoot your wad in me.” I took him again and sucked hard for a few seconds. “Unload your fuck’n cum down my throat.”The preacher held my head in his hands and tried to pull himself from my hungry mouth, while at the same time still looking skyward and quoting. ” Its a sin to let your seed to be misused sayeth the Lord.” I grabbed him and pulled him down on the floor with me and I straddled his face, “lick my cunt, stick your tongue in my hole and suck me dry,” I said running my slit up and down his mouth. I rode his mouth for a few minutes. His nose, mouth and chin were wet with my juice. With my two hands I pulled my pussy open and exposed my tingling clit and pushed it down istanbul escort hard in his mouth. “Suck me, suck harder,” I commanded. At least he couldn’t quote Scriptures while his mouth was full.I was getting close to climaxing so I got off his face and moved myself down and squatted over him, took his penis in my hand and guided it in. Taking his hands I put them on my breasts and told him to gently pull my nipples while I rode him, I could feel him start to tense up so I quickly got off and on all fours next two him. His cock and balls were covered in my juice, which because of my vigorous riding on top of him had turned into a white foam, not unlike the white of an egg when it has been beaten.”Get up here and FUCK me” I commanded. He grabbed my hips and plunged into me, full of enthusiasm now. “FUCK my CUNT,” I told him. ” I want to feel you empty all of the SPUNK in your BALLS in my CUNT HOLE.” His thrusts became harder and quicker, “Lord forgive me, my flesh is weak. I can’t fight the devil unless you strike with vengeance now”. I could feel his balls slapping against me and my pussy was making that unmistakable wet, well fucked noise. The moment I felt his dick swell and pulsate as he began to pump his semen in me. I climaxed as well.I collapsed on the floor, feeling warm all over. The preacher was busy trying to get his clothes back on, when dressed he started to walk to the door. “Thank you for the Scripture lesson, I hope you’ll come back again to save my soul,” I said with a smile. His face became red with embarrassment, as he raised his arm and clenched his fist. “I’ll never return to this den of sinful harlotry, you are beyond redemption and saving, you wicked daughter of Satan.” Yea! Yea! I said as I rolled onto my back. This belongs to you; you’d better take it back. I put my three fingers in my vagina and strained my stomach and pussy muscles, the same way you bear down when giving birth. I withdrew my fingers and a pool of my fluid and his cum filled my cupped hand. As I walked toward him he turned to get out the door, “Keep away from me you spawn of the devil.” I flicked the hand full on the back of his jacket just as he got out the door. They have been back, down my street that is, but they for some reason always seem to give my house a miss. I wonder why? Needless to say I’m the envy of my neighbors. They no longer bother to come and try and save me.I acknowledge the contribution of Oggie to this story.

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