Dot Cum Ch. 03: The Second Time Around


We’d talked about meeting up again a few times on the phone, but it was mainly used as a way to get her soaking wet so I could hear her scream my name as she buried her fingers inside herself. But as the fates would have it she was going on a girls weekend to Las Vegas the same time I was going to be there for a conference. Of course I didn’t tell her that, as I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise. Instead I drew her hotel name and key dates and times out of her, all in the guise of fantasy. What was coming of course was a weekend of reality she would never expect.

I landed on a Thursday and handled some business with clients, She wasn’t due to arrive until Friday morning and I figured I should get all my work out of the way. By late Thursday night I was back in my suite and talking to her on the phone, encouraging her to bring something sexy on her trip, describing my favorite outfit from her pictures and telling her to wear it if she wanted to have some guy take her up to his room and make her cum all weekend long. Of course she went along with it and during the discussion buried two fingers in her pussy while she fingered her clit, begging me to tell her about what this stranger would do to her. She came hard, moaning into the phone when I mentioned him going down on her in the hotel room doorway, pulling up her skirt and licking her lips through her panties. But this would only work I told her if she wore that dress, the one that her tits nearly fell out of, with the black stockings that would look so good wrapped around his head as he devoured her. Of course she told me it would never happen, but I encouraged she bring the outfit none the less, as you never know what’ll happen in Vegas.

The next day I slept in, her plane landed at noon and they were going to hit the casino at 8 after a show and dinner. Of course aroune 2 my phone rang, it was her all alone in her hotel room. She’d just finished showering and was about to get dressed and wanted to tell me all about the outfit she’d be wearing. I could tell she was wet already and asked her if she’d been playing with herself thinking about me. She told me she had, that in the shower she beşiktaş türbanlı escort had held the nozzle to her clit and closed her eyes thinking about when we met up and I took her from behind in the shower. My cock filling her deep while she bent over and held on to the tub edge as I filled her. I reminded her of key details while I heard her robe hit the ground, how I had held her hips and given her my all, felt my balls rubbing against her lips. Slid my hand around to her front and traced my finger across her clit, I told her I was hard and playing with myself for her, but in reality I was saving myself for what was to come later, knowing I’d need all my energy to survive the night. She came hard, joking about how her friends in the neighboring rooms likely heard her and would wonder if she was getting lucky already. She had to run for her ladies time so I promised a call later and went off to meet up with some coworkers for a leisurely dinner.

At around 9 my dinner was dying down, my coworkers were heading out for a night of debauchery but I told them no, mentioning I had met a cocktail waitress earlier and had been promised a night involving her slot. I think the horrible pun sealed the deal as none of them questioned me, instead offering me congratulations and a pat on the back as they left the restaurant. I made my way to the front of the hotel and grabbed a cap to the hotel she was staying at, knowing they had planned to spend the night there after there show. From the cab I called her on her cell phone, the background noise let me know they were deep in the middle of the casino floor. I asked her if she had gotten lucky yet and she laughed, saying the slots weren’t working for her tonight. I told her I didn’t mean with the gambling, and wondered if the outfit was working it’s magic yet. She laughed, and told me she had worn it, as I was right it did make her look good, plus after all our conversations just putting it on made her wet. While we talked I walked silently into the casino, hoping she’d assume the noise was all on her end of the phone. My plan worked and I asked her about what she was beşiktaş ucuz escort playing, slowly making my way to the area she was describing. I turned a corner and saw her, sitting at the machine with her back to me.

She’d definitely worn the outfit I requested, the blue dress clung to her body like a second skin, showing off all the curves in all the right places. Her breasts were heaving from the neck and with each breath it looked like they would spill right out. The bottom of the dress ended about 3 inches above her knee and from the angle I was at I could see the top of her stockings. Her shoes matched the dress, and gave her a nice 3 inches extra height, not that she’d need it for long as my plans for the night didn’t involve much standing up.

As I stood there admiring her outfit I made small talk about how hot I bet she looked and how there was no way she wouldn’t get fucked. She laughed and told me it wasn’t looking too likely, that in fact her two friends had wondered off with some guys from the bar and she was going to head to bed soon and bring her phone. I laughed and told her I was ready and that she should and that I’d call her in 5 minutes, then without waiting for an answer I hung up. She knew I’d call back in five and I watched her gather her winning and head towards the elevator. I followed at a distance, and watched her get into an empty elevator. As the doors closed I quickly stepped in.

She immediately looked up and had a look of confusion and surprise. Rather then wait for her to figure it out I hit the door close button and moved across the elevator toward her, wrapping my arms around her body and pushing her up against the wall while my lips found hers. My hands ran went to her ass as I heard her moan into my neck. I slid my hand under her dress and grabbed her ass, pulling her into my hardening cock. I could feel her nipples poking me through the dress and knew if this elevator didn’t reach it’s destination quickly we’d end up making some security camera porn. Fortunately just as my fingers slid under her panties the elevator dinged and the doors opened up to her floor. beşiktaş üniversiteli escort

We quickly made our way out of the elevator and bounced along the corridor to her room, slamming our bodies against the wall every two or three feet as we moved our hands across each others bodies. She stopped me at her room and while took her key-card out of her purse and tried to get the door open I began running my tongue across her neck while my fingers found the wetness between her legs. She moaned as the door burst open and she spun around inside, desperate for more. Once she was inside I pushed her up against the wall just inside the door and slowly knelt in front of her. Her hands kept going for the door, trying to close it but my legs kept it blocked, I ran my tongue up her stocking thigh and pulled up her skirt, leaving my face directly in-front of her visibly wet semi transparent panties. My tongue ran across her wetness, tracing the outline of her lips. My hands went to her ass, pulling her against me as I tasted her juices through the thin layer of silk. Her hands were on the back of my head, all thought of closing the door gone, as she concentrated on getting my tongue as deep in her as possible. Her moaning was rapidly increasing so I slid my fingers inside her panties and pulled them aside, giving my tongue full access to her sweet wet pussy.

My tongue darted across her lips, slipping inside of her, giving her just enough to make her want more before moving up and wrapping my lips around her hard wet clit. My fingers slipped down her ass and I pushed two of them up inside her her, feeling her pussy as it contracted on them with every movement of my tongue. Her wetness was soaking my face and from the sounds she was making I knew she was close. I slid a third finger into her, filling her completely and ran my tongue in circles across her clit. Her moans kept getting louder as I fucked her faster, my fingers a blur in front of me as my mouth swallowed her dripping wetness. Suddenly I felt her clamp down on me and heard her scream my name, her hips thrusting against my face as she came all over my hand and mouth.

As she came down from her high her body went limp and I let her slide down the wall, collapsing on the floor next to me. I slide my legs out of the doors path and pushed it closed, knowing she had now experienced the fantasy I had spent months building up on the phone. But the night was still young, and after she caught her breath we had so many more fantasies to live out.

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