Double Cuckold


My wife and I, made it to seven years just before we divorced. In the four years before we split up she had been cuckolding me with a series of relationships that had some intensity about them. I was not a participant in any of her extramarital affairs, but I knew what was happening. The first and last involved a continuous use of filming on mobile phones and she would show me pics and videos, the videos never lasting more than 30 seconds, but sometimes two, three or four would provide a continuous view of what was happening.

We were still working together when we split and eventually divorced. I met another woman and it very nearly worked out. Then a woman arrived at work who interested me. But as the three of us were working at the same place it seemed like a stupid thing to do, until the point when it was clear that this woman was nearing the end of a limited contract. She and I went for drinks one evening and we flirted continuously. Eventually though I pretty much ruined it all by making an offer that really was not offering very much.

After that it was quite difficult to get a relationship started. She wanted me to be all lovey-dovey, and I wanted a friends with benefits deal. Eventually we both got pretty much what we wanted. She moved to a city which was a couple of hours away, and we both made the effort to see one another. And she, being extrovert and friendly with many others in the workplace, kept in touch with a number of my work colleagues, including my ex. She also made the extra effort with my son, to make sure that he was included and happy to be with us when she was visiting me.

Her new home was a small self contained flat with terrace in the basement of a very modern house built in a very affluent suburb of her town. The owner beşiktaş türbanlı escort lived above in a huge apartment and above him were two more flats, one for his sons and the other rented to a Portuguese couple. The owner, another extrovert, was the sort of guy to work hard and play hard. The moment I met him I wondered why he and my girl-friend were not making the effort to become a couple. They seemed to suit one-another perfectly. He loved to drink and would come visit the two of us some evenings, increasing our wine consumption by at least one bottle of red if not three. He was fun, but he was loud, and he smelt unpleasantly ripe to me, but not to her.

She continuously assured me that she had no interest in him. I wished that she did really, because much as I liked her, I never loved her and I could see that they would make a much better match. He flirted with her, and she with both of us, but always more with me. Of course, I could never know what happened each evening when we were apart, but if there was anything happening it was not going to stop our relationship.

And then one day, or rather one weekend, my wife and my son visited her for the start of the weekend. I was away elsewhere that particular weekend, and I was not going to stop the two of them meeting. I had never taken my son to visit her though so that was new for him. As usual, she had prepared food, so they ate in. Before this though, they send me a selfie of the three of them. A little later there was a selfie with the three of them joined by the owner of the place, and a short message saying that they were going up to his apartment.

It was early on in the week when my ex started to tell me about what had gone on that evening. beşiktaş ucuz escort The four of them were upstairs to start off with. More wine and nibbles and a lot of flirting and joking. Eventually my son, who was still a young lad, decided that he wanted to head for bed, so one of them took him down to the basement and he was able to snuggle down to sleep.

Up in the apartment above the flirting continued. The three of them sat on one of his long sofas, drinking wine and listening to music. He was boasting about his sporting prowess. He had a history of partying one night and then the next morning getting out on his racing bike or his mountain bike and shaking off the hangover with a strenuous ride. My ex used this information to bring out her desire to see him in his cycling gear. She thought the idea of men in lycra was an amusing thrill, and often joked with girlfriends about mamils – middle aged men in lycra. He wasted no time in getting into costume and was soon between the two of them on the sofa with his cock clearly outlined in his shorts.

The story was told to me by both my ex and then later on my girlfriend. My ex wanted to see his prick stiffen in his shorts. To achieve this she tried to get him dancing. At first she was the only one to dance and her dancing whilst good was not enough to stiffen him up. So then when she sat down she suggested to my girlfriend that they rubbed the insides of his thighs. This meant that they had to squeeze in more closely to him. He took the opportunity to spread his arms behind each of them and draw them in. He spread his legs and then began to kiss each of them in turn, with tongues. Meanwhile they were gently tickling his thighs and squeezing a knee on either beşiktaş üniversiteli escort side. Neither of them admitted to me that they had touched his cock through the lycra at this point, and neither said whether they could see it hardening.

He made the next move by telling them that it was getting late and they should have one last drink. But before they did so, the two women should go get into their pyjamas, which they did. And when they came back upstairs they found that he had opened a new bottle of wine, and put on some sexy music. The three of them started to slow dance together. Both told me that his cock was hard. Both told me that it was really very big too. And both felt it as they danced. And both admitted that his hands were all over both of them. Both let him get his hands up onto their tits under their pj tops and both were very turned on by him. My girlfriend told me she was as wet as she could be. And what they both told me was that it was when his hands started to wander into their pj bottoms this was the point that things changed. And at this point the two stories differ for the first time.

My ex told me that she went off to bed and left the two of them to a night of passion whilst she rubbed herself off alone. My girlfriend told me that he did not get his hand all the way in to her pjs and that she left him having foreplay with my ex which led to her spending the night in his bed. Well, neither of them slept in my girlfriend´s apartment because that is where my son had a very good night´s sleep.

I had a good sleep that night as I did not suspect a thing. I certainly did not expect my girlfriend to let her landlord do anything with her because she would have been too afraid that my ex would have used this to damage our relationship. I might have expected my ex to do something but not with my son being there as a chaperone. When I came to learn the story this is as much as I ever knew. Both told me that he got into the pants of the other and both told me that he did not get into her own pants. He certainly got his end away and as far as I know he had both of them that night.

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