Double Trouble in Helia


Disclaimer: This is the first story I publish, so don’t expect this to be the next Iliad.

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The first few chapters won’t contain too many sex scenes, but the pace should pick up later.

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Nearing the end of his first lecture Alex wasn’t sure if the fact that he hadn’t heard new information was a good or a bad sign. The university was well-known throughout the republic, so he figured they just did not want to overwhelm the students with a boatload of new information immediately. Although he was well-versed in the theory the professor was explaining, he still made some brief notes and copied the schematic drawings. Practise made perfect after all and he might earn someone’s favour if they forgot to take the notes themselves.

Alex was one of the few students attending the university that wasn’t from the island of Helia and didn’t want to force anyone to sit beside the complete stranger that just joined them, so he had entered the room early when it was completely empty. As the room filled with other students, he had gotten little more than a few curious glances from the students that weren’t already engrossed in conversations with their friends. The professor was about to close the door when someone ran through the door. Alex had not noticed him until he sat down beside him and nudged his shoulder.

“Is it OK if I sit here?” the newcomer asked, panting from exertion.

“Err, sorry?” Alex hadn’t expected anyone to join him at the table and was startled by the surprise.

“Sure thing. Some company would be nice. My name is Alex by the way.”

“Thanks. I’m Zack.”

Zack quickly sat down on the empty chair and rummaged through his backpack for a few moments before turning back to him once more.

“Do you have a spare pen by any chance? I’m sorry to bother you with that already.”

His apologetic smile let Alex know he was sincere and he threw him the pen he had been using.

“There you go. I’ll use one of my pencils for the rest of the day then. Don’t forget to bring something next time though. I’ll run out of them too, if you keep that up,” Alex said with a smirk.

The two of them got to know each other a little better as the professor droned on and on about the history of their university and the breakthroughs in the field of science they had made. Zack’s family lived nearby, which made this university rather attractive, not that there were that many in the Republic. Alex guessed he was a little shorter than himself, but Zack’s obsession with sports and martial arts had given him a broader figure. He had a deep tan, which he contributed to his family’s origins.

He was clearly not as passionate when it came to studying and whilst Alex was taking notes from the relevant parts of the lecture he was busy tapping away at his phone, the pen lying unused besides him. Once in a while he showed Alex something on his screen, which had either to do with sports or the girls at school. Alex quickly gave his classmate his phone number, so he could view it later and focus on his notes in the meantime.

Alex finished his last drawing and was about to get up and leave the lecture when the professor stood up from behind his computer.

“By the way, ladies and gentlemen, you will have to form pairs for the upcoming assignment. It won’t be anything complex, but it will be graded,” the professor called out before scanning the room looking for confirmation that he was heard, but noticed most students had forgotten about him some time ago and were chatting with others or, like Zack, were busy with their phones.

“Alright then,” he said, his voice being almost drowned in the chatter. “I’ll email you the assignment too…” He went back to his chair and sat down as the bell rang.

Alex quickly looked over at Zack and noticed he was still scrolling through the social media feed of someone attending the school and decided he would be little help with this assignment. He could be the next Einstein or someone like that, but he wasn’t willing to risk screwing up the very first assignment he got.

His eyes darted across to room in search of someone that might be a more suitable partner for this task. The fact that he did not know anyone here wasn’t helping. Finally his eyes fell on a girl in one of the front rows. She was still sketching the last set-up the professor was projecting on the screen whilst her friends were laughing at some joke next to her.

Alex figured it was now or never and swung his backpack over his shoulder as he made his way down to her desk. She was still focused on her sketches and absentmindedly put some loose strands of hair behind her ear when he arrived. Her almost white hair matched her fair skin nicely, but Alex paid little attention to the way she looked. It certainly was not his main concern.

“Hi, would you mind helping me with this assignment?” eryaman anal yapan escort he asked her.

The blonde looked up from her work, her pencil still in her hand. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed, giving her an appearance of slight annoyance. “And you are?”

Alex knew he needed to catch the bus and didn’t really have time for these formalities. “I’m Alex. I’m new here in case you were wondering. So do you want to work on this assignment together?”

The girl looked around and noticed her friends had already left her. “Sure,” she sighed. “I’m Emily by the way. Do you want to work on it right now? There should be some unreserved spots in the lab.”

“I’m in a bit of a hurry, since I have to visit the clinic today.”

Her face softened a bit and she scribbled something down in her notebook before tearing a piece off and handing it to him. “Here’s my number. We’ll do it tomorrow after class then. I’ll let you know which room I reserved.”

“Oh, and don’t hand out my number to anyone,” she quickly added with a sharper tone.

He was slightly taken aback by her words. “Err, why?”

Emily showed him a slight smile, although her piercing blue eyes remained ice-cold. “Don’t worry about that. I can tell you won’t.”

Alex quickly slid the sliver of paper into his phone’s case before leaving the room. He practically ran down the hallway and out of the main building in order to reach his bus in time.

The minutes went by way too quickly and the bus was driving way too slow as Alex was on his way to the clinic. He took the opportunity to add Emily to his contacts and send her a quick message letting her know that he was the guy she had agreed to work with. At his final stop he briefly thanked the driver before darting out the vehicle and running over to the clinic.

Alex tried to get his breathing under control as he made his way through the door. He had arrived just in time to hear his name being called.

“Is Mr. Alex Grande present today?” the receptionist called out.

“Yes, I’m here!” he exclaimed louder than he had meant to. Luckily for him there was no one to witness his screw-up.

“Alright, mister. The nurse is waiting for you in the room down the hall to your right.”

Alex quickly made his way down the indicated hallway and stepped through the only open door. The room had the typical hospital smell of disinfectant even though this was just a local clinic. He almost ran into the woman that was already in the room. She had dark hair, which fell down past her shoulders. Alex figured she was somewhere in her late twenties, maybe in her early thirties. He tried to ignore her full figure, which was made difficult by the dark blue scrubs that could easily be a size to small. The neckline was as low as it could be whilst appearing professional, but it hinted at a rather large breasts.

“You must be Alex, right? Nice to meet you,” she said as she shook his hand. “Would you go over the following information and see if it is still correct? It’s stuff like your current address and contact information. The latter is important in the case we want to do some extra tests and need to reach you.”

“Sure thing,” he replied as he tried to appear more relaxed than he actually was. If his act was good enough he might even fool himself into thinking that was truly how he felt.

Alex quickly went over the form and noticed everything was filled in correctly. When he looked up from the paper he noticed Keri was bent over a drawer and was rummaging through it. This gave him an excellent view of her ass, which was trying to break free out of the tight scrubs and made the lines of her panties clearly visible . He tried to think of something different, like the documentaries he had seen, to relieve to issue that was making his pants tighter by the second. It seemed to work, but it made Alex wonder how he was supposed to pass the examination without embarrassing himself.

Keri returned with an inflatable cuff to measure his blood pressure. She put it around his arm and quickly tightened it. She was so close that Alex could smell her strong flowery perfume and due to the fact he was sitting down, he got an eyeful of her cleavage.

“Everything was filled in correctly,” he told her.

“Excellent!” the nurse responded. “Let’s now check your pressure. It might feel a little uncomfortable, but try to keep as still as possible.”

Alex could feel himself begin to harden as Keri was watching the data the blood pressure apparatus was giving her.

“That’s odd. Your blood pressure is dropping a little. Are you feeling alright?”

“I’m feeling fine. Somewhat tired because I had to run here, but that’s it.” He knew blood was being diverted somewhere else, but he wasn’t going to let her know.

“Hmm, we’ll have to check that another time then. Now you need to take off all your clothes besides your underwear for the visual inspection and so we can weigh you.”

“Are you sure that’s necessary?” Even he could make ankara escort out the hint of nervousness in his voice and assumed it wasn’t lost on Keri either. Her expression hadn’t changed however.

“Yes, it is. I’ve helped plenty of men whilst working here and there’s nothing I haven’t seen yet. Now get going.”

Alex reluctantly undressed. He wasn’t ashamed of his body and did his best to keep it in shape, but had not made it a habit of undressing in front of strangers or nurses for that matter. Luckily his main concern would be hidden behind the boxers he was wearing.

After stripping down to his underwear, he stepped on the scale and tried to ignore the hot nurse as she took in his height and weight. She was standing next to him when she grabbed his upper arm and squeezed it slightly. It took a lot of willpower to not turn his head to face her. Instead he studied a poster detailing the anatomy of a frog to keep himself in check.

“Hmm, nice muscles,” she said with a husky voice.

Her remark did not strike him as too professional, but any comments from his side where halted when he felt a sharp pain is his arm. He turned to Keri and noticed the syringe she was using that was slowing filling with his blood.

“Sorry, I should have told you that this was coming. A lot of patients get anxious when we tell them we are drawing their blood and surprising them seems to work a lot better. Doesn’t help the ones that faint much, but you can’t have everything.”

After putting the syringe away, she guided him towards a reclining chair in the middle of the room. It was the type that was able to fold all the way down, like the ones dentists use. As he sat down Keri went to another drawer and pulled out a box, which she put on a table next to him. She undid the claps holding it shut, yet opened it in such a way that he could not see the contents.

“Can I put my clothes on now?” Alex asked, hopeful that the sensual torture would end before he truly embarred himself. “Their weight won’t matter anymore, right?”

“That’s true, but we’ll have to go over sexual health before you get dressed and leave. I have some questions that you have to answer truthfully. Like all the information we gather here it is confidential.” She got another form and sat on the chair besides him. She was slightly bending over towards him, which exposed more of her breasts to him.

“Firstly, have you recently had sex with anyone?”

“No,” he answered. Moving to Helia had taken up most of his time in the recent weeks and left little opportunity for him to hook up with someone. Not that he’d do that given his condition.

“Alright. Do you masturbate then?”

Alex could feel himself blushing as he answered her questions. “Yes, twice…” he mumbled.

Keri’s eyebrow shot up as she gave him a questioning look. “Twice per month, per week?”

“Twice per day… Sometimes more…” He knew she was a professional and this was a necessity, yet still felt a wave of embarrassment wash over him.

“Twice per day, or more? OK. Those were the questions I had so far. I’ll now need to do an STD test to make sure you are clean. Please pull down your underwear.” Her voice was stern this time, making it obvious that this wasn’t a question.

Alex had not expected it to come his far and despite being at a loss of words it was clear he wasn’t willing to comply.

“Well then…” Keri said as she put on light blue gloves and closed the gap between her and the chair Alex was on. “We have to do this whether you want it or not,” the nurse grumbled as she grabbed the top of his boxers with both gloved hand and attempted to pull them past his hips. This was no easy feat, as the large bulge in his underwear was proving to be quite an obstacle.

When she managed to pull the underwear back the contents almost hit her. “Oh my… I’ve seen a lot, but this is new. No wonder you are called “Mr. Grande”.”

Two large cocks were sticking proudly into the air, one below the other. Both of them were connected to one set of equally large balls.

“Is it that bad?” Alex asked. He had kept his condition secret all this time and only his parents knew about it. Since they never talked about it, he had always felt like a freak. Every time he jacked off he was reminded of the curse he had, which had made his life even more difficult during puberty.

“No, no. It’s fine.” Keri responded.

Her answer was directed to Alex and herself. She reached out to his two members with her hands, but stopped just before she touched them. She appeared almost entranced by the two dicks that were pulsing slightly in front of her.

“Does it work? They, I mean. There’s two of them. Do they both work?”

“Work? Err, I think so? I am not entirely sure what you mean by that.” He was honestly quite confused by her response. She was the first one here to learn about his condition and he had expected her to freak out instead of whatever this was.

Keri took a deep breath and shook her head, etimesgut escort trying to regain her focus. “Do they ejaculate when you masturbate?”

“Uh, yeah. In that case they both work. I guess they sometimes work a little too well in that case. It gets messy, you know.”

He noticed Keri was taking some notes on her form and hoped it wasn’t anything bad. Before he could ask her what it was she was writing she returned to his side with a beaker with a full bottle of lubricant in it and what appeared to be another testing kit. She quickly used two cotton swabs on his penis before putting them back into the kit and returning it to the box.

“Given your history I doubt you have an STD, so the test will probably only give negative results. All I now need is a sample of your sperm, which is what the lube is for,” she said whilst opening the bottle.

She squirted a healthy dose on both of his penises before he could give a response and quickly wrapped her gloved hands around them. The combination of lube and her soft, warm hands felt better than anything he had experienced before. He couldn’t stifle his moans as she worked her hands down his shafts and got them nice and slippery.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. “That feels fantastic. Please, keep going.”

“I’m glad you like it. Some patients have issues with this part. I can feel that won’t be an issue for you,” she responded, stressing her point by gripping his hard members a little tighter.

Keri was watching his cocks intently as the slowly moved her hands up and down the tall shafts. Alex noticed the nurse’s breathing had quickened and he could feel her breath graze his sensitive heads. He know it was wrong, but tried to use every trick he knew of to prolong this treatment. It felt heavenly as she slid up and down his rods and squeezed him. He felt his cocks throbbing and so must Keri, since she was speeding up her strokes. The gloves were now making wet squishing sounds each time one of her hands went past his head and down a thick shaft.

“They are sooo thick.” Keri whispered under her breath, just loud enough for Alex to hear.

He knew she wasn’t talking to him, since she was transfixed by the display in front of her. Her words were causing him to become even harder as she continued pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

“I wonder how they would feel inside me. They are so large they would fill me up completely.” She breathed.

Alex already knew he could hold out no longer and reached for the beaker himself, since there was clearly not stopping Keri. Her words were the last little push he needed to reach his climax and he felt a wave of intense pleasure wash over him. Spurt after spurt of his seed was shot out of his cocks and sprayed into the beaker. Each time the cocks jolted upwards before ejecting their load.

Keri’s lubed hands were still teasing and squeezing him, milking every last drop out of him. After the most energetic waves had past him and even the steady stream of cum had died down to little more than a trickle, he nudged Keri with his elbow. She was breathing heavily and did not immediately react when he touched her.

“Keri, do you think this is enough?”

Keri seemed to snap out of her trance and looked at the glass, which was now held his warm load. “That’s a lot. Wow…” she said between shallow breaths. “You basically filled the entire thing. My god… Just wow…”

It took Keri a moment to snap out of her trance. Once she did, she stopped turned the beaker around in her hand and turned back to Alex. “You can get dressed now. Once you are, please tell the receptionist I am on my break.”

Before he could answer, she had already taken her materials and entered what must be her office and locked the door. Alex quickly put on his clothes, since he didn’t want to be found in his state, and left the room. He thought he could hear faint moaning when he closed the door behind him, but that must have been his imagination playing tricks with him. His senses still felt a little overwhelmed after the onslaught of pleasure he just experienced, so he wouldn’t be too surprised if that were the case.

Once he was on the bus again, this time heading home, he checked his phone. Emily had left a few messages letting him know where they would work tomorrow and not to come late. Another person, which must have been Zack, told him to call him as soon as possible. Alex quickly rang him and waited for Zack to pick up.

“Alex! Where were you? I wanted to ask you to help me with the assignment, but you were already gone. You’re still available?”

“Oh, sorry Zack. I had an appointment in the clinic, which meant I had to leave early. I’ll be working with Emily on this one, but we could do the next one together.”

“Hold up, are you serious? Emily? You don’t mean Ice Queen Emily, right?”

“Dude, I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. Are there multiple girls name Emily or something?” Alex got the feeling he was missing something major and hoped Zack got to the point quickly.

“European chick with white hair. Does that ring a bell?”

“Yeah, I think that’s her.”

“Dude, how? She basically strikes down every guy that asks her out, even the popular ones, and she wants to work with you? What did you do?”

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