Down on the Farm


Mona Conrad glanced around as she stepped out of her car in the driveway. She had memories of this place, her Aunt and Uncles farm in upstate New York. She remembered coming here as a little girl, running through the huge yard, chasing the animals. It had been almost ten years since the nineteen year old had been here. Between school, activities and her parents’ busy schedules as lawyers in New York City, there just never seemed to be the time.

The scholarship Mona had gotten to Cornell had granted a free ride for tuition and books, but nothing for boarding. The idea of trying to drive form New York City back and forth quickly was ruled out. It was the offer from Uncle Stan that was the godsend. They lived near Enfield, only a little over twenty minutes from the campus, and offered to let her stay with them during the school year.

Now, Mona glanced around again, trying to see if anyone was home. She had tried calling on her cell phone, but there had been no answer. She walked across the yard towards the barn, listening to the sounds of birds and wind, something she rarely heard in the city.

As she approached the barn, she heard a male voice inside cursing at something. Stepping through the open door plunged her from the afternoon sun into the darkness inside. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the light change, but when they did, she couldn’t help the small gasp.

The man was pushing the heavy stall door shut and latching it as she watched. His shirtless chest rippled with muscles that were from hard labor, not fake workouts in some gym. His powerful arms almost bulged as he pushed harder.

“Fucking thing” the man muttered; as he finally shoved it into place.

Mona shuddered, fuck was right she thought, that was one man who could bend her over any damn day. Then, he turned to face her, and she felt like she would pass out.

“Uncle Stan” she choked out.

“Mona?” he asked.

“Yeah…it’s me” was all the young girl could mutter.

She struggled to get her hormones under control as her uncle walked closer. The scent of his sweat filling her nostrils, causing a rush of wetness in her jean shorts. God damn, she thought, this is your uncle for Christs sake.

“Damn girl, you’ve grown up” Stan Conrad exclaimed. He couldn’t help his eyes travel down the young girls frame.

Dressed in tight jean shorts that hugged every curve of her ass, and a tank top that did very little to hide her 36D breasts, Stan could only stare for a moment.

Mona could feel her uncle almost devour her with his eyes. God damn this was getting hotter by the second.

“Uncle Stan” she whispered. “My eyes are up here.”

“Yeah they are” he replied, not shifting his gaze. “But the best parts are down here.”

Mona swallowed hard. She could feel her nipples stiffening under his steady gaze. Jesus, she thought, he doesn’t hide anything does he. OK, I can play that game; she realized.

“If you want to see them that bad” she said softly. “Just ask.”

Stan raised his eyes and stared into his niece’s. “If I ask, would you show them?”

Mona curled her fingers in the edge of her tank top. She looked back steadily.

“Why don’t you ask and find out>” she challenged back.

Her uncle chuckled. “Honey” he told Mona. “You take that top off, and you won’t be leaving this barn for the next hour.”

“What about Aunt Claire?” Mona asked.

“She can suck that pretty little pussy when I am good and done” Stan told her.

Mona shuddered as she saw his eyes. He wasn’t kidding. Something was going on here that she had never seen as a child.

“Now get in the house young lady” her uncle told her. “Before I bend you over and mount you like a filly in heat.”

Mona turned without a word and headed for the farmhouse. Her uncle’s words ringing in her ears. Would he? God, she almost thought he would. The idea of that powerful body, pressed to hers, sent shudders through her.

Aunt Claire hugged and squeezed her when she entered the kitchen, her Uncle right behind her with her two suitcases. He lugged them upstairs to the spare room, and then came back down as Mona sat at the dinner table. As her Aunt talked about having her there for the school year, Mona watched her Uncle as he got a cold glass of water. He still hadn’t put a shirt on, and her eyes were drawn to his strong pecs as his arms moved.

Finally, Stan said he had to get the animals done, and headed out of the kitchen. For the rest of the afternoon Mona settled into her new room. Setting up a study desk, and putting her clothes in the closet.

Later, supper passed without incident, and then darkness crept across the farm. Mona could hear the animals in the barn, and the crickets, sounds that sent a soothing sensation through her. After her drive, she headed for bed early, leaving her Uncle and Aunt watching television in the living room.

Mona slipped into her pajamas and gathered her toiletries, heading down the hall to the only bathroom in the old house. She passed the stairs and could hear Uncle yenibosna escort Stan and Aunt Claire talking.

“I tell you Stan” Claire’s voice drifted up the stairs. “That girl all but devoured you sitting at the table this afternoon.”

She heard a soft laugh from her Uncle. “She threatened to show me her tits in the barn.”

“Did she?” Aunt Claire asked. “Did you call her bluff?”

“Nah” Uncle Stan growled back. “It didn’t seem the right time, besides she just got here Claire.”

“To bad” Aunt Claire’s voice filled Mona’s ears. “Bet that girls got a hell of a rack.”

Mona stuffed the small washcloth into her mouth to stifle the gasp. She couldn’t believe the conversation going on down below. What the hell was going on, she wondered.

“From what I saw, she’s got nice firm tits” Uncle Stan muttered. “Damn good thing she didn’t, would have fucked her little cunt right there.”

Mona felt like her knees were going to buckle as she continued to listen. Could this really be her Aunt and Uncle talking like this? Then she stood stunned as her Aunt spoke again.

“You would have liked that, you bull” she heard Aunt Claire say. “You’d love to shove that nine inch fuck stick right up her tight nineteen year old twat, wouldn’t you.”

“You’d love it too, bitch” Uncle Stan retorted. “Suck her cum off my cock like the slut you are.”

Mona shook like a leaf as she turned and almost ran for the bathroom. She paid no heed to the creaking floorboards, as she hurried down the hall. Closing the bathroom door behind her, she leaned against the cool porcelain sink. She could feel her juices drip down her thighs as the words of her Aunt and Uncle continued to echo in her ears.

She tried to get ready for bed, but the effort was useless. She could feel the tight knot in her belly as she remembered the conversation. Finally, after only a few moments, she gave up. Gathering her things, she turned and opened the bathroom door. Standing right in the door was Uncle Stan, his bare chest filling her vision as she froze.

Mona opened her mouth to speak, but her Uncles’ words cut her off.

“You heard, didn’t you? You were listening”. It was a statement more than a question.

Mona tried to tear her eyes away from his powerful biceps. “I…I…” she stuttered.

“Just answer the question” he half growled. “Yes or no, you heard.”

“Yes” Mona gasped.

“Are you wet?” her Uncle stared into her eyes.

“God yes” Mona groaned.

“Go to your room” her Uncle told her.

“But…” Mona tried to reply.

“I said” her Uncle stopped her. “Go to your room.”

Without a word, Mona slipped passed his towering form and started down the hall towards her room. Then, a strong grip wrapped around her am, stopping her with ease.

“Take off the pajamas girl” he told her.

“Yes sir” was all Mona could mutter.

Back in her room, Mona dumped her toiletries onto the dresser, and then quickly stripped off her clothing. Nude, she stretched out on her new bed. Her first night here and already she was following her Uncles’ commands without question.

Her eyes watched the door in the light cast from the hallway. She saw his tall shadow blocking the light as he entered her room. She wasn’t surprised when he made no attempt to close her door. In two long strides he was beside her bed, his weight shifting the mattress down as he sat. Oh my god; Mona realized, he’s NUDE.

Her eyes immediately went to his groin, where her gaze fastened on the thick pole standing tall there. “Fuck” she moaned. His cock was hard as steel, the swollen head angry red. The mat of hair at his groin did little to hide the length as it jutted straight up.

“You like that cock?” Uncle Stan asked her.

“Yessss” Mona hissed back.

“Such a little slut” her Uncle whispered.

Mona’s eyed grew wide at his words. No one had ever called her that, no one.

“No” she gasped back at her Uncles vulgar words.

“Bullshit” he Uncle growled. “Fucking dripping wet, and you want to suck my dick. Admit it.”

Mona couldn’t tear her gaze away as she watched his cock literally throb before her eyes. She knew, no matter what she might think, what she might have been before. Her Uncle was right; she was a slut right now.

“Bastard” she grunted. “I’m a slut” she admitted. “I want your fucking cock.”

Her Uncle rose and swiftly straddled her body, his long shaft lying across her firm tits, the swollen head inches from her face as she lay back. His hands gripped the sides of her head, and with a pull, brought her face up.

“Then suck it bitch.” He grunted down at her.

As the head of his thick cock banged against her lips, Mona opened and took him into her hungry mouth. She had never been handled like this before. Every other boy had been like wimps compared to her Uncle. His weight pinned her body to the mattress, his legs trapping her arms. His strong hands gripped her head as he shoved his hard cock into her throat.

Mona zeytinburnu escort gagged as his length hit the back of her throat. She thought about protesting, but then stopped. Her Uncle was taking her, using her; like a man should. She felt a gush of warm fluids between her thighs as her uncle began to fuck her hot mouth.

“Bet that cunt’s so tight” her Uncle grunted down at her, as his hips powered in and out. “Going to fuck that tight little teen pussy of yours”

“Mmmppfff” Mona could only give as a reply. Her throat stretched as his pulsing cock pushed in and out. She relaxed, and found that she could take more of his length into her throat. The taste of him coated her tongue, sending shivers through her body.

Stan stared down at his young niece as he pumped in and out. The sight of her lips stretched around his cock pushing him closer.

“Make you fucking DRINK me” he rasped.

Mona tried to nod her head as her Uncle all but raped her willing mouth. The idea that her Uncle was going to force her to swallow his hot seed drove her own body to the edge.

Her eyes watered as her Uncle continued to pound into her mouth. Then, she could feel him start to lose his rhythm, while his cock began to swell in her tight throat. Please God yes, she thought.

“Fuck yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Stan bellowed, as his balls spasmed.

Mona almost choked when the first burst of his hot cream pumped straight down her throat and into her belly. She pulled her head back slightly, as a second thick rope filled her mouth. A mix of her spit and his cum was slowly drizzling from the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

Mona’s mind exploded as the hot seed filled her stomach and mouth. A sudden wet gush erupted between her thighs as she orgasmed without even being touched. When he pulled his still spurting cock from her mouth, she felt his hot cum drip onto her quivering tits. Her mouth hung open as she swirled the thick cum still inside with her tongue. Then, she swallowed as she tasted her first hot load of cum.

Mona had given blowjobs before. Mostly it had been to get the guy ready for the final act. This was different, being mauled and manhandled; until hot cream filled her mouth. It was as if she had become her Uncles’ sex toy.

Staring at the ceiling with unseeing eyes, she felt her legs lifted effortlessly. As her thighs were spread wide open, the young girl tried to focus on what was happening, but it was already too late.

“Unnnccc…fuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” she screamed as her Uncle drove every inch of his hard cock up her still spasming hole.

Mona felt her body flop on the bed as another orgasm swiftly rocketed through her. Just the sheer presence of him inside her pussy was setting her off. It was like she was watching herself being fucked for the first time as she felt her Uncle’s powerful body drive into her small body. Sex had never been like this before, primal and hungry. Mona felt every inch of her Uncles cock stretching her tight walls as he fucked into her.

“Oh Fuck…Oh God yes…” Mona cried. Her small fists clutching at the bed sheets as her Uncle ravaged her tight pussy again and again.

“Don’t be so gentle Stan” a voice came from the doorway. “Use the little cunt.”

Mona turned her head and stared at her Aunt Claire standing in her doorway. The woman had her hand thrust between her thighs, and a wet squelching could be heard as she fucked herself with her own fingers.

“Aaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh” Moan screamed, as her Uncle built open more steam. His hips like pistons pounding into her. Her juices leaked out around his shaft as Mona felt him pounding down into her. Every thrust making her firm tits shake with the power.

Her hands shot up and gripped at his strong arms as he held her legs tight to his chest. Her nails began digging into his flesh as he fucked into her without mercy. No longer making love…not even sex…this was fucking her numb mind realized. Her Uncle was taking every inch of her, and with every thrust she felt her body melting into a haze of lust.

Wet slapping filled the small bedroom as Mona felt him drive in. She could feel a river flowing out around his huge cock and run down her ass to soak the sheets under her. Her body convulsing as wave after wave rolled through her. One orgasm rolled into another, and then another as her body was ravaged by the animal above her she knew as her Uncle.

“Cummingggg” she moaned. “Cumminnngggggggggg”

“That’s it you little slut” her Uncle hissed in her face. “Cum all over your Uncles’ cock.” He told her.

It was like her body couldn’t stop cumming. She felt stronger and stronger waves rolling through her belly, even as the burning sensation of his thick cock ravaging her mounted. Mona felt as if her mind were coming apart at the seams as her Uncle used her body for his own pleasure.

“Oh God Uncle Stan” Mona cried out. “Use me, fuck me; just don’t STOP” she screamed.

“Going to fill that tight little cunt of mecidiyeköy escort yours you slut” Stan growled down at her. He could feel his balls tightening, and he knew it wouldn’t be long.

“Your slut… a slut…” Mona babbled. “Please God fill meeeeeee” she wailed.

“Is the tight little teen pussy protected?” her Uncle leaned down and whispered at her.

Mona’s eyes flew open wide. “No” she gasped. With a sense of horror she realized her Uncle’s bare cock was pounding into her unprotected body. Then, she felt the veins of his cock drag along her clit, and she knew it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was his cock inside her.

“I don’t care” she spat back. “Fuck me…fill me with your spunk…please” she begged.

“Good” her Uncle stared into her eyes. “Because I don’t pull out…bitch.” He said.

Then, with a grunt, Mona felt his cock jerk deep in her belly. Her Uncle drove his hips down hard, ramming himself as deep as he could go inside her. His eyes blazed as he felt his hot seed racing the length of his cock, to burst inside his young niece.

Mona opened her mouth to scream, but could only gurgle as two new sensations ripped through her young body at the same time. While she was no virgin, she had even had a guy blow inside her. But this was different; she could actually feel her Uncles seed emptying into her. Blast after blast of his thick cream filling her belly.

At the same time, his thick cock banged up against the spongy surface of her cervix, hidden deep inside her quivering belly. A sensation she had never experienced before. No boy she had ever been with had been this deep before, and her body loved it. It sent a bolt through her entire body as she convulsed, her eyes rolled back as an animal whimper came from her throat.

Mona’s ass rose from the bed as she drove her pelvis against her Uncles’ invading cock, craving that sensation once again. Just as the engorged head came in contact with her cervix, her entire body froze, impaled on him.

“Uncle…Stannnnnnnn” Mona screamed into the room. She felt the tremendous orgasm like a bomb going off in her hot belly, her juices spraying out of her to splash across his washboard abdomen.

Mona quivered and shook as her body erupted, feeling her juices squirt out, like she was helpless to stop it. Oh my God, her fogged brain tried to come to grips with the intensity of her orgasm that could make her squirt for the first time in your young life.

Even as her own juices were spraying Uncle Stan’s chest and belly, she felt her body being filled back up by his hot cream. Rope after rope was pumping deep inside her walls squeezing his cock tight, trying to milk every drop out of him.

Mona collapsed into a quivering heap onto the bed, feeling her Uncles’ thick cock sliding out of her as she fell. She dimly heard the obscene slurping sound as his softening member slid free, and then the ooze of his cum as it ran out her still gaping hole. Lying in a puddle of their mixed cum, spread out on her bed; she felt the mattress shift as her Uncle rose.

“She’s all yours bitch; you’re the woman of the house…clean up the mess.” Mona faintly heard her Uncle say.

Her eyes fluttered open, even as a series of ripples continued to roll across her belly like aftershocks. She watched as her Aunt Clair slid her nightgown off, her heavy breasts coming into view, then the dark thatch of hair between her glistening thighs.

“OH God” Mona moaned softly; watching her Aunt slowly walk towards the bed.

The young girl could only lay limp and exhausted as her aunt slid between her thighs on the bed. She could see a burning hunger in her aunt’s eyes as the older woman spread her thighs further open, exposing her cum soaked pussy to the faint light in the room.

“Aunt Claire?” Mona tried to speak. “OH shittttttttttt” she moaned as her pussy was enveloped by a hot mouth.

As exhausted and abused as she was, Mona felt her body instantly respond as her aunt’s tongue drove between her inflamed lips; her hands shot down and fingers wrapped into her Aunt Claire’s hair.

“Oh fuck yesssssss” Mona cried out. “Eat me” she gasped.

First, the ravaging of her body by her Uncle, and now this, the sensation of a tongue dragging through her swamp like, cum soaked cunt. It was more than her young mind could take.

“Eat my pussy Aunt Claire” she moaned, pushing her hips up to meet the invading tongue. “Eat my slut cunt.”

“Mmmmmmmm” he aunt hummed, sending a vibration through her clit that sent electric shocks through her belly.

Mona could hear as her aunt sucked the dripping sauce from her hole, and then swallow the thick liquid down. God, she was eating her own husbands cum right from his nieces dripping pussy Mona’s mind screamed.

“Oh shit…oh God” Mona panted. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

She didn’t expect a response from the older woman, her face jammed between her quivering thighs, but she got it. Two fingers slammed hard up into her soaked cunt as she felt her clit wrapped in two lips and violently sucked on.

“Aunt Claaaaaiirreeeeeeeeee” Mona screamed as her body violently exploded once again.

Claire watched as her niece shook and vibrated through her orgasm. She could feel the hot juices flowing out to cover her face as she sucked the hard nub between her lips. Oh this was going to be a wonderful year, she thought.

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