Dr. Bather Ch. 02


When I got home that night I hid my cunt stained panties under my bed. The last thing I wanted was for my parents to find out about Dr. Bather and me. I stayed in my room all night and went to bed early. Should I return to work tomorrow? And if I did go back, should I let Dr. Bather continue to touch me in places I hadn’t been touched before? I was afraid my father would find out somehow or get angry with me if I quit for an unexplained reason even though I was 18.

The next morning when I came down to the breakfast table, my father was waiting for me.

“Dr. Bather called me last night, after you went to bed.” He was reading his newspaper as he spoke. I pictured the doctor with his hand up my skirt and his mouth on my nipple and shivered. Did my father know?

“He told me what happened yesterday.” He looked up at me. “He said that you were having some problems with the new computer system” He looked back at his paper. “He asked if it would conflict with any family obligations if you stayed later at the office for extra training.”

I was releived that my father didn’t know. In fact, my father had told the doctor that not only was it a non-issue, but he was glad that Dr. Bather had taken such an interest in his daughter.

When I got to work Mrs. GIlford and the other staff had not arrived yet. I had just started my daily routine when Dr. Bather called me into his office.

I knocked on the door timidly and when I entered, he was seated on his couch opposite his desk and next to the door. Not sure what I should do next, I stood in front of him looking at my feet. He stared at me for a moment before he spoke.

“You’re a virgin.” I blushed at his candid statement. “No one has touched you like I have before, correct?”

“No, doctor.” I replied with my eyes on my shoes.

As he spoke he tilted his head, looked me up and down and he leaned toward me. “Did you like the way I touched you?”

I hadn’t considered pleasure as an option yet. My sticky panties under my bed had certainly told the story of enjoyment.

“I don’t know doctor.” I said nervously.

“Come here.” Dr. Bather reached out to me. As I moved closer to him he watched my body. He wraped his arm around bonus veren siteler my waist.

“Bodies of young girls are so pleasant to touch.” He looked up at me. “They react so well to stimilation and give away the minds disposition.” He watched my face as he lifted the hem of my skirt and held it with the hand that was around my waist. My panties were now exposed to him.

He moved his hand over my panty covered pussy and rubbed it. Looking back up at me he asked “What happened to the panties you were wearing yesterday?”

“I hid them under my bed.” I replied reluctantly. How did he guess?

Dr. Bather smiled arrogantly and looked back down at my pussy. “And why did you put them under your bed?

I didn’t want to tell him why. I couldn’t formulate the words to tell him. I had hid my panties under my bed because they were stained with pussy juice. I didn’t want the smell of my cunt to tell my secret. Dr. Bather had put his finger in me and pumped it in and out of my pussy while I laid on his desk with my tits on display.

When I didn’t replay he chuckled and said “I’ll just take these then.” And with that he pulled my panties down to my ankeles where I obediently stepped out of them. He set them aside and lifted my skirt again.

He looked at my pussy closely. With his free hand he spread my pussy lips apart so that my pink, puffy clit was unveiled to his eyes. I leaned forward with his face inches from my slit. I inhaled deeply, jutting my hips forward and closer to his face, craning my neck to see what he was doing. He stuck his tounge out and started licking my clit. Without realizing it, I grabed on to the collar of his shirt as if holding on for dear life. I watched in amazment as Dr. Bather lapped at my pussy.

He dropped the hem of my skirt and pulled me closer by my hips. With his free hand, he grabed my ass. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. His tounge was large and warm and his nose was pushing into my lower abdomen. He moved his other hand to the entrance of my cunt. As if on cue, I spread my legs and let his finger get to my hole. He pushed it deep inside of me and tickeled my insides. All of a sudden I had the urge to pee. I groaned softly bedava bahis and tried to pull away, but his hand on my ass just pulled me closer and his finger just pushed in harder.

He moved his mouth over my clit. I felt his teeth roughly scrape it and I jerked my head to the side. I couldn’t look anymore. It felt as if my body was being invaded and I couldn’t control it anymore. Dr. Bather sucked my clit into his mouth and twirled his tounge rudely on the nub. I tightened my pussy around his finger as his mouth continued to assult my clit.

Then, all of a sudden the phone rang.

Dr. Bather looked at his watch, his finger still inside my cunt. The ring of the phone reminded me of where I was and I began to wonder where Mrs. Gilfrod and his patients were.

“Damnit.” He spat and ripped his finger from my snatch. I remained standing as he went to his desk.

“Yes?” He said when he picked up the phone. He moved to his chair and sat down. “Yes, Joe, I did get your message.” Dr. Bather motioned for me to come closer. He laughed into the reciever as I moved around the desk.

“Tell me about it. If he was half as good with my money as he was on the course, I would have been a millionaire by now.” He spun in his chair so that he was facing me again. He leaned back and stuck his finger towards me. He laughed again as I licked my girl juice off his finger, cleaning them as I had done the day before.

“So lets go over my options. Did you get my fax?” Dr. Bather unbluckled is pants. “Good, good, so you know where I stand.” His pulled his zipper down. “I want out of this as soon as possible.” He pulled his cock out. It was oozing with white jizz.

I stared uncomprehendingly at him. I had never seen a dick before. From the smug expression on his face his intent was clear. I kneeled on the floor and took a deep breath. As I leaned toward his crotch I heard him say to the person on the other line “She knew what she was getting into from the begining.”

I put his whole dick into my mouth and tasted his pre-cum. What I did next was pure instinct. I started to suck on his cock, moving it in and out of my mouth. My hand on the base pumped it gently and slowly. His cock filled deneme bonus my mouth and hit the back of my throat each time I moved my mouth down to the base.

My inexperience must have shown because Dr. Bather pushed my head down hard on his shaft. My lips were at the base of his cock and the head at the back of my throat. I gaged a little as he thrust his hips forward, fucking my mouth hard. He pumped in and out of my throat, not letting my head move off his prick. I was breathing through my nose and trying not to gag.

He let go of my head and I bobed up and down, sloppy sucking sounds filling the office. I was afraid that Joe on the line would hear. Dr. Bather didn’t say much as I sucked him. Just the occasionaly “Uh-huh” and “Ya”.

Dr. Bather pushed my head back and pointed to his balls. I latched on to them, pulling them into my mouth with my tounge. I sucked on them gently and swirled my tounge around them. He put my hand on his dick and started to pump it. I got the hint and began to jack him off as I sucked his salty balls. His pubic hair tickled my nose, so I moved my face lower. I began to lick under his balls and Dr. Bather spread his legs slightly in reply.

I pumped faster and harder on his cock and licked hungrly at his nuts, trailing my tounge under them and even stoping to suck at the skin between his sack and his ass hole. Then I went back to his dick. I was starting to get a rhythm. I fucked my mouth up and down his shaft. He dick was slick with my spit and his salty cream.

“Let me put you on hold for a second, Joe.” Dr. Bather said suddenly. He put the reciever down and took his dick out of my mouth. He started pumping his cock with his left hand and wrapped his right around my neck, pulling me closer to the tip of it. I could see the opening as his hand blurred up and down the length.

I watched as Dr. Bather came, shooting a stream of white cum in my face. The first hit me on the forhead. It was warm and started dripping down the bridge of my nose. The second string splattered my chin and ran down my neck.

He pulled my face closer and aimed his cum covered cock at my mouth again. I accepted his prick and sucked the oozing jizz out of his dick. I swallowed what was left and continued to lick it as it went soft in my mouth.

Dr. Bather picked up the phone again and said proudly “Sorry about that, Joe. I had some sticky business to take care of.” He put his palm over the reciever and said coldly “That will be all.”

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