My dream always starts the same. Walking behind a group of buildings, I see a beautiful young lady leaning against the wall, dressed in a short plaid skirt and a thin, white blouse. She reminds me of my many schoolgirl fantasies, and I am instantly aroused at the mere sight of her. She waves me over without saying a word and motions for me to kneel in front of her. Gazing up into her eyes, she smiles an amazing smile, and licks her full lips; I realize that this is no schoolgirl.

I am hesitant at first, simply caressing her calves with my hands and feeling the smoothness of her legs. When she offers up no resistance I get a little bolder, and run my hands up her legs and touch the back of her thighs. She moans and I lean forward to kiss her skirt as my hands find their way under her skirt and to the back of the soft panties covering her ass.

I caress her panties with my hands and she parts her legs a little to give me better access. I can feel the heat emanating from emily in paris izle her crotch and begin to smell her arousal as my fingers stroke the silk between her legs. Lifting her skirt, I kiss the crotch of her panties and inhale her scent as my fingers tug at the elastic and I begin to pull her panties down. They are wet and stick a little as I peel them from her crotch and down of her smooth, beautiful legs.

Stuffing her panties in my pocket, I kiss my way back up her legs and try to fight off the desire to plunge my tongue inside her. She moans and lifts her leg, resting it on a crate, and allowing me to finally kiss her inner thighs and brush my nose against her beautiful pussy. I inhale her scent deeply, hoping this is not another dream.

She tilts her hips, giving me better access as I begin to kiss her moist outer lips. I gently cup her behind, pulling her onto my face as my tongue eagerly finds its way inside her. I can taste erşan kuneri izle her sweetness as she begins to drip onto my face. I run my tongue along her hole, slowly probing her juicy insides. She begins to moan louder and rock her hips as I suck along her folds and valleys, drinking each drop of her wetness that I can.

After several long licks along her length, my tongue finds her clit. She squeals as my tongue gently caresses her button for the first time, feeling every bump along my tongue. I reach up and caress her breasts through her blouse and can feel her nipples harden to my touch as she pushes her pussy harder against my mouth.

The weight of her breasts feels good in my hands, and I reach back under her blouse to try and touch her creamy, pale skin. Her bra is flimsy lace and comes unhooked on the first squeeze, freeing her breasts from their thin confines. Again my hands adjust to feel her bare skin, her nipples like rocks everyone else burns izle in my palms. I squeeze and roll them and can feel her pushing against my tongue in response.

I slowly work on her clit with my tongue, pushing back the hood and running the tip of my tongue along her sensitive hardness. I take her exposed button between my lips and slowly caress and nibble it, gently nursing her closer to orgasm. Soon her hips are bucking against my face as I move one hand from her breasts to between her legs and enter her slowly with a finger.

She bends her knees slightly, giving my finger better access and she bobs up and down a little, my finger fucking her, as my tongue pushes flat against her clit.

She screams with pleasure as my finger finds her g-spot and she climaxes onto my face as my tongue grinds at her clit. She grabs my head forcing my face further into her sweet pussy as she floods me with juices. I drink her beautiful nectar as she trembles and comes down from her orgasm. I gently blow on her slit and lick what I can of the juices from her lips and soft hair.

I am still on my knees, face wet with her orgasm, as she straightens up her clothes and leaves with just a smile.

I awake with her panties in my pocket, and the scent of her on my face.

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