Dream come true


Dream come trueMy wife and I have enjoyed anal (me, much more than her, I think she indulges me, only because she loves me so much, and knows how much I love it, and her) ever since we first met, move than 30 years ago. (I have no idea why I like it so much; I do know I am not gay, but I also know I do like to tongue and be tongued, and I feel so close and personal to my mate, when doing it to her, and when she does it to me.)I remember well, the first time she rimmed me. We had been dating for two or three months. I was in college, we each had a couple of beers, and then we took a long, hot, soapy shower together at my apartment, which I shared with a roommate. We held hands as we went to the bedroom, closing the door behind us. She told me to lie down on the bed, on my back. It was a king size mattress, on the floor, without frame or box springs.Naked and beautiful, she kneeled on the floor, between my legs, and pushed them back toward my head. The window of the bedroom was behind her, letting in just a warm sheen of light, and she looked like an angel, between my legs, beautiful tits hanging in front of her. Then she used her warm hands to spread my ass cheeks, and proceeded to warmly and wetly kiss and lick and tongue fuck my asshole. The sensations were unbelievable. I had goosebumps everywhere. She continued to lick my asshole, and tongue fuck it, for what seemed like days. She wriggled it into my ass, and left it in there, wriggling some more. Then she would tongue fuck my asshole, then leave her tongue in again, oh my god. I could feel the cum welling up, from deep inside me. Then, without her, or me, ever touching my cock or balls, I came what seemed like a flood. She licked it all up, and sucked my cock clean, and came up onto the bed to kiss me. I was almost comatose for I don’t know how many minutes, delirious with lust fulfilled.I kissed her, then rolled her over onto her belly, so that I could lie between her legs, and spread her asscheeks, and began to lightly lick and kiss, all around her hot and tasty asshole, while lightly rubbing her clit with my fingers. I slowly circled her rosebud, blowing on it, and lightly licking it, until she was squirming herself. Then I kissed her asshole, while beginning to finger her pussy, and using one finger to rub her clit. I French-kissed her asshole, and drooled spit into it, using my tongue to push the spit deeper into her rectum.I began to tongue fuck her ass, while using two, then three fingers, to fuck her pussy, still massaging her clit with my thumb. I reached around in front of her, underneath her, and used my other hand to rub her tits, and pinch her nipples. All the while, tongue fucking her asshole deeper and faster. She pushed back hard, squirming her asshole against my face, forcing my tongue deeper into her ass. She had goosebumps, too, and I knew she was getting ready to cum. I finger fucked her pussy and clit faster and harder as she began to get close to orgasm. I tongue fucked her asshole as deep and as hard and as fast as I could. My tongue was beginning to get tired, but no way was I going to stop. Her asshole got looser and looser, and I went deeper and deeper, tasting and breathing in the wonderful juice and aroma of her ass. I could feel her beginning to cum, and I tongued her harder and harder, and pinched and pulled on her nipples. Just when she started to cum, I took the hand that was pulling her nipples, and brought it to her juicy asshole, and stuck one finger up her asshole. I quickly pulled it out, spit on her gaping butthole, and inserted two fingers, then three, and finger fucked her ass deep and fast, while continuing to lick all around, and lick inside her gaping butthole, each time I pulled out my fingers. She came so hard I thought she would break fingers on both of my hands, and I stopped finger fucking her asshole, and again stuck my tongue in, to tongue fuck her ass again, this time much deeper, as her asshole was wide open and loose, now, because of her orgasm. Then she stopped, and her asshole closed so tight I thought I might never get my tongue out of there (not a bad idea.) I spread her legs further apart, and bent my head down deeper, to lick all the cum juices from her pussy, while gently patting her now puckered asshole with a wet and juicy finger.When she finally caught her breath, I moved up beside her, and kissed her, letting her share the taste of her asshole, pussy and cum, She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth, fucking me with it, which I love. We embraced, and laid there for quite awhile in a tight embrace, totally ass-fucked together.That was then, this is 30 years later, and we don’t anally please each other as much any more. But, on special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, I still look forward to my special treat.Recently, I had given myself an enema, for the first time in years, as I had been a bit constipated. By some total fluke of the gods, she drank too much wine that night, and I had gone to bed early. She came into the bedroom, and began to suck my cock, and finger my asshole, waking me up. I knew I might need some help satisfying her, as randy as she was, and as late as it was, so I went to our toy department, and took out one of our dildos. She whispered in a husky and teasing voice, “that’s for you, where’s mine”, and my brain went numb, as I grabbed two or three of the dildos and vibrators from the closet.She rolled me over on my belly, and began to tongue my asshole. I couldn’t tell at first, if I was awake or dreaming, and then she put a wet finger into my asshole, and started to finger fuck it slowly, to loosen it up. She took turns, alternating between her tongue and her finger, fucking me up the ass. I concentrated as much as I could, on totally loosening up my bung, for what I hoped and prayed would come next. She got up, and went to the bathroom, and returned with some almond lotion. She again tongued my asshole deep, and then inserted a slippery finger, to lubricate my anal canal and sphincter, it felt like heaven. I arched up my back, so she could have better access to my ass, and reached back to spread my asscheeks for her. She tongued me some more, after lubing my ass good, spanking my ass cheeks for good measure. Then there was a pause, and I felt the first isvecbahis yeni giriş dildo lightly press against my butthole. She put it in a little, then took it out, and fingered and tongued me some more, to be sure I was loose for a good ass fucking.Then I felt the dildo pressing again, sliding in little by little, as she worked it in and out, until it was all the way in, like it was her dick in my ass. It felt like heaven. She fucked me good and hard with it, as deep as it would go in my ass, and took it out from time to time, to tongue fuck my now gaping asshole as deep as she could. Once again, I was in heaven. She fucked my ass and fucked my ass, and fucked it some more, like I was in a porn movie, one of the bimbos getting her ass impaled by a stud’s cock. Only this time, it was my asshole, and it was my wife’s “cock” And, she continued to take it all the way out, every couple of minutes, so she could deep tongue fuck my asshole some more. Talk about a dream come true.She also reached under, and stroked my cock while licking my balls. I wish I could say I was hard as a rock, but being up too late and having drank a bit too much myself, I couldn’t, sadly, get it up, to give her the good ass-fucking I knew she wanted, and I myself dreamed of nearly every day.So, we had to be satisfied with her ass fucking me for about an hour and a half. God, I was in heaven the whole time. She used a bigger dildo after a while, and that felt even better. It also made my anal opening even wider, so when she took it out to tongue fuck my asshole so more, she could go in even deeper. Wonderful.She fucked my ass hard and deep, until she was exhausted from the effort. Then she tongue fucked my ass one last time, and came up to lay beside me, tongue fucking my mouth, so I could taste my own ass, mixed with her spit and the almond lotion.So, I owed her plenty, and a few weeks later, I paid up.I woke her up, by spooning her from the back, and lightly tonguing her pussy, reaching my face and tongue across her beautiful asscheeks. At first, she didn’t move. But slowly, as I tongued her pussy deeper and deeper, and lightly nibbled at her pussy lips and clit, her hips began to push back against my face. I turned her over onto her back, and continued to eat her pussy, in the way that she loves, nibbling at her clit and pussy lips, licking her slit, deep tonguing her pussy. I fingered her asshole lightly, probing gently, and not too deep, as I continued to make her pussy wet with her juices and my spit.Then I spread her legs, and eased my hard cock into her pussy, and begin to slowly fuck her, using one hand to rub her clit, and another to rub her wonderful tits and nipples. I lifted her legs high in the air, and pushed deeper and deeper into her. I withdrew from time to time, holding her legs apart and high, so I could drop down and eat her pussy some more, and tongue her asshole lightly.Then I moved up, to fuck her some more. Still inside her, I lower her legs, so they are between mine, and we roll over together, so she is on top. She spread her legs outside of mine, and moved her knees up toward me, so that her asscheeks are wide open, she knows I love to finger fuck her asshole in this position, and, even though she denies it, I know she loves being taken in two holes at the same time, too. I often wonder who’s dick she fantasizes that it is, up her ass, when we fuck like this. I wish it was mine, but then I wonder who’s dick it would be, inside her pussy, as I fuck her asshole.I brought my fingers to my mouth, to load them up with spit, and then reached around to her asshole, which I found already loose, and rubbed the spit into it, then gently slid one finger all the way up her asshole. She moaned, and held me tighter. I used my other hand to rub her clit, and pinch her nipples, but she took a hand and moved mine down to her clit, moaned, and began to pinch her own nipples, as I continued to rub that clit. I reached up, and gently nibbled on her nipples, and she moaned some more.I can get two fingers into her asshole now, and she drives her hips and ass onto them. My cock continued to slide in and out of her tight pussy, and I keep rubbing her clit.Now I have three fingers up her asshole, all the way, and can feel my dick with them. She begins to build toward her first climax, and I swear to myself, I will not come yet. She grinds her clit onto my pelvis, and bucks her hips like she is having a seizure. She tongues my ear, and hoarsely whispers “I’m going to come, I’m going to come.” I say back to her, “come baby, come, I’m fucking your pussy and your ass. I want to lick your asshole, and tongue fuck it, and fuck it with my cock, and come up it deep, and then have you sit on my face, with your asshole over my mouth, so I can eat all the come out of it for you, and tongue fuck your sweet asshole some more.” I fuck her asshole deep and hard with my three fingers.“Uummmmm”, she starts to come, and her body breaks out in sweat all over. She bucks and bucks, grinding her hips against mine, biting my nipples, and comes and comes and comes. And collapses on top of me, sticky sweat all between our bodies. My fingers are still in her asshole, and I am surprised that it hasn’t puckered up tight, as it usually does after she comes. I begin to think how good it is, that I have not come myself, yet.Then she whispers in my ear “that was the best I’ve ever cum”. I whisper back, “I think you have better cums to come, baby”. She’s silent, and looks me in the eyes. “When I fuck your asshole good and hard,” I whisper. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she said, as she pulled herself off of me, and laid down on her stomach, next to me, and pulled a pillow under her hips, raising her ass up into the air. “Fuck me like a whore.”That was all I needed to hear. I lowered my face, and parted her asscheeks, and pushed my tongue into her loose asshole. I breathed in deeply, of the smell of her hot pussy juices and asshole. I was once again in heaven. I tongued her asshole as slowly and deeply as I could. Then I asked her to lie still for a moment, as I left the bed to get the almond lotion, and a couple of toys. When I came back, I saw that there were two pillows under her hips now, pushing her ass up higher in the air, isvecbahis giriş and that she was nearer the bottom end of the bed, and she was finger fucking her own asshole, while waiting for me.I put the lotion and dildos down beside us, and resumed eating her open asshole, tongue fucking her, harder now. I rubbed her clit a little, and then took the other hand, and eased the soft pink dildo into her pussy. I began to fuck her with it, while I continued to tongue fuck her asshole. She was wiggling like a worm, or something, pushing her ass and hips up against my fuck tongue, and wriggling her ass around, helping me work my tongue in deeper. I had never had my tongue so far up her asshole before. I took two fingers, and squirted some lotion on them, and gently pushed them into her asshole, twisting them a little as I did. I slowly worked them in and out, until they were all the way in. Then I pulled them out, and saw that her asshole was gaping open, and stuck my tongue so deep inside of her asshole, that I thought I could feel her belly. She moaned like nothing I had ever heard before.I came up higher on the bed, and held my cock in my hand, and rubbed it against her asshole. She pushed back against me. I eased in the head, and she shuddered. I took it out, and tongued her ass some more. “I need your cock in my ass” she said.I got back up, and put my cock in her ass, a little at a time, pulling it all the way out between strokes, and then back in again, a little deeper each time, until about two inches of it was inside. “Are you alright?” I asked her. “No, I need my ass fucked hard and deep now!” she said between clenched teeth. “Fuck my asshole, fuck it as hard as you can, and come deep inside my ass.”I eased my cock all the way in, and she pushed back against me again. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Fuck my ass” was the reply. So I began to fuck her asshole, pulling all the way out, and then pushing open the circle, and all the way back to the balls again. She was loving it, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks for me, so I could drive even deeper.I began to fuck her ass harder and faster, and as deep as I could. Each time I felt like I was going to come, I’d pull out, and put a dildo in, and fuck her ass with that. When I felt safe to continue, I’d take out the dildo, tongue fuck her asshole for 15 seconds or so, leaving as much spit as I could inside, and then push my cock back into her, and fuck her hard and deep. Sometimes, after bottoming out, I’d stay there, and wiggle my cock around in circles, stretching the inside of her asshole.After nearly an hour of ass fucking her, I was ready to come, and I told her so. “Come in my asshole baby, come deep in my asshole” she said. I fucked her asshole furiously, and reached around to pinch her nipples. I took my cock out of her ass, “oh” she sadly moaned, and I stuck four fingers up her ass, and quickly removed them, and put my cock back in, and continued to bang the bejesus out of her asshole. I reached around, and let her suck on my fingers, and she sucked them like they were the second cock she wished were in bed with her now. Damn, what a wild woman.I felt like I was going to pass out, as my cum worked it’s way up from deep inside of me. I drove as deep as I could into her asshole, and began to shoot my load, pumping and pumping and pumping, for how long, I had no idea. Completely drained, I laid flat on top of her back, with my dick still deep in her asshole, as she clenched her asshole and ass cheeks around my cock, which felt marvelous.After laying together like this for a couple of minutes, I asked “is it alright if I pull out of your asshole now?” “Why” she asked. “So I can clean up the cum from your ass with my tongue.” “Be my guest, but don’t eat it all, save some for me.”I lowered my face to her asshole, and begin to lick and suck and slurp, to get the cum from deep inside of it. I swallowed some, but held some in my mouth, and reached up to her, laying with her head turned to one side, and kissed her mouth deeply, transferring some of the cum I had just sucked from her asshole into her mouth. Our tongues worked back and forth, inside each others mouths, as we swished the cum between us. “I want more” she said. I whispered “then sit on my face, so it drains down, and I can get all of it out.”.She raised herself, as I rolled onto my back, and straddled my face, with her ass cheeks facing me, and reached back and spread them for me. The cum began to drip out, into my mouth. I reached up with my tongue, and tongued her asshole some more, and more and more cum came dripping out into my mouth. “Save some for me”, she reminded.I ate her asshole and ate her asshole and ate her asshole some more, while she rubbed her clit and tits. Suddenly, she lifted herself off of me, and turned around, and lowered her face to kiss me. I swapped the warm ass cum with her, and she said between clenched teeth, “roll over onto your belly, I want to put some of this cum in your asshole.”As I rolled over, she got up, and spat the cum I had just given her, from her asshole, into an empty glass, on the dresser beside the bed. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I can’t come in your asshole until after I fuck it, can I?” she replied. She pulled the two pillows under my hips, as I wiggled to get my cock pointing forward underneath of me. She spread my ass cheeks, and I felt her hot breath on my now quivering asshole. I felt her warm and wet and soft tongue, begin to lick up and down my asshole, and tickling my balls. She softly kissed my asshole.Then she slipped an oiled finger up my ass, twisting and turning it, and finger fucking me with it. She pulled it out, and I felt her worm like tongue working its way deep into my ass. She somehow managed to make it hard, like a little dick, and tongue fucked my ass for 10 minutes. It seemed like seconds, it seemed like hours. I was in heaven, again.I was so ready for this, my ass was so loose, I didn’t need any lube. She slowly pushed in the first dildo, the soft pink one, about the same size as my cock. She turned it, from side to side, and pulled it out every now and then, to tongue me some more, and push her warm and slippery spit up my ass. Then she would slide in the head of the dildo again, and each isvecbahis güvenilirmi time, work it further and further up my ass, until it was in to the hilt. Then she began to slowly fuck my ass with it, while reaching underneath me to massage my rock hard cock. “I need to suck your cock”, she said, and rolled me over onto my back. “69 me”, I said. She turned and moved her hips over my face, pulling her knees up past my arms, so I could eat and tongue her pussy and her ass. She began to suck me, as she also fucked my ass some more with the pink dildo. I managed to catch a few more drops of cum from her ass, which I swallowed, along with the couple of pussy hairs which were in my mouth, too. After 15 minutes or so of this, she sat up straight, so I could tongue deep into her ass, which was wide open for my oral pleasure.Then she swung herself off of me, and said “I have a special surprise for you tonight”, and left the bed for the bathroom. When she came out, a minute or so later, I saw she was wearing a strapon. “Tonight, I’m going to really fuck your ass”, she said. “And so you know, this isn’t a dildo inside the harness, it’s a double dong, half of it up my pussy, with the other half for your ass. Roll over, slut”, she commanded.I rolled onto my belly again, with the pillows under my hips, and arranged my cock to point downward, so she could have easy access to it. She came to the bed, and once again spread my asscheeks, and began to tongue little circles around my butthole, and breath hot and soft onto it. She kissed it, and sucked it, and lightly tongued it. Then she pushed her tongue further inside, and tongue fucked my ass again. “Fuck my ass,” I said. “When I’m ready,” she answered. “I want you to beg for it.” “You can tongue me for as long as you want,” I said. “You’re ready,” was her answer.And I felt the strapon push at my assring, which had puckered tight a bit, even though I was trying to keep it loose for her. This didn’t stop her, as she slowly pushed deeper, shaking it a bit, to help ease it in. Then she would pull it out, and lick my asshole to make it wetter, and push it in again. Then she surprised me, and drove it in to the hilt, it hurt, but sent tingling sensations all through my body. “I’m going to give you the ass fucking of your life,” she said, and began to fuck my asshole, slow but steady, all the way in, and all the way out. She reached down and massaged my cock. She pulled out, and tongued my ass, and licked my balls and cock. Then she drove the strapon all the way in again, and began to seriously fuck my ass.My mind went numb, I couldn’t control my body, it pushed back to meet her every stroke, and I reached back and spread my asscheeks, and now brought my knees up beside me, so she could fuck me deeper. She fucked my ass for an hour, until she said she was going to come. Hearing this, I felt the cum start to well up from underneath my balls, too, and she fucked me so hard I thought I would pass out from the pain and the pleasure. And then she started to cum, and I released my load, too.While driving the strapon all the way in, and pressing it there, she wriggled her hips from side to side, I loved that feeling, and she leaned forward to press her tits against my back, I could feel how erect her nipples were, and sticking together from our mutual sweat, she leaned down and tongue fucked my ear, whispering “I’m fucking your ass, I’m cumming, oh, I’m fucking your ass, I’m cumming”, until finally, she lay still on top of me, the strapon still deep in my ass. And she was totally worn out.After a couple of minutes of just enjoying the feel of our bodies held tight against each other, she withdrew, and went down to lick up my cum, from between my legs, on the sheets. Then she brought her lips to my asshole, tongued it for a few minutes until it was loose again, and began to push my cum, into my asshole. “Don’t move”, she commanded, as she went to get the glass with the earlier cum, and drank from it, and went back to my asshole, parted my cheeks, and pushed more and more cum deeper into my ass.She laid down on the bed, on her back, and said “69 with me, so I can eat the cum from your ass, and suck my cock.” I immediately obliged, and was rewarded with feeling her tongue worm its way deep into my ass again, as I got goosebumps all over my body. I willingly sucked her “cock”, and loved the taste, and the sensation. I held it in my hand, and gently pushed it in and out a bit, and wriggled it side to side, taking advantage of the half of it, that was deep in her wonderful pussy.She liked that feeling, as I could feel her legs and hips start to tense up, signally she was building to another climax. Which was good for me, as she also arched her neck, and pressed her tongue even deeper up my ass, searching for every last dab of cum which was up there. My cock was rubbing between her beautiful tits, and I was building toward another orgasm myself. We laid there, me using the strap on to fuck her pussy, sucking her cock, reaching under her to finger her butthole, she tongue fucking and sucking on my asshole, and me rubbing my dick between her tits, for another 10 minutes or so, each of us breaking contact every so often to catch a deep breath, so we could dive in again.Our bodies both clenched and shuddered at the same time, and she came, and I came, for the last time that night. Or so we thought.We lay like that for minutes, until I got up from the 69, and lay next to her, so we could kiss and fondle each other. I took off her strapon, and we shared sucking it, and licking it, together. I began to get hard again, and rolled on top of her, and stuck my cock in her pussy, and lifted her knees up high, and fucked her softly at first, then harder and harder.We rolled over, so she was on top, and I continued to fuck her, as she brought her knees up closer to my head, so I could once again have easy access to her asshole as we fucked.I reached for the strapon, and reached around behind her, and slowly pushed the larger end into her loose and wet ass. She groaned, “fuck my ass”. I eased it all the way in, and timed the strokes so that my cock and the double dildo entered her at the same time. She fucked like a maniac, totally out of control, until she began to tense and cum again. I eased the strapon out of her ass, and once again we licked and sucked it together, tasting her ass and my cum on it, as we laid together, with her on top, and my cock still hard, but spent, in her pussy.We rolled on our sides, and cuddled and kissed, and slept soundly till well after noon.

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