Dream Cruise Ch. 01: Arrival


I arrived at the docks excited and horny. I had been saving it for weeks in preparation for my special “Dream Cruise.” This was more than just a typical gay cruise of men hooking up – this was the premium experience where the crew is the star of the show, and all yours to play with once you get to international waters.

As I get in line to board, I see the first cute crew member. His nametag reads “Danny,” he looks 25, and I’m loving his white sailor outfit – hat and all. He shakes my hand with a smile and asks to check my ticket.

As he scans it he smiles, “Ah, first time aboard?” he says. “Yeah, I’ve heard such great things.”

“What you experience on this boat will be far beyond what you imagine,” he replies with a wink.

I ask if it’s true there is a literal menu of guys in each room, which you can order from each night.

“Well yeah! And that’s the tame way to spend a night. Make sure you get to exploring all corners of the ship. But if you do want to stay in your room, you can always give me a call. We get a bonus each time we sleep with someone. Keeps us hustling!”

Before I can respond I’m being ushered on board. I remember thinking how if the rest of the staff is half as cute as Danny I’d be in for a treat, and then I look up and get my second taste.

Now that I’ve stepped on the boat, the clothes are off. Aside from role play activities, Danny will be the most-clothed guy I see all week (and that’s only because he was working on the dock at the time). There are men of every type, all gorgeous, running around in “uniform” sailor briefs, complete with a bow tie right above their bulges. They’re being hospitable, grabbing bags, and leading people to their rooms. I’m still timid, but other guests already have their hands all over the guys – grabbing their biceps, lightly touching their lower backs… giving the bulging butts a slap. I’m hard already…

A young man comes up to help me. He’s wearing the same white briefs, but he has his arms close to his sides as if he’s trying to cover up some. He introduces himself as Evan with a bit of a stutter.

“Hi s-sir, may I – could I see your ticket? I can guide you to your r-room.”

It seemed like his first job. I try and put him at ease with a big smile. “Yes please Evan! My ticket says 401. Is there an elevator somewhere?”

“R-right this way,” he says, smiling back sheepishly and grabbing my bags. I lag behind a bit to look at his beautiful butt in his tight briefs. He actually seems to strain a bit with my bag, as I watch his small triceps tighten up as he pulls it behind him.

The elevators are crowded with other guests and crew members. I look around and see hands down underwear, and feel inspired to be a little touchier with Evan and lightly stroke his back as we watch the numbers go up to 4.

When we reach 401, Evan stands awkwardly at the door. Do I invite him in? “Are you allowed to come in with me, help me get settled?” I ask.

“Y-yes sir. My primary job is actually to do whatever bursa evi olan escort a guests asks of me. So it’s really up to you…” he trails off, looking down at the ground.

“Well yes then. Come make yourself comfortable!”

I lead the way into my room. It’s a standard cruise ship suite at first glance – a bit cramped, I cheaped out and got an interior view. But I’m pleased to see some alcohol and mixers at a small bar stand. I could really use a drink to get adjusted to everything I’ve just seen.

“Can I fix you something Evan?”

“Uh, I’ve actually never had a drink before sir, I’m 19.”

I laugh, “I should have known! Well… are you allowed to drink?”

“T-technically not until we’re out at sea, but my supervisor said if we’re in a room when docked, it’s not like anyone would see.”

I nod and fix him something sweet, but strong, and pour myself a brandy. He’s seated himself on the end of my bed and I hand him the glass. I smile a bit watching his face flinch up when he has his first taste. Then he gets a look of resolve and takes a big chug, downing half the glass.

“What do the wristbands do?” I ask, noticing for the first time a black band that looks like a smartwatch, and a light-blue paper wristband.

“Oh sir, is it your first time?” once Evan gets talking, he starts to ramble, “It’s actually my first time too. But of course I’ve been going through training for this for a while. The smartwatch has a bunch of tech in them – they can track us around the boat, so anyone can look up where to find us, and a bunch of other things like, they monitor our vitals to make sure we’re safe through all the… rougher, kinkier play.” By the way his eyes dart around as he says it, you can tell he’s never done anything remotely rough or kinky.

“And the blue band?”

He gulps, starts to talk, and then decides to down the rest of his drink. “That’s a signal that I’m a virgin sir. So if you want a virgin we’re easy to spot. There are other colors too – orange means-“

But I cut him off by taking a step towards the bed and leaning over him. I have a bit of liquid courage now, and my cock started pumping once I heard him say the word “virgin.” I grab his chin to make him look up and face me. He seems nervous, but this is his job he’s been training for right?

I fully pounce on top of him, pushing him back on the bed. The glass falls out of his hand and rolls off the bed, getting ice everywhere, but I couldn’t care less. I’m running my hands up and down his slender body as I start to make out with him. His arms are just kind of laying there, so I grab his wrists tightly and put them up under his head, exposing his arm pits which have a couple wisps of hair. I smell them and he smells amazing… a bit sweaty, but mostly sweet. As I grind into his briefs I feel his virgin cock start to get hard, and I lean back to take a look at his bulge.

“Has anyone ever touched your cock like this boy?” I say as I stroke it teasingly altıparmak escort with one finger through his briefs.

“N-no s-sir,” he manages to get out.

I slip my hand through the side of his briefs and grab it firmly. It’s warm, medium-sized, and uncut. At the quick movement he squirms in a spams of pleasure underneath me. He’s breathing quickly and his abs are tigthening up before my eyes.

“You are so horny! Almost as much as me!” I exclaim, and I hop up to start taking my clothes off quickly. When my hard cock bounces out Evan stares right at it, looking nervous. I can tell he’s sizing it up – wondering if I’m going to be popping his cherry today.

“They actually had all the crew members in cock cages the past few months. I’ve never been that long with coming sir. If you find any of us today who hasn’t had sex yet they’ll be this horny,” he says with a sheepish grin.

“Well what about after today, when all the crew members have had sex?”

“Well… there are a lot of crew members and not all of them are on greeting duty today, and not all the guests will fuck their greeters,” I can almost see his asshole tighten up through his briefs when he says the word “fuck” – maybe eager to stall he keeps on explaining, “Also guests can lock up our cocks again throughout the week, and some of the crew members have to stay locked all week. There is also always the doctor’s office where you can take a crew member to get different drugs.”

“What kind of stuff?” I ask. What aren’t we allowed to do on this boat?

“I don’t really know names but there’s a whole menu. Things to make us drowsy, or dancy, or extra hard and horny apparently. I’ve never taken anything. Well, besides this drink,” he glances as his spill on the side of the bed.

“That’s something I’ll need to check out later! And it’s kind of fun to be corrupting you. Your first time drinking you should be properly drunk, so let’s get a few more shots into you. Stand up.”

I go to the bar and pour a double shot of smooth vodka. When I turn around Evan has followed orders and is standing up, with his arms crossed and his bulge still going strong.

“Hands up!” I order, “No hiding that body of yours. And open your mouth and tilt your head back.” Once he complies I pour the shot straight down his throat. “Good… good. It’ll make things more fun for you. Now turn around, stick your ass out, and put your arms of the bed.”

He complies, and I can’t resist anymore. I pull down his briefs, revealing his smooth, bouncy ass. He looks backwards over his shoulder to see what I’m going to do, just in time to see my hand giving it a hard slap. The sound rings through the room and his ass cheeks give a jiggle. I peak around his thighs to see his cock, still hard, bouncing up and down.

“Is there lube in this room?”

He hesitates nervously, then staggers out, “Y-yes sir, in the drawer by the bed.” He sounds kind of drunk already, but just in case I order him to pour and take another shot. He runs over to the drinks, his underwear still hanging between his ankles.

I open the drawer and am delighted to find way more than just lube. There are dildos, bondage equipment, poppers, and way more. I make a mental note to explore this more fully later. I already know not to look for condoms because this is a condom-free ship. Every guest and crew member has been screened for STIs beforehand. I squirt a bit of lube on my finger and then bring the bottle with me as I walk back to Evan.

He’s shaking his head again and coughing a bit after his shot. Before he even sees it coming I reach behind him and grab his ass, pushing my finger right on his hole. I manage to get it in quickly, and he clenches hard around my finger. I grab the back of his hair with my other hand and make him look up at me again as I make out with him.

There will be more time for run foreplay the rest of the week, I think, I just need to get inside this bitch. I push him onto the bed face-down, and grab a pillow to put under his hips. As I lube up my cock, I enjoy the beautiful site of his 19 year-old ass, in the air, as he looks nervously over his shoulder up at me.

I mount him and push my cock inside in one quick motion. He lets out a yell, so I reach around his face and cover his mouth. “Shhh,” I whisper in his ear, “Just give it a minute.” My cock is pulsing hard inside him, and I feel him start to loosen up some, and then I start thrusting.

I know I’m not going to last very long so I pull out, flip Evan over in one smooth motion (he’s so light!) and push his legs above his head. I pause for another sex to admire his body. He’s panting, and a bit of sweat is glistening on his tight abs. I notice his ankles are almost as small as his wrists in my hands, and that his hole is still nice and open, ready to have me back.

I push back inside him and he closes his eyes and opens his mouth in pleasure. With each thrust I watch as precum oozes out of his cock and starts spilling onto his chest and pubes.

I know I’m not going to last very much longer, and I want him to come right before me, so I reach down and start stroking his cock. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but five seconds later he’s coming, and hard. Shot after shot flies out, hitting the pillow, his hair, his face, and finally slowing down enough to just hit his body. I put my left palm flat on his chest and rub it around, covering him in his warm seed, and then instantly feel myself coming inside him. I maybe come just as much, pumping his virgin asshole full of it. He’s still twitching around in pleasure underneath me.

When I pull out I’m ecstatic at how beautiful Evan looks. He’s drenched is his own cum, which is rolling off him and onto the bed with each big breath he takes, and – legs still up in the air – I see his hole oozing my come. I want to remember that sight forever.

“Am I allowed to take pictures?” I ask.

“Of the crew members yes,” he mumbles, eyes flickering closed, “Just not other guests.”

I fumble around with my jeans and pull out my phone and take some pictures of Evan as he drifts to sleep. I climb back into bed and have him roll over on his side. I spoon him, still naked, and feel myself drift off too.

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