Dream Dream Dream Ch. 02


Author’s Note:

For those of you not in the know, this is the second part of this… little adventure. Those of you returning after the first part, welcome back.

There will likely be more encounters with Diana, as long as I hear that people want them.

I hope you enjoy reading this tale as much as I enjoyed writing it.



As I came up the stairs I saw that the door was wide open. I smiled to myself, swirling my whisky glass, watching as the amber fluid sloshed against the sides of the glass. I slowly moved up the last of the stairs and to the open door, lifting my glass to sip the strong contents while I surveyed the room.

The door was wide open, and I noticed that a newspaper had actually been jammed underneath it to stop it from swinging shut. The bedside lamp had been turned slightly so that the light shone over my sister’s bed. I breathed in deeply as I examined what the light revealed.

Diana was lying on her back. She still had the T-shirt on but her back was arched slightly and her firm teen breasts were fairly bulging out of the material. She had a smile on her face and as I looked closely I could still see a slight glisten of cum on her cheek. Her hands were resting on her breasts, the fingers spread to show the proud nipples fighting against the tight material. Her legs were still open and I could see that her panties were sodden from her cum. So she had really cum hard as I had wanked into her mouth, the dirty slut, well let’s see what would happen now.

I moved forward and put my drink down on her night table, stepping back away from the bed slightly and taking my clothes off. I decided I would get completely naked as I wanted to take my time. I wanted to really force my teen sister’s body to please me. As I let my trousers drop to the floor there was a soft thud and I smiled as a new thought struck me. I lifted my ribbed shirt over my head and let my body flex as I dropped my arms to my side and the t-shirt to the floor. I could hear Diana’s breathing speeding up as my clothes were shed. I stepped out of my house shoes and reached down to pull my socks off, finally standing in front of her in my trunks. I crouched down, my eyes never leaving her and noticing that while I moved her tongue flicked out of her mouth to reach for the cum still on her face. As her tongue found the salty taste I watched as her fingers tightened momentarily on her breasts, squeezing her nipples against the coarse fabric of my old t-shirt.

As I moved closer to her she turned her face to me, her mouth expectantly open and her tongue reaching for me. I looked down and smiled sardonically, my eyes dark as I looked down at her ‘sleeping form’ there was a photo by her bed of her boyfriend, and I picked it up for a moment, looking into the face. The clean cut features of a young guy, about Diana’s age, probably a sports jock of some type. I grinned to myself and wondered what he would think of his princess now.

Diana moaned slightly and I saw she had slipped one hand down to her panties, sliding her fingers in and out of her swollen wet cunt. Her other hand was pinching steadily at her nipple, her mouth open and turned towards me. I looked down at her and considered, watching as my cock started to swell. My eyes traveled along her arm and watched her fingers wanking, watching as they slipped forward and into her cunt. Wondering what the tightness of her velvet walls would be like on my older cock, my breathing deepened as I imagined her tomorrow, at the dinner table, the taste of my cum on her tongue as she smiled at our parents.

I looked down at my cock and saw it was fully erect. I lifted the waistband of my pants and pulled them over my cock, letting them slip down to my legs and onto the floor. I stroked my cock once, seeing Diana’s interest peak, her hips buck slightly as she pushed them into her fingers. I looked back to her face and saw the half smile on her face, knew that she was remembering my taste, how I had spunked on her face. I let my hand fall from my cock, smiling as I saw it ready for business, as hard as it was going to get, the head swollen and an angry red waiting for my use.

I leaned forward and placed my bell-end onto ataşehir escort her reaching tongue. As she felt the dead weight of my cock settle on her hot tongue she moaned, her hands stopping their movements as the thoughts invaded her mind. I looked down at her face, her eyes tightly shut as she ran her tongue around the end of my cock. I breathed deeply as I felt the blood rush to my member and the heat being to throb. Diana lapped at the end of my cock, no doubt tasting the remnants of my cum as my eye opened to her ministrations. I leaned forward slightly and slid my cock deep into her teen mouth.

She seemed surprised and tried to close her mouth at first, but my cock was already into my sister’s mouth and I leaned forward and slid half its length in, pushing her tongue in and forcing her head back slightly. I let it stay there briefly, breathing deeply as I felt the heat of my sister’s mouth envelope my cock before I slid it in a little more. Her tongue wrapped itself around my cock and I could feel her suck on my bell-end, the sensation bursting through my body as I looked down into her face, feeling the breath panting from her nose faster and faster. Her fingers had resumed their movements across her body and I could she was really wanking her cunt now. As I made to pull my cock out she leaned her head forward, moving with my cock, letting me fuck her face. I eased my cock in and out of her gaping mouth, feeling her breath hot around my cock as she worked for my cum with her tongue.

I pulled my cock out and she smiled, expecting my cum to rain down onto her mouth as she opened it for me. I watched her horny movements and slapped my cock against her mouth, the hard flesh smacking dully onto her swollen lips. She frowned slightly and moved her head to try and capture me in her mouth again, but I shifted slightly, rubbing my cock over her face, leaning in and offering her my shaven balls to suck.

I could see that this was new to her. When my heavy balls fell into her slut mouth she squealed slightly, running her tongue immediately over the soft skin. I gasped as she closed her mouth around my bollock and sucked, she sucked a little hard and my gasp sharpened into one of slight pain. Immediately she lightened the pressure and ran her hot tongue over my sack. Looking down I could see her eyes were still shut and that there was an air of concentration and lust on her sweet face as she worked my balls. I looked down her body and could see that her fingers in her panties were speeding up, her other hands pulling hard at her breast, her fingers raking the nipples and pulling them hard. I could tell she was about to cum and so I pulled back slightly.

Again she smiled expecting me to cum with her. Instead I leaned forward and placed my hands on the wall over her head, lifting my other leg onto the bed and straddling her young face, leaning forward and fucking her face as deeply as I could.

This definitely shocked her as I forced my cock to the back of her throat, choking her and she tried to push me away. I reached down and held her head, stopping my movements. She calmed immediately under my attentions, as I pushed her head back slightly, altering the angle for my thrusts. I think she knew what was coming and I could feel her breathing start to speed up, her fingers working hard into her cunt as she started to cum.

As she came I lunged down in her tilted mouth, deep throating my kid sister, the thought making my cock pulse into her mouth, as I slid my cock fully into her mouth and throat. I felt her begin to cum immediately, her lips sucking on my cock as she sought my seed to join her in her orgasm. I felt her body buck under the force of the emotion, sighing and moaning around my cock through her lust, fucking down into her mouth, a little less with each stroke, guiding her through her orgasm, holding back my own need for the right time.

When she was still once more I pushed myself off the wall and stood beside the bed, looking down at her panting, pouting face, her mouth still slightly open as if expecting me to cum into her again. I moved around the bed and stopped at the foot. Reaching forward and leaning in I grabbed hold of her hips, holding her avcılar escort tightly and dragging her down the bed in one hard motion. She gasped, surprised at this turn of events but her eyes stayed tightly shut. I gripped my hands into the waist band of her panties and I smiled as her wanking fingers slipped out of her panties, and gripped the top of them. I looked and could see the thick cream of orgasm on her fingers and knew the time was right. She held her panties tightly, hoping to keep them on, and to continue to steer the encounter. I grinned, the gloom reflecting off my teeth as the leer of a predator and ripped my hands downwards. Her slippery fingers offered little resistance and she sighed as her pussy was revealed.

I pulled the panties roughly over her legs, catching her feet and sliding my hands along to her knees, pulling them apart, revealing her pussy to me, her older brother. I looked down with interest. The soft blond hairs were shaved in a Brazilian, a little tuft of hair over her pussy guarding the entrance to her clit. Her pink lips were glistening and swollen. I could clearly see her clit between the folds of skin and the white streaks of her orgasm.

I reached up and took her hand, placing it back on her clit as I slowly started to stroke my cock again. ‘Stroke my baby cunt for me’ I whispered hoarsely. She moaned in answer, pushing her hips up towards me as her fingers slid through the velvet folds of her pussy. I watched, stroking my cock in time to her caresses, watching as she clenched her clit between two fingers and pulled it out with a little sigh, easing her hips into her hand as I wanked my cock to the sight of my baby sister fingering her own cunt.

I sighed deeply as I saw her excitement increase, stepping back from the bed and bending down briefly before moving along the bed to the head again. Her mouth was open expectantly. I lifted her panties to my nose, breathing in the cum stench of my sister. Closing my hand into a fist around the soiled white material looking down at my swollen cock, I reached out for my whisky glass and took a quick swallow before leaning forward. I ran my face close along my sisters, feeling her lust, watching as she yearned for me. I straightened up and placed my glass down ago long enough to slip the panties over my sister’s head, watching as she inhaled the scent of her own cunt, struggling her head to one side to rid herself of the garment. I leaned down and pressed one hand to her head, rearranging the panties so that the wettest part was over her mouth, kissing her deeply and pushing the material into her mouth, my tongue running through her taste and meeting hers on the other side. She moaned aloud as the lust overcame her again and she arched her back to me, her arms reaching out to hold me. I slipped away from her grasp and moved down the side of the bed. Once there I slid up onto the bed, my cock rock hard with anticipation.

This time she made no move to stop me and I leaned in close to her pussy, my face inches away from her wanking finger. I could her from her moans that she was sucking on her panties, feeding on her own cum. I watched in awe as my baby sister wanked her own cunt inches from my face and then smiled to myself as I leaned forward and ran my tongue through her cunt, delving deep into the hot folds and scooping her cum up in my tongue, immediately slipping one hand underneath my body and sliding a finger into her tight pussy. I felt her slither down the bed, impaling herself on my finger and pushing her pussy onto my tongue. I ran my tongue along her hot lips and clamped my mouth down on her clit, sucking hard and gripping it between my teeth as I heard my baby sister squeal in delight, her cry floating into one long moan as I nibble her clit and raked my fingers along her g-spot.

I could taste her pussy in my mouth, her scent filling my head as I tongued her teen cunt. Lapping at her juices and flicking my tongue over her horny clit, feeling her pussy muscles grip my fingers and try to suck them deeper in. I leaned back and spat onto her cunt, looking along her body to see that she had placed both of her hands on her tits and was now pulling and gripping both her nipples at once as I avrupa yakası escort tongue fucked her. I leant down and pressed my tongue flat against her clit and pussy hard, feeling the pulsing heat. I let one finger slide down to her arse and was amused to find that she bucked violently against this, clearly not ready for me to go down there. I smiled to myself as there was plenty else I could do.

I moved up her body, lifting her t-shirt with my mouth and then my hands, pulling it up roughly feeling the seams rip slightly as I freed her teen breasts. I could tell by the way she was struggling against me and her hands crossing her breasts that she was reluctant to go further. I pushed her hands away with my head and closed me teeth around one of her nipples, feeling her taste still on my tongue and in the air. I bit down and pulled the nipple up, stretching the sensitive skin. ‘Too fucking late to back down now, slut.’ My whisper was dark and I felt her body react to it. I ran my tongue around the end of the trapped nipple, feeling her hips push against mine as I reached down and grabbed my cock in my hand, guiding it against the slippery entry to her cunt.

I could feel that this was definitely not what she had intended, and with her eyes still shut she bucked against me. I pushed her down with superior strength and eased the head of my cock into her tight cunt. I could feel the heat emanating from her, her lust making her body burn with sexual fever. ‘Too late to back down now,’ I repeated. ‘My slut sister is going to get what is coming to her.’ I felt her body quiver at my words, her head tilt back slightly under the panty blindfold as I called her a slut. I let go of my cock and reached up for her breasts, rolling both nipples between my thumbs as I plunged my knob deep into her cunt.

The feeling was unbelievable, the tight cunt opening under my movements, greeting me and greedily sucking me in. The way her hips pushed into mine, her wanton lust abandoning all caution as she fucked into her older brother with all of her lust. I dropped my head and sucked her tits, biting and gnawing at her nipples as I fucked into her pussy. My hard cock sliding easily through her juices, piercing into her again and again as we lived our needs. I reached up with one hand and thrust the panties into her mouth, feeling her bite and suck on my fingers through her stained panties. I looked down at my pumping cock, moaning as I felt the tightness of her teen pussy around my organ. Feeling my need begin to build as she came, feeling her cunt grip my cock again and again as my teen sister cried out loud, her hands reaching down and pulling her legs apart to allow my cock to pierce even further into her soft folds. ‘That’s right slut, fucking come on my cock’ I grunted. She moaned a long drawn out cry as her orgasm melted through her body, and as I felt the quakes being and her tension release I could feel my balls draw into my body and decided it was time.

I pulled my cock out of her body and jumped beside the bed, pulling her panties away with one hand and guiding her hand to my cock with my other. Looking down as she kept her eyes shut, somehow denying the act was happening while she opened her mouth and started to wank my cock. She pulled me to her and I slipped my stained cock into her mouth, watching as my kid sister cleaned my cock of her own cunt juices while slowly wanking my rock hard cock.

I grunted as I began to come, leaning in to spill my seed into her mouth for the second time that day. She opened her mouth to show me the sight of my cum splashing over her tongue and pooling into her throat. She smiled as she closed her mouth and swallowed while she wanked my cock onto her face. Moaning again as my cum splashed onto her cheek before I reached down and jerked my cock twice, the hard splashes arcing, once over her face, splashing across her closed eyes causing her to gasp and the second as I had intended into her hair.

I pulled back gasping. Watching as my baby sister wiped one of her fingers across her face, pooling the cum I had sprayed over her and scooping it into her mouth, her tongue flicking out over her lips as she moaned once more. I stood there, my cock rock hard, the evening running through my mind, wondering what would happen, what would become of this. I leaned down and picked up my clothes, looking as she turned on her side, facing me, a wide smile on her face.

I stepped out of the room onto the landing, naked, looking into the room. ‘Good luck with your exam’ I whispered as I cleared the jam and gently swung the door shut.

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