Dream Mistress


Five years ago Bruce started his cleaning business. He started with 3 employees and had grown to 20. When he started his plan was to do businesses and offices, so he placed ads in the paper and on a few bulletin boards to promote himself. His first call needed 2 people for an office and then came a call that was to be his dream come true. Over the years his business grew but he personally held onto this one account. He sent his other employees to the others but he always did this one himself. It was his baby.

He’d had his ads out only 2 days when she called. She explained that she had some special needs and would prefer a private audience with him instead of the usual office visit. At the designated time he showed up at her home based business. He was greeted at the door by a demure ‘maid’ who showed him into a room she called the parlor. He hadn’t heard that term for years and it reminded him of his Great-Granny. He half expected to see a little white-haired old woman walk in, instead in walked a tall red head dressed in stern yet sharp black clear down to her 6 inch heeled leather boots that reached for unknown points. She took his breath away, she was the Dom of his fantasy, little did he know. She introduced herself as Mistress Rosalind Bosse, Mistress of the Compound, a look of lusty fulfillment crossed his eyes.

“Good afternoon. Mistress.” he said reverently. “I’m Bruce Long owner of ‘Long Arm Cleaning Service.”

“Well, Mr. Long,” she started “my business needs your services but with the nature of my studio I have special needs. The Compound, as you may have figured by now, is a private Female Domination Studio. We cater to the special tastes of our clients and are very private about it. I have done some very through checking and feel you are perfect for our needs and possibly us for yours. I believe you have an interest in the D/S lifestyle, to what extent I’m not sure.”

Bruce was taken aback and a bit upset that this woman knew so much about him. He wasn’t quite sure what to say. There was a long pregnant pause while he regained his composure.

“Well, I’m somewhat flattered you have checked me out, I’m sure my service can and will meet your needs and that we can work out a mutually acceptable contract. Now if you could tell me about the cleaning needs of your studio we will see what we can work out. Please call me Bruce,” he said trying to sound as professional as his excitement would allow.

So the mistress explained the cleaning needs and that if possible she would prefer him to handle the account personally. They discussed the matter and came to agreeable terms, and he had been handling the account personally ever since. Over the years he had learned much about the lifestyle and had become somewhat friendly with the Mistress and some of the others. Often they had sat and talked after he was through with his duties or while he was waiting on a particular room to be freed so he could clean it. He also had talked with a client for her who had a fantasy involving his line of work. A few times he and one of the Mistresses had walked through a scenario but never to action, until one day Mistress Rosalind called him into her office.

“Bruce,” she began. “it’s been 5 years since we began our contract. I told you when we started we could help each other and to some degree we have but you have yet to actually live out your fantasy. I know you have played it out some but I would like to fulfill it when you are ready. We’ve talked about it several times and I was thinking fulfillment would make a nice anniversary bonus, whenever you are ready for it. The only rules are that I am in charge and you will submit to me totally and do whatever I demand of you. I’ve gotten a feel for what you want by your working with the others and I’m sure it would be rewarding. It would be with me and I must admit I have taken quite a fancy to you. We have spent a lot of time together and I think we could easily become more than business acquaintances. This has never happened to me before and it is a bit unnerving even to me,” she stated in her firm manner but this time he noticed something more in her voice and action.

“Mistress Rosalind are you insinuating that we could possibly date?’ he asked hoping beyond hope. “If you are not I beg your forgiveness for such a bold indiscretion.”

In a tone totally out of character for her, she simply said, “Yes I am.” “Would Mistress then do me the honor of allowing me to take her to dinner tomorrow night?” he asked with excitement in his voice.

“You will pick me up at precisely 7pm then,” she replied in her usual stern voice.

At precisely 7 the next evening he was ringing the door bell as he had hundreds of times in the past but this time it was different. The same ‘maid’ answered the door and escorted him onto the same parlor, this time taking the roses he had brought and told him the Mistress would be with him shortly. She reentered the room with the roses in a vase and put canlı bahis them on the sideboard. Before she could exit Mistress Rosalind entered wearing her familiar black attire but this time it was not quite as stern looking and accessorize with pearls. She glanced at the flowers, nodded at him and turned; he followed her out the door and to his car.

Dinner went well and she relaxed a bit, conversation was light and even a bit cheery. She was not all together the same woman he had come to know inside the studio. He was in love either way. When dinner was over she suggested they go to his place. Once at his place they drank wine and talked with jazz on the stereo. In the wee hours he took her back to the studio and gave her a chaste kiss goodnight at the door.

His next time to work began normally enough. He had gone about his duties but had not seen the Mistress all day, as he was finishing up the bedrooms Mistress Monica came in. He apologized for taking so long and promised to be done soon but she told him she had found him to deliver a message: the Mistress wanted him to do the playroom today. He was rarely asked to do the studio subject rooms but thought little of the request. At one point or another he had cleaned all the theme rooms but the playroom was his favorites. It was equipped with the usual 2-way mirrors, camera equipment, straps, cuffs. paddles, feathers and other such paraphernalia.

He entered the room to see Mistress Rosalind in her high leather boots, black seamed stockings, and a black leather outfit adorned with a delicate chain and spikes. The outfit was deep cut to show off her cleavage and the sides high cut to accent her wonderful ass and hips. She sat straddling a chair with a mini cat-o-9 tails held firmly in her hand.

“I’m sorry Mistress I wasn’t aware anyone was in here. I’ll come back when you are done. I’ll leave you now,” he said as he turned to leave.

“You will do no such thing,” she ordered as she rose from the chair dragging one heeled foot to the chair giving him a glimpse of her leather bound pussy. “You will get back here and do your work as commanded. First you will strip those cumbersome clothes off, NOW,” she commanded. He stared at her for a split second and then began to disrobe, folding his clothes neatly and placing them on the chair. He suddenly knew what he was in for and his excitement grew just as his dick was doing.

She scowled at him “Just what is this. Did I tell you that you could get hard? I think not,” and with that she cracked his hard cock with the nine tails. It was not a hard crack and thus only caused a further rise. She cracked it again, a little more forcefully this time and he willed his cock to soften which it did to a degree. She stood over the drawer and removed a small chain set with a leather strap and clamps attached. She strode back over to him and began attaching the gizmo. She first put the leather strap around his dick and balls then she flicked his nipples a couple times to make them hard then attached the clamps, tightening them till they were just pinching. The pinching pain only increased his pleasure and his cock rose again but this time the rise caused the chain to pull on the clamps which excited him even more. This time the multiple crack of the whip was on his ass. He felt each leather strap as it connected with his buttocks and he let out a slight whimper which was cause for another crack. “You will not let out a single sound unless told to,” she said firmly. He hung his head in contrition which brought yet another crack and another until he replied “Yes Mistress”

“Now get to work” she stood with arms folded in front of her, the leather strips rippling with each breath she took.

He stood bent at the waist picking up some well placed pieces of paper when she walked up behind him and began teasingly feeling his ass with one hand as the whip rested tail side draped down his ass tickling it. His ass was goose pimply from the thrill. Her hand cracked against his ass. He was frozen in place unsure whether to move or not. She went back to rubbing his ass gently with her nails slightly grazing on the upsweep. Still frozen her hands left his ass. Now he was even more unsure as to any movement when her hands cracked each cheek smartly again and again. His ass warmed with each well placed crack as they each landed in exactly the same place. He thought he felt the whip move and then he felt the leather tickling his sore bottom, then beginning at the top of the crack of his ass, she ran the rod end of the whip down to his asshole, teasing the hole before coming back up. She cracked him hard with the leather and told him to get back to work.

He finished picking up the paper and went about his cleaning duties. His nipples were now used to the clamps and the strain of the chain. She called him over to her, he stood in front of her head bowed, “Yes Mistress” he intoned, to which she tightened the screws a bit and sent him back to work. He was cleaning bahis siteleri the glass watching her when she strode over behind him.

“Look at that glass, it’s all streaked and looks like shit,” she yelled.

“I’m sorry Mistress” he whispered to which she cracked him with the whip again.

“What did you say! Speak up” she commanded.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I’ll redo it Mistress” he said meekly but not as quietly.

“Yes, I know you will but you will still be punished for your insolence. I warn you now if you enjoy your punishment it will becomes more severe till you don’t enjoy it so much,” she said sternly.

A slight smile crossed his face and he hoped she hadn’t seen it in the glass. She strode across the room, opened a drawer, and picked up something up. He couldn’t quite see what it was but he knew he would love whatever it was. He concentrated on a smudge and she snuck up behind him. She startled him as she tried t put something around his neck and he jumped which brought a stern admonishment from her and a smack to his still burning ass. He stood perfectly still watching her in the glass as she placed a collar around his neck and fastened ti behind him and let the cold chain leash drop down his back and dangle there.

The warmth of the smack and the cold of the chain caused his dick to rise, pulling the clamps, causing his cock to get even harder. Behind him she smiled an almost evil smile and brought the leather pieces sharply against his cock. The sting almost made him cum, it excited him so but he controlled himself fro he knew if he did his fantasy would be over. She surveyed the glass and was satisfied. She picked up the leash and led him across the room where she told him to bend over the table in front of him. She gave him explicit orders to face forward and not look back at her no matter what. He did as instructed.

“Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks wide for me” she ordered. He was wary but knew better than to cross her and besides he didn’t really want to anyway. He spread his cheeks as far as he could. His asshole puckered at the exposure tot he air. He soon felt a coldish liquid running down the crack of his ass, soon to be followed by her hand with the middle finger massaging the puckered hole. Sudden ly her nailed finger drove inside his virgin hole, he winced and squealed to which the finger was quickly withdrawn and a hand cracked loudly on his oiled ass.

“I told you not a sound” she bellowed.

“Yes Mistress” he replied meekly and bent back over the table.

This time there was no foreplay before the finger was plunged deeper back into his hole. She slid her finger in and out a few times; just as it began to feel good a second finger entered. The 2 fingers drove and wiggled inside him. Just as suddenly as the second finger had been added there came a third. It felt as though his asshole was being ripped apart and yet it felt good too. He wanted to cry out in a combination of pain and pleasure but thought better of it and bit his lip instead. He heard his Mistress walk away and back again, now he was feeling the brush of feathers on the backs of his legs and up to his bent over spread ass cheeks. His cock grew even harder with the change of feelings, he never knew he could get so hard. The feathers tickled his balls and his cock jerked thank heavens he was bent over and there was plenty of slack in the chain between his cock and nipples. She laughed that evil laugh behind him and shoved the thick handle of the feather duster up his ass hard and deep. His sphincter muscle grasped at it as she slid it in and out slowly and deeply, the feathers tickling his ass and inner thigh as she pulled on the lead and straightened him upright.

“Now do the dusting,” she commanded. He set about trying to do the dusting with the duster in his ass. a sharp crack of the leather paddle landed on his ass and she said, “You will answer when spoken to!”

“Yes Mistress” he muttered barely able to retrain the cum boiling in his loins. Between the duster up his ass wiggling as he moved and the paddle he was past the point of excitement.

She halted his dusting by calling him over to the tale he had been bent over. He had noticed the leather restraints on the side of it when he was bent over it and had hoped she would use them on him. She yanked the duster from it’s holder and commanded him to lay on the table, he gladly complied. She told him to spread his arms and legs towards the corners and she strapped him to the table, the cool leather bit into his arms and legs as he lay flat on the table, his rock hard cock jutting towards the ceiling. She now had a piece of soft leather in her hands which proved to be a blindfold which she placed over his eyes.

“Can you see anything,” she asked.

“No Mistress,” he replied.

Laying prone on the table as he was with his hard on made the strap pull the chain attached to the nipple clamps pinch a bit uncomfortably but that bahis şirketleri was soon forgotten as she ran her nails lightly over his body making it tingle.

“I’m sure you would love to cum about now but a slave must first please his Mistress,” and with that he felt her pussy lower onto his face. The cat-o-nine tails mysteriously reappeared grazing lightly over his cock and balls as he licked at he wondrous pussy. “should you not please me this will not please you,” she stated flatly as she lightly cracked his cock with it for effect.

“Yes Mistress,” he murmured around her pussy, “my goal in life is to please you always.” His tongue lapped deep into her sweet hole and all around her lips, inner and outer, and over her nub of a clit. He flicked the tip of his tongue over it feeling it swell under his ministrations. He licked and sucked on her clit till she began moaning a bit and wiggling on his face and he changed to lapping her love tunnel again then sucking it’s juices and tongue fucking it digging his tongue deep inside her when she began grinding against his face he went back to sucking her dick-like clit. She moaned and ground harder against his face as her juices began to flow freely and he began sucking the whole pussy to get all her sweet nectar. She came hard bouncing on his face grinding his head into the table but he didn’t care he was enjoying it to much to think of the headache he would have later. When she caught her breath a bit she commented on his abilities and how she just might have to share them the next time. ‘Next time’ those words echoed through his head and overjoyed him as he now knew there would be more times of this pleasure.

“anything you like My Mistress, I am for your enjoyment to do with as you please.” he said still around her pussy.

With that said she rose from his face and slid her wet pussy down his bound body to his rock hard cock. She mounted it as one would a prized steed, her hot wet cave engulfing his hard rod.

“No matter what you will not cum until you are told you may, is that understood?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress, oh yes,” he breathed. She rode his cock in varying depths and speeds for a long time and it was hard for him to keep from granting himself the realize that his cock so badly wanted. She helped some by pulling on his chain and slowing her pace. The puling of the chain caused a pain in his nipples that was still painful yet somehow pleasurable. Her juices dripped down his cock and ran over his balls and asshole. She leaned forward and raised a bit and he felt something pressed against his hole again, he thought it was her fingers until it began to enter him and then he knew it was a big hard dildo pushing it’s way into him. It hurt at first going in but then as it slowly began to slide in deeper it began to feel very pleasurable. He could feel that familiar bubbling and twitching in his cock and knew he had to do something or he would cum and he knew he couldn’t do that. Just as he was trying to think of how not to cum he felt the leather strips crack hard on his balls and the twitching and bubbling subsided for now. He knew she had turned around and was no longer facing him as he felt her ass against his belly this time as she lowered herself onto his cock again. As she rode his cock now she moved the dildo in and out of his asshole at the same rhythm and both their excitement grew. He could feel her pussy clasping at his cock, contracting in only the way a pussy about to come can do which only succeeded in making him hotter and he begged to cum and in response she flicked his balls and rode him even harder, both cock and ass. She began gasping and moaning as she came all over his cock, his balls burned so bad wanting to release their load into that spasming cunt, filling it to overflow and then eating their cum out of it. This thought only managed to make him hotter.

Finally after what seemed like years she said, “You may cum now” in as controlled a tone as a woman in the throws of orgasms could manage. And cum he did both his cock and his ass spasmed and jumped and his hot volcanic load drove deep into her pussy. He let out a squealed groan and she moaned as they continued to cum in unison.

His whole body went limp and she dismounted his semi-rigid cock to stand beside him surveying him from head to toe. She took off his blindfold and began releasing his arms and legs. When he could focus again he saw she was looking directly into his eyes and he thought he saw a hint of satisfaction in her stern look.

“You are dismissed now. Next time there will be others for you to service and maybe service you I haven’t decided yet. Should you perform well you will be rewarded. Now dress and go.” and with that she turned and walked out of the room.

His whole body ached in pleasure as he sat up gingerly on his sore ass and stood to get dressed. He dressed and went home. Once home he soaked in a hot tub reflecting on his session and found he was rock hard again while he jacked himself off he wondered what would be in store for him the next time, give or receive he knew he would enjoy it no matter what his Mistress bade him to do. He knew he would do anything to please her. He was hers.

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