Dreaming of a World-Away Love


There was a gentle sound that woke me ever so slightly. I turned over and – in my dream – my arm stretched over a soft and warm presence in my bed.

Curious, unsure who — or what — it was, my motion froze a moment but, sensing no danger, I lifted my head slowly from its pillow. Light-colored hair was splayed over the pillow next to mine. Soft breathing ruffled the air and a slight rise and fall of the coverlet assured me I was not alone.

Moving under the covers, my hand tentatively reached and felt skin, smooth and soft. I stilled my hand to consider what to do. Doggy Rambo had made no sound from his bed on the porch. This was no stranger who had entered by stealth.

From the size it was no man, either. Very slowly I moved my hand again, a little higher, and felt a shoulder, warm and still. The motion stirred a rich, pleasant fragrance from the body, a hint of fine perfume. Barely touching this new electric skin, my hand went first to a slim neck under luxuriously soft hair. Moonlight through the window let me watch regular, deep-sleep breathing. Slightly bolder, I explored down the center of the back, a straight spine, bordered by strong muscles and I felt a very slight shiver. My hand went dead still again.

There was no sound except the sweet inhalation you might expect from a person enjoying a rose. At the hip, my hand rose, fingers and my palm enjoying clearly female curves, shapes and softness. Turned away from me, the left leg was bent and, my further explorations discovered, there was easy access to warmth and moisture before encountering the other leg straightened in the bed. Without a sound, the figure leaned further away from me, spreading her legs a little more as my hand came back up the inside of the right leg until I felt with my thumb soft hair covering warm hints of moist flesh beneath.

My hand moved to the other leg, reaching across nearly to the knee of this sleeping mystery and then back down, fingers feeling the tender inside of her thigh, appreciating the strength of long muscles of a well-conditioned woman. Again my hand touched hair and paused. There was the slightest sound, neither a moan nor extraordinary izle exhalation but a sound as subtle as a soap bubble popping and then, almost too quiet to hear, the hint of a little laugh, the sweet sound of a charmed life. I stroked her hair and the aroma intensified.

Then came heat, suddenly and strongly. I felt warmth as I touched gentle flesh buried in the hair of her pussy. I could feel it moistening. Afraid to wake her and, at the same time, unsure what to do my body became the master and my mind an entertained being settling down, watching, preparing for a romance.

The woman turned away slightly more, opening her legs a bit wider and her knee, bent away, was raised a little higher. That growing fever, first in her pussy, was spreading up and down her body. Suddenly there was the good, strong smell of lusting woman in my bed. My cock, already stiffening, came to full hardness, now pressed against her firm but yielding butt.

Heat brought added moisture to the soft folds and, in my dream, my thumb felt as though it were being drawn into closer contact with the lips of her pussy, now soaking in moisture, smooth and slick to the touch. Turning my hand slowly, to avoid waking my nocturnal love, my fingers came fully in touch and her leg moved casually to open more space for my explorations.

Another sound, this time a caught breath as my fingers brushed the firm bud of an excited clit. Very slowly I caressed her, enjoying the slickening skin of pouting lips as her pussy rotated toward me, and my cock was able to reach and share the feeling of this wonderful surprise. She moved again, now fully on her right side, but with the left knee drawn almost to her breast my cock had free roam into the hot valley of pleasure easily presented.

I rubbed the head of my cock against those sweet folds of her pussy lips, mixing pre-cum with her juices and there was another catch of breath. I put my hand to her breast and sensed a rapidly beating heart. The next sound was a petulant whimper, a sleeping woman unhappy with this slow pace. She turned again, fully on her back now, with the forecasting love and weather izle sheets pulled away by her hand, seeking release from all restraint.

Both of her hands moved to her breasts, rubbing her nipples and I moved to my appointed new station between her widely parted legs. I buried my face within her pussy as my hands stroked her body, now hot as a patient fevered to near coma.

Her pussy was sweet. My tongue, soft and wide, explored each lip, each crevice and then my lips circled and kissed her clit with a gentle suck as one hand moved to focus within. Her wet hole gripped me, seeming to move – even to pump on its own – arcing her pussy up into my face, her feet now flat on the bed behind me and knees up pressing against my body. It had to be she was awake – but was I? One finger, saturated in her juices, moved casually within as my tongue stroked the sides of her labia and up to circle and press her clit with soft kisses and slight suction. Her movement grew stronger as her cunt expanded in growing passion.

Her hands went to my head, drawing me up her body. She stopped my head at her breasts, directing my mouth first to the right and, after a moment, her left as her hands moved to my back and urged me to move further up. My cock touched her pussy and she jerked, then went still. “Fuck me,” came in a dreamy phrase. “Oh, we’ve waited so long for this.” Who was this?

My cock entered her as my body rose on hers. Moonlight on her face revealed that of a beautiful young woman still in deep sleep yet her arms were holding me strongly as I began to move inside her. Her eyes moved beneath closed lids and her lips were puckered with pleasure.

All of my body sent every sense of touch into my cock. There was no other sensation in my body as each nerve on my cock felt the delicious folds of a very hot and extremely slippery cunt, rippling with pleasure as my cock pressed in and withdrew. The head of my cock brought new sensitivity as it bumped the soft button at the bottom of her yearning pussy and then slowly pulled up until it again enjoyed the freeridge izle slippery opening. I took my hand and swished my cock’s head up and down against lips and clit until there was another catch of breath and she quickened her movements, rotating her pussy against me, her legs now raised and wrapped around my butt, her feet driving the rhythm of the fuck as we became one person, a joined action, driving with a religious fervor toward our passionate rewards.

Her clit was now so engorged that I could feel it, strong as a finger, on the top of my cock as I surged in and out of her. My mystery love was beginning to cum and her movements became stronger, more conscious in bodily sensation and she whimpered again as her legs loosened from me, dropped again to the bed and she raised her pussy into contact that felt as though we were welding ourselves together as my own shivering began. She began to coo like a dove and I could feel fresh hot liquid cumming from her as we merged into one consciousness at play, together in our ecstasy.

My consciousness shifted again and we were outside, in the sunlight, astride mighty horses, galloping like gods across the world as our cumming overwhelmed us. Whether an instant or many hours it didn’t matter as time ceased – or was it stretched into a sexual eternity? We were moving and feeling and cumming and neither of us felt anything more than an inch away from our entwined cock and pussy until time began to reverse itself!

Movement slowed, as the experience replayed from end back to the beginning. My butt was again encased in her legs, again I was suckling her breasts and my cock was barely touching the folds of her pussy. Then I was back to sucking her as she played with her breasts with both hands, tweaking her nipples to make herself more sensitive for my tongue just before she turned back on her side and my cock was stroking the shining lips of her pussy buried in her sweet hair and my thumb then remained in touch as her leg came back down and I moved my hand down her right leg and very cautiously up her back to her shoulder and I listened as her breathing slowed and the moon still revealed her hair splayed upon the pillow, unchanged from before when I first raised my eyes to see..

Doggy Rambo took a quick circle on the porch, checked the moon and remained quiet as I stayed asleep in a hot puddle of liquid that dried into a shimmering mother of pearl, warm to the touch and glittering when the alarm went off and I awoke, alone.

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