DreamWorks Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: The Dream World

(First Draft-Unedited)

(Copyright 2002 Princess Katie)

(All characters contained herein are over the legal age of 18)

(This is the second part of the story-I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it)


They slept for a few hours until lunchtime and woke up to the sound of crying children.

At first they thought they were only dreaming but as the cries got louder they found themselves waking up and getting out of the bed.

Susan left the bedroom bleary-eyed and wrapped up only in her robe to calm her daughters down.

She came back and took her robe off to look at herself in the mirror.

God I look fat she thought to herself as she tenderly felt her breasts and slowly moved both her hands downwards feeling her soft warm tummy and her hairy looking vaginal area.

She swayed her huge thighs from side to side as she gently orgasms herself for a few minutes.

She went to get dressed and tried on a few bras but found they were very tight around her breasts so she thrust her breasts out and made the fabric and the straps on the bras rip and tear revealing her more than magical cleavage.

She ripped through all the small bras and left them all on the floor in a small heap.

She put on a much larger maternity bra and seemed satisfied with its comfort.

She opened another drawer-this time with lots of lovely looking knickers inside.

She picked up a small looking white one and carefully caressed her vagina with it; the effect was wondrous as she tingled all over from the sensations.

The feelings were fantastic and she quickly built up pressure until her juices burst forth and drenched the tiny panty inside out, drops falling to the floor like rain.

She gasped at what she had done and hurriedly found larger knickers to wear-a massive looking pale green one.

She decided against wearing any more maternity dresses, she picked out a small blouse and a short grey lined skirt that zipped at the back.

She finished dressing and looked very güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pleased at how she now looked.

Meanwhile Chris had woken up and had been watching her the whole time.

Princess you look more beautiful than an angel he told her in his ever-loving voice.

He walked over to her and they kissed for a few minutes.

Then duty called and they had business to attend to.

The next few hours saw them shopping and doing other less meaningful chores like cleaning the house.

By that evening all was well as they both relaxed in the lounge, the TV was on but they had the sound turned down to create a better atmosphere.

They both stood up at the same time and looked into each other’s eyes smiling slightly.

They moved to each other and closed their eyes as they began to kiss-slowly at first and then faster and faster until it seemed the whole world was spinning around them.

They both opened their eyes and at first it looked like the same time and place but there were clues that said otherwise, the clock was running backwards, the television footage was in reverse and all the items in the room looked the wrong way around.

Welcome to my dream world princess said Chris to his wife.

Is this really real or just a fantasy? Replied Susan.

I was here last night Susan said Chris, somehow the dream told me how I could get back inside, it told me to bring you with me.

It’s a sweet kind thought said Susan, but why does the dream want me in your world?

Take a look at yourself fluffy bunny said Chris back to her, and the rest should be easy to figure out.

Susan looked at herself and gasped, God I am MASSIVE!!! She yelled out.

Her breasts had doubled in size and the nipples protruded out completely filling the already crammed bra.

Her stomach looked bigger and her pregnant tummy had swelled up to triple it’s size straining against her skirt.

What’s happening to me? She screamed at him.

It’s my dream replied Chris; I control what happens in it.

Her breasts continued to swell up to even güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bigger sizes and her blouse tore open unable to contain the huge mass any longer.

The bra began to strain and buckle under the pressure.

Scary power isn’t it? Chris whispered in her ear, in a dream the one who created the world controls what happens inside it.

He begins to walk away as her pregnant tummy rumbles loudly and grows bigger and bigger with each step he takes.

Chris stop this now and wake up pleads Susan to him.

Princess you have to understand that none of this is actually happening replies Chris, no matter how real it seems when I wake up we will be as happy then as we are now.

He walks a few more steps as Susan’s bra snaps on both sides and falls to the floor.

She moans in the moment as her pussy enlarges to more than twice it’s size and her anal area opens up.

Dream time is over Susan mutters Chris, time to play.

He goes to her and rips off the rest of her clothes leaving her naked and shivering as though a cold wind was blowing from behind her.

He undresses himself and quickly kisses her soft warm lips.

She wraps her arms around him and calms down now feeling protected in his embrace.

It’s OK princess whispers Chris to his wife, it’s only a dream.

She relaxes her breathing and her massive tits rise and fall gently on her chest.

She feels a movement down below and see’s Chris’s cock pressing against the opening of her pussy.

Do you trust me princess? He asks her.

With all my heart she replies sweetly to him.

With one swift movement he rams his cock into her pussy nearly making her hit the roof in pain as it goes into her.

OWWWWWW!!! THAT HURT!!! She winces in pain as she feels it enlarging and growing inside her moving ever closer to her ripe fresh womb.

Chris kisses and cuddles her feeling her huge mammaries with his hands.

They put their hands together as he starts to pump into her with his huge member.

She kisses him gently and slowly stimulates her pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri with one of her hands while her other one gently stroked the length of his cock.

Chris slowly moves his cock in and out of her vagina watching it contract and expand around his monster.

The tingly feelings from it make her shudder in pleasure as it washed over her like a flood.

Chris groans and gasps in awe as his cock begins to grow bigger and longer pushing ever deeper into her love canal.

He thrusts it inside a little bit more with each push.

Finally it was slammed all the way in and the head was inside her soft ripe womb.


She wrapped her legs around him and held on as he started to ram into her with more speed.

Beads of sweat appeared on their foreheads as it intensified.

Susan’s breasts rose and fell in rhythm with the joy of sex.

OOOOOHHHHH BUNNY RAM ME MORE!!!! She moaned to him as her wet juices started to burst forth from her pussy as she neared orgasm.

Susan fingered her drenched pussy with 3 fingers and nearly lost control from the sensations.

OH MY GOOOOOOD YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! She screamed as she orgasms.

Thick white cum erupted from her ripped apart vagina again and again splashing onto the floor.

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! She moans in agony as multiple orgasms hit her worn out body and blast after blast of cum erupts from her like a volcano totally draining her.

Chris’s cock bulges out from her pussy stretching it to the limit.

He looks down at his huge monster and sees the veins nearly bursting from its edges due to being so big.

He slams into Susan faster and faster feeling the pressure building up inside him.

Here it cums Susan, he gently tells her.

He rams his monster cock in as fast as he can and gasps as the cum blows into her huge soft womb again and again.

OOOOHHHH SUSAN!!!! He gasps for breath as her vagina empties his monster of all his seed.

They grab onto each other and fall to the floor completely shattered from their dream experience.

Suddenly they both wake up and find themselves back in the lounge where they had entered the dream world.

They look at each other with loving eyes.

Bunny did that really just happen? Asks Susan.

Don’t worry princess replies Chris; it’s just a dream.

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