Drew Ch. 10


For my cute boys…Meph, Adam, Dith, Stuff, KDMA and of course Brooks. You are all so cute and so funny and so smart…..the next one will definitely be written with one of you in mind! Kisses boys.


Brian coughed uncomfortably, making everyone else turn to look at him; then shrugged and smiled at Carl. Carl looked like he was holding back a serious bout of laughter and Marci couldn’t blame him. The ridiculousness of the group before her was hilarious on some level. Keri sat next to Drew, opposite Marci and Carl. Brian was at the head of the table, seated in Marci’s rocking chair.

“Sooo…we’re talking about what, exactly?” Keri asked; earning her a glaring frown from Drew. She smiled thinly at him and turned her gaze to Marci.

“I think we should just get all of this drama in the open and sorted out.” Marci suggested, earning a gleeful smile from Brian. This time it was Marci who threw a narrow eyed gaze.

“We can start by Keri telling us why she’s sexually assaulting Marci.” Drew added dryly, pushing Carl over the edge. He burst out laughing, taking Brian with him. Marci wanted to join in the laughter, but she left it at a chuckle. Drew could be so melodramatic at times.

“I did not assault her! I kissed her. I can understand why you wouldn’t know the difference.” Keri retorted, turning to face Drew full on. Marci could see the muscles in his jaw spastically clench. Never a good sign for anyone.

“Ok, the point of this was for my personal clarification. Not for you two to deal with whatever is bothering you both. Though, I am curious as to the amount of animosity between you. My parents are coming by later this evening,” Marci said while giving Drew a pointed glare, “I’d really like a solid story to tell them.”

Brian and Carl stood up to excuse themselves and Marci started panicking slightly. She liked having them around. There was no doubt they were on her side, and she needed the emotional props to keep her up. She’d been having the most disturbing premonition that she was about to crumble.

“I want you here Bri, Please?” Marci asked softly, and both men promptly sat back down. She threw them an appreciative smile and turned back to Keri and Drew. Drew was eyeing her strangely; he seemed almost anxious. Keri, on the other hand, had never looked calmer. She even accorded Marci a small smile. It seemed genuine enough.

“I like Marci. There, I said it.” Keri said into what was becoming a prolonged stretch of silence.

“Are you sure? You don’t even know me, Keri. Also, I’m very straight.” Marci answered.

“Yeah, I know; I also know I haven’t done a good job of showing it. But you know what? The entire time I was married to Drew he talked about you. Brian and Nathan are even worse. Goodness! I feel like I’ve lived with you! That aside, I’m attracted to you; I don’t have to know your dreams and aspirations for that to happen.”

“True, and yet somehow I still feel a little creeped out.” Marci admitted, squirming uncomfortably.

“I cannot believe you’d make a play for her. You know exactly what’s going on with her and I, and yet you think it’s ok to drop this on all of us; her especially.” Drew said in a deadly cold manner. Marci had seen him in various moods over the last couple months. This was the second time she’d seen him be so stoic. The first time was the evening before she’d left Malindi.

“She’s a grown up Drew, surely she can handle being attractive to other people?” Keri asked, making Marci want to laugh. Oops, not an appropriate time for laughter.

“What’s really going on with the two of you, anyway?” Brian asked. It was a valid question. Keri and Drew looked at each other for a few moments.

“Divorce is never fun.” Keri answered quietly.

“Why are you getting divorced? The truth.” Marci asked the uneasy couple seated opposite her.

“We’re divorced. It’s done, not ongoing.” Drew corrected her quickly with a smile. His first since he’d found her in Keri’s arms.

*** She’d been stunned into inaction when Keri had stepped up to her in the bathroom for the kiss. She’d curiously allowed the beautiful woman to go on without responding in part when Drew had found them. He’d cleared his throat awkwardly, and to both the women’s credit, they didn’t jump back guiltily as others may have when put in the same situation. Drew seemed particularly angry at Marci, though he was hiding it well.

“Keri, back off.” He advised before escorting Marci right into the ladies room, to the chagrin of the other girls in there. He’d pointedly ignored the hostile stares from the women in the bathroom while she was in the cubicle, and then followed her back to the table in the food court.

“Did it rain in the bathroom? It smells like storm clouds.” Brian said with a quick grin, and then asked Carl to take him for a walkabout.

“What the hell?” Drew asked the moment the game of thrones izle two men had gone out of hearing distance. Marci shrugged nonchalantly, there was nothing to tell. She’d been accosted and kissed; she wasn’t the one who should be giving explanations.

“What does that…mean?” he asked, incredulously doing a very bad imitation of her shrug. She smiled at him.

“It means that you are asking the wrong person. I suggest you call your wife and ask her.” Marci replied smoothly. The moment she said “wife” she knew she’d walked into a bad zone. Drew didn’t like being reminded he was married to Keri. Especially since they were now divorced.

“Keri’s not my wife. Why were you kissing her?” Drew asked, holding her hands in his and fixing her with an inscrutable look.

“She kissed me; I just got sort of frozen and couldn’t think of the most appropriate response at the time. I don’t know, but I certainly didn’t start anything. Nor did I participate.” Marci told him when he showed no signs of ending the huge frown on his handsome face.

“I don’t like it. I do not like it at all, Marci.” Drew stated flatly, giving her another one of those penetrating gazes of his.

“Come here Drew.” She told him with a sly smile. He didn’t look like he was about to move so she quirked an eyebrow and pursed her lips. That got him up quickly.

“Kiss me.” She whispered when he was close enough to. He kissed her slowly, possessively, hungrily. Marci could see a few people staring at them out of the corner of her eye. She was slightly mortified; PDA’s weren’t really her thing. When she had been seeing Nathan, he hated the fact that even holding hands was slightly uncomfortable for her. She returned the kiss with the same passion he was putting into it, and then pulled back slightly before whispering in his ear, “Who are you really jealous of? Me or Keri?”

Drew pulled back with a shuddering sigh and gave her a killer look before stalking of. She had no idea where he was going so she went back to her drink and waited for her little group to return to table. It didn’t take long before Brian and Carl arrived, bearing gifts. She made the necessary cooing noises and nervously kept looking around for Drew. She was no longer in the mood for the mall, and she was hungry.

Carl’s food must have some magical power because it was all she wanted to eat at the moment. She’d just had breakfast, but the mind is a fascinating thing. The moment Brian and Carl had informed her that she was pregnant her appetite had increased exponentially. She had been eating non stop, it seemed, and Carl loved to cook; it was working for her.

“He’s coming.” Brian told her when she cast the hundredth furtive glance around the food court. Sure enough she felt hands on her shoulder and turned around, slightly startled. It was Drew. He still wasn’t smiling.

“Ready to go?” he asked in a dangerously low tone, telling Marci would be an exercise in futility to delay the departure that a few moments ago she had been yearning for. Her apprehensiveness grew when she spotted a smug looking Keri behind Drew.

“She’s coming with us. We need to talk.” Drew said tightly and held his hand out for Marci’s car keys.

“Umm… No. My car, I drive.” She told him and side stepped him to lead the way to the parking lot. The drive was longer than it had seemed first time around. No one said anything, and Marci was grateful for the drone of the FM station that was playing pop-rock. It kept everyone thankfully quiet.

*** And that was how this uncomfortable ménage of people had come to be gathered in Marci’s sitting room.

“Keri, you want to take that one?” Drew asked his ex-wife. Keri looked none too enthusiastic to answer him.

“Let’s just say couples drift, things change, and bitterness is a bitch on crack.” Keri summarised. Again making Marci want to laugh. On a random note, it would probably have been easier to be friends with Keri were it not for the Drew factor. She reminded Marci of her friend Natalie.

“What she means is that she cheated on me several times, then decided to become bi; and now it turns out she is headed the lesbo way.” Drew said cuttingly from his seat.

“Stop being a he-bitch.” Carl told Drew calmly.

“Thanks Carl.” Keri said with a small smile at Brian’s boyfriend.

“Okay, that may have been WAY more information than we really needed for this particular conversation.” Marci chuckled uneasily and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Ignoring the guest bathroom, she went to the one in her room. She really didn’t actually need the bathroom; she just wanted fresh air and a plan to get everyone into the kitchen to eat. She was starving. Again.

“You ok, baby?” Drew asked from behind her; startling her again. Why, she didn’t know, but he seemed to follow her everywhere.

“Just so gibi izle I know, Drew, if I end up with you will I ever get to go to the bathroom unaccompanied?” she asked with a small smile. Whatever was going on, she really loved Drew. Her eyes popped wide at the thought in her head. She made up for it by smiling widely at him.

“I don’t think so. I’m intrigued by the expression that just crossed your face. Do you want to have sex? I’m horny. When I’m angry, I get horny.” He said, hopefully pulling her into his arms.

She couldn’t resist that smile and put her arms around his neck to bring him down for a kiss. He was surprised and kissed her back hungrily.

“We have a lot of guests, baby; hold onto the thought till evening.” She told him, smiling against his lips.

“What if I can’t? I want you now. I feel threatened by you kissing a woman. I want to piss on my tree like the dog I am.” He pouted, making Marci laugh. She loved him. It was time things took on an even keel in her life.

He moved impossibly close and continued kissing her. It didn’t seem like he was about to stop. Sliding his hands up her top he filled his hands with the weight of her breasts. She moaned into his mouth and pushed up against his hands. When they broke the kiss, she shuddered tellingly. She still hadn’t let go of his neck. He felt very good in her arms, and she had momentarily forgotten about the guests in her home.

“Hurry up Drew,” Marci panted, “We have to get back before it officially becomes impolite.”

Drew’s growl of approval made her laugh out loud while flattering her at the same time. He threw her on the bed and quickly took her pants off. Whistling when he found she had no knickers on, he immediately sought out her pussy with his mouth. It was already sopping wet. She squealed in delight when his tongue touched her clit and rubbed it encouragingly for a few precious seconds.

“I promise I’ll do better later.” He breathed into her ear when he had moved up her body. He aimed his rock hard cock at her wet cunt and slid into her up to his balls. Marci was getting impatient. She pushed up against him and grabbed his back. She could feel her nails digging in as he thrust harder. He wasn’t even really pulling out at this point.

She was so hot she knew it wouldn’t take much to cum. The fact that people were waiting outside just added fuel to the fire. Her body stiffened and jerked as she orgasmed. Drew kissed her to keep her moans from getting any louder than they already were.

“That is the most beautiful sound ever! We should just kick that lot out of here. I haven’t had you nearly as much as I want.” Drew said roughly as he balanced on his arms on either side of her. He moved up until the only part of him touching her was his cock sliding in and out. It felt heavenly and Marci let out a long moan. The after shock of her orgasm moved deliciously through her.

Drew fucked her in long, hard strokes that had her nearing another orgasm. She giggled this time, and he came. As his cock filled her with thick cum, he groaned and fell on top of her; exhausted. She took the time to run her fingers through his hair and calm him down a little.

“You need a hair cut.” She noted distantly as she regained her own breathing.

“Yeah, I need a lot of things.” Drew agreed as he rolled off her.

“Let’s go to the bathroom and clean up; we really need to make an appearance in the there.” Marci said gesturing towards the rest of the house. Drew nodded reluctantly and led her to the bathroom for a quick clean up with wet flannels.

She was behind him as he opened the bedroom door. Looking further into the sitting room she noted the absence of people there. Following the muted noises in the Kitchen they found Brian warming up some food for Keri and Carl. It was still awkward. The reappearance of Drew and Marci pushed the level of awkwardness a notch higher.

“Nice argument?” Keri asked with a laugh. Marci again thought she’d probably have been friends with the woman under better circumstances.

“The best.” Drew answered dryly, eliciting a laugh from his brother.

“We got hungry, and we though you’d like some space to shout at each other.” Carl offered by way of explanation; fooling no one. They must have heard us. Marci felt her cheeks get hot. Drew came up behind her and pulled her into him, comforting her. “So, you two seem fine. I’ll back off. Marci, call me when it gets less weird. I could use a friend here.” Keri said as she reached around them to get some plates form the sink.

“I was just thinking how funny I find you. I’ll do that Keri.” Marci said with a smile. Drew squeezed her shoulder. Somehow she knew it wasn’t an encouraging squeeze. He would want to know why she wanted to remain friends with his ex wife.


“Hey Mom; Dad.” Marci said with as much restraint as she could muster. gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle Her parents were seated opposite her and Drew at an up town restaurant. Marci and Drew had gotten there late because she had still been debating on whether to actually meet them; or put it off for a while.

“Hey baby. Get your ass over here and kiss your father.” Her dad chided kindly. She did as asked and basked in the momentary warmth of parental affection. Her parents took their time ordering drinks and declined to order food.

“You’re not eating?” Drew asked her mother.

“No, your parents are on their way. Your mom said we should wait for her. We’re sharing a platter.”

That had been dropped so easily Marci would have missed it if her stomach hadn’t lurched violently.

“Drew’s parents are coming?” She asked, facing Drew to see if knew about it. He shrugged a negative response and Marci gulped hard. What the fuck?!

“Hey Gorgeous!” Drew’s father said from behind them. Turning, she saw David and Blossom Montague enter the restaurant. They seemed in good spirits. She put a smile on her face and followed them with her eyes as they did a round of niceties. The earlier compliment had been directed at Marci’s mother.

“Hey sweetheart, drop the stricken look. It’s just family dinner.” Drew’s mother assured Marci as she sat down. Drew cast his mother a questioning glance which she avoided by smiling at his father.


“So what’s this about?” Dave asked the little group after they had ordered food and refilled their drinks. Marci was sorely missing her vodka. She really needed it right now.

“Marci and I are having a baby.” Drew dropped without preamble. The stunned silence that followed was most discomfiting.

“How lovely!” Blossom said, and got up to hug both Drew and Marci. Marci smiled gratefully at Drew’s mother. She is awesome.

“You’re pregnant?” Her father asked her. He wasn’t smiling.

“Yeah, about three months now.” Drew answered. She reached under the table and squeezed his hand gratefully. He was buffering her against the oncoming onslaught from her father. Her father had never been a huge fan of Drew and Marci getting together. As a neighbour he didn’t mind the boy much. As a boyfriend, however, he’d become increasingly hostile to the idea.

“Are you fine with it baby girl?” her mother asked, concerned. Marci also noted she was holding her father’s hand on the table. Probably trying to calm him down. Marci’s dad liked to have his outbursts. Considering his only daughter is pregnant by a man he doesn’t care much for, he looks like he’s about to burst.

“I am happy, Mom. I really am. And Drew’s been taking good care of me.” Marci told the group. The last part she said for the benefit of her father.

“Are you getting married?” Her father asked as he removed his hand from his wife’s and leaned back into his chair.

“Definitely.” Drew answered and Marci cringed. She had not considered marriage at all. She’s assumed they’d have a relationship and see how it went. Right now, however, it seemed like the wrong time to ask Drew about it.

“Awesome. A wedding! Can we totally take over?” Blossom asked excitedly from the other side of the table.

“I hope that ‘we’ includes me!” Marci’s mother adjoined as the two women shared a conspiratorial look.

“I hate to spoil the mood, but after Keri, you realise you have to sign a prenuptial agreement don’t you?” Drew’s father said. It was the first thing he’d actually said at the table since they sat down. Marci felt offended and hurt. Granted, her family wasn’t nearly as rich as the Montagues; but she’d never given the indication that she wanted to fleece them either.

“Sure. Send it to me when you have it written.” Marci said quietly.

“Marci, can we discuss this?” Drew asked.

“Yes Marci, can we?” her father also asked.

“Why? I understand the man’s need to protect the rest of his family. What’s so hard to get in that? You know what, I feel very, very uncomfortable. I feel like I am about to be ambushed. So here’s the deal, all of you; Drew and I are having a baby. We will live together. You can all keep your money. I don’t want a wedding, and I don’t think I want to see any of you for a while. Can’t Drew and I just have some flipping time to ourselves for once? I am tired of the drama. Drew, let’s go. You know where I live Mom, Blossom. Come visit soon bearing gifts!” she said as she stood up.

A quiet Drew took the keys from her and led her out of the restaurant.

“Want to get something to eat? You didn’t wait for the food.” Drew asked her as they got into her car.

“No, I’ll go forage for more of Carl’s food. That man can really cook.” She said with a small smile. Drew pulled her close and kissed her quickly before starting the car.

“You know, we are getting married. I saw that look at the restaurant. I will not have you legally available to other men. You know me better than that.”

It was the last thing Marci heard as she fell asleep in the front seat. It had been an exhausting and emotionally draining day. Drew was next to her, she could finally afford to sleep in peace.

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