Drug Store Cowboy


Drug Store Cowboy( I wrote this story about 15 years ago)It was a beautiful evening for a ride, so I saddled up my Suzuki Intruder 1500LC and headed out. I’m a big guy, 6’4” tall, so the bike is just the right fit. With my black leather engineer boots, jeans, and T-shirt, I pose quite the striking image on two wheels.After about an hour of riding, with the sun setting softly on the western horizon, I stopped off at a local pharmacy to pick up a few personal items. In line, I noticed the woman behind me. She was only about 5’ tall and had a tight pert little body. Her long raven black hair matched perfectly the black t-shirt she wore with “Spoiled Rotten” in rhinestones on the front.I made my purchases and went out to load my bike. This little cutie followed out a short while later, and stopped to look my bike over.“Nice.” she said with a smile.“Me or the bike?” I asked with a grin“Both” she said in a matter of fact way.“Thanks”, I said, “Want to go for a ride?”Now I don’t normally ask every strange woman on the street if she wants to take a ride on my sled, but something about this girl made me think the offer would be worth it if she accepted which she did.So I dropped the rear pegs and got on, letting her place her tiny hands on my broad shoulders as she climbed aboard. I fired up the engine and with a throaty rumble took off out of the parking lot. We rode for about a half hour, exchanging comments whenever we hit stop lights or pauses in illegal bahis traffic. She told me she was from New York and had only recently moved to Florida.As we continued to ride I noticed that she began pressing her body harder and harder against me. Her small rock hard nipples were pressing deeply into my back and it almost felt as if she was grinding her pelvis into the seat of my bike as we rode. I think the vibrations were really starting to get to her. At one stop, I let my hand fall back on her leg, and gave her a little squeeze. This seemed to egg her on, and her gyrations on the back seat seemed to double. Finally she spoke again.“I can’t take this anymore” she said. “Take me back to my place”.Not wanting to disappoint, and curious to find out where this would lead, I turned the bike around and followed her directions to her apartment. It was a small place in a nice section of town. After looking around inside, I determined that she definitely lived alone.She said to grab a couple beers from the fridge and head into the living room. She went to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable. When she came back out I nearly dropped my beer. Here she came walking out of her bedroom towards the kitchen with only her t-shirt still on. Her cute little ass wiggling sexily as she walked. My cock sprang to immediate attention.She came back out of the kitchen holding a bottle of oil and told me without a moment’s hesitation to take illegal bahis siteleri off my clothes. Not being one to argue with a half naked woman, I readily complied and was down to nothing but my skin in a matter of seconds. She pushed my back onto the futon and opened the bottle of oil. Then pouring some in her hand, and dripping it all over the place, she grabbed hold of my dick and began giving me the wettest, slipperiest hand job I had ever felt. Christ my cock was raging hard. The feeling of her small hand sliding wet and oily all over the shaft of my cock was almost too much to take, I asked her to please slow down or I was going to shoot. She ignored my plea and picked up the pace, watching in wide eyed amazement as I shot glob after glob of my hot cum into the air. I have been on “the Ropes” for a couple months and the amount of cum I produce now is 5 times what I used to. Her hands and t-shirt were covered in my seed.I reached down and pulled off her top, revealing her petit a-cup breasts, with 1” stiff nipples. Her perfect champagne glass tits seemed to hover in mid air on her chest, very sexy. I was beginning my rebound and starting to get hard again (again thanks to “the Ropes”), without a thought she neatly picked herself up, straddled my hips and slid her remarkably wet pussy down onto my cock in one motion.“That ride on your bike got me so wet, my pussy was aching to be filled by your cock for a long hot fuck, so I canlı bahis siteleri jacked you off first to get the quick cum out of the way” she mused.This was a girl after my own heart. And she definitely knew how to handle a man.She began to slow grind her sopping wet pussy on my now fully erect cock. The feeling of her small tight box sliding up and down my shaft was magic. She really got into fucking, pressing herself hard against my rugged, hairy chest, and really deep grinding her clit against me. Before long the heat built to the point of no return and her spasms began in earnest, her sweet little pussy gripping and pulsing on my shaft. The sensations were out of this world and in no time I had reached my limit. I warned her of my impending explosion, she hopped off my lap before I knew what was happening and engulfed my entire cock in her mouth.My second orgasm was nearly as strong as the first, and after the first couple of spurts of my cum in her mouth, she could no longer hold the quantity and my jizz began squirting out of the corners of her mouth. Her eyes were big with surprise as the volume of my cum continued to shoot into her mouth. She finally gave up, opened her lips with my cock still in her mouth and let the remaining cum leak out down my shaft and onto my balls.Not being one to give up so easily, she proceeded to slowly lick and clean my shaft and balls of all the remaining cum, until I was thoroughly cleaned up.She lay back with me on the futon and nestled her sexy little frame perfectly against mine. I was wiped out, or so I thought, but watching her slowly slide her middle finger up and down her moist pussy lips, started me thinking this was just the beginning.

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