Drunken Bridal Shower


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Drunken Bridal Shower

When my wife asked me to be the bartender for her sister’s bridal shower of course I said yes immediately.

My wife and I were married when she was eighteen years old and her younger sister Trudy was only eleven at the time. So I actually watched Trudy develop and grow into a beautiful sexy young woman. I had many chances over to years to see her in sexy bikinis, nighties, and even in just her panties and bra. Several times she would come out of a bathroom with a big towel covering her front as she walked toward me but nothing covering the back after she had passed by.

She would almost always say, “My sister says that I can turn you on but that she gets to be the one that fixes your problem.”

That was really cute for the first year of our marriage when we lived with my in-laws and she was so young. However, as the years rolled on and she would spend more and more time at our house, it got to be old fast. The older she got the sexier she got and the more that I wanted to fuck her.

Now at twenty-one years old she was marrying a pretty nice guy. He was so nice that I had trouble hating him. After all he got to fuck Trudy every day, if not more often. I laid awake more than once listening to them fuck in our guest bedroom.

Now here I was invited to be their bartender. I had recently converted our basement into a really nice family room, complete with a fully stocked bar, and a very nice bathroom. When I remodeled the basement I put in several hidden video cameras hoping for a time when we would entertain and I might get some good videos of Trudy. Little did I know that this was going to the christening of all my hard work.

Trudy was to be the blushing Bride, my wife was her Bride’s Maid, and her four best friends were in her Bridal Party. Her mother, his mother, and his two younger sisters were invited too. So there I was with ten very attractive women hell bent on getting drunk. The Groom’s two sisters were eighteen and twenty years old but I had been told that they were to be allowed to drink. My wife had bought several blow-up mattresses so that everyone could spend the night. In fact the party was to last two nights anyway. Their party was a full week before the wedding.

My bar was one that used to be in an old bar downtown. I bought it through an auction. It was worth every penny. It completely covered my twenty-foot wall leaving one end open for me to get in. The old solid mahogany bar came with the sink, shelves, and glasses. It came with the beer taps, soda dispenser, and sink. The back wall with its shelves, lower cabinets, and long mirror were part of it. Stocking it was a different story…that was more expensive that buying the bar, getting it delivered, and then getting it up and running with electricity, water, and sewer. Several of the lower cabinets along the back wall were refrigerators to hold beer, juices, and mixers.

The ceiling of the basement was a good eight feet up and I put in all sorts of lighting including, dim romantic lights, bright fluorescent lighting, strobe lights, and even one of those mirrored balls with colored lights spinning around the room. I put in a raised platform in one corner with a stripper pole. The platform was only six inches high but it was still a stage.

I had put in a pretty good sound system and had a wide variety of music to play. I was all set.

That Friday I took the day off to make sure that everything was ready. I got up early and got more ice, fresh lemons and limes, and other assorted fruits to garnish the drinks with. By noon I had things put away and fruit cut up and was just finishing off a really smooth drink when my wife and her sister came down the stars.

Trudy said, “Okay, here’s the rules…there are no rules. As long as you give us all the booze that we want you can try to get us to do stupid sexy things all you want and take pictures of us doing it. All I ask is that you basically keep those pictures of us to yourself. Of course I will want to see them eventually.” There was a long pause, “If you can get my mother and my mother-in-law-to-be naked for pictures and possibly a video…I’ll let you fuck me.”

I looked at my wife and she was smiling and nodding her head in agreement. Then my wife added, “A threesome if you wish. Trudy and I will make out for you.”

Trudy added, “Twice…maybe even three times depending on how good the old ladies come out. The first time we can be drunk but the next time or two we want to be stone cold sober when you film us and fuck us.”

My wife added, “The sober ones should be after she is married.”

I questioned, “Let me get this straight…you want me to get all of you girls drunk, get you to strip naked, and fuck you two too boot?’

Trudy and my wife each kissed me on the cheek at the same time and said, “You’ve got it.”

My wife said, “I hope you have your cameras ready.”

I definitely had my cameras ready, extra batteries, and I had tested the hidden video cameras out too. I was all set.

By one o’clock the women started arriving. They were dressed Ankara escort very nicely after a luncheon that they had at the new mother-in-law’s house. The younger girls were all wearing skirts and blouses while the mothers were wearing dresses.

I was introduced to the new mother-in-law and to her two beautiful daughters. There was one Bride’s Maid that I had not met either…she was a full figured girl, not fat, but she was large where it counted.

Trudy said loudly, “Bartender…set us up with ten shots of peppermint schnapps, ten shots of tequila, and ten shots of Jack Daniels with a beer back. We are here to celebrate and we need to get this party started.”

I could not have gotten it started any better than that myself. On the count of three the schnapps went down. Then the girls licked the back of their hands, sprinkled salt on the wet spot, and grabbed a lime and the glass. In unison they downed the tequila, licked the salt, and bit into the lime. That was certainly new to most of them. The Jack and beer just slid right down.

They took a moment to recover and then my wife said, “Bartender…do that again.”

The eight alcoholic drinks in about thirty minutes was going to start something. I worried about the eighteen-year-old but I needn’t have bothered. She could hold her own.

To slow them down just a tad, I poured them each a glass of Champaign and offered up a toast to the bride-to-be and her fella…may all their lives be filled with happiness.

I put on some music and asked if I could take a group picture. I put the bride and her sister up front, the four bride’s maids behind them, and the two mothers and his sisters in the back with the mother’s in the center. I took a few to make sure that I got them all smiling and with their eyes open.

Then I took individual pictures of them up on the brightly-lit stage with the mirrors behind them. I carefully kept myself out of the mirrors. When the future mother-in-law got up there her dress became transparent but no one said anything as I turned her and took extra pictures. Her figure was quite clear, I could see between her legs and everything. She really needed a slip but who was I to complain?

The girls started to use the bathroom. The cameras started recording when the lights came on and those lights were bright. I was hoping that the camera I hid in the toilet paper dispenser directly in front of them worked as well as I hoped that it would.

By four o’clock they were singing, slurring their speech, and getting quite drunk. That was when I brought out the Karaoke equipment. The challenge was to sing ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ without missing a single word. The words were on the teleprompter so it should be easy…but not if you have been drinking. The penalty for screwing up was one piece of clothing and drink a boilermaker. That was a beer with a shot of whisky in it.

The first eight all screwed it up and removed simple things like their shoe. My mother-in-law screwed up and had left her shoes upstairs so she removed her bra in the bathroom and tossed it in the pile. Trudy’s future mother-in-law had also left her shoes upstairs so she removed her dress saying, “It was practically see through anyway.” Everyone agreed.

They picked a different nursery rhyme and did it again. Most took off their blouses but had bras on. Trudy’s future mother-in-law removed her bra.

In the third round most were standing in just their panties and bras but my mother-in-law and Trudy’s future mother-in-law were both naked. They agreed that they should have brought their shoes down and not been the only ones wearing dresses. Too late!

I took pictures of the two mothers together and they made me promise not to show anyone the pictures.

The next round got the other eight girls topless. That one Bride’s Maid had great tits, they were huge and her areolas covered most of the ends with thick stiff nipples. I got those eight to pose together and then added the two mothers.

Of course the final round had them all completely naked. I had been raising the temperature little by little so no one got cold and wanted to put their clothes back on.

I then took nude pictures of them together in their original positions with the sisters up front and the mothers in the back. Then back up on the stage for single pictures.

My wife led off. Hey, why not I had taken thousands of nude pictures of her. She did the standing quarter turn thing, then the bent over turning pictures, and finally the squatting down with her legs spread wide. It was fantastic. Then she said, “Trudy you’re next.”

Well, Trudy posed like her sister had but invited me to get in closer. I really didn’t need to since my camera would zoom but I got closer anyway. Her pussy was open and glistening and her inner pussy lips were protruding.

One by one the girls followed their poses. That one full-figured Bride’s Maid was fantastic to photograph. She sucked on both of her nipples one at a time of course and then she fingered herself for me.

Then the Groom’s sisters got up there and boy did they have big clits and fat pussy lips. I loved Ankara escort bayan it. Their mother had the biggest clit of all and the fattest pussy lips but she spread them for me without me even asking her too.

My mother-in-law was last but certainly not the least. She sucked her nipples, she spread her pussy lips, and then she did a handstand against the stripper pole, opened her legs, and she let me shoot right straight down into heaven.

Not to be out done, the other girls posed for me that way too.

Then there was a ‘can you do this’ competition going on. The eighteen-year-old won that hands down when she spread her legs out sideways across two tables in a full Russian Split. I got on my back under her and took pictures straight up. I moved forward a few inches and took some of the best pictures that I had ever seen before in magazines. Her wide open pussy with her big clit, fat lips, and pink wetness was up front, her firm breasts with hard nipples were next, and her beautiful face and hair were back. The ceiling was perfect behind her too. I took several and then I slid toward her asshole to get some fantastic back shots too. No one wanted to try it, not even her sister.

I kept pouring drinks at each girls pace and request. The girls had the munchies. The popcorn, peanuts, and chips kept disappearing so I broke out a simple buffet and suggested that they eat.

Right after that I started serving the two mothers doubles in everything they requested.

By eight o’clock they could hard stand up to go to the bathroom. That was when my wife suggested that I help her mother into the bathroom. I gladly accepted the job. After all she had been naked in my presence for several hours anyway.

I sat her down on the toilet and spread her knees wide so that the hidden camera could watch her pee and then watch me finger her clit to three orgasms. She kept begging me to stop but I wouldn’t. Finally I said, “I’ll stop if you let me fuck you.”

My mother-in-law replied, “I though you would never ask. My daughter says that you a wonder horse in bed. I’ve always wanted to try you out. Too bad I’m so shit-faced. Maybe you would like to fuck me sober sometime.”

I told her that I would like that right after I had thrust my cock into her dripping pussy. I had been wanting relief all afternoon. I came inside her, washed her up, and helped her back to a table.

The other then needed help too. I sat her down, spread her knees, and then fingered her huge clit until she too begged me to stop. When I told her that I needed to fuck her first she said, “No.” When I insisted she said, “Only my husband and my son can fuck my pussy. Everyone else has to fuck my ass. So take it if you want it.”

I sat on the toilet, pulled her asshole down over my cock, and said, “Then you do the work.”

She could hardly move.

I asked, “How many men have fucked your ass?”

She said, “Not too many. Maybe eight or nine.”

I then started lifting her up and dropping her back down. She didn’t even seem to notice that my cock had slipped into her pussy on the third drop. So I fucked her, cum in her, and pulled it out. I cleaned her up and took her back out.

Trudy asked, “Do you think that you can get those two to sixty-nine one another?”

I made an announcement, “It is now time to see which pair can sixty-nine the best. Trudy and I my wife will be one pair. Jack’s sisters another pair, the two mothers together and you four Bride’s Maids split up right here. Okay you five couples have fifteen minutes to become a winner. Shout out your orgasms and I’ll keep track.”

I got my hand held video camera, turned all of the lights up full, and started some soft romantic music. Not one of those girls hesitated. I got close-ups of all ten girls tonguing a pussy with lust in their eyes. They started calling out their orgasms but I wasn’t paying any attention at all. I had already made up my mind that they would all win. However, I concentrated most of my effort on the two mothers and their two daughters. Then just as I was filming the Bride’s Maid with the big tits her partner went into orgasm convulsions and squirted all over big tit’s face. It was incredible, it was amazing, and it was the sexiest thing I could ever remember seeing.

Big tits looked up at me and said, “She always squirts on me when I eat her pussy.”


One of Jack’s sisters said, “Bite me bitch! No, harder! Ouch! That’s it. Leave teeth marks on my cunt lips. Oh God, I’m cumming.”

It was the eighteen-year-old that was telling the twenty-year-old to bite her. I zoomed in as she released a big mouth full of fat pussy lip. Her teeth marks were there just as the younger one wanted.

It was time to put them all to bed, including my wife and my sister-in-law.

I went around covering them all with blankets and kissing them all on the lips. I took a big bag full of clothes upstairs with me and hid them under my bed. They were not going to need any clothes the following day.

In the morning I was the first one up. I started a big pot of coffee and laid out three dozen assorted Escort Ankara donuts on a big serving tray. Soon I was heading down to the women. The smell of coffee got a few to open their eyes. The rest moaned at the lights being turned on. Their nudity did not seem to be an issue. My nudity however got a few comments. I was hard.

After the coffee and donuts were gone the women started discussing which of them was going to fix my problem.

I expected my wife to object but instead she said, “Trudy, why don’t you take care of this one.”

My sexual stamina was on display as I fucked my sister-in-law Trudy right there in front of everyone. They cheered us both on.

All of those years that I had waited for that moment, were worth it. The feel of her pussy around my cock, the feel of her breasts pressed into my chest, and the way that she kissed me were everything that I had ever wanted. At that moment I wondered if maybe I had married the wrong sister. My gut feeling said no, but my cock certainly wanted more of Trudy’s wonderful pussy.

Then Trudy whispered in my ear, “I’ve waited years for this. I want more.”

My sentiments exactly.

The eighteen-year-old said, “I want him in me next.”

The Bride’s Maid with the big tits said, “After me bitch. I need him badly. My cunt has an itch that only a man’s cock can scratch.”

I was pleased that they were fighting over me, I was pleased that the little eighteen-year-old wanted me, but I was really pleased that the girl with the really big tits wanted me next.

Soon Trudy was milking my cock dry with her rippling pussy muscles and I was spent.

The drinking began right away but they were not in nearly as much of a hurry that time around. They started telling one another of their first kiss, the first time that they were felt up, their first blowjob, and of loosing their virginity. Each story was different and each was quite interesting.

One Bride’s Maid that had the smallest tits had the most interesting story. She was at a religious bible camp when she turned thirteen. She was a Councilor in Training after attending that camp for the previous five years. She was there for the entire summer session, all ten weeks of it. Her birthday was in that first week. Camp opened on Saturday and Monday was her birthday.

Monday morning everyone sang Happy Birthday to her at breakfast. That day the Camp Director and all ten of the male councilors took turns having sex with her. She liked it immediately and encouraged them to keep it up. The guys were done with her by the time the evening meal was ready.

Camp was very well structured. There was the Camp Director, ten male and ten female councilors, and ten male and ten female Councilors in Training. Then there were a hundred campers, fifty girls and fifty boys.

She let the fifty boys fuck her that week and every week that summer. Five hundred and eleven guys were able to experience what sex with her was like.

For the next five years, until she turned eighteen, she let every male in camp fuck her. Many boys returned year after year but she had kept track. According to her records she had sex with over fifteen hundred different boys in those six years.

Everyone was silent after her confession.

I asked, “Can I be added to your list?”

She smiled sweetly and said, “I would be pleased to add your name to my list.”

The girl with the big tits told me that I could fuck the camp whore if I wanted to but I told her that I wanted her next. That seemed to please her. It sure pleased me.

Her pussy was very tight and I had to force my cock into her. Then as I leaned down against her big breasts they felt firm and hard. From her conversations I knew that they were real, that they gave her backaches, and that they were also the source of most of her pleasure. She told the other girls that pinching her nipples gave her minor orgasms, someone sucking on them caused major orgasms, but having a hairy chest smash into them repeatedly caused her to have multiple orgasms.

Knowing that I kept thrusting into her pussy and then into her breasts. I tried to get my balls into her pussy along with my cock. I also tried to pop her big breasts like party balloons. The results were amazing. She cried out to God, thanked him for sending me to her, and then letting the other women experience her tremendous pleasure through her excellent descriptive words. That young woman had been an English major and was in the process of writing her third romance novel. She had decided that I would be her love interest in that one. I felt honored.

After we had separated and relaxed a little, I made another round of drinks while she told my wife about her latest novel and told her that she would need a few more sessions with me before it was finished. I had become her inspiration. While we were fucking her mind had been racing, dreaming up new scenarios for her book, and giving her sexy images to write about.

The eighteen-year-old was next and I fucked a new girl whenever I got hard. I saved the camp whore for last and it was nice.

The following weekend the wedding was beautiful, the Bride was beautiful, and the eighteen-year-old spent the night with my wife and I.

The End
Drunken Bridal Shower

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