Drunken Daughter Ch. 04


All persons in this story are 18 or older.

Thanks to Dmbdriver1 for the idea for this story.

For those who are confused, Emily and Hank feel like they have known each other for years. They are so comfortable with that, they have been candid with each other. As for the anal sex, Hank prefers consensual sex and all three women like anal, oral, and vaginal sex with him.


Emily came to work the following Monday and Janice took her under her wing to train her on our computer system. I had two men to interview for some of the new contracts we had, but I really wanted one each with a seasoned crew. That way they would be trained in ‘our’ way of doing the work. I had spoken to the team leaders of both crews and they knew what I expected from them, they were good men.

I came back for lunch and Emily was just all smiles. She liked Janice and her position in the company. Janice had noticed the engagement ring and asked who the lucky guy is and Emily smiled as she said ‘Hank’. Janice dropped her jaw and said “He finally got snagged, huh?”

Emily said “It’s been a whirlwind romance, but we both feel like we’ve known each other for years. That was discovered on our kinda second date. I can’t believe how much I feel for him.”

Janice replied “I would have gone after him myself, but I figured he was too involved with work and his daughter. Damn, I really like him, but good luck, I guess I was just a little slow on the uptake.”

Emily replied “I wanted to meet the man that had taken my daughter under his wing and treated her like his own. I joined them for lunch and he was his usual charming self, polite, respectful, and I was intrigued with him. He invited Becky and me back the next day and we had a kind of a ‘heart to heart’ chat in that he was totally open to me. I responded in the same manner and our relationship took off from there. He came home last Thursday, interrupting my meal prep and had me sit in the living room. I asked ‘What’s going on’ and he had a ring and proposed to me. What more can I say. He’s already told me that we won’t see much of each other during the day and that works well for me too. I can make sure I get whatever I’m assigned done without hesitation, so you’ll not have that to deal with.”

“I’m glad we had this chat, because when you told me about Hank, I was concerned. But now that I know you’re dedicated to the job, I won’t worry.”

“Yes Janice, I am dedicated to whatever employer I work for. I am able to keep my work ethic separate from my personal life, I have all my life.”

My day went well and I was happy to get back to the office to check with HR and Janice.

Janice came in “Hank, you dirty bird. If I had known you really were available, I would have sought your attentions long ago. But I guess Emily got there first, you dirty bird.”

“Janice, I really do like you, but we don’t seem to be on the same wavelength that I have with Emily. I felt on our second sort of date, that we’d known each other for years. Don’t ask me to explain, because I don’t know how to, except that you and I are good co-workers, but Emily and I almost communicate telepathically. Does that make sense?”

“Yes Hank, it does, but I still like you a lot. So I guess friends?”

“Yah, friends it is.” I smiled at her and she went back to her duties. At five PM, Emily came to my office with a smile on her face. She told me of her conversation with Janice and that explained Janice’s visit earlier.

She clocked out and we left for home and probably more sexual experimentation. We walked in the door and were mobbed by two happy, but bored silly girls that wanted our attention.

I said “Girls, please sit at the table while I get a beer for me and a glass of Shiraz for your Mom.” I came back with a tray that had one beer, one Shiraz, and two glasses of water. I handed Emily her wine and she smiled with eyes twinkling, to the girls the water and the beer for me.

I turned to the girls and asked “Hanna have you decided on a college and what courses you’ll take and Becky the same question for you?”

Hanna started “Dad you know how I love science, I just need to talk with a counselor to see where I should put my efforts.”

Becky said “Dad I feel the same way about the counselor, but not for science. I’ve been thinking of teaching, but I’m not sure at what grade.”

I nodded, looked at Emily and asked “What do you think?”

“Hank, I think you will need to take the girls over to the university for a chat with the counselors. Girls, I want you to make some phone calls and set up appointments with one counselor for each. Check with your Dad about his schedule and work around that. Better yet, Hanna do you have your driver’s license?”

“No Mom, does Becky have one?”

“Yes Hanna, I can drive but we still need a car.”

“Becky, you may use my car this time.”

“Thanks Mom, gee we have great parents, don’t we Hanna?”

“Yah sis, we do.” and giggled at her use of sis.

Emily and I chuckled at the first we’d heard the use of sis too. I turned to the girls and asked “Did you two decide what we’re going to have for dinner?”

Becky cevizli escort spoke first “Dad, Hanna said you guys have a unique way of making spaghetti and sausages. Do you have any beef sausages or just pork?”

I turned to Hanna and asked “Didn’t we get some beef sausages to try about six months ago?”

“Yah Dad, they should be in the deep freeze in the garage. I’ll go check.”

I asked Emily “Would you be OK with beef sausages?”

“Yes, I’ll try them, but no promises.”

We put a big pan of water on the largest burner to start to boil. Hanna returned with a package of four sausages and said “Dad, we were smart to have them packed four to a bag when we froze them originally.”

Yes, luck does happen and we were the receivers this time. So dinner prep happened rather quickly with Hanna making a big salad, I put the butter and garlic on a small burner, Becky got the bread out and Emily had a little more Shiraz.

She turned and said “Honey, you’ve got me hooked on this wine. It is really tasty and I think I’ll stay with it.” Then she came up and whispered “Teach me how to suck Junior, please darling.” I almost dropped the knife at the surprise she just gave me as she giggled quite loudly. The girls looked at Mom, then at each other and giggled too.

I turned and looked at Emily and she could see the shock on my face, then I broke out into a huge grin and said “The one you want to talk to is Hanna.”

Hanna looked up at me with a huge question mark on her face, then she looked at Mom, then back at me, so I told her “Mom wants to learn how to suck Junior.” Becky gasped, Hanna laughed and Emily blushed as I just chuckled through a huge grin. “I guess you need to show Mom how you learned to deepthroat me. My my, aren’t we the sexy family.” Emily slapped my arm at that and giggled, then Becky got the shocked look off her face and Hanna just laughed even harder. We finally had boiling water so I put the sausages in first then the pasta.

Emily asked “So all you do is boil the sausages?”

“No Babe, after they are cooked in the water, as I pull each one out, the casing is cut and peels off easily. We put a paper towel on a plate, arrange the sausages, and put a cover over the meat. Then we microwave them usually two minutes for two, turning them over, half way through, but I’m guessing three minutes for four to brown them nicely.”

Emily said “I don’t usually use the microwave. I read somewhere that it changes the food to inedible.”

“Honey, that’s just nonsense. Microwaves are radio frequency energy that boils water and cooks food quicker. I’ll have to find that nutrition magazine, but a food lab tested microwaved food and found more nutrition was left in the food because it was steamed. We cook all sorts of vegetables in the microwave when we’re not grilling. The secret to cooking vegetables is 70% power and covered dish that traps the steam and cooks quicker. A friend of mine has a microwave oven that he got in 1980 and it still works, it’s only 600W, but it works and it also works at 1200W as well”

“Honey, you have surprised me again. I would not have thought about the details of using a microwave. Yes, I’m still going to keep you. Let’s hurry with dinner so we can go make love. How bout it?”

“Alright you horny woman. But the pasta isn’t done and won’t be for ten minutes. You want a quickie or are you willing to wait for a longy?”

“Decisions decisions, I guess I can wait, but my panties are soaked already.”

The girls just giggled loudly and I smiled at her, pointed to Junior, who was almost at full staff.

“You think you got problems, it’s real difficult to sit with him hard. All this talk of sex has me wanting some relief too. So let’s just calm the conversation and we’ll go play after dinner. OK?”

“Alright Honey. What does everybody want for their salads?” Hanna and I said Italian, Becky said Ranch and Emily decided to try a little Italian to see if she might like it. We sat down to the table and dished salads, pasta, and meat. Sauce had already been put on the pasta so all that was needed was parmesan cheese and wine, Shiraz. We ate with little conversation, bused the dishes and headed for the master shower. The girls went to Hanna’s room, now Becky’s room too and stripped. Emily and I stripped in our bedroom and stepped into the shower where I showed her how to operate the controls.

She set the temp at ninety eight F and turned on the water as the girls came in to shower with us. Hanna showed Mom how she deepthroats me and Mom just shook her head.

Hanna said “Mom, it took almost two years for me to be able to deepthroat my Daddy vibe, so don’t get discouraged. You’ve seen my toy box and there are a number of smaller dildos and vibrators to start with, just be sure to wash them with soap and water. Becky can tell you that at that Sunday BBQ and fuck fest, I explained to Gail how I started.”

Becky said “Mom, that Sunday I could only get five inches of Dad’s cock in my mouth. I spent the week practicing on my near Daddy vibe, so I’ll show you what I learned, because six days later I could get erenköy escort almost seven inches down.”

Emily said “I’ll do what I have to because your cock is a work of art and needs to be worshiped the way you worship us women. Eventually, I want you to be able to make love to all my holes like you do with the girls. You’re just too good to lose to some other woman.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t want any other woman. I have three of the sexiest women to love and lust right here in this room. The only need is to make love to all three of you starting right now. Hanna would you get me hard again and choose which hole you want to start with, then Becky, you’re still too close to your conception window so oral and anal really are your only options. You could use Hanna’s Daddy vibe in your pussy while I could ream your rectum and I want you to think about pussy sex while you are on your period, because blood doesn’t bother me, Hanna and I have several times.”

“Becky, show me how you practice with Daddy vibe orally. I need to start practicing oral and anal. Hanna do you have a slightly more stretching plug, I need the base to be a little larger since I am getting used to the one I started with.”

“Mom, I started with a dildo about 3/4″ in diameter and wore panties to keep it in my butt at night, but let me look in a minute.”

I was getting hard with all this sexy talk between Mom, Becky, and Hanna. So Hanna went to her toy box and found a butt plug that was only slightly larger at the widest, but had a wider base before the flange, which was there keep it from going totally inside the rectum. She grabbed the lube and came back to the shower and showed Mom the plug. I had already washed Emily’s crack and butt, so she bent over and Hanna applied plenty of lube to Mom’s butthole and the plug. I had her lean on the bench seat in the shower and started playing with nipples and clit to get her relaxed and ready for this plug.

Hanna put two fingers in her anus and drizzled extra lube into Mom’s rectum, insuring that the plug would not get stuck inside her. Emily was moaning at my stimulation and Hanna started gently pushing the plug in Mom’s anus. She winced a little, but the plug in her butt caused her to squirt a little. Hanna giggled then got the plug settled in Mom’s ass and she moaned again causing Becky to want a large plug in her butt too.

Becky asked “Hanna you mentioned an inflatable plug, would it fit in my pussy as well?”

“Yah sis, and I have a large plug for your butt too. It’s a little larger than my Daddy vibe so it should stay in your asshole as well. Put the vibrator on your clit and we can watch you cum like never before.”

I was rock hard so I bent Hanna over the bench seat and stuck Junior in her pussy. She moaned and I stroked about three times, pulled out and filled her anus with hard Daddy cock. She squirted huge and sprayed everybody, I got the least, but Emily and Becky were covered and started licking each other.

“Who wants my cum from Hanna’s butthole?”

Emily said “I would like to eat Hanna’s anus and suck your cum out.”

Becky asked “Mom, would you share some with me?”

“You bet sweetie. Have you ever rimmed Hanna?”

“No Mom, but I did suck a load of Daddy cum out of her rectum. But how about I suck Dad’s cum and share with you, instead?”

“Alright, that sounds nice. You want to make your new sister happy?”

“Yah Mom, I’ve had fantasies about Hanna’s butthole since we’re both anally active, but I’ve not had a situation like I do now. I hope she cums again and I’ll share that with you as well. Mom, did you know what were talking about is called?”

“No, but I’ll bet you’ll tell me.”

“You’re right. It’s called ‘snowballing’ where the person sucking a cock or cum from a hole, shares it with another or the person the cum came from.”

“God, that sounds erotic in a strange way.”

“Hey you two, get ready since I’m about to fill my daughter’s butt with cum.”

I lasted five more strokes in my daughter’s rectum and unloaded seven huge ropes of cum. I thought I came a lot, but with all this sexy conversation going on around me, I really did cum a lot. Becky was right beside me, ready to suck Hanna’s butthole empty and as Junior wilted a little, I pulled out and Becky did a liplock on Hanna’s anus. Emily came over and sucked my dick as best she could and licking what she couldn’t suck. I am really a lucky man to have these three women to love and lust on and I fully realize it.

As Emily was bent over, I reached back to her plug and wiggled it around a little and she moaned really loudly. Hanna and Becky looked over at what I was doing and they both groaned at the sexy sight of my playing with my love’s plug. Hanna grabbed the lube and put some on her hand, then curled her fingers and slipped her hand into Mom’s pussy. Emily moaned and squirted around her new daughter’s hand and the girls giggled quite loudly.

Becky asked “Hanna would you do that to my pussy too?”

Hanna said “Get the lube on my other hand and we can try.”

Becky lubed Hanna’s hand, turned around and bent over. esenyurt escort Hanna started putting her curled hand in Becky’s pussy and Becky said “Too big, try my asshole.” Hanna moved her hand to Becky’s anus and started in, and when the largest part passed the anal ring, Becky squirted all over Hanna.

Becky said “That was the biggest cum I’ve ever had, but I’m tender back there so please take your hand out of my asshole.”

Hanna removed her hand from Becky and continued gently fisting Mom. Mom came again covering Hanna a second time as Hanna gently pulled the butt plug from Mom’s ass and reinserted it. Mom came a third time, said leave the plug in since it felt good, but not to fuck her with it just yet. I was hard again and asked who wanted Junior in a hole and Emily said she’d like it in her pussy. Since Hanna and Becky had cum, they just wanted to watch and maybe jill a little bit. At that Hanna took Becky into the shower to wash and get a plug for Becky’s anus and maybe one for Hanna to sleep with. She had made some very good purchases of toys and I was pleased she hadn’t wasted money on cheap, worthless crap, but bought good quality products.

Emily tried to suck me some more, but I told her that I would rather make love with her and give her a final climax on Junior. She smiled and we stepped into the shower to finish washing. Clean, we dried and retired to the bedroom and two lusty girls wanting to watch their parents make love. We didn’t mind an audience at all and wanted to educate them on the finer points of ‘making love’ so I started with oral. Emily loves to sit on my face and I started to lick her rock hard clit and finger her pussy, touching her G-spot with two fingers. She moaned loudly and squirted on my face. I had two tongues on my face cleaning Mommy cum off of it. I chuckled and Emily looked and giggled too. The girls backed off and I went back to eating her clit and pussy while she tried to get more Junior in her mouth.

“Hank, this cock is still too much for my mouth. Would you mind if I lick like crazy and suck what little I can in my mouth?”

“No Honey, you do what you’re able to in comfort and we’ll go from there. I love the fact you’re trying so hard to please me, but I’m OK with whatever you can do. You know that I love you beyond reason, so whatever you can manage, is fine with me.”

“Oh you darling man. I think I’ve found my dreamboat and I intend to sail it through life. You have healed several of the scars that the asshole gave me. I think you will be able to make me a whole, trusting, loving woman again, thank you again for being the man you are.”

“Honey, I hope to heal all those wounds too and if he ever comes back, it won’t be pleasant, but I’ll make sure I don’t go to jail. He will regret his actions but he won’t know who he has to blame. Now, let’s make some more love, because I love eating your pussy and clit and I can’t think of a more fun thing to show our girls.”

Emily got off my face and laid down beside me, I scooched down to finish eating her pussy and wiggling the butt plug. She just moaned loudly and our girls were playing with each other at the erotic sight of their parents making love, openly in front of them. I ate Emily’s clit some more, fingered her G-spot and she gave me a nice squirt that I slurped up in an instant, I reached in the condom drawer and got one for Junior and put it on. Emily watched me and giggled at the condom covered cock that was about to split her pussy lips open.

She pulled her legs back, playing with her nipples and moaned at the sensation, I lined my cock up with her very wet pussy and rubbed up and down to wet the condom. When it was wet I gently inserted my cock in her fantastic pussy. She was still tight from not fucking for four to five years and I loved the feeling of her vaginal walls hugging me tightly. I had a sharpie magic marker with me this time and when I bumped her cervix I marked a line on Junior that I would get a tattoo line marking her vaginal depth so I didn’t hurt her during vaginal sex.

I am not into BDSM, Non Consentual, or any type of ‘controlling’ type of sex, so making my partner enjoy sex is my main goal, PERIOD! The tattoo was not something that I enjoyed, but if it meant my love would enjoy loving sex more, I was willing to make that sacrifice. The next day was a work day, but my crews had everything under control, so I asked one worker where he got all the tattoos he had on his arms. He gave me a business name and directions, so I thanked him and said I had to check on the other crews and left. I headed straight to the shop he directed me to and talked to the owner.

I was a little hesitant, but he assured me about the tattoos he had done. He even had pictures of two gals, one had the lone star of Texas right across her asshole, and the other one had butterfly wings on the inside of each butt cheek right across her asshole as well. He asked what I had in mind and I told him that I had a woman that couldn’t take all ten inches of my dick and I wanted a stopping line tattooed on my dick. He said that was not unusual with men with big dicks and he’d had a few men with interesting statements tattooed on their cocks as well. He asked if I had a measurement for him to tattoo and I told him that last night when I was in her pussy to the limit, I had used a sharpie to mark my dick. I also told him that I wanted the tattoo a little short of that mark so I don’t go too far into her.

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