Dual Desires

Big Tits

Your lips smear red lipstick down my rock hard swollen shaft, your French manicured nails rest against my tightened thighs squeezing gently as you graciously slide me in and out of your warm sexy mouth. Your smooth hair flows down your satin blouse as you please my cock. You grab hold at the base of my shaved cock with your fist and lick my swollen head with the stiff end of your tongue tasting my cum.

Finally you stand onto your stilettos and we kiss passionately sharing the warm sweet cum from my cock. Gently and slowly I slide your tight skirt down your smooth oiled legs, they shimmer naked and smooth as the garment falls to the floor. I wrap my finger around your g-string and pull it tight into your wet pussy while I search your hungry mouth with my tongue. Your breath catches as the pressure in your slit brings you closer to erotic heaven.

Seductively you walk away, clicking your heels on the tiles and glancing over your shoulder smiling and turning away, your smooth ass and tiny g-string teasing me, inviting me back into your lair.

Your bedroom is lit with candles; small table lamps set upon antique tables shine the moody grey walls. The mood is romantic, the scents elegant and feminine matching your look for this special night. You crawl up onto the large 4 poster dressed in steel grey satin. Your back comforted by huge satin jacquard patterned pillows.

The heels dig into the comforter as you bend your legs up and stroke the silky smooth skin over your shins, teasing me. You are illuminated by dimmed lights placed in the ceiling above your bed. Dark hair sets off silver earrings that hang on the soft skin of your neck. A generous long silver necklace disappears into your hard tits; your naked breasts are full and round the nipples erect and showing through the shiny blouse.

My cock is wet at the tip and I pull the slippery fluid down the shaft with my fist as I take in your feminine erotic show. It shines long, curved and rigid in the light at the edge of your bed. When your manicured hands reach your knees you pull them to the side stretching your aching loins open.

Slowly your fingers slide down your lightly oiled inner thighs as your head falls back and you look at the ceiling as you finally arrive at your aching cunt. You fix my gaze with your happy eyes and slid gold lies videotape izle the black gauzy material to the side exposing your smooth oiled pussy. Before my expectant stare, your body is open. With a loud moan you slide your long finger deep into your wet slit and seek your deepest erogenous zone. Your eyes are closed but the fingers of your free hand slip the buttons of your blouse and pull it open grabbing at rigid nipples. You fuck your horny body losing your composure, arching your back crying out as an orgasm rips through your loins.

I am transfixed by your show of erotic pleasures, I feel very privileged to witness you making love to your body and letting your desires show through in such a personal way, what a gift for me tonight.

Lying back with your legs folded up into your arms you are smiling playing gently down your shins, you look content but with a mind to seek further pleasures. I masturbate before you but you hold out your hand and invite me up, “please save that gorgeous hard on for us Bruce”, you plead with those big eyes fixed on mine.

I slide my now naked body next to you on the slippery sheets and take your face in my hands and kiss you deeply. One leg stretched out the other bent you look so sexy against the satin background. “God I love this blouse on you, thank you for being so sexy”. “Well I feel very sexy now darling”, your legs spread wide, your blouse open and spilled onto the bed your jewelry shining in the lights sparkling like your hair and makeup. “You are the sexiest thing alive sweetheart”.

My fingers travel down your smooth neck as you lie flat on the bed now. I take each nipple and brush them with the back of my fingers as I press my hard cock into your thigh. Your nails drag up my shaft as I play at your little belly button drawing circles and smiling as I recall our afternoon together shopping for our dinner, getting a new suit for me and then buying those gorgeous heels and matching g-string for tonight.

We ate a long and delicious meal with our favorite Malbec, talking teasing kissing and fondling each other building our desires and having a few small pleasures along the way. I remember shaving your legs for you on the bench in your shower, then massaging you naked in the warm air of the shower grind izle after we were squeaky clean. You gently and expertly shaved my cock and balls for me before pumping and sucking me to a huge orgasm that you squeezed all over your horny nipples. Of course it was my turn to shave your pussy and ass and then lick both clean as I brought you to a crashing orgasm on the bench.

We went for a short walk in the cold night air crunching through the snow not talking just living in the erotic haze of this night. Your home glowed in the freezing air as we made our way back to dress for each others pleasure.

You open your freshly shaved lips and invite me to you. Lifting both legs with your strong hands I slip the g-string out of my way and kiss your erect clit hanging from its perch at the top of your slim swollen slit. I taste your last orgasm and drink it in. “I need your cock lover” you gasp. Quickly you turn onto your knees and grab the head board with those gorgeous hands shaking out your mane and staring at me over your gracious curved back. Your shiny heels accentuate your calves as the satin sheets flow around them in sparkly disarray.

I grasp the satin blouse that is lying in the small of your back and pull it into a tight binding about your shoulders. Your pussy hangs down as the strap from the g-string cuts across your bum, you reach back and rip it off and throw it “enter me hard Bruce, fuck my aching cunt”. I slid the swollen circumcised head just into your wet slit then pull you down hard onto my cock by your blouse, a seam rips as I hold you deep impaled on my pulsing cock. Your cunt clamps down on me as you swirl my shaft with your hips swaying back and forth. I begin to pump you hard pulling all the way out and pushing all the way in fucking you with all the strength I have left. Your fingers are frantically brushing your hanging clit as I fuck faster.

You slid down the pillows crying and moaning finally resting you cheek on the cool satin. Your cunt flows with slippery fluid as I lose my pace, my head swells as I get ready to cum “make your pussy orgasm”, I demand and your fingers go into overdrive as your crying announces another strong orgasm. I fill your slit with hot sticky cum sliding into your cunt and ass as our orgasms roll into each other. We shudder together gunthers millions izle my cock deep inside you in a final and satisfied movement. Falling into the tangled bedding with our hair stuck to our sweaty brows we stare into each others eyes in that gorgeous big romantic bed, lying finally face to face content for now. Each looking forward to another chance to explore their sensuality.

I feel his large swollen head pass my g-spot; my throat tightens as he hits the back of my cunt. The coolness of the satin against my palm heightens my desire as I slide my hand out bracing myself, pushing back against his fucking.

He is fucking me hard, he swells as his orgasm nears I am cumming, crying out in half breaths detached from my brain hooked to my body. His hot semen fills my slit I feel it drip onto my fingers, another wave flows to my clit. I push a hard nail against it urging, aching for the sensation to deepen.

I feel his curvy hard head in my tight ass, he releases a shot of cum and I feel the warm fluid inside me. He is deeper now and I orgasm again this time slower but deeper yet. I pull that orgasm from my cunt with 3 fingers deep in me, his gorgeous cock brushing my fingers with his rhythm. I am soaked down my thighs, cool, slippery, sexy. I rub the fluids into my skin. We pull out together and I grip his cock in my slippery fist pointing it at my cunt. As the rigid thing fills me an orgasm spasms deep in my vagina together we work it to the surface. His mouth is sucking the orgasm from me I push back into his welcome lips and slid into erotic heaven.

I pull back my crooked cock from her gorgeous cunt, her blouse tight in my grip, shiny smooth and an effective binding holding her to me. My cock shines with her cum the veins course down my length and I wish she could see how wet my cock is, how the strain of my blood wishes to achieve orgasm. She moans in orgasm, slippery fluid fills her slit and falls out around my cock, her sexuality makes me cum.

Her desire of fulfillment is pulling the cum from my body. I stroke her hard and fill her slit with my desire.

I slide into her inviting ass. Can she feel the shot of cum sink into her ass as I press deeper, she orgasms again as her fingers go deep in her cunt. I feel them pulling, demanding, against my swollen head. We emerge together and her direction is clear.

I fuck her hard, pushing her hard delighting in her abandon; I fuck till I can’t please her anymore with my useless cock. I bring my tongue hard against her hanging clit. I drink her desire and feel her sensuality with my tongue, fingers, heart and soul.

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